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Jets lead Dolphins 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Jets are getting good quarterback play from Mark Sanchez, who led a TD drive culminated by a 24-yard scoring pass to Dustin Keller.

The Dolphins?

Chad Henne missed Brian Hartline on a post pattern that might have gone for a TD had he thrown it well. It was overthrown. And the Dolphins have struggled on offense.

So the Jets lead 7-0.

Braylon Edwards, who did not play in the first quarter, will come in the game now.

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Agreed no need for wildcat there. and why not go from shotgun?

don't do the wild cat-just replace Henne-and don't forget to call plays that go beyond the 1st down marker

Yeah this needs to be addressed to the coaching staff why do they always kill momentum with the wildcat?

I swear to god if we don't fire Henning this year I am done with this team. Seriously???? Can no one in the orginization see how he kills drives and doesn't know how to call 2nd and 3rd and long plays????? Unreal....tired of it.

They need to shove the wildcat up their ass sideways !!!!

The wildcat works if you're willing to throw out of it. Since we're not, just get rid of The Drive Killer.

Throw the wildcat away. It kills every drive we have going. It had its time but it has past.


ask henning why he does the drive killing play calls and morono for allowing them

god damn it

That SOB Henning! Henne is rolling, and he runs a sweep with our most valuable offensive player, marshall.

My gosh, what is he thinking?
We can hit Bess all night...
Makes me want to puke. Henning is killing us.

can't afford not to score here

nice, we got lucky there...

finally a call our way. first and goal

theres a break we needed!!!

PI, bring on the wildcat so we can kick a field goal.

Gotta be 7 here

these ref throw garbage flags!!!! but ill take it

We just got our break.

Dan Henning will be gone after this year.. Needs to be gone in the next 5 mins

This may be my Michigan bias, but I believe Henning and Sporano have killed Henne, both as a result of coaching and play calling. Anyone who watched him during his college years should know that this is not the same QB.


TD Dolphins. And now we have a game.




Back in it


right back in it


Yes!! Alrighty Miami, we're back

Yes 7

nice job

Fist pump time yeahhhhh

Life...and it only took a BS call by the zebras.

Ugly, ugly drive, but I'll take the 7.

Back in the game.

somebody get edwards a drink and rex a snack...

now...if we could only cover the TE

How so Jordan?

Refs are WAY TOO active 2nite.

touchdown henne-fasanp-drilled it in-do more like that Henne

hey look we went back to our base offense... we scored a TD.. maybe that means we need to run the wildcat more often.. Hennings thoughts.. 1+1=.00345

now we need a to by our D. gaychise is good for a pick here

i agree jordan im a big wolverine fan n the need to let henne loose

Now are defense needs to hold up and give us some hope. A turnover would be nice.

We need a turnover here.

man no helmet to helmet its 7-7 we got this we need to shut down keller

LOL @ Coach.

D- needs three and out badly next drive!!!

henne haters where are you??

Nolan needs to figure out how to cover the TE.

scooter ... best advice tonight ... and put barbed wire as it goes up ... LOL!!!!!

Henne has not looked to more than one receiver once this whole game. Every pass he is locked on the receiver as soon as the ball is snapped.

Henning still sucks!

ok now the D has to tighten up. we need a turnover.

that was a good PI call.....They seem to have found a wink link in the secondary so lets keep exposing it till they start giving single coverage to marshall

Lot's of 12 men on the field this season. I wonder how often they got away with it in previous seasons.

ugly but we'll tale it, I'm s till fuming over that illegal hit to the helmet that cost us a jets score, that was such BS, her held up and hit his shoulder, not even his head. Should be 7-7

D has gotta step up.

Defense MUST get a stop now. Cannot give up a score after scoring. That's demoralizing.

How bout a surprise onside kick

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