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Jets lead Dolphins 14-10 going to third quarter

It was looking ugly for a while -- as in the Dolphins were trailing 14-0 in the second quarter after Mark Sanchez connected with Dustin Keller for the second TD of the evening.

Then the Dolphins rallied.

They got a seven-yard scoring pass from Chad Henne to Anthony Fasano. 14-7.

Then they got a field goal from Dan Carpenter.

The Dolphins will get the ball first in the third quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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Stop Keller and Tomlinson.
Let Jason and Vontae get some picks.

man, ricky done... guys gotta have no confidence

yay ricky down

knee was down

Cobbs for Ricky please...

Ricky Williams living on the edge. Fumbled twice tonight already.

man ricky thats 3 this year already

Just hold on to the freaking ball and let's avoid all of this nonsense!

rickie back on them buds again?

Let Ricky Rided the pine!

fix is in for yets

ronnie ronnie, sit ricky

why is ricky still in the game??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

How about running Lex? Ricky keeps fumbling all over the place.

And last week 2, Mando.

Even Cam Cameron realized that Ricky needs 25+ touches a game to be, well, Brown...

ok - Zero confidence in Ricky. All he does it put the ball on the ground. Even though this will be overturned, he isn't holding on any more.

Hopefully Marshall sees that its Henning cuffing Henne and doesnt stir up their relationship

man in real time i knew he was down these refs blow no helmet to helmet call someone wants the jets to win

he's down, technically not a fumble

Ride the pine.

Why do we stick with Ricky when Ronnie is CLEARLY BETTER??????

Jesus, ricky is fumbling way too much, stop that already!!!!!

3 fumbles in 2 weeks

I'll take Hilliard-Cobbs combo-let these fumblers sit

Why are the dolphins not running Ronnie Brown?

Ahhhhhhhh the stench comming off the rotten fish is especially rotten tonight.

How does your revamped D look now? Pathetic.

Two huge drives 90 and 70 yards.

Sanchez is destroying you losers. Absolutely pathetic. your little 2-0 bubble is about to go pop with no Revis, no Jenkins, no pace.


cant overcome a turnover tonite... thats just what the Jets need to get fired up.

i love ricky but he is making it hard for me to root for him

They need to run off left tackle. Or where JT is lined up!

Fo you think in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Dolphins will let Mark Sanchez win?

take a seat ricky. Get Lex or corn on the Cobbs in there.

The problem is Ricky will break a decent 13 yard run later and retain his job

Sit Ricky - Run Ronnie - Easy decision.

Ricky need to smoke a blunt. For the love of christ.

I hate ciilingsworth...he can't stand the fins

ricky smoking the ticky

taking too long

Pathetic fish. Absolutely pathetic.

Hey thanks for JT losers.


Tony cheers...

Dropped by Marshall. Hey was that Ted Ginn???


Henne underthrows Marshall AGAIN, can't reel it in

C-mon Henne!

come on henne throw forward-not behind


bout time for some shotgun

how much do we love bess

hey look Bess for a 3rd down conversion

d Bess Mr 3rd down

Hey toutured go fock yourself with your jet dildo.

dolphins will win

Bess is money! JT not a factor...

I like Marshall ...

Enjoy TorturedDolphan

I turned down the volume on the TV and stream it off WINZ. Al Michaels is a mooseknuckle

Lov'n Bess!!

here cmes the cat

Long is beating JTs butt.. I bet hes going to be sore as hell tomorrow... nice hook up Henne Marshall

Air Marshall

All I can say is thank u god for dansby and bmarsh...both earning tier $$ tonite

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