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It's coordinators' day at Dolphins camp

Just finished the always interesting press conference with offensive coordinator Dan Henning.

One of the journalists asked Henning why the Dolphins didn't go deep at all aside from the pass to Brandon Marshall, which Chad Henne underthrew and then Marshall dropped.

Henning quickly retorted that was not the only time the Dolphins tried to throw deep against Buffalo. The Dolphins apparently called two other deep passes but failure up front -- with either the tight end blocking or running back blocking -- the play resulted in a sack.

"We tried deeper passes but we got sacked twice," Henning said. "That’s part of it, too. You want to go downtown against good secondary like that, you better hold them up. We had an eight-man protection in there and went deep. We didn’t win and we got sacked. So you say to yourself, ‘How we going to win this game?’ … You get sacked with an eight-man protection and two men out, you better start checking your hole card. You try to win the game. And we were in control in the game at that time."

Henning admits the failure to connect on the deep pass to Brandon Marshall was costly.

"Yeah, we should have hit that deep one," he said. "Brandon ran a great route and we underthrew it. Even though it was underthrown, it was still dropped. You got a combination of not getting it out there and then you have a drop. That’s a combination of either 3 [points] or 7 [points] in the game, and at the point in the game, that could put the game out of whack because then they have to play differently, too. Didn’t happen. So no matter what’s going in the game, you have to find a way to win that game.”

Henning has great respect for defensive tackle Pat Williams, whom he helped coach in Buffalo, and Jared Allen. The Dolphins this week are game-planning to make sure those two players don't beat them.

"Minnesota has that guy on the outside [Allen] and the guy on the inside [Allen]," Henning said. "You set your protections accordingly, you try and make sure the guy doesn't wreck your game by being in a mismatch, we try putting a side board out there for the different people. When you have two of them, it's tough. But that's supposedly why we get paid for."


During the open session of practice today, Channing Crowder (groin)_and Ikaika Alama-Francis (illness) did not participate. Crowder's not playing, guys.

Alama-Francis is a more intriguing situation because he first became ill Sunday morning. Remember the Dolphins did work out Adalius Thomas on Tuesday so my thinking is they were kicking the tires on him in case this Alama-Francis mystery sickness becomes acute.



I told you yesterday the talk of moving Randy Starks back to defensive end was just speculation. Starks has not taken a snap at end since training camp began and that includes this week.

With Jared Odrick on the mend for two weeks with a hairline fracture in his right leg, it seems Tony McDaniel will get the starting nod against the Vikings. At least that is the impression Mike Nolan left today.

"I expect him to play well," Nolan said

The Dolphins are known for using a rotation of up to four different defensive ends in any particular play. Coach Tony Sparano says the rotation will continue despite the fact Miami is now without Odrick and Phillip Merling, who is out for the year..

"We got to trust the next guy," he said. "The people that are going to the game, they're going to play."


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first. I rule

I don't know whats worse...the fact the we only tried to go deep 3 times the whole game, or the fact that Henning is telling the world that our O-Line can't block long enough for us to go deep?

2nd...define deep.

I am content with the intermedaite passing game 10-20 yards....but didn't see much of that either

The best thing to come out of Sunday's game was Chris Clemons. He was probably the biggest question mark on defense and he came out absolutely balling. You have to love that. If that is really who he is, this defense could be really good.

I think the Alama-Francis ailment is beyond interesting and now concerning. If I understood correctly in other news; it wasn't a stomach virus.
I also think the line did a good job for Henne. I've watched the game several times since Sunday and he had enough time to make multiple check downs on multiple plays. Henning has his "Old Granny Pants" in a bunch! Henne just needs to let it fly for the Beast..and his coaches need to let him spread his wings..he was forced to be too conservative.

Guys I was at the game on Sunday and the offensive game plan wasn't far off. It was windier than it looked on Tv and I think you would agree Buffalo had problems moving the ball too, whether that was our defence or partly the wind, or partly their ineptitude can be debated. I expect the offence will open it up a little bit more this weal in the comfort of a dome setting. A little patience guys....we did win the game.

fake gm, clemons played like a man on a mission! kris, 3 excellent points. our O line needs to give Henne 1 more second, w/o holding and Henne needs to find his target more quickly. I think that will come, there were a lot of improvements at Buff.

W's is all that matters. If we win by 5 or 35 it doesn't matter. My take is a win on the road in Buffalo is always a good thing. Perhaps we can blow them out properly when they come to Miami.

Just wanted to point out (in a very friendly way) that in reference to an illness, "acute" means sudden and "chronic" means long term. No hate intended. You're the man Armondo!

Henning said that we go 3 times deep in the game to me thats not good for a gay we trade called BRANDON 'the beast' MARSAHLL thats really sucks and only 3 times agains the bills that not good if we dont play the way we should our record could be 1-15 period that is why Parcell its steppin aside i love the Miami Dolphins but the trifecta has failed this season badly.

It's only my humble opinion but we are still the slowest team inNFL. Absolutely no team speed. Other than Marshal and Dansby we really don't have ant "skilled players" and worst of all we don't scare anyone. I know I'm going to get blasted her -but hang on to you hats- I don't think we are going to win another game for 7 or 8 games. I think at the end of this season Sparano and Ireland will be gone and we will starting all over.

Luis Morales (PUERTO RICO) shut up...you are crazy for your thoughts!!!

A troubling admission by Henning. Loosing the pocket and getting Henne sacked 2 of 3 deep pass attempts with 8 man protection is a major problem. Can the team make a pocket? If they cannot then you better get inventive if you want to pass the ball deep.
I am looking for Passing on 1st down, Henne in the shot gun, and no less than 10 mid to deep level passing attempts. A pitch back to throw deep or moving the pocket would be nice too. If the Dolphins refuse to pass the ball this week there is little hope for a successful season.
At some point as a team you have to develop some confidence or rhythm throwing the ball. Oh and big secret?! Throwing the ball can open up running lanes too. Henning has been too conservative and predictable with the play calling, we’ll see if he can break out.

Clemons was a beast at Clemson.

This training camp was his first time working with the starters. He's going to get a lot better very quickly.

Thanks Ireland for alienating that punk Ryan Clark. You "Dummy Stumbled" into this one.

Luis Moron shut up. We've only played one game this year and we won it. So really shut up.

Now odin Ireland asks all these guys about their mothers (ala Dez) because he wants to make sure he has a piece every place we play; maybe a hot meal, place to stay, pleasant company. These guys just take him the wrong way that is all.

The Vikings front 8 on defense have way more talent then the Bills front 8.
Translation: Henne will be on his backside a lot on Sunday.
I anticipate the Wildcat will be deployed to confuse the Vikes D, draw in the safeties, then we can unleash the bombs to Marshall for 6.

Parcells is 70+ That is why he steped aside, The season is not over its one game in and if we have to use the beast as a decoy and only throw deep a couple of times to keep our offense honest, AS LONG AS WE WIN GAMES who cares how close these games are. The phins have been in close games the history of the franchise. CHILL THE F OUT AND ENJOY THE REST OF THE SEASON. As far as speed give me as break we have plenty of speed.

MJ - I beat you to that shut up comment HAAA but for real whoever that is, is a complete DUMBA$$

Henning is a joke. I can't believe he threw our O-line under the bus against Buffalo 3 days before we face the Vikings (of all teams). Spend less time creating excuses for your lame butt and more time creating effective offensive schemes.

Time to roll the pocket to the left and throw deep to a wide open Bess.

Time to do a double reverse with Moore with Lousaka leading the blocking path.

Time to do a wildcat flea flicker to Cobbs for an easy touchdown.


Fins 17 Vikings 14 (OT)

Fins block field goal at the end of the game to force OT


Thanks Redsky...and I agree, we will be much improved inside the dome. I am looking for those CB to hold on to the potential picks that Favre will throw and we win this one by 10.

The non passing game here has got to go!

I don't care if Henne has to draw up plays on the infield dirt, just do it.

Marshall excels on the back shoulder pass. That's because the defender is afraid to take his eyes off of him. This is when he's at his best and why he gets those yards after the catch. Utilize it.

Let me translate Henning's position: We tried it. We got sacked. We gave up.
PLEASE grow a pair DUDE.

"We had an eight-man protection in there and went deep. We didn’t win and we got sacked."

WTF? We had two guys on routes and got sacked? Dan, that means they can keep less guys in coverage and rush more.

I wonder if Dan has ever heard of going deep out of 3 and 4 receiver sets? How about an empty backfield? This puts more guys in coverage and if Henne has excelled anywhere it's been checking down to his safety valve.

I'm not buying Henning's excuse and either way, you can't give up. We gave a lot for Marshall and we can't give up on the pass game because of some sacks.

i think BESS will be the star next game ,he caught 6 catches last game vs buffalo for 53 yards .we r going to trick the vikings ,HENNE LOOKS FOR MARSHALL THEN HE THROW THE BALL TO BESS ,YES I GOT IT .


Fins never have a 4 WR set. All day long it was either Marshall and Hartline or Marshall and Bess
I think Moore played a couple of snaps.

Time to evolve.....

WE paid 50 million for marshall and now he's saying sorry people we can't deliver the ball to marshall.

why not us...

because he wants to make sure he has a piece every place we play; maybe a hot meal, place to stay, pleasant company.

Posted by: kyphinfan | September 16, 2010 at 03:11 PM

Well he should have joined a Rock Band like I did then.

If it wouldn't have been for strippers and OPP's I would've never survived.


Brett Favre will throw an int

We got this, remember the last time Favre played Miami, we got him, the hope the Def repeats itself against the run as last week, we stop AP, game over, im telling you, i hope we Henne play like he did in Jacksonville. We shall see! Go Phins!


Sparano fist pump will be unleashed after week 1 hiatus.


waterboy, you predictions are dumb.try some thing no one else would think of .


Thanks for your support.

Henning sucks. Get Gruden!!!

Waterboy's posts are my favorite to read .

Gruden=========== empty suite .

Jim Stenson, go back and play with ur Muppets you halfass fan


Would your Rather see Sanchito and the Jets drop to 0-2 or have them beat the Patties so both are 1-1.?




Captain Henne and his trusty sidekick Brandon lead a revolt against the evil(and senile)General Hennipicked.

Minnesota and the Poser Vikings inadvertently take the brunt of the revolution and are soundly beaten and battered.

In an ironic twist of fate, wanna be king Farve is severely wounded in the ensuing melee. He is forced to abdicate his wanna be throne never to return to his wanna be kingdom for ever and ever.

PS: Odin lives happily ever after!

I too wonder about Dan's Offensive plan. Just come out 4 wide with Henne in the shotgun every once in a while. The kid's fairly accurate with a strong arm. It would give the kid some confidence and open things up a little. Let Chad use his feet to avoid the rush, buy some time, and heave the dang ball so Marshall can run underneath it. I guess they're saving that play for the Jets or Pats or something. Or, it's not in the playbook!

The Phins are catching no breaks - they get to face Favre, Big Ben, tough schedule with the best NFC teams on the road. No breaks with injuries. They are making bad personnel decisions too which does not help. Thus, they only edge the Bills... still predicting 7-9 however.


Either way will be fine with me as long as I have a cold drink and Brady gets his wig split!

You guys have failed to identify a "TRADEMARK" Henning play:

" THE PLAY ACTION PASS on 3rd and long"

I mean, this is ground breaking stuff.. Why get the extra 1-2 secs from the shotgun? Just fake a run on 3rd and long and hope 1 of the 2 receivers gets open for a 5 yd pass.

0-2, let Pats win out until game 4 against us, and then we wipe the floor with their a**!


Personally, I'd like to see the Jets at 0-2. This year's crew--starting the season with two consecutive home losses--one within the conference and the other within the division? Come on, it's a "no-brainer." Wishing losses on any division rival is all about the negative. It's be motivated by rank vindictiveness,which I'm not ashamed to feel about the Jets.
Ultimately, it's up to the home team to take care of business, regardless of what it's division rivals do or don't do against others. If the Fish aren't up to winning at least 5 division games this year, then it won't matter to them what the Pats or the Jets do against others. So, the Fish know what they have to do-TCB.


What is this blasphemy?

The play action pass on 3rd and long has worked since 1933!

Don't fix what aint broke son!

luis morales from PR, you called Brandon Marshall gay? WOW! that's low....lol

FAVRE was offered i million dollars to turn his hair from gray to black by a company .by talking A PILL ? HE'S THINKING ABOUT IT .he will refuse for sure not knowing the side effects of that pill .

true story .
23 million this year plus WRNGLER jeans gives him another 8 million .

HENNE, WE still keep praying for him .

LMAO a quote from Sanchise" theres nothing wrong with going 15-1". theres a fine line between being optomistic and blind. apparently he is both!


Isn't that what Joe Namath wore in that Fee-Aggish comercial?

Oh, Nope, that was Panty hose.

Yes, I would like the Jets to go 0-2 as well.


Jared Allen gets pancaked by Lousaka.

jim stenson, i have a voodoo doll with ypur name on it


Forget about it.

You ain't going there. Your best bet would be to ask Brady how it feels going 15-1.

The play action pass is NOT a typical 3rd and long call.
It only makes sense special circumstances, when: (i) The offense is backed up against its own goal line and might value punting room over conversion; or (ii) The offense otherwise has a late-game lead and can ice a victory by optimizing its field position with a decent gain and a good punt. Those special scenarios (and maybe some variations of them) are the only ones that might induce the defense to bite on the fake, which is the whole point of play action.
Shotgun, on the other hand, has become standard in 3rd and long because the defense already knows the offense need to pass anyway, so the offense may as well buy the extra time.
Lining up under center on 3rd and long sometimes makes sense to execute a draw, which can max out field positoin and sometimes covert depending upon the distance involved.

NHFINSFAN, if the Oline holds, if Henne gets his throws off more quickly, if he has more pocket awareness, if they let him use the shotgun...his instincts, and let him run or scramble....we are going to win a lot of games. no QB likes to get sacked, that S#IT hurts, it's time to take the training wheels off and let Henne off the chain. management is concerned with turnovers, understood, but you have to take calculated chances.


REVIS of the jets has a tight hamstring ,he may not play vs the PATS .
15-1 my as s s

Odrick looks like he's going to be out at least 5 weeks .

princess of wombats, i make a great cilantro martini! i can also discuss keneysian economics....but only if you are female...

redsky, what say you if we have a goat's head and cilantro and polenta and tomatoes .how you cook all that ?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Doug Henning sure could us a makeover to freshen things up a bit.

I was thinking of Tattoo's...nothing fancy, just a couple of tribal war bands around the old pythons.

He should also get a couple of piercings.
I guess both nipples and his tongue would work.

It would definitely freshen his look up a bit.

Other teams will know instantly....thats not the same Doug Henning.

Soiled :)

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