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Live blog of Dolphins season opener right here

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Thank you, God. The 2010 NFL regular-season has arrived and so here we are. [I missed the 2009 season opener due to the passing of my mom. I'm thankful to be here today!]

First, let me tell you there will be a live blog here today.

Secondly, you might hear that there is uncertainty on the Dolphins part about the preseason that rookie Koa Misi had. Nonsense. It is true Misi may not start today. It is true Ikaika Alama-Francis will start today.

You know who will determine that?

The Buffalo Bills.

If the Bills come out in a run-package, Alama-Francis will get the call. If the Bills have pass-first personnel in the game, Misi will start. Either way, both will play a lot today.

It is no small accomplishment what Misi has done this preseason. He has gone for a down-lineman in college to a standup 3-4 outside linebacker. If he starts, he will be one of only three  four rookie linebackers to start in the NFL on opening week.

Sean Weatherspoon of the Atlanta Falcons, Daryl Washington, and Rolando McClain of the Oakland Raiders are the other two. So Misi, a second-round pick, is in good company.

As you know, Jason Allen will start for Miami at RCB. That move is not written in stone, folks. Sean Smith, the starter in 16 games last season, will play today. And if he is playing better than Allen, he will take over. If Allen is playing better, he'll keep his jobs and his snaps.

It is a fluid situation.

It is a cloudy day here, with drizzling rain in the air. The temps are in the high 60s. Love it!

There are some number changes today: Interior lineman Cory Procter will wear No. 71 and defensive end Robert Rose will wear No. 56.

I will have the pregame inactives as soon as they come out. So come back. And remember, the live blog starts in the comments section at kickoff.

[Update: The inactives are Roberto Wallace, Channing Crowder, Rose, Alama-Francis, Jermey Parnell, Clifton Geathers and Thigpen as the third QB. Obviously, Misi will now definitely start. The Alama-Francis inactive is not expected. Hmmmm.]

[Update 2: Alama-Francis got sick this morning, which is the reason he is not playing today, The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting.]

[Update 3: The Dolphins are now confirming that Alama-Francis was expected to start this morning but is not playing because he got sick this morning.]


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im ready for some offensive excitement this year. solid running and some "chunk" yardage. and how about if jason allen runs with this opportunity? it would be great to have 3 young cb's as smith grows into it. last year when they were behind i kept expecting them to implode or pack it in and they always fought to the finish so im liking their resilient attitude.

Welcome to the live blog, everyone!

totally fired up about this day.

Yes, I picked the Bills to win. I figure since I'm always wrong with my picks, the Dolphins would win. LOL.

Armando, I'm a fan of your radio show listen to it on the web hear in Orlando but your picking of the Bills is very very dissapointing. You can't have it both ways, with us or against us?!

GO Dolphins!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

This just in

Alligators in the Glades missing.

Police searching for a man with Skeletor like features.

News at 11

Soiled :)

Must say this is the most anxious opening day I've had...Who are these Dolphins?

Orlando, I don't pick what I HOPE happens. I pick what I think might happen. And like I said, I'm often wrong.

So it has nothing to do with with or against the team.

That's a bad call man...im my pool i pick Miami to win every week!! And...i have won as many times as some other guys that dont pick from the heart man...Hurry Mando, you have a few to change your pick...run!
GO FIN's !!!!!!

Mr. Bottom's

Channing Crowder is currently being held at the local ASPCA detention facility. He's being charged with gross misconduct and cruelty to animals.

While the charges speak for themself, in Crowders defense, he was reported to have claimed: "That Alligator bit me first MAN!"

first play a bomb to marshall! they need to take the raines off henne and let the dude play!!

Dolphins in a snoozer, 12-9

I'm thinking Ronnie Brown has a huge day ... three touchdowns.

5 tackles 2 sacks Carlos Dansby


"first play a bomb to marshall!"

I would also like to see that...showin off the new toys


That tin foil helmeted Wizard was right AGAIN!

Alama Francis has just come down with Chem Trail induced Morgellons disease.

Home is Da Man!

KIll BILLS!!!! Kill BILLS!!!!

I really hope Henne works the TEs into the offense early.

The departure of douchpan.

cowkilla, if I change my pick, the outcome might change. I'm good.

henne has the arm and marshall is a top3 reciever so im sure he can get behind the corners.

Okay...gonna be a good here. We have the best WR and RB(s) this team has ever had. Lets hope the D comes together fast. I expect lots of blitzes today!!

A bit angry...they are playing the Bengals/Pats game here in Metro NY!! Man, the Bills are worthless!!

Anyone know where I can catch a live feed?

Last Call fellow Phin & NFL fanatics, I wanted to invite any of you playa haters to the free Yahoo NFL Pickem league I’m in. We have been doing this for over 5yrs.
Some of you have already joined, Thanks.
There are still spots left and you can make your picks up till 5min before each game starts.

It’s like an online office pool sans the payouts. Just braggin rights…lol
Straight Up picks of Winners, No Spread or Confidence Pts.
Mon Nite Game is weekly Tie Breaker.
Quick & Easy to fill out your picks. Post comments along the way to razz eachother etc.

See some of ya there. Oh, if you join try to use your username here, as your team name there, so we will all know who is who.

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ARMANDO good answer thanks!. Now are you as anxious about this opening day as I am. Just don't know what our indentity is. we weren't shown anything during preseason by the D coordinator... what are your thoughts/

lus our defense will be much more agg. if we play with a lead!

Several of you have talked about not really knowing what the Dolphins identity is.

Will we know by the end of today? I hope. But that's not a sure thing.

If they lose, we'll think of them as not a very good team. but can we say that after one game.

If they WIN, we'll think we know what they want to do on defense and offense (run the ball) but are the Bills a good measure -- or as good a measure at Minny, NYJ, and NE? Not sure about that.

Can't wait to see Marshall!!! Anyone remember a Dolphin WR that not only tries to get yards after catch, but has the speed and size to do so? Have to go back to the '80s.

I can't believe there is not more hype for the Marshall era to begin!

Armando I wanted to give my deepest condolences to you and your family today. Always tough bro.

I was looking forward to Alama-Francis playing. I am really looking forward to this season. I could easily see Miami going 11-5 or 8-8. It's that kind of season. My guy's I want to watch are Chad Henne to Brandon Marshall connection, Ronnie Brown and believe it or not Joe Berger. On defense I want to see the bookend rushers Wake and Misi get pressure on a bad offensive line and Dansby. I want to see if Dansby is what I think he is.

Go Miami! See you boys in South Florida Sept 26th vs the paper champs!

With IAF inactive it looks like the quick & sure tackling Misi will arrive today in the NFL.
Odrick with his speed & brute strength will also arrive as a player against the Jills suspect Oline.

Miami 26 - Jills 20
Carpenter is fanatsy gold with 14 total pts, Brown & Hartline each score a TD.

Go Phins!

dolfanSF, don't pay any attention to the Parcells disappointed in Henne deal.

It was said as a throwaway line during a radio interview and, frankly, I know for a fact Parcells is not disappointed in Henne.

the Dolphins will be pleased or disappointed in Henne based on what he does in games this year. That is all.

Pay it no mind, in other words.

Dolphins coaches making their way up to the pressbox through the crowd -- and yes, they have security escort.

Any links for the game. In Tallhassee they always play Jags, Bucs, or Falcons. This blows.


You tweeted that there won't be any Wildpat version with thigpen this season?

Where did you hear that?

Swamy, not today and likely not this year. Obviously that can change if the current plan doesn't work but that is the plan now.

Where did I hear it? I have sources.

Cowher picks MIA as a sleeper team. "Not sold on Sanchize"

i think the one thiung that henne needs to realize more than anything is that when marshal is single covered he is OPEN. throw it to him in that case. i think he is worried about the turnovers but marshal will win that most of the time.

Someone earlier mentioned this ling link...not sure, though, if it will work. Hoping so. I'm in metro NYC and there not even playin gthe Bills game...Pats instead.


i like how everyone is picking us, but we have to win 11 games.

"I have sources."

Quit running your mouth...or you will get us both in trouble

Dave--yes...Marshal even made Orton look good in single coverage. Just through the ball to him!!

we have a tough schedule. need henne to play well. bills have a great secondary. will they play 4-3 and nickel mostly?

There are a ton of Dolphins jerseys in the stand here.

Dolphins fans representing.

we all want marshall to shine. i want hartline to catch the ball.

Western PA boys must have made the trip!

Why do fans think that if you predict the Dolphins to lose you are not a fan? I think we might lose and I LOVE 'em!

Before we get to football, just want to extend a 'glad you are here' Armando. here is to your mom!

Ok, now we can get to football - Go Phins! Wooooooo!!!

nice to see the phin fans there. i want to get to a buffalo dolphins game someday. seen dolphins in oakland and san diego.

I stayed by the Niagra Falls this trip. That place is AWESOME!

anyone going to oakland? want to sit where the fin fans sit.

No reason we should lose this game...! So why think so. Now next weekend, predicting a loss would be practical.

Man, Boomer Esiason is salty this morning on the pre-game show.

i like ricky and ronnie to tear it up

This game is all about the RETURN OF RONNIE BROWN.

big questions our line and our secondary. is our secondary better and can our line protect Henne?

Niagara Falls is beautiful. I love being in the area, just to hear the falls. I can do without the gimmicky stuff on the Canadian side (wax museum, etc.)... but love the falls.

Live Internet feed - pick your game.


Wow, you're actually present Mandy. Good to see you. Crank it up a notch will ya?

The Bills have trouble throwing (or at least that is their reputation) and have trouble getting to the passer (again, their rep.)

So I would think Miami's secondary and line issues might be lessened today.

if the vikings get V-Jax then theyre good. byt that only happens if we dont sign him. hed fit right in the offense.

I'm all in Marc. Alllllll IN!

how does gus johnson get all the bills games. i think he is great on madden and better than most young announcers.

lets go phins!!!! no injuries.

ronnie brown has a lot to prove this season. he starts with a big game one. kets go!!!

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