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Jets lead Dolphins 21-20 going to the fourth quarter

This is it, folks.

The game has gone back and forth and now is when great men make big plays ...

while other men shrink from the assignment.

Let's see which is which.

Meet me in the comments section.


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tired of the wildcat

terrible execution!

somebody fire henning


Don't get CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the crowd need to boo every time the wildcat come out

why? henning you idiot!

So sick of the Wildcat.

Im pretty sure it was the Japanese who bombarded Pear Harbor. Not the Germans.

I don't think the Wildcat is fooling anybody anymore.

drive killer

Another bad throw...WTF Henne!

if we lose blame the wild cat


Go vertical and draw a PI.

FIRE HENNING TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey henning, how about a triple reverse statue of liberty play

Looks like they dont want to win


Go for it?

youre kidding me

enough of this freakin' wildcat!

Dolphins play calling is very boring and unimaginative!

Freaking FGs...

Dolphins lose by 1

oh my fellas!!!

mando must be drinking beer with edwards already.

Wouldn't be a Fins game if it didn't go down to the buzzer...

Marshall's about to blow up+I'm right behind him -if thrown right it's a touchdown-instead a field goal




reverse BS


LMAO Paul......or we could try a fumblerooskie-reverse-halfback pass-hook and lateral?

Not gonna get much recognition for a Win like this...Of course, that's assuming we win

Defensive stop and field goal wins the game now.

Why, for heaven's sake, do i have to stress my heart every damned game

What more can be said about the Wild Cat stuff??? What are Henning and Sparano seeing that we don't see??? Even if it's just about keeping it to make the other team prep for it...it's not worth what it continues to cost the team.

I'm dumb founded.

Lets keep this from skipping out of bounds.

we lost this game

no words can express how much i hate henning

all jokes aside that play cobb ran for a loss had touchdown all over!! the defensive player stayed home

Special teams worry me.

Yeah right. Henne sucks and our secondary rocks. And Blutarsky was right...Hitler called the strike on Pearl Harbor.

time for a turn over here! this time J allen hold on to the INT.

Tum TUM tum tum tums!!

what a senior
moment looks like from the inside

For all you a#%holes that say there are 8 or 9 minutes left on the clock running every down can eat up 8 minutes easily.

Jets are good football team too. Did you guys think they would just hand us the game?

awesome. carpenter is nails.

go dolphins!!!! great game.

no more wildcat please

you know. We have friggin shot ourselves in the foot...over and over, and over, and yet we are still in it. I'm proud of these guys, no matter what. Special teams have been bad

LOL..fumblerooskie...I like it, worked for the little Giants.

damn we losing and this f**K has 13 completions

gang tackle the run!


Got to say ... if we can take the rivalry out of it, both teams are good. Very similar.

going to be short throws and runs now

Stop the Wlldcat now

barbara caprpenter!!!!!!!

Yeah, the crowd is non-existant

Another 1st down we can forget about it!

its over

Game over!

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