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Jets lead Dolphins 21-20 going to the fourth quarter

This is it, folks.

The game has gone back and forth and now is when great men make big plays ...

while other men shrink from the assignment.

Let's see which is which.

Meet me in the comments section.


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HEY bob you have never seen a drive last 8 minutes? That is my argument, to manage as much time off the clock as possible, ball control even if you fall short and eat up 8 minutes it is to your advantage. This Jets drive has lasted 5 minutes in itself.

Karma definitely did not catch up with braylon edwards, he should DUI more often

how many 3rd downs do we need to see completed by our DB playing 10 YARDS off the ball and they just throw underneath...they have to man up sometime...and with another ref gift that will wrap it...Tell you what though, the jets are not the better team they had better focus and planning early on and we didnt adjust in time...EVERYONE talked about the TE being a big factor for this game and our defense is surprised by down the seam passes... this was a coaching deal...

Wow, what a B&&CH move

why should you be able to call for 12 men on the field. thats dumb

OH. there was 8-9 mins left. I thought there was 8-9 secs. Sorry.

what the hell kind ohallenge is this?

i am confused

maybe the refs should just carry the ball in the endzone for them

I knew we should have gone for the first down instead of kicking the field goal, lol!

haha jets
lost your timeout

Ryan challenged that Miami had 12 men on the field

Well well well we are back in the NY GROOVE !!!!

daga is right. our players are better than iur coaches

Stupid ....

Is it too late to resign Ted Ginn just for this moment? LOL

You losers put on a clinic on how to lose.

Penalties, bad coaching, bad play calling, turnovers, bad special teams.

Hang your heads in shame. Absolutely pathetic.

Well we do have 2 time outs....Come on Chad...this is where you silence all the doubters.

well, Miami has plenty of time

the good news is...our QB is back! (though he doesnt do well when hes forced to throw earlier than he wants)...moving on..

why is every dolphin jet game, every year, no matter how good or bad each team is, always turn out like this at the end of the game.
people are dying all over the country from the stress

td and 2pointer. The games is ours!

dobbins is the victim again

BS PI call gonna cost us this game.

WOW, been a while since I've seen us do so much to give up a game. We gift wrapped this one with crappy play calling and no sense of urgency!

Collinsworth REALLY picking on J Allen


jet coach running scared. they should have gone for two


Next week = Brady. Fish 2-2 and heading for more losing.



why do we have slow cobbs returing kicks

Jason Allen -from hero to goat

Cobbs actually put us in decent position the last 2 returns

Let's go all the way

so afraid to make a mistake they wont take a risk

Jets are the better team tonight, guys. Too many big plays given up by the Phins and Phins did not take advantage of the turnovers that Sanchez tried to give us. End of story.

why is lex on kick return!!! he never f**king block anybody

Need a long TD here! c-mon

wheres the wildcat

You've been SANCHIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another false start. Ho hum.

Just wait until we get our defense back. PATHETIC.

The game is over.

yea ronnie

can we play to the whistle


MARSHALL, what an FING block



marshall 2 pt conversion

Nice block Fasano!




tortured...... (nevermind your not worth the letters)

the rest... the dolphins showed tonite they are FOR REAL this year! Even the phin hater Collinsworth admitted the Jets got lucky and on the last flag...look in slo mo...he was ready to throw it he minute that ball hit the ground (he wouldnt of thrown it if he hung onto the ball and he overcame any interference once he caught the ball).
GONNA be a good year so enjoy this one tortured....lmao at the contrary loser

no way if we get a td that we get 2 pt convo

td and 2pointer. The games is ours!

ugh, not liking the first two calls

4 downs.

Over time

Yet another red zone collapse for the smelly fish.

one play for the game

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