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Live blog of Dolphins season opener right here

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Thank you, God. The 2010 NFL regular-season has arrived and so here we are. [I missed the 2009 season opener due to the passing of my mom. I'm thankful to be here today!]

First, let me tell you there will be a live blog here today.

Secondly, you might hear that there is uncertainty on the Dolphins part about the preseason that rookie Koa Misi had. Nonsense. It is true Misi may not start today. It is true Ikaika Alama-Francis will start today.

You know who will determine that?

The Buffalo Bills.

If the Bills come out in a run-package, Alama-Francis will get the call. If the Bills have pass-first personnel in the game, Misi will start. Either way, both will play a lot today.

It is no small accomplishment what Misi has done this preseason. He has gone for a down-lineman in college to a standup 3-4 outside linebacker. If he starts, he will be one of only three  four rookie linebackers to start in the NFL on opening week.

Sean Weatherspoon of the Atlanta Falcons, Daryl Washington, and Rolando McClain of the Oakland Raiders are the other two. So Misi, a second-round pick, is in good company.

As you know, Jason Allen will start for Miami at RCB. That move is not written in stone, folks. Sean Smith, the starter in 16 games last season, will play today. And if he is playing better than Allen, he will take over. If Allen is playing better, he'll keep his jobs and his snaps.

It is a fluid situation.

It is a cloudy day here, with drizzling rain in the air. The temps are in the high 60s. Love it!

There are some number changes today: Interior lineman Cory Procter will wear No. 71 and defensive end Robert Rose will wear No. 56.

I will have the pregame inactives as soon as they come out. So come back. And remember, the live blog starts in the comments section at kickoff.

[Update: The inactives are Roberto Wallace, Channing Crowder, Rose, Alama-Francis, Jermey Parnell, Clifton Geathers and Thigpen as the third QB. Obviously, Misi will now definitely start. The Alama-Francis inactive is not expected. Hmmmm.]

[Update 2: Alama-Francis got sick this morning, which is the reason he is not playing today, The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting.]

[Update 3: The Dolphins are now confirming that Alama-Francis was expected to start this morning but is not playing because he got sick this morning.]


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Field goal inside the red zone, not good

will the dolphins ever open a game with a TD????

totally agree lipson

Are we allergic to the end zone? What were Tony's red zone stats? Cause we seem to stall when we get there...Hope they clean that up and QUICK!


screw the wild cat

throw the damn ball

morono strikes again, loves his Field goals

I wanted a TD but Ill take the 3.

i was hoping for 7! we need to dominate in the red zone.

chill out at least we got some points...its the first drive of the season give them a break

The Wildcat prevented us from a touchdown. Come on, Henne was trying to get in a rhythm. Don't worry to much though, it was only the first drive of the game.

pathetic henning and morono

WOW, did Carpenter actually get a touchback? RIGHT ON!

Tim Dobbins shaken up on kickoff. Off the field now.

wild cat messed up that drive

put henne in shot gun

damn this coaching staff

D looks good so far, O moved the ball.....need more efficiency in red zone.

9 plays for 37 yards...they easily could have squeezed in another 5 or 6 plays to cover all those yards

Not Dobbins we have no depth at ILB

lol patsies TD

5 plays TD to welker

Ohhhh yea baby get ready for the CJ shredding.

Henne supposed to lead this team. Let him give it three shots in red zone. Not happy with Henning calls inside red zone. Like I said earlier, TDs are critical inside the 20

Dobbins was back in the last play.

why do we still use the wild cat

they just run up the middle and get stuffed

why can't the dolphins get a real coach and staff

That another Buffalo Bills FIRST DOWN !!!!!!!!

Nice tackle by Bell

Misi just knocked the **** out of Trent

The Dolphins are matching up Jason Allen on Lee Evans everywhere on the field. Vontae Davis is taking Steve Johnson all over the field.

Is Bell gonna lead the team in tackles again?

Our run d looks good so far

the D is looking nasty fellas. hell ya. go fins.

nice job clemmons

Clemmons sniffed out that screen

nice play by clemmons

D is looking good!

WOW...D looks AWESOME!

...the bills are prediced to be the worst team...


Dolphin D looking very aggressive!

Get ready for my douchebag comments.

Damn, defense looks GOOD so far

Um, there's a huge difference between preseason and regular season ball. WOW!!!

D steppin up. NICE!!!

we finally get to see some deception from our defense!

Misi is getting good bull rush.

get ready for the useless cat

we got some D, looks good

I was really impressed by Clemmons not only reading that screen, but, the solid tackle

This defense is AWESOME. I've been waiting my whole life for a Blitzing D!!!!

the D is all over the place...looking good. lets hope it is more good from our D than crappy offense from the bills


Link Link Link

Test and I are dating

Defense looking very dynamic and physical

There youy fellas Clemmons made a play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




"Um, there's a huge difference between preseason and regular season ball. WOW!!!"

I believe we fans should remember this every season, get too worked up in August.

Clemmons makes a play!!!!!!

i hope the pop out works....if not....its the second fins game on justin tv.


Did u know they'd look this crisp coming into this game?!?

Release The Kraken!!!

use the shotgun


Marshall and Henne, loving it

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