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Jets lead Dolphins 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Jets are getting good quarterback play from Mark Sanchez, who led a TD drive culminated by a 24-yard scoring pass to Dustin Keller.

The Dolphins?

Chad Henne missed Brian Hartline on a post pattern that might have gone for a TD had he thrown it well. It was overthrown. And the Dolphins have struggled on offense.

So the Jets lead 7-0.

Braylon Edwards, who did not play in the first quarter, will come in the game now.

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no we are not better than this...henne is bad and has been since day one

gotta agree with Craig. I'm out

are the jets this good?

I, and several others prophetically pronounced Keller as the guy we must defend. This is one time I wish I had been wrong.
Henne hasn't a chance with the pass rush, and .....where is ours?

Henne has regressed. Why is this so?

Not giving up yet.
Posted by: IMAWriter | September 26, 2010 at 09:14 PM

henne is always locked on his primary reciever

We run an offense similair to the West Coast offense, except it's the South coast offense, and it SUCKS!

marshall makes a catch-hopefully one of many-to include multiple TD's

Holy sh#t a marshall sighting

This is what happens when other teams' discarded trash starts at key positions

Not a Henne fan... doesn't look anybody off.

not over yet. we score here and will be right back in it

i bet henning was the oc in chicago in 1937 too

ok showing signs of life

Bess ... what a catch!

Why is Hartline starting over Bess?

Rumblin' Fumbler coughs it up yet again

ugh, Ricky

get rickie out of the game

ricky WTF!

tricky ricky fumbles again

cmon ricky

Ricky too much weed man

Williams ... hold on to the FREAKING BALL!

getting our breaks on this drive

bess is balling

Bess-same paly

Nice! Bess!!!

can the robot look str8 down the field instead of locking on to wr

Bess ... seriously ... you're money in the bank!!!!

Well said Paul.


well, this is getting better ...hopefully, Henne can keep this up

bench Henne Pennington still has something left and has something to prove gainst the Jets

Wildcat once again kills the momentum for Miami offense.

stupid ... marshall is slow

LOL!!! Personally, I think I can be an OC if Henning can be an OC.

never fails!! always at the wrong f**k time!

wildcat=kills drives


man we need 7 here

ugh, another mistake

Henne looks timid/overwhelmed. He’s just not ready to be a starter.

why the wildcat garbage just when henne is getting confortable?

Well, we WERE in FG range

morono lets henning strike again

go to bess

Dear God ... please END THE FREAKING WILDCAT!!!!! It's done ... no one is surprised by it ... everyone is copying it ... stop it!!!!!!!!!!

Put the Wildcat away.

I just don't get it, your offense is in a rhythm and you go wildcat, why?

a commercial in spanish WTF?!

hey heres an idea.. FIRE DAN HENNING for screwig up the flow of the offense with the wild cat.

I hate the wildcat....it doesn't work anymore and we use it when we get close and it stalls the drive everytime!!


yay morono and henning for wildcrap

wow talk about ruining rythm. henne finally gets going and they take him out. henning need a better feel for the game.

hennings needs to join BP in the golf course! WTH is he thinking screwing up the play calling like this!

Henne just gets comfortable against a good defense and then you ruin his flow, i don't like it

we need young creative offensive mind!! not this ancient play calling!! is henning still drawing plays up in the dirty or what!!!!!!

well at least we are showing signs of life

So far we look like the jags, panthers, 49ers...boring

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