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Live blog of Dolphins season opener right here

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Thank you, God. The 2010 NFL regular-season has arrived and so here we are. [I missed the 2009 season opener due to the passing of my mom. I'm thankful to be here today!]

First, let me tell you there will be a live blog here today.

Secondly, you might hear that there is uncertainty on the Dolphins part about the preseason that rookie Koa Misi had. Nonsense. It is true Misi may not start today. It is true Ikaika Alama-Francis will start today.

You know who will determine that?

The Buffalo Bills.

If the Bills come out in a run-package, Alama-Francis will get the call. If the Bills have pass-first personnel in the game, Misi will start. Either way, both will play a lot today.

It is no small accomplishment what Misi has done this preseason. He has gone for a down-lineman in college to a standup 3-4 outside linebacker. If he starts, he will be one of only three  four rookie linebackers to start in the NFL on opening week.

Sean Weatherspoon of the Atlanta Falcons, Daryl Washington, and Rolando McClain of the Oakland Raiders are the other two. So Misi, a second-round pick, is in good company.

As you know, Jason Allen will start for Miami at RCB. That move is not written in stone, folks. Sean Smith, the starter in 16 games last season, will play today. And if he is playing better than Allen, he will take over. If Allen is playing better, he'll keep his jobs and his snaps.

It is a fluid situation.

It is a cloudy day here, with drizzling rain in the air. The temps are in the high 60s. Love it!

There are some number changes today: Interior lineman Cory Procter will wear No. 71 and defensive end Robert Rose will wear No. 56.

I will have the pregame inactives as soon as they come out. So come back. And remember, the live blog starts in the comments section at kickoff.

[Update: The inactives are Roberto Wallace, Channing Crowder, Rose, Alama-Francis, Jermey Parnell, Clifton Geathers and Thigpen as the third QB. Obviously, Misi will now definitely start. The Alama-Francis inactive is not expected. Hmmmm.]

[Update 2: Alama-Francis got sick this morning, which is the reason he is not playing today, The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting.]

[Update 3: The Dolphins are now confirming that Alama-Francis was expected to start this morning but is not playing because he got sick this morning.]


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Dear Mr. Salguero

Just like the Dolphins...first

Soiled :)

Its not like we have a choise with Missi, and how about Micha thats a good story in it self if he plays today at all.. let see what the yung bucks have..

thank God is right, been ready for it seems an eternity!!

1. Wish Amaya was playing. 2. Blessings to your mom. 3. Our secondary is underrated 4. Sparano needs better clock management skills than last year! 5. Hope they save some Nolan gems for the vices and jets and pats. 6. Latest on Parcells henne article? Go fiiiinsss!!!!

lets do it. Win!!!

Need to score TDs in the red zone, tired of playing for FGs. That has to really improve this year!!!

Gonna need a stream link for this one :-)

This seems like the longest off season I've ever experienced in my entire life.Has anyone There's a 30% chance of rain in Buffalo today,so hopefully the rain decides to take the day off.

Death to the Buffalo Bills!
Death to Canada's team!

they wil be watching Marshall, then we should give them a Henne to marshall show.
we need to score Fast. no excuses. i want 7 on the first drive.

Wow...my post got kinda cut off in the middle of my thoughts.....I was going to ask if anyone had a good link to the game.If I can't find one,I'll have to go to the bar instead.Oh the indecision.

Let's go Fins!! Just worked a 12-hour shift, but I'm going to cowboy it up and take advantage of my brother's NFL ticket!

i eat buffalo wings all day.(not really but u get it)

Buffalo Bills have ugly cheerleaders.

It would be nice to win the opener.

beerndrums, Go to the bar with women and alcohol or sit at home watching on a computer??? simple choice, enjoy the game!!

Buffalo is a disgusting and boring place, with ugly cheerleaders

The city of Buffalo was built on a garbage dump.

Here comes the R

Rain again?

im suprised buffalo still hates the fins more than the rest of the devision. well they will hate some more today.

Don't understand the uncertainty about us winning this game. especially from mando. RUN THE BALL! please lets not see ricky or anybody else not named Chad Henne making pass attempts.

NO wildcat. K.I.S.S.


The Honey Moon is OVER.

Will the REAL Mike Nolan Defense please stand up?

I't'll be interesting to see how Nolan has game planned for Spiller.

I cringe at the thought of Misi or Dansby getting him one on one in coverage.

Hypnotize with the R & R EXPRESS.
Then when we do pass, they will be like deer in headlights.

does anyone know where I can watch the game online?, i'm in san diego and i dont have DTV. Please help!

All right Dol fans...TIme to stop being so negative and be positive! Its finally time for the regular season and I have confidence in our team. Lets show them that we love them and watch them rock Buffalo today. Once this is done, we will forget all about the questions. Lets go dolphins!

'Buffalo'is a synonym for t

i u
Buffalo means dump in greek

Time for REVENGE!!!
No mercy for the Buffalo Cows.
Put your foot on their throat Miami.

Now that the season is here I can apologize to all of you that I threatened to murder especially around the time of the draft.
The Dolphins are my team no matter what. Henne is my qb no matter what. And you guys are my best friends especially Cuban Menace and bobbyd12.

ike starting? hes inactive, per sun sentinel

cesar, justintv

Dear God, Whazzup Dude?

GOD: Haven't heard from you in a LONG time, let me guess, the Dolphins are kicking off a new season?

Wow, DUDE God, you're pretty good man!

GOD: I'm very busy this time of year, just get to the point.

Alright, alright, you know the routine, this is the part where I beg, grovel and plead.


PLEASE GOD, PLEASE just let us beat the snot out of Buff-A-BLow!!!!

thanks for all the news mando. we all have great expectation for this season and it starts with today's game. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

Marshall's game stats: 6 catches, 119 yards, 0 TD, 2 drops

And so it shall come to pass my dear odin.
For the Bills, there shall weeping and gnashing of the teeth.

Book of Dolphins - Chapter one, Verse one.

If you have Ronnie or Ricky on your fantasy squad...START THEM!! Bills CBs are pretty good, but that's about it (for the defense). That means Ronnie.Ricky.Ronnie.Ricky. I hope Henne gets Marshall going, but doesn't overdue it. IF we win the turnover battle (and play adequate special teams), WE WIN FOLKS!

i dont understand? Alama-Francis is inactive? he was taking starting snaps all week and now hes not even on the game day roster? dosent make much sense. well anyway go phins im so happy the season is here!!

Dave, u know the dealie, good LB, poor special teams player. I almost guarantee that's why. They need all the help they can get on ST, so that's probably why he's out.

true but i hope misi can set the edge against spiller. should be a good game and a good season. lets go phins.

Let's go Dolphins! run over the bills!

you bet i started Brown today hope to get a lot of action out of him today!!

You and me both brother, that guy's good. But can his o-line block for him? Dunno. And don't let Miami get on offense. BOY! It's over.

Miami 24
Bills 14

dishpan, thanks I'll try it.

BTW, justintv.com? or some other site... it looks like it's for sale.

Anyone has a link to a live stream for the game. Im all the way in Minnesota, so I am pretty sure the game will not be on TV

So help a brother out????????

The latest: Parcels unhappy with Henne's development. WTF? Is Parcells trying to sabotage this team?

10 bucks says Henne proves Parcells wrong

justintv should work...also may try adthe.net

Hey, All. ive been looking forward to this day all year, but now that its hear im not feeling the Dolphins this year. the O better light up the bills D. if theyre flat, its gonna be a long season.

Parcels needs to get out and work on his golf game. this guys timing sucks. i think he's all upset his Pat White experiment failed.

IAF is inactive.....so Koa starts

id like to see moore get on the field for some 4 wide sets. like to see if he has it in a real game. plus it would be great to spread things out like that and open up some room for ricky and ronnie.

http://www.justin.tv/nfl_game should do it

It would be nice to have a game like we did versus Atlanta last year.

QB Tyler Thigpen: Third QB. Also inactive: DE Ikaika Alama-Francis, ILB Channing Crowder, DE Clifton Geathers, T Lydon Murtha, OL Jermey Parnell, DE Robert Rose, WR Roberto Wallace

Remain calm guys the fins are a lock to win.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I was just doing some research and it seems that some Aligators have turned up missing.

Has anyone seen Channing Crowder ?

Good reporting by the Herald about IAF's illiness. Nobody else has it yet.

Dan Morgan is painful to listen to on the radio.

Mando, can you explain this Parcels story about being "very disappointed" in Henne progression. It seems since the jacksonville game people have lost faith in this guy after two preseason halves. what gives.

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