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Live blog of Dolphins season opener right here

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Thank you, God. The 2010 NFL regular-season has arrived and so here we are. [I missed the 2009 season opener due to the passing of my mom. I'm thankful to be here today!]

First, let me tell you there will be a live blog here today.

Secondly, you might hear that there is uncertainty on the Dolphins part about the preseason that rookie Koa Misi had. Nonsense. It is true Misi may not start today. It is true Ikaika Alama-Francis will start today.

You know who will determine that?

The Buffalo Bills.

If the Bills come out in a run-package, Alama-Francis will get the call. If the Bills have pass-first personnel in the game, Misi will start. Either way, both will play a lot today.

It is no small accomplishment what Misi has done this preseason. He has gone for a down-lineman in college to a standup 3-4 outside linebacker. If he starts, he will be one of only three  four rookie linebackers to start in the NFL on opening week.

Sean Weatherspoon of the Atlanta Falcons, Daryl Washington, and Rolando McClain of the Oakland Raiders are the other two. So Misi, a second-round pick, is in good company.

As you know, Jason Allen will start for Miami at RCB. That move is not written in stone, folks. Sean Smith, the starter in 16 games last season, will play today. And if he is playing better than Allen, he will take over. If Allen is playing better, he'll keep his jobs and his snaps.

It is a fluid situation.

It is a cloudy day here, with drizzling rain in the air. The temps are in the high 60s. Love it!

There are some number changes today: Interior lineman Cory Procter will wear No. 71 and defensive end Robert Rose will wear No. 56.

I will have the pregame inactives as soon as they come out. So come back. And remember, the live blog starts in the comments section at kickoff.

[Update: The inactives are Roberto Wallace, Channing Crowder, Rose, Alama-Francis, Jermey Parnell, Clifton Geathers and Thigpen as the third QB. Obviously, Misi will now definitely start. The Alama-Francis inactive is not expected. Hmmmm.]

[Update 2: Alama-Francis got sick this morning, which is the reason he is not playing today, The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting.]

[Update 3: The Dolphins are now confirming that Alama-Francis was expected to start this morning but is not playing because he got sick this morning.]


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henne has to stop staring down his recivers

A Dan Henning reverse


there is the old useless reverse

wtf henning

marshall paying dividends...we need that type of play

Bess is not the guy I would have run a reverse...whats with the gadgets!???

Ugly 2 plays

henning hahahahahaha

i understand you have keep'em honest but why stop momentum with that reverse?

Marshall open in man coverage and Henne throws to Ricky.

Dink and dONK offense

convert thid thitd down

so wild cat killed 1st drive...

reverse killed 2nd drive...


Marshall open again in MAN coverage. Overthrown.

Wow is your OC a moron. Just when the offense is making progress you can count on this idiot to spoil it. Exhibit a wildcat in the red zone. Exhibit b the reverse at midfield.

Pathetic Henne again. Does he have downs?

The game is too fast fot henne so far, he needs to settle down and take command like he took command in college

just like last year ill be the official henning useless plays kill a drive person.

1st drive: wildcat in redzone
2nd drive: LOL useless reverse

Special Teams look 100% different!!!

henne screwed that up...special trams looking good

Defense looking good-come on Henne-you've got all day!!!

only 3 nil but still LOTS to smile about

Totured the Troll back again for another season.

Henne should be throwing 500 balls per practice to Marshall every day

ZERO shotgun so far.

while we have:
1 useless wild cat
1 useless reverse

Quit being tricky...line up and knock them around...I thought we wanted to establish ourselves as a physical team...

Time to just feed the ball to Marshall. The Bills can't handle him! Stop playing sandlot football with stupid Wildcat option and End-A-Rounds.

Let's get serious!!!

The Bills still have not recognized Jason Allen is on the field.

if we had a real media, they would ask why henning calls suck useless plays and why he doesn't do any shotguns?

defense looks good against an dreadful bills offense

defense looks GREAT!!!!!

don't you have to watch the game to say that test?

that last play was in the shotgun

Harline-Marshall;Marshall-Harline-even Bees-Henne can you hear Me?

nice D

will we finally get a TD with this drive

Com'n offense...lets just line up and knock'em around...frustrating not being able to watch!

I am not real media. I am fake media.

man i hate when the offense is doing this. the D plays great and we dont score then the other team is still in it. come on O put it away

maybe the D can score some points?

Armando they may not reconize allen on the field but Edwards is recognizing the pressure, lol!!!

Armando, that's not you dressed like a clown in the stands, is it????

I think Henne is overly concerned with throwing a pick

Ignore me, I'm just a worthless Jets troll

I'm actually impressed with the defense at this point. Sure, the Bills may not be the greatest test ... but they're really covering all of their bases at this point.


the Beast is in the house!!!!!!


Fullback-1st down-don't forget our tall Wide Receivers-please quit throwing at their knees or over their heads-Marshall 1st down!!!

Marshal is a Beast.

Henne stared that man down

Henne really is locking onto receiver(s)...Well, Marshall

the Beast!!

im soooo happy we got marshal

Why is every RB dump off at their ankles?

Why Does It Take Over 30 Minutes On Myi Phone For Comments To Refresh

Release the Kraken is right!!

Hey Mando, give Jason Allen a break, it's still early lolol

$ Receptions for Marshall and its still 1st qtr. Bills keep playing him 1 on 1 he'll have 22 receptions today. LOL!!!


Marshall lookin
marshall. looking good. would like to see him get to the endzone

Marshall = Major Upgrade over Ginn

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