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Jets lead Dolphins 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Jets are getting good quarterback play from Mark Sanchez, who led a TD drive culminated by a 24-yard scoring pass to Dustin Keller.

The Dolphins?

Chad Henne missed Brian Hartline on a post pattern that might have gone for a TD had he thrown it well. It was overthrown. And the Dolphins have struggled on offense.

So the Jets lead 7-0.

Braylon Edwards, who did not play in the first quarter, will come in the game now.

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Ronnie will throw a TD in Wildcat....they're just keeping us in suspense

that was bad play calling

I saw #67.

the former d coordinator play called like this last year.. notice the word former

Please short pass to marshall and let him do the rest

Wildcat with Ronnie passing?

Agreed Armando

Go 4 it.

Go for ittttt

go for it that is a long field goal.

It was Joe Berger.

the Beast with a great catch

Dolphins going for it on fourth down. I'd kick a FG.

GO for it ! WTF!

yep we need to go for it

of course thats not a shot 2 the head!!! F!!!

refs didnt call the helmet to helmet on brown.......

thats too long of a field goal

finally some time mgmt!!!

Go for it ... a FG does nothing for us ... are the Jets going to be held to a FG this whole game? No ... unless we're going to hold them after this and come out and score a TD after the half ... then, yeah ... go for it.

Here we go!

No they ain't. I would go 4 it though.

ronnie brown, helmet to helmet...where is tbe call?

We are still in the game.

ok ill take the 3

aw man that was to close

14-10 and we get the ball back after half time

We get the ball in the third

whewwwwwww. Almost missed that. We are back in it and have the momentum. D can get a turnover for a TD and we go in with the lead.

yessssssss 3 points better than no points

62 seconds-take the ball away and score

Wow, that FG SQUEEKED in

We get the ball in the 3rd, good move gettin 3.

henning needs to die

was brandon marshall limping, armando?

good kick shows what alot of us know about what the fins are going to do

i gree take the 3 and go get em second half

good idea, take the points, still another half to go.

I think I just sharted watching that kick go through.

Go for an onside! LOL

mando, looks like sparano and henne are starting to manage that clock. qb progression?

should have been a personal foul leading with helmet on that one play. but hey we got points. D is calming down.

can we get somebody that can kick the ball into the end zone

The Terminator is a bad dude...Remember him from Hard Knocks

Benny Sapp just came on the lamest most uninspired CB blitz I've ever seen.

we might get the ball back

How about some pressure on the QB?

I want to see dans by lay out Sanchez

we should go for it

Dallas ran a great play in week one late in the second ... the Jets should run the same one ... LMFAO!!!!!!

ok - Could his hair look more bizarre?

SEAN SMITH had the angle and didn't stop him short

yeah that blitz was half arsses


it's not helmet to helmet because he wasn't defenseless.

Sancheez acts like a 5 yo

J Allen dropped INT...Dang

allen almost had another pick!

nice d jason

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