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Jets lead Dolphins 21-20 going to the fourth quarter

This is it, folks.

The game has gone back and forth and now is when great men make big plays ...

while other men shrink from the assignment.

Let's see which is which.

Meet me in the comments section.


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Why did their reverse work and ours an embarrassment?

need a turnover

anybody know how muxh jets paying henning?

Stop em damnit!!!

No pressure.

Defense looks tired.

Langford :(



damn langford



JT would have caught that

Too many missed opportunities

that may be the game

Game over guys!


game over

Its over...good night folks. Rotten play calling tonight.

where is our pass rush

D gassed...

Allen sucks

why we dont but vernon davis on edwards????

>we lost this game.

Since you've given up, get your binkie and crawl into your crib.

i think henning has every play progrMmmed in and sticks to it no matter what

Wake couldn't set the edge...GAme over


Game over.

Might as well let them score.

lets go D!!!!

Game over


Let them score.

no, we still have time outs, we can hold them to a field goal, we have a chance


Henning really sucks monkey balls

Mandich is right. Phins look like poop on defense tonight. Looks like it will be Tackling 101 in practice this week. WTF?

Collinsworth lambating J Allen

>For all you a#%holes that say there are 8 or 9 minutes left on the clock running every down can eat up 8 minutes easily.

You're gonna get more than one possession with 8-9 mins left.....dipsheeet.

keep beleiving guys, its far from beeing over. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

i dont think sparano controls this team. Henning guaranteed a job by the Tuna


Runnin clock

now it could be over

embarrassing loss

game over. new set of downs :(

why the hell is jason allen covering edwards

Let them score.

let them score - TD and 2 pt conversion ties

Again, too many missed turnover chances...

Nice call Ref. Good to see the NFL Refs taking a proactive stance in deciding games.

Braylon Edwards has been the difference. He played and they won. Unreal. Bad guys do win.

shine off the allen penny

allen is not NFL starter.Bad 95% of time

No pass rush what so ever.

Need a stop here! turnover...

When are guys like langford-Allen-Bell going to become game changers

that was a bad call jason allen looked bad for the ball and edwards turned back into the receiver

crap call he was looking for the ball and is entitled too. shouldnt let ref decide the game on a call like that

haha, 12 men on the field

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