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Jets lead Dolphins 21-20 going to the fourth quarter

This is it, folks.

The game has gone back and forth and now is when great men make big plays ...

while other men shrink from the assignment.

Let's see which is which.

Meet me in the comments section.


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brown WTF

Sorry losers but your little toy cant get open down here and Henne is too stupid to find anyone else.

Finfan and soothsayer ... more of what you're tripping on, please ... LOL!!!!!

not even getting in the end zone anyway....

Jets fans s$%$ck

I hope Ryan f's it up for his team.

All down to this play...

Henne is too limited and we need to ditch the Wildcat. The freaking Jets ran it better than we did tonight.

Jets fans dont know the diff between fish and mammals

good game, sucks


You pathetic f sdaf ucks !!!!


Terrible pass from Henne.

Sanchez hits that.

Game over losers.

See ya next week douche bags.

terrible when coaches loss game for yiu

really, if we just line up, and play football...we could have won this game

I su#$#$k!!!

Thats right JT handed you your lunch tonight,

Get owned!!!!!!!!

Love ya in NY JT.


I take many positives from this game.. loss hurts but we played horribly

jets have to win through gimmicks and gifts...that will soon realize they arent anywhere near as good as they think they are.... we lit up their Pass D and kept their vaunted (look it up TD) blitz in check...
GONNA be a good YEAR!!!!!

I know Sporano says we should give JT a warm welcome but he can stay out of South Florida. What true dolphin goes to the jets and acts that way? They're dumping gatorade buckets on each other like they won the superbowl. LMAO


Good game Jets. we will get next time.

I su#$#$k!!!

alright guys, goodnight

We will build from this game

Sanchez is better than Henne. Anybody who disputes that is just lying to themselves. Henne has no mobility and lacks the ability to see the field. This is going to be a heartbreaking season for us.

drinks are on Edwards

mando drinking vodka with B. edwards... WTF

Thanks for JT Miami.

Have fun chasing as all year. I will enjoy Brady ripping your holes wide open again next week. Your defense was getting all this praise. For what? Stopping the Bills and Vikings. Reality has struck losers. You just lost to a team with a 2nd string defense. Good luck losers.

Someone kiss me, I need love.

Will somebody please pay attention to me?

Henne did not lose this game.

Gator, bet u think he's cute too huh... Henne passed for 300 yards.. ur gay

they are acting that way because they were afraid and know they were given a lot of gifts...

We smashed the bullies in the mouth and they were reeling and then got somebreaks.

We lost the game on first and 10 at the jets 35, down 4. We are driving, Henne looking good...so, of course we go to the wildcat and screw the drive and have to settle for a field goal. This is the kind of offensive play calling that is so offensive....I have loved the wildcat...time to put it to rest forever!

PS, when was the last time we blocked a kick of any kind????

Nite, Dolfans.

Big plays killed us. How can the Phins look so inspired against Minny and then sleepwalk against a division rival. We were down 14 before the national anthem. Sucks.

Someone please make a website www.killthewildcat.com #Dolphins

Using it and taking the ball out of Henne's hands has lost us this game.

man do you see this bs interview by sanchez!!

Jason Allen is PATHETIC !

I need attention from Men......preferably hairy men...

we did not play our best, but we did alot of great things on offense

i liked it much better when the offense didnt do much cause we were winning!!! big deal if we pass for 300 yards if the D cant stop anyone

sanchez praised pat turner clowney for having great games

Ur dumb. There isn't a GM in the league who would take Henne over Sanchez. Even Ireland. Now wake up and stop being blind.

the difference in this game was Jason Allen. He played good the last two but blew his assignment on this one.

I so-o-o-o hate the Jets...oh well, lets move on to next week...scrap the wildcat forever...

we totally gave this game away with pathetic calls on offense. we stopped our selves. we should have won easily. there were so many stupid plays called to stop our drives you would think the jets called them. what a dumb thing to do. why in the end didn't we throw it up in the endzone and let brandon's height against their rookie or cromartie catch it. either he gets it or no one does. never even tried it. many rotten calls like the wildcat plays when henne was hot. so stupid

so many mistakes! dolphins apparently like to be perennial victims. they have been beat on so much for so many years, they are like your domestic violence victim, they feel comfortable and loved when beaten

tony dungy said sachez is growing up right before our eyes

Yeah, what's the deal with Henne? I mean ... seriously, enough with the kid's gloves crap. The guy has to produce ... he's a pro ... either the coaches have confidence in this guy or not ... we fans are in the "NOT" category right now.

hopefully we will learn a lot from this and beat the patriots. damn dissappointing night. lets go phins 3-1 into bye week

I want to see how Jason Allen get bailed on by the haters. He slipped on the sod guys geez. That pass interference call sealed it for us.

I know it's an afterthought, but why didn't we put Bess back there for the final Jets kickoff...at least he had a bit more speed and elusiveness...
We should have had at least one more score.

Still, we are going to win some games this year, including next week.
What worries me though, is when the Jets get back Revis, we won't be throwing for 375 yards.

J Allen reverted back to his old self some. At times we tackled poorly, especially in 3rd down situations 2nd half.

Night everyone.
Gotta move on...Patsies our next victim.

however it does beg a query (look it up TD) which is.. why was was JA ON Edwards instead of Davis??

Stupid comment of the night goes to Collinsworth...if you turn your head, all that contact will not be called, but if you don't then its pass interference. Huh? Its about the contact, not where your head is...At least thats what the rule book says...cheap call IMHO.

Like I said, the Jets ran the Wildcat better than we did tonight. Henning is determined to force the issue with that thing.

The main reason this team SUCKS year in and year out, there is no consistency. Either we have good defense and no offense, or we have offense and no defense. We never have games where the whole team clicks. This game was just like the Colts game last year. We get leads, do good things on offense, good enough things to win, wear down their defense, dominate the clock, and as usual, our defense cant stop anything. The Dolphins need to stop putting games in the hands of the defense. They are NOT good enough to do this week in and week out every game. It is the same thing every year. Mike Nolan sucks, his schemes suck. We should have won that game tonight. Plus, Dan Henning has to know that field goals dont cut it. When it is 4th and 2, or 4th and 7, GO FOR IT!!!!!! For this team to be considered a contender, they need decent coordinators that know how to call games consistently.

I agree finfan.. Offensive play calling killed us tonight

well at least we are still in first place. when we get our injured players back it will be a huge difference. plus when we get our offensive line set we can start to gel more on running it. we are getting better by leaps and bounds. plus how awesome did our brand new players fill in? i had to check the roster numbers sometimes to figure out who was in there. all in all we played great and we are still in first.

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