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Jets lead Dolphins 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Jets are getting good quarterback play from Mark Sanchez, who led a TD drive culminated by a 24-yard scoring pass to Dustin Keller.

The Dolphins?

Chad Henne missed Brian Hartline on a post pattern that might have gone for a TD had he thrown it well. It was overthrown. And the Dolphins have struggled on offense.

So the Jets lead 7-0.

Braylon Edwards, who did not play in the first quarter, will come in the game now.

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let henne throw, the jets letting sanchez do the same!!!

How many times are we going to force the wildcat? It is obvious that teams are ready to defend the formation. We got a good break, but we can't count on those all season. Just run the offense already!


Our guys look fired up....Fasano!!
Wish he was playing D, with THAT attitude.

Puss rush please!!

dexter ... you're right ... I love the points ... but it's a little too "YELLOW" for my tastes tonight.

theres the special teams we havent been missing!!!

great special teams play...

have faith people im a dolphan living in jersey n i want this win badly

NM Phin Fan,

Personally, I think they've taken away any confidence and have made him too afraid to throw an interception. Our first play should have been a TD, or at worst, a 50 yard gain. In college he hits that throw no problem, but they've coached him into being so conservative that he's afraid to throw an interception, and thus the overthrow. Just my opinion, though.

Btw, he was never spectacular at the touch passes.

I'm so sick of NBC non-stop talking about the Jets, it's all about them, so sick of it, amost want to put tv on mute

ST's still suspect. Need a 3 and out here!

special teams sucks

wow how can u not kick thst out of the endzone?????

should have tried the onside. same field position.

John Bonamego's special teams strike again.

I'm soooo glad we emphasize special teams-too bad we don't have any players that qualify to be on a special team1

Carpenter is pure garbage
You have a five yd head start and cant get a touchback
Killed the comeback

short field for jets, not exactly a steller beginning!!!

So, Henne became "Dan Marino 2010" with that drive, right? Please God ... give us a freaking QB who has at least 1/100th the skill of Dan Marino!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya, that kickoff was with 5 extra yards on our side; just awful

NBC please stop the JETS bias...

Jason Allen!

SEAN SMITH should watch VD and J Allen tackle

Jason Allen finally playing like a 1 RD pick.

Our Defense looks real good with Soliai at NT anyone else think they should move Starks back to RE and sub Odrick with Langford and Starks when tired. Soliai might be the most improved defender next to Jason Allen... Sean Smith should be benched straight up... and Dobbins and Carpenter well they aren't inspiring confidence but i'm sticking with Channing wouldn't make a difference. IDK but if Keller beats/ burns/ schools Smith one more time i'm not a fan

intercept and score

I'm losing confidence in Henne, Hartline was wide open and he threw it late. Luckily we had an interference call. Henne isn't very decisive....gotta make those bubba!

Wow ... we REALLY SUCK tonight.

Jets use two time outs to sandwich one play? Not great clock management.

they sure run the wildcat alot

Better get a stop here - and maybe put together a drive to get even by half. I don't like our offense tonight at all - no rythm.

Throw to Hartline and Bess all night long please!

when you talk to the "offensive coordinator" next week, will you please ask him what his thinking is on messing up the flow of the game? and when he starts making bs excuses about i dont feel it does we saw something ect ect.. just interupt him and say no.. bad.. no... u dont do that.. then take his nose and rub it in the play book.

kinda agree with you jordan, maybe he need to loosen up a bit

Need a Turn Over here!

time to cover Keller

The crowd sounds electric

Stop dancing and force forth down

big 3rd down...

Dansby is a STUD.

Holding Wake all game...


there we go

Nice stop now lets show what are offense has not shown all season.

nice stop!! why cant we get pressure on this punk!!!!!!!!!

defense people

Now, can we find the 46 million dollar man?

crowd nosie helped out a lot there...

Seriously, they're just talking about Jets tonight. STFU!!!!! Do you know, NBC, that the Dolphins are the only team in NFL history to go UNDEFEATED?????? Dear God, you suck as a network. No wonder FoxNews is kicking your ass!!!!!!!!

now lets even this up

Henne needs to make play already! Find Marshall...


Carpenter got lucky on that stop!! HE GOT
5 yards man!!!

D always stepping up

Crush-kill destory-matriculate down the field-put down your twitter-and let's do the turkey trot down for 7 lovely points!!!

Were the hell is my snack? get edwards another vodka...

ok I'm back...just to say...I don't think I have heard our fans be this loudin years...GO DOLFANS!!!!

Even if we win, it's gonna be ANOTHER "ugly win"...I'm kinda sick of those...Can we just destroy a team once? The Wildcat unveiling being the last time I can recall

so glad we cut Clifton Smith. We really need a legit return threat

well didnt you know the jets are defending champs? they way they talk about them

As much as I want to get a quick strike that's not what we need. Lets use the ground and pound and demoralize the Jets. The only thing is the drive has to end with a TD. Use the rest of the half and go in tied.

The pitch to Brandon Marshall lined up in the backfield! Sweet!

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