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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Dallas junior varsity

Let's start with the strange stuff first: Earlier today I was accused by another journalist on his twitter feed of exposing my source when I posted back-to-back blog items that included general manager Jeff Ireland -- the first post on the fact he would look for Dez Bryant today, the second on him asking me if I had my 53-man roster.

I wrote in the first post that Ireland did not want to discuss the Bryant matter. In today's post I said he asked me for my 53-man roster. These are two separate issues. Indeed, Ireland would not talk to me about Dez and then we talked about other things, among them his comment about my 53-man roster.

The journalist for the Palm Beach Post seemed to make the leap that because Ireland talked to me about the 53-man roster, he must have talked to me about Bryant. Not accurate. I have addressed the matter with this journalist and he has apologized, so the matter is closed far as I'm concerned.

Now onto tonight:

There is a live blog. I'm having some technical issues, but we shall plow on.

For the Dolphins, Vontae Davis will not play. I do not know the exact reason for this. He has been practicing. I'm told he did not break any team rules. So we'll find out after the game. Jason Allen will start in his place.

Rookie Micah Johnson will get his big chance tonight at inside linebacker. He will start for the injured Channing Crowder.

For the Cowboys, most of the starter will not play!

Tony Romo, Marion Barber, Roy Williams, Doug Gree, Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode, Miles Austin, Jay Ratliff, Keith Brooking, DeMarcus Ware, Mike Jenkins, Anthony Spencer, Jason Witten, Felix Jones and Terence Newman will not play.

So the Dolphins had better kick some butt, especially when their first-team players are on the field.

Meet me in the comments section.


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maybe we get some offense tonite.

"Plow on", I plan on it around 10pm tonite.....lol

Just stay healthy plz, who cares about the game!!!!

Anyone have a link to watch the game. I'm in Connecticut. Like all Dolphins preseason games it's unavailable here.

Thank God for NFL Sunday Ticket

Pat Turner and Roberto Wallace need a good long look Moore already made team imo

During the Jax game someone posted a great link, but I can't remember what it was

Dear Mr. Salguero

You want other posters and myself to head over there and have a stern talk with that fella ?

Soiled :)

Anyone have a link to watch the game?


Not so much chat going on tonight... Bills/Lions is on TV up here in Toronto BTW.

Plow on", I plan on it around 10pm tonite.....lol

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 02, 2010 at 07:18 PM

Just keep the liquor and .45 under the desk tonight okay...remmember its just Preseason football...but have it fully loaded next week just in case AND have Ashley out of the house*lol*

A link would be nice. Stuck with Jax and Tampa in Orlando...HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

buffalo kjiling lions


Found this, not sure of Quilty

Our first team better dominate

by the way guys, this stadium is AWESOME.


Should we read too much into it if Francis starts over Misi tonight?

Will Channing Crowder be missing tackles tonight ? or is he not playing ?




anyone have link

Thanks for the link!! Stuck in Atlanta having to watch the Falcons/J-Ville game Arghhh!!

Here I is!

armando link for justintv please you always have a good link

Lets just come out of this game healthy. i hate pre season games.

Mando, Is Jerry(The Lizard/human Hybrid)Jones sleethering around his new stadium??

Here in Arkansas the game is broadcast on FOX..
Mike W

I've got my Brandon Marshal and Brian Heartline action figures hands coated in stickum.....hope it helps



I'm not sure WHY its free, but I had a decent experience with the Falcon game last week.

Read their 'Terms and Conditions' and decide for yourself.

...and somebody please let me know if you were able to watch the Stream on your Smart Phone -- I would just think that it

When referning to the new players on the roster, would you please identify them by number in parenthes as well (PLS)

Link is justintv.com

Where's Bob Griese???? Is he sleeping a Afternooner off???? JK, Love bob..

Thanks for the link... listening to Kim Bokamper as we speak...

Here is another one. i watched this one on the last two games. the quality isn't great, but you can tell wahts going on.

Anyone have an HD link?

Thanks in advance.

Fins up!


This works

All this game will show us is either our starters can play better then their backups or their backups can play as well as our starters and our starters suck

Steves a Kill joy.......

Anybody watching ATDHE.NET?

What do you see on the screen right now?

QUESTION before kickoff......

so with all the COWBOY starters OUT, if our 1st team does crappy were DOUBLE PISSED and if we come out KICKING BUTT vs. 2nd stringers are we saying we are ready and everything is fine????


Anyone else worried about the S position? I am.

LOL @ Snake....

It means that they have
Psychological Issues!

Worried too about the opener in Buffalo... I hate losing to them... Gailey is OK ... their O looks better.


I see 'Romans', some color bars...but NO FOOTBALL.

Why is that??

I am told that Jeff Ireland and Dez Bryant met before tonight's game and shook hands.

Snake, Wouldnt read anything into this game, But the 1st team offense needs to score 17 points... IMHO

Awe....That's Beautiful !!!!

one more week of fake games...then on to the real stuff that matters...starters all game long...can not wait anymore!!!!!

That feed quality is attrocious

You do a great job Armando... but doesn't covering that stuff (Ireland's off color comment, etc.) just bore you?

Like covering municipal politics, no?

Reason Vontae is Not playing is he already locked his starting position

Nolan knows Vontae starts over sean

Jason Allen & sean need more work and r battling for starting spot along with Sapp

Scrubs playing for Dallas right from the beginning
sean should have a good night "gainst the scrubs with no offensive chemistry"

Problem is now this Jack@ss is gonna get a swelled head

Anyhow Its Dolphins Football

Turner & Moore
Lets See Some Action, Man

Pat White will bring It
Have Faith

Enjoy the Game, Dolfans!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Why isn't Vontea playing? was it because his great performance last week

a little HELP how do we REFRESH this page???


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Home, Dont mince words, What are your thoughts on Smith????????

Sounds like Cowboys are set and we're not

is it me or am I the only one losing faith in this TRIFECTA, I know it's only preseason, but in the 3rd year I thought we would be a little bit ahead of schedule and some of the picks and F/A signings are just HORRIBLE..........

arnsybill: NOTHING about the Dolphins bores me. Not the endless training camp, not the first round of cuts, not the final round of cuts, not adding an undrafted free agent in late April. NOTHING.

Hey Stupid Question. Is This where I should be watching for the live Blog?


Alama-Francis starts ahead of Koa Misi tonight.

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