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Jets lead Dolphins 21-20 going to the fourth quarter

This is it, folks.

The game has gone back and forth and now is when great men make big plays ...

while other men shrink from the assignment.

Let's see which is which.

Meet me in the comments section.


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At the end of the day the only thing that beat us is the clock. Another thing our coordinator need to know when to run the ball and when to pass. When we need to run he passes and when we have momentum we go into the wildcat. We should not have run the wildcat at all in the fourth quarter being down. If we were up its different lol and when you want to power run the ball give the ball to ronnie not ricky(he is the speed runner.)

I don't think we'll beat the Patriots ... we've shown what we're made of and it's basically "cream of wheat!"

post interview with Sanchez, Sanchez thanked patrick turner for stepping up... turner did nothing but sell the fins playbook

Henne can't handle the pressure...very indecisive. The pass to Fasano was late...if it was there a split-second earlier, it's a touchdown! Too many passes thrown out of bounds....the receivers are making Henne look good, when it reality he SUCKS!

btw: congrats Will Allen...u earned the J-E-T-S 12th man award!!! thanx alot!

all you neede to know about the defense is dobbins and carpenter are garbage

lol.. they ask Dungy what he thinks of young qb's

Please let the wildcat be dead forever, especially when Henne is hot.

Henne haters need to take notice, he played a hell of a good game and stayed cool on the last drive. Yes, it sucks he didn't get it in the endzone, but two touchdowns and no interceptions on the season except that last throw in desperation.

mo we arw not still in first Jets kead. y half game now.

Someone please make a website www.killthewildcat.com #Dolphins

Using it and taking the ball out of Henne's hands has lost us this game.

... the only post game interview I want to see is some hot "Ines" in her "ill fitting" jeans ... who gives a crap about competent game analysis at this point.

Henne is not working out under this system! He may work out better for another team, that would be more fair to him, and to the Dolphins!

No way the Phins go anywhere with Henne at QB this year. He might get better in a couple years but I'm not holding my breath. He is robotic and only throws the ball WELL after the receiver's break. That's why we lack continuity and explosion in our offense.


i said before the game it was stopping Jets TE (EVERYONE said that) = FAIL 14 - 0 lead and thats on the Def Coord
how much the refs would let Cromartie grab and push = refs allowed him to contact him all the way down the field = FAIL
thats the game

Henne would of had to overcome it and he couldnt today.

This game was lost when Braylon Edwards converted the 3rd and ten and Jason blew the coverage. I'm so sick right now and I really wish Ricky would hold on to the damn ball

my anaylsis-- keller killed us first half. allen not quite what we thought and not enuf blitzes on our part

all the wildcat trick reverse to Marshall were for a loss... turner sold us out for a spot on the roster with jets. Sanchez thanked him for it.... check the tape

We don't make plays when we have to. Kendall Langford had a gift-wrapped INT that he dropped. Same for Jason Allen and Clemons.

We don't make plays.

im sick of sharing a field with stupid baseball

J Allen blew it

Henne stepped up even tho he has a long way to gol

Still tied for first

paula, interesting commentary, the D should have been better, granted, the Offense needed to score more points! Obviously, but, I've been saying that, and getting ripped for it since preseason!!!

Doesn't matter, you guys just plain old sucked.



Anybody still saying Henne is better than Sanchez? What a joke.

Blah.......It's only week 3 everyone. Give the Jets their props, they won. Marshall was a beast and Henne was really good. The Wildcat needs to be put on the shelf. It's served it's purpose and only ruins our momentum. Ronnie ran better without WC. 3rd down defense was HORRIBLE. 3rd and 15 and Brad FN Smith runs for a first down? WTF? We'll be fine. As long as we beat the Pats next week we'll be 3-1 through 4 games. We'll get another chance at the Jets in December. It'll be a must win, but we can do it.

I have not written here in a very long time, but I feel like I need somewhere to vent. There is something that keeps on bothering me. Something that is picking at me. Something that I have tried to ignore, tried to sweep under the blanket. But I now see that it is real and here to stay.

I am seeing something very disturbing in Chad Henne. The type of inability that is going to kill the Dolphins in a consistent basis. If not corrected, we will be suffering mediocrity for a long time.

Chad Henne lacks pocket presence. I have watched every single play that he has played in. I am now realizing his major draw back. He always seems to think that he has less time than what he actually has. For example, on the play where he tucked it in and ran forward for maybe one yard, he had the whole right side open. He could have easily slid to the side and given himself about two more seconds to find someone open. He just seems like he panics, and throws to the check down. Even worse, sometimes he throws to the covered receiver. He never seems to slide from side to side, he never earns himself extra seconds to find targets. He steps back and doesn’t move from there. Great quarterbacks move. I am not saying to be another Michael Vick. I am saying that he needs to feel the pressure and move. Look at the good passers out there. They always are moving, maybe just a couple of feet but they earn themselves more time. I believe that the reason we lost the Jets game tonight was because Chad Henne does not have that it factor. He needed to find a way to punch that ball in the end zone. He didn’t. I am losing a lot of confidence in him. He is not showing me much.

we just wrote the book for the NFL on how to take the bluster (look it up TD) out of the jets D.

as for our D....enough of this 10 yard cushion crap especially on 3rd down.

Guys! I'm pissed, but we have only lost one game. I'm sure the players will learn from this and....after all, the 3 Kings, Wade, LeBron and Bosh were at the game! Plus other south florida luminaries. After just hearing what Henne had to say

of course Henne is better than Sanchez. Henne had better stats last year across the board except one minor category for last year. Henne had better stats this game. Henne wins with no receivers or defense all last year. If we had Jet defense from last year we would have won the super bowl. Henne threw for 360 yards vs 250 for Sanchez. And a large chunch of Sanchez's yards were after the catch. There isn't even a contest with them. But our defense still needs some work and our offensive line. We are getting better every game just fell a little short this week. We could just have easily won this one as lost it

I love sucking off young boys

Can we Fire the Special Teams Coach NOW???
Who calls a Reverse to a SLOW P.Cobbs??????


1st in the AFC EAST



YOU SAID IT. The Phins will go as far as Henne takes us and I doubt that he's up to the task. He gives up on the play too quickly and has ZERO mobility or improvisational skills.

And you know what's worse? The coaches seemingly don't trust him!

First play Wildcat!!! BWAHAHAWAAHAAA

Posted by: scooter | September 26, 2010 at 11:15 PM Miami Herald

You pathetic f sdaf ucks !!!!


Posted by: TorturedDolphan | September 26, 2010 at 11:48 PM Miami Herald

DolfanDon13 says:
September 26, 2010 at 10:52 pm
Sun Sentinenal

Only one other person spell Hahahaha, Bwahahahaha. Thats NJPHIN Fan.

Sean Smith never got picked on like that
J Allen has always sucked. He picks off some passes and u think he's a player. Teams threw at Vontae more than Sean last year. Bench Jason Allen now or we will lose next week too.

ryan dumped gatorade on taylor the traitor and sanchez thanked turner for selling out the fins playbook

Cheatriots are going to rip your d apart.

Remember how lousy it looked in the preseason????

So you let a performance against the Bills and Vikings convince you that you suddenly had a great d after last year?

Sorry guys but Brady throws for 400 next week. Best case scenario is massive injuries on both teams.

lol that was the craziest play call ever in dolphin history when patrick cobbs took the ball to race to the corner? seriously? love him but not his best play.

Dolphins are 1st too idiot.
much more season to go

after hearing what Henne hsd to say I'm more convinced he is not the right QB for this team.

Why are so many picking on Henne? J Allen cost us 14 points, and poor tackling another 7.
My only problem with Henne is that he still has no touch on the long ball. That first drive, he has Hartline wide open and over trows him. This has been going on forever.
He did have that whole right side to run through at the end, and showed poor vision.

I believe in time those sorts of situations will "slow down' for him, as they do as a QB gets more games under his belt. This was his 12th game as a starter? Lets see how he looks by seasons end.

Randy S. read the post by Gatorz4Lyfe

"No way the Phins go anywhere with Henne at QB this year. He might get better in a couple years but I'm not holding my breath. He is robotic and only throws the ball WELL after the receiver's break. That's why we lack continuity and explosion in our offense."

This is dead on Henne locks in on receivers and waits until they are open. The better QBs anticipate there receivers getting open because that window closes quickly. Henne is not a tier one level QB, sorry. Even worse is the OFFENSE-ive coordinator, this guy is out of whack with the game thythm. He runs when he shoulld pass and he passes when he should run. Case and point after the DUI guy touchbown the Jets defense was tired and had a quick turn around because of the quick score. We did not run one running play on our offensice series that is inexcusable. Then there is the wildcat or as I call it "The Drive Killer".

if our coaches didn't trust Henne, why did he just throw for almost 400 yards and we practically abandoned the run. Guess they do trust him


Sanchez did what he had to do for his team to win the game. You can have all your stats. The only stat that matters is the 'W'.

A famous basketball coach once said, "It's not WHAT you do. It's WHEN you do it". Henne failed to score when we absolutely needed it and the pressure was at its greatest.

I could care less about Henne's yards.

Some observations....

I thought the Jets O-line did a great job of controlling the line of scrimmage tonight. Where was the pass rush all night? We saw nothing of Wake, Misi or Starks. Jason Allen was TERRIBLE tonight!! After all his good play he took a step or two backwards tonight. Edwards OWNED him. He fell down on the long touchdown, wasn't watching the play on the sideline pass to Edwards and was horrible on the pass interference call. I'm hoping this isn't a sign of things to come from him.

The positives....I thought Henne, Brian Hartline and Marshall all had very good games. For the guys that have been hating on Henne and Hartline, I think it's time to eat your words. And I thought Dan Henning called a really good game. There was lots of pass plays and I thought his play selection was more aggressive from what we've seen the first two weeks. Again, I think some of you need to eat your words.

It was a good competitve game. I think if we had started better we might have coming out on the winning end. Time to get ready for the Pats....no easy task.


I also thought Bell and Dobbins had very poor games. Some of these guys will have to step up next week.

you are just football illiterate gator. one player doesnt win a game. If marino couldn't win the games neither can sanchez or henne. sanchez makes some really dumb throws. really stupid decisions. henne is smart and has a better arm. but neither one covers receivers or makes tackles so until then, its a team sport. QBs are measured by what they do not what the defense does and there Henne is the clear winner, last year and this game

and btw, Henne was going on his fourth comeback win while sanchez in pressure only got his first this game. Again Henne the clear winner under pressure

I know it is early in the season but we needed this win, we have a much tougher schedule than the Jets and the Patriots. Besides we were at home, you are not suppossed to lose at home. Especially your home opener, I thoguht the defense came out flat and unprepared for the first two series. Now there is "Turner Gate" to consider to, how much did that really help the Jets.

Jason Allen lost this game.
A simple 10 yard pass turns into a long td
The worst Coverage ever on 3rd and long with safety help
Pass interference in the end zone
Sean Smith almost gives up a td in the preseason against ATL and he gets stoned by you poeple

Henne lost tonight and missed MANY opportunities to put the Phins in a position to win. Yards don't mean squat. Make the big throw when you absolutely have to and you're the winner. Sanchez did. Henne didn't.

I'm on Gatorz side, Henne missed Hartline in the first series for an easy six, but he couldn't connect.

It's the home opener and the Phins are down by 14 before you could blink. But Sparano had his sunglasses on and Henne was racking up "yards". Our robot Henne was programmed for "yards", not making big plays. Wonderful.

Heene played a great game. Sanchez just looked for Jason Allen and threw the ball his way

I don't think any player lost this game. I just don't think Henne is right for this system. We can't blame the defense for everything, nor can the Dolphins be expected to win every game. They have a week and a day to prepare for the Patriots, if we beat them, no harm done.....go Dolphins! We'll win next Monday night, if we don't, we truly suck! It is as simple as it is complex!

Did Jason Allen overthrow Hartline too?

Henne failed.

I saw Henne hit plenty of Wrs tonight
What did J Allen do right all game
He acted like he picked a ball off but thats it

wow cant believe u guys what more do you want from henne? geez a couple things on def like the missed tackle and helmet to helmet and we won this game

Henne over 350 yds and 2 tds

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