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It's coordinators' day at Dolphins camp

Just finished the always interesting press conference with offensive coordinator Dan Henning.

One of the journalists asked Henning why the Dolphins didn't go deep at all aside from the pass to Brandon Marshall, which Chad Henne underthrew and then Marshall dropped.

Henning quickly retorted that was not the only time the Dolphins tried to throw deep against Buffalo. The Dolphins apparently called two other deep passes but failure up front -- with either the tight end blocking or running back blocking -- the play resulted in a sack.

"We tried deeper passes but we got sacked twice," Henning said. "That’s part of it, too. You want to go downtown against good secondary like that, you better hold them up. We had an eight-man protection in there and went deep. We didn’t win and we got sacked. So you say to yourself, ‘How we going to win this game?’ … You get sacked with an eight-man protection and two men out, you better start checking your hole card. You try to win the game. And we were in control in the game at that time."

Henning admits the failure to connect on the deep pass to Brandon Marshall was costly.

"Yeah, we should have hit that deep one," he said. "Brandon ran a great route and we underthrew it. Even though it was underthrown, it was still dropped. You got a combination of not getting it out there and then you have a drop. That’s a combination of either 3 [points] or 7 [points] in the game, and at the point in the game, that could put the game out of whack because then they have to play differently, too. Didn’t happen. So no matter what’s going in the game, you have to find a way to win that game.”

Henning has great respect for defensive tackle Pat Williams, whom he helped coach in Buffalo, and Jared Allen. The Dolphins this week are game-planning to make sure those two players don't beat them.

"Minnesota has that guy on the outside [Allen] and the guy on the inside [Allen]," Henning said. "You set your protections accordingly, you try and make sure the guy doesn't wreck your game by being in a mismatch, we try putting a side board out there for the different people. When you have two of them, it's tough. But that's supposedly why we get paid for."


During the open session of practice today, Channing Crowder (groin)_and Ikaika Alama-Francis (illness) did not participate. Crowder's not playing, guys.

Alama-Francis is a more intriguing situation because he first became ill Sunday morning. Remember the Dolphins did work out Adalius Thomas on Tuesday so my thinking is they were kicking the tires on him in case this Alama-Francis mystery sickness becomes acute.



I told you yesterday the talk of moving Randy Starks back to defensive end was just speculation. Starks has not taken a snap at end since training camp began and that includes this week.

With Jared Odrick on the mend for two weeks with a hairline fracture in his right leg, it seems Tony McDaniel will get the starting nod against the Vikings. At least that is the impression Mike Nolan left today.

"I expect him to play well," Nolan said

The Dolphins are known for using a rotation of up to four different defensive ends in any particular play. Coach Tony Sparano says the rotation will continue despite the fact Miami is now without Odrick and Phillip Merling, who is out for the year..

"We got to trust the next guy," he said. "The people that are going to the game, they're going to play."


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I'd like to come down to Miami for the game against Tennessee, Chicago, or maybe both since they are so close together.

Any opinion on seating? Am not fussed about being close to the action, but would like to be comfortable... which side gets more shade (for the Tenn game)?

aloco, if anyone's female smelled like a pig, they wouldn't be jealous either....nobody'd want her! lol

Lips, the home side gets into the shade quicker. Best sears IMO are Club Seats. Pricey but worth every penny

lipsintoronto, you're going to get sun unless you get club seats under the overhang. sunscreen works, november won't be like august, so a long sleeved t-shirt might be an option. good luck with your seats!

Cool, thanks - appreciate the tips.

Lips, youre welcome, but that means you buy 1st round of drinks for bobbyd12 and me...

they need to put henne in the shotgun more these lining up under center and takin a 7 step drop to throw a deep ball isnt cuttin it.

Isnt this is a football blog? Its a shame it is to hard for people to keep the discussions on football

u notice ever since ross cried about our 1 pm sunday games we have 2 night games then a earlier start at home 3-4 weeks later

richie from orlando, thanks, i guess we lost our way between games and got off track! you must have missed the hundreds of posts that had to do with football. yes, in between games we discuss just about everything. and what was your point?

jamesc, yes, it's hot in south florida, no dome, i don't blame him and neither do the fans. save the day games for november and december.....hello!

"Henning is a joke. I can't believe he threw our O-line under the bus against Buffalo 3 days before we face the Vikings (of all teams)."

I'm glad Henning threw them under the bus. It makes no sense at all that with a EIGHT MAN FRONT they still give up sacks. Hopefully Henning's criticism will make those guys mad enough to play better.

i wasnt complsining just surprised he got his way because at first he requested it they said. they wouldnt do it

jamesc any late afternoon, or evening games are welcome down here...lol

I suppose that I am a bit more simple about things then I should be. I really don't care though. Why on God's green & Blue Earth is anyone still debating what we "Should have or should not have done" in Buffalo. We won the game, move on. This is going to be a really mentally draining month as far as the Dolphins go, and October will not be much better. I suggest for those still reliving a win, and Bitching about how we did it. That you save it for game #2. I don't care if we come out of Minnesota 3-0 with a win, so long as there is a "W" in the stat line.
For those who thought by bringing Brandon Marshall into Miami that all of the sudden Miami would change what sort of team they are, which is a "Smash Mouth, Run and throw Offense" to all of the sudden being the St.Louis Rams "Greatest show on turf" of 1998-99 you have a GREAT BIG SURPRISE coming. It ain't gonna happen. Brandon Marshall has never been, Nor ever will be, I "Blazing down the sideline" - "Big Bomb catching" Receiver. He is a receiver known for catching the ball when others cant. Be it 7 yards or 17 yards or 47 yards, then being able to get 6 - 10 more YAC. Now that does not mean Miami will not get its big plays, they certainly will. But they will be a few here and a few there... That's it. When we were all having those arguments and discussions back before the Marshall trade, I can remember some people arguing we needed a "Deep Threat Receiver" to "Stretch the field". I can also remember some very knowledgeable people telling others that Marshall was not that sort of Guy and getting Ripped for it. Guess what, They were right. Doesn't mean we don't have one of the top 5 WR in the NFL. It means we have one that is better suited for the offense we play then we give credit. Having a guy who is good for 10 or 12 yards every time you complete the ball to him is not as pretty as a guy who catches one or two for 30 or 40 yards, but it IS better in the long haul. Having that 10-12 yard guy makes for moving the chains and eating the clock, the bread and butter of "smash Mouth F-Ball. Also by demanding coverage and a guy to be there to help bring him down, Marshall will make Bess and the other guy's look like a pro bowlers, He [Bess] may just be one.
The only "BAD" thing I have to say about Henning, and it has been the same for three years now, is he will drive the field, Running, throwing and making great calls. Then, he gets inside the opponents 30Yd Line, and starts calling the Circus is in town plays. Yanking Henne, running end round's in a short field, Running up the middle on a 9 in the box defense, You know? all those drive killing wonderment's that make us scratch our head and our Offense kick field goals. I would say between the 30 yard lines, Henne may be one of the most innovative and successful O-Co's there are. But even with a good Red Zone Record, he runs play's that make you say HMmmmmmm, what the hell was that?
I don't see Miami running all over this Vikings defense, but if Henne and his receivers can come out and have a good showing... The Vikes are vulnerable to a good offensive passing attack.

Sorry for the long one, had a lot to say.

Wow, some people will never be satisfied. No Team speed, Henning is old, Henne sucks, the line can't block...jeesh.

We are 1-0. I am sure the offense is not going to show much until the division games against NY and NE. Relax people.

If we lose in Minnesota it is really not a huge deal. If we lose to NE & NY that is huge.

Derek, for once we totally agree on something! The play calling in the red zone under Henning is terrible! That's where he loves to use the Wildcat, reverses, and other. Unorthodox stuff! Marshall is a possession receiver. Kind of like Michael Irvin was for Dallas back in the day. He's just bigger. He's not a #1. WR.
I still think the Fins win 27-13. Also, the Jets lose to the Pats
Go Miami! Feed the Wolf! Get some "chunk" yardage and tackle somebody!

The playcalling since Henning has been aweful. On a positive note, my Phins are being shown here in Chicago on Sunday!

I thought the drama queen was already on the pill. Birth control that is.

sniff sniff

Is Dan Henning still an effective coordinator?????

Heard an interesting statistic on the Mike & Mike ESPN show. If a team goes 2-0 out of the gate, they have a 2 in 3 chance of making the playoffs. 66 PERCENT!!

If a team goes 0-2, they have a 1 in 10 chance of making the playoffs. 10 PERCENT!

That means, folks, if we beat Brett Favre (again) then we have a good shot (statistically) of making the playoffs. AND, if NE beats the Jets, they do not (even though NE does too).

Just a positive thought before all the Wendy Whiners get on this morning to talk about how the sky is falling.

they didn't go deep because henne won't release the ball. he holds it too long. he's clearly not a CONFIDENT passer. What good is it to be able to make all the throws (as the coaches claim) and have a strong arm (threw it short on the 1 deep ball - should have been caught though) if you're too scared to make a throw?

I disagree with you Vaustin, I can see the circumstances that may lead you to believe that, but Henne is a very confident QB. Henning made the statement in his Thursday interview that they had dialed up a couple of long passes and on 2 of those occasions Miami had an 8 man Blocking front get overrun. I am sure you saw the one block by Ricky Williams that was more of a bump and run?

As long as Henne is doing what he needs to do to win, he will grow into a very solid QB. If he starts hearing the BS from Coaches and fans and starts heaving it into double coverage and sneaky zone blitzes, we will have a Interception machine on our hands. That being said, the great QB's all had 200 + Ints on their resume's... But in a tight season opener, when the most important thing Miami needed to do was win... I for one am glad Henne kept it in his pants.

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