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Jets lead Dolphins 14-10 going to third quarter

It was looking ugly for a while -- as in the Dolphins were trailing 14-0 in the second quarter after Mark Sanchez connected with Dustin Keller for the second TD of the evening.

Then the Dolphins rallied.

They got a seven-yard scoring pass from Chad Henne to Anthony Fasano. 14-7.

Then they got a field goal from Dan Carpenter.

The Dolphins will get the ball first in the third quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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That is too bad. Big reward for the wrong decision.


Jason Allen back to Jason Allen. Looks like the glass slipper has fallen Cinderella.

Baseball killin us again.

relax people


Nice D Nolan. Pathetic FISH D.

My god.

u gots to be sh*tting me.

thats the jason allen i know.

ok weather the storm! strike back!!

where was the safety help?

Who was on this DUI guy? didn't they notice he was on the field? The defense laid an egg!

Its the offenses turn to win a game

collinsworths right about the grass. why the single cvrge

horrible... need to answer with a score here.


DDDD SSUcks tonight

Damn you Marlins!

F the jets

Damn Marlins, get your own stadium!

only good thing is that the JEts defense is SHOT - we should take a long drive again and run it down their throats! Unlucky TD against Allen - we need a REAL field.

jason allen just remembered he was jason allen

yeah marlins need to get outta here.

Vonte should be covering him.

popncaps551 ... LOL!!!!!!

THAT was truly terrible, one play after all that

seriously guys he frigin slipped. Yall are fickle as hell.

its not the sod. its jason allen. or it would go both ways.

Back to work offense.

Put on the longer cleants WTF! this sod is a mess! Damn you Loria!

He should of had over the top help.

This game is going to have to be won on offense, folks.

Great news: we've scored 17 points!!!!!

that wasnt his fault. he slipped

This is a BS injury. It's just to give the JETS DL some time to rest. They are winded!!!

The game is going to won by turnovers.

Fake injury because the d is tired. Get his out of shape ass off the field so we can win the game.

calm down ppl!! thats new grass he slipped!

Why do they let Cobbs return the ball?
T he jets defense is gassed-take advantage of it!

hope marshall has more left!!!!

Dansby is licking his chops for Sanchez

drsamii do u see that alot in the nfl? that easy? i dont. just sayin

Think you are Right Mando.

jets d suckin wind we gotta run the ball

I guess edwards got his vodka fix.

Not the end of the world here,were dominating the jests d and theyre tired....hot in florida

thats like the 3rd catch by a wets wr

well thats not good for us. an offensive struggle? geez.

Bad luck on a slip. Game not over yet.

Jets defense is gassed lets beat them down with another drive which leads to a td.


Typical idiot, stfu and get off my blog...

We really aren't getting any pressure on Sanchez...

well we got to score again. as always when we play the jets, its going down to the wire

Allen will redeem himself

we willing wilson

run the hurry up!

we killing wilson

Loved how Brian Hartline came back to the football.

Looks like Henne has a rhythm

drsamii ... you're right, dammit ... I don't want my date kissing the guy at the punch bowl because ... I ... hell ... I've run out of analogies ...

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