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Jets lead Dolphins 21-20 going to the fourth quarter

This is it, folks.

The game has gone back and forth and now is when great men make big plays ...

while other men shrink from the assignment.

Let's see which is which.

Meet me in the comments section.


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how is henne not right for this system? he loked fine if we would of won u would be callin him marino

and ya jason had a rough game and people calling for him to be cut wow

who said we have a tougher schedule ? not the case we play oak and ten jets play hou and not sure about the west and the pats play ind and bolts we have an easy 2nd half

Sean Smith almost gives up a td in the preseason to ATL and You know who and his followers call for his head
Jason Allen has the worst game ever
anyone who has ever played the game knows that 3rd down play should get him cut by itself

jamesc....dolphins have a tough schedule! no doubt sir! but it is what it is, no matter what we (the fans) say, what the reporters say, it doesn't matter....it's what the coaching staff dictates and what the players can accomplish! it is as simple as that and as complex as that!

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