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It's coordinators' day at Dolphins camp

Just finished the always interesting press conference with offensive coordinator Dan Henning.

One of the journalists asked Henning why the Dolphins didn't go deep at all aside from the pass to Brandon Marshall, which Chad Henne underthrew and then Marshall dropped.

Henning quickly retorted that was not the only time the Dolphins tried to throw deep against Buffalo. The Dolphins apparently called two other deep passes but failure up front -- with either the tight end blocking or running back blocking -- the play resulted in a sack.

"We tried deeper passes but we got sacked twice," Henning said. "That’s part of it, too. You want to go downtown against good secondary like that, you better hold them up. We had an eight-man protection in there and went deep. We didn’t win and we got sacked. So you say to yourself, ‘How we going to win this game?’ … You get sacked with an eight-man protection and two men out, you better start checking your hole card. You try to win the game. And we were in control in the game at that time."

Henning admits the failure to connect on the deep pass to Brandon Marshall was costly.

"Yeah, we should have hit that deep one," he said. "Brandon ran a great route and we underthrew it. Even though it was underthrown, it was still dropped. You got a combination of not getting it out there and then you have a drop. That’s a combination of either 3 [points] or 7 [points] in the game, and at the point in the game, that could put the game out of whack because then they have to play differently, too. Didn’t happen. So no matter what’s going in the game, you have to find a way to win that game.”

Henning has great respect for defensive tackle Pat Williams, whom he helped coach in Buffalo, and Jared Allen. The Dolphins this week are game-planning to make sure those two players don't beat them.

"Minnesota has that guy on the outside [Allen] and the guy on the inside [Allen]," Henning said. "You set your protections accordingly, you try and make sure the guy doesn't wreck your game by being in a mismatch, we try putting a side board out there for the different people. When you have two of them, it's tough. But that's supposedly why we get paid for."


During the open session of practice today, Channing Crowder (groin)_and Ikaika Alama-Francis (illness) did not participate. Crowder's not playing, guys.

Alama-Francis is a more intriguing situation because he first became ill Sunday morning. Remember the Dolphins did work out Adalius Thomas on Tuesday so my thinking is they were kicking the tires on him in case this Alama-Francis mystery sickness becomes acute.



I told you yesterday the talk of moving Randy Starks back to defensive end was just speculation. Starks has not taken a snap at end since training camp began and that includes this week.

With Jared Odrick on the mend for two weeks with a hairline fracture in his right leg, it seems Tony McDaniel will get the starting nod against the Vikings. At least that is the impression Mike Nolan left today.

"I expect him to play well," Nolan said

The Dolphins are known for using a rotation of up to four different defensive ends in any particular play. Coach Tony Sparano says the rotation will continue despite the fact Miami is now without Odrick and Phillip Merling, who is out for the year..

"We got to trust the next guy," he said. "The people that are going to the game, they're going to play."


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Can't believe there's still guys on here whining and complaining about our performance on Sunday. We won guys and we won impressively....I don't care what the score set....it was convincing! Some of you guys aren't going to make it through the season or are going to end up having strokes if you don't watch.

soiled , i must inform you that ODIN HAS surpassed you .you still have a chance to reclaim you post .

Dolphins must go out and get Vincent Jackson..... or the offense will continue to suck!!!! no other way about it...... !!!!!!

Aloco.....Stew it

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Dear Mr. Aloco

"i must inform you that ODIN HAS surpassed you"

Dang it !

Been to busy...Unemployment has been kickin my ass

Soiled :)

soiled, i thing you need to regroup to claim your post from the dazzling of ODIN'S posts .you need to approch the writing from a different angel .

Aloco, that's the idea, then you scoop out the brains and make brain fritters!

red sky, well i am going to have a buffalo head cooked in a wood oven next sunday and duck liver .

princess of wombats, you only wear lederhosen at Oktoberfest, any other time it is called cross-dressing.

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well they better go deep more often this game because you know farve is gonna sling it. Everyone is picking the vikes. I like our chances for an upset. Vikings rush defense didn't look that good against the saints. I think ricky and ronnie will run all over them.
Go Phins!!

Aloco, forget the Buffalo head, Buff steaks are incredible.....medium rare to medium....I have a great marinade!

jdogthedog, put on some lederhosem!

Dear Mr. Aloco

Have you ever heard the phrase...With great wealth comes great responsibility. ?

Not bragging but with what seems like unending umemployment benefits and the fact that I just got an Email saying I won ANOTHER oversea's Lottery....250,000.00 this time.

I just don't have time for these games anymore

Soiled :)

After 3 years some of you are finally waking up. Henning is only still employed because Ireland's not going to fire Parcells buddy. We can only hope he'll retire after this year. That is, if Ross gives Sparano/Ireland another year

Dear Mr. Bottoms,

It is my pleasure to congrdulate you on your good fortunes.

I know all about these overseas lotteries. It's tricky business and the checks are NEARLY impossible to cash.

This is your lucky day however because I just happen to know someone that specializes in these matters.

Don't trust any of those on line overseas bozo's Mr. Bottoms. You just follow the instructions on the E-mail that I'm sending you and I'll have you on the road to riches in no time.

Odin, How's Purple Haze comin' along on the Geetar? Get ready it's gonna be time for a purple people beat down on Sunday. Have you ever smashed a guitar on an opposing fan? Could be fun!

Dolphins must go out and get Vincent Jackson..... or the offense will continue to suck!!!! no other way about it...... !!!!!!

Posted by: joeywatts | September 16, 2010 at 04:50 PM

I aggree 100%.

ace / joywatts........... i thought the 50 million man would do it .

what good would getting Vincent Jackson do? Henning wouldn't have Henne throw anything over a 5 yard pass to him. Think about it Marshall had 8 of 53 yards, with the exception of the attempt that he dropped (which was a little underthrown)most of his catches were around the 5 to 6 yard range.

Aloco, It should. The problem is the other receiver has to step up. IMO, I do not believe we have another receiver that can beat single coverage on a consistant basis. Until that happens, we will have problems.


Funny you should ask. As I read your post I have my guitar in hand working on a Mississippi Delta blues finger picking song. Nobody knows you when your down and out, Eric Clapton version.

I got Purple Haze down good enough for Saturday Night, but nobody plays it like Jimi.

I don't REMEMBER smashing a guitar over anybody's head, but you never know, the 80's were a little "Hazzy" for me.

I had a jealous Hottie smash one of my guitars once. It was awesome and sick at the same time. She was just a tiny thing, but man she had good form. She swung it like an axe and demolished it with one shot. I remember thinking how kool she looked, but at the same time a little voice in head was screaming Noooooooooooooooo!

PS: It was like a Speed Ball without the Coke and Heroin.

ACE.....WE HAD TED GINN. we gave him away for no thing .


Aloco, again you're right. As much as I did not think Ginn was a premier receiver, he still stretched the field and that always made him dangerous. I would have had at least 3 wide receiver sets and I would have sent Ginn deep every time. Talk about opening the middle up, that would have done it without question.

what about all these players who get paid for doing no thing;

wallace ...................they get paid a lot of money and they can't catch a ball......I MISS TED GINN .HE WAS SOME THING .

I don't know if this is crazy talking in my mind, but it makes sense to me, so I'll share it with all of you. Why not take a shot to throw down the field early, using personell that can protect, and get down the field. Sure everyone knows that when Lex Hilliard comes in the game he is going to be blocking. So why try and use the element of suprise when the personell can't protect. In this game, at this stadium with the noise changing protections will be difficult. Hilliard is very good a t picking up the correct rusher(Bong Pipe not so much) Hilliard was only beaten 1 time last season and that was by James Harrison, and he got around Carey before Lex could pick him up. Use the backs to Chip the defensive ends, just so they know were there. We don't always need max protections, but if What Henning says is true, and we had trouble picking up the Buffalo rush, why not get the right presonel in there so we can protect the passer, and get the ball down field. Also get Moore in there, his speed should help Marshall, and Fasano getting into space for YAC in passes that are underneath. Marshall should have a field day this week, I expect he will have double digit catches this week.

This is the NFL. They got film and coaches with smarts.

Ginn would never draw anything but single coverage. It doesn't matter.

Even the one lucky catch he had on Revis was single coverage. The throw was so long the safety had time to come off his coverage, but just a little too late.

As far as drawing coverage Ginn wouldn't draw anything more than anybody else, save Marshall.

odin, ginn is the fastest man on earth ,come on man .give ted a little credit .

DID THIS guy SAPP did any thing good vs buffalo ? or the trade for camrello was a bust ?

ALoco-I have enjoyed your posts the last few days, the best I've read from you in awhile. Keep up the good work!


In regards to your Valkyrie smashing your axe-man I feel your pain. I had a similar situation happen to me.


Parcell's gave him just enough credit........for a bus token to San Fran.

Adios Amigos and a Good Ridance to Boot!

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin's status for Sunday's game against Miami is uncertain after he missed practice Thursday with a hip problem.

Miami 23 Vikings 14

thanks darryl .

odin, why i got the felling you don't eat dinner and you eat late lunch ?

The Williams sisters are going to get run over by Ricky and Ronnie.

Is Henning saying that Jake can't block Allen one-on-one?

cocoajoe, doesn't Sparano have veto power over Henning, after all Sparano is an O man.


What's that supposed to mean.

I just had Tilipia Fillets.

Washed it down with some "Sweet Tea".

odin, is the tilipia fillets farm rasied from indonesia ?

Aloco, how does it feel to get handjobs from Darryl and Texas at the same time? I'm jealous, are you in your lederhosen? LOL!


Farm raised, China.

It was absolutely awesome, melts in your mouth, Seriously.

Aloco, Odin, what happened to the gpat's head and Buffalo head BBQ. Tillapia? Cooked on a cedar plank on your BBQ is great stuff!

Vincent Jachson will go to the vikings for sure next week .he has to wait until week 4 to play .

Mark my words

The only way to get rid of Bret Farve...wooden stake through the heart.....Dan Henning know this...they have battled for centuries.

Odin, farm raised in China, the ones that poisoned our toothpaste, dogfood and wallboard, yummy!

REDSKY, melt in your mouth ,he said .lol

Soiled, the only way to get rid of Farve is to out think him and out play him, and hope for a mistake on his part, the way New Orleans did last year. Otherwise, "Age and treachery overcomes youth and skill every time!" We can't take the Vikes lightly.

The sacks Henning is referring to are coverage sacks. It was so much the O-line but it was that excellent Bills secondary that was covering so well. Seriously. The Vikes might have a better front 7, but the Bills secondary is way better than the Vikes. You'll see.

when you walk by the frozen isle these days you only see frozen farm raised fish from indonesia,tayland and china .

the american super market are working hard to make money .

*wasn't so much the O-line...


Aloco, LOL!!!!!! Yes sir, melt in HIS mouth!

Mr. Redsky

I may have over reacted in my last post...but to my defense I had just got done watching Van Helsing.

Aloco, if we stop buying that farm raised crap, they'll stop supplying it, seriously, the media has done stories on this....at least the farm raised stuff from the USA is regulated.

Soiled, understood and excused! lol

Poison? Dog food, tooth paste, blah, blah blah.

Wall boards? I've lived in a box. I've eaten snakes, frogs and guinea pigs.

I fought with Raccoons in a dumpster for canned beef stew!

Punk a s s poison Man? I'm immune to that sheet.

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