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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Dallas junior varsity

Let's start with the strange stuff first: Earlier today I was accused by another journalist on his twitter feed of exposing my source when I posted back-to-back blog items that included general manager Jeff Ireland -- the first post on the fact he would look for Dez Bryant today, the second on him asking me if I had my 53-man roster.

I wrote in the first post that Ireland did not want to discuss the Bryant matter. In today's post I said he asked me for my 53-man roster. These are two separate issues. Indeed, Ireland would not talk to me about Dez and then we talked about other things, among them his comment about my 53-man roster.

The journalist for the Palm Beach Post seemed to make the leap that because Ireland talked to me about the 53-man roster, he must have talked to me about Bryant. Not accurate. I have addressed the matter with this journalist and he has apologized, so the matter is closed far as I'm concerned.

Now onto tonight:

There is a live blog. I'm having some technical issues, but we shall plow on.

For the Dolphins, Vontae Davis will not play. I do not know the exact reason for this. He has been practicing. I'm told he did not break any team rules. So we'll find out after the game. Jason Allen will start in his place.

Rookie Micah Johnson will get his big chance tonight at inside linebacker. He will start for the injured Channing Crowder.

For the Cowboys, most of the starter will not play!

Tony Romo, Marion Barber, Roy Williams, Doug Gree, Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode, Miles Austin, Jay Ratliff, Keith Brooking, DeMarcus Ware, Mike Jenkins, Anthony Spencer, Jason Witten, Felix Jones and Terence Newman will not play.

So the Dolphins had better kick some butt, especially when their first-team players are on the field.

Meet me in the comments section.


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OK. Armando I hear you. Peace. You do a great job.

You're the only one losing faith Snake


Maybe Vontae isn't playing because he's proven he's ready for Week 1, AND he has a slight chest injury that they don't want to aggravate.

Hope he has a good night as always menace, but
Does Not Like CB sean at all on his team


refresh press f5

Nice tackle Wake!

question on SLB Almama-Francis how is he going to cover top notch TE's at his 275 lbs body???

tommya, good call.

Armando, love that attitude. Nothing about this squad should bore us. Except for the boring playcalling ... pre or regular season.

WIDE OPEN bad throw

Snake Pliskin: "is it me or am I the only one losing faith in this TRIFECTA."

It's just you.

How any Dolphins fan can look back over the regimes of Cameron, Saban, Wannstedt, Johnson, and even some of the career of Don Shula... and then complain about the current regimes talent acquisition - is mind boggling to me.

Koa Misi looks like he's lost some weight...That worries me a little because most of what he lost was muscle-mass.

He's one of those guys who has to constantly eat to stay heavy and be effective.

3 and out
kickoff up to only 14 yd ln

guys do the FINS need 6 PRESEASON games to GEL

who else
Simply The Bess

Dolphins avoid the embarrassment of not picking upa first down on their first drive.

Nice 5 yds RB
Good Push

Here We Gooooo!

Wildcat Nowhere
Also 10 yds holding Fasano

im in orlando how can i watch the game?

Armando this is the 1st string OLINE and 2/3rd defense RIGHT.....AND WE SITLL can't open any holes right???

thank God we still have a few more pre-season games

we cant live on Devon bess

Simply The Bess wide open for 18 yds

At least henne is locked in with Bess. Now all he needs to do is figure out where Brandon Marshall is all the time.

Ronnie's solid... now get him out of there before he gets hurt.

hd on justintv now

the p2p/firstrow feed is horrible.

anyone have anything better to offer?


I think Koa Misi's future is at ILB. His body type and skill set fit ILB better than SOLB, in my opinion.

The upside of no one being open: Henne has to look all over the field instead of locking onto one guy.

Henne gettin in the groove, Now

How is John Jerry grading out so far this preseason?

Henne still sucks.

why is rick and ronnie in there? Coach dont think THEY are ready? Ridiclious

They look good so far against Dallas High JV!

Henne threw it behind a bit of a float to Marshall in the endzone

incomplete and now incomplete again

field goal Carpenter 29 yds

3-0 Fins!

So far so good!

hopefully Brandon Marshall isnt trying as hard because its just preseason

henne does not look good this preseason

Jason Allen just fell down on a kick return tackle attempt. Gave up six more yards.

34 yd return cowboys

"The Hill" with crunching take down

Can't watch from where I am at, trying to get an appropriate gauge on Henne. Can I get something more constructive than "Henne sucks"?

Armando, thoughts?

Much better link here, it's the Cowboys announcers though


Bad Special teams is going to kill us this year. Cost us at least 2 gamnes

The comments are a few minutes ahead of the feed I'm watching... lol

We Look Like Crap Against Their Bench!

Dolphins starting D still in the game.

Good Evening Armando

Did U see the Reptilian Leader Jerry in Da House?

Henne plays like he's on an ice rink with fire ants in his pants. Watching him play makes my blood pressure go through the roof from the stress.

Kinda like trying to get life saving information out of a person that can't stop stuttering. FRUSTRATING!

Where is Wake? The pass rush makes me nervous

3rd string QB for Dallas

Miami should produce or they suck

penalty false start Dallas

henne just looks out of sync at times. you have to hit on tjose gimme situations like when a guy is wide opem

we're getting spanked by the backups.

Lost the link, any new link please

we will be very stout vs the run! nice hustle by odrick!

Chad Pennington starting to warm up. When/if defense gets off the field, looks like he's in at QB.

Henne looks like he's done.

Huge pass 33 for Dallas odrick makes the tackle finally

Sapp put a lick on QB

sean missed tackle also

Odrick downfield tackle.

Langford with good pressure

QB throw away ball

thank marc. much better link.

Misi good stop no gain

What a defense we don't have-Marshall the best player on the field-Henne play pitch +catch-please

False start 3 -16 Dallas

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