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Live blog of Dolphins versus Jets starts here

I'm at the stadium and we're up and running for the live blog that begins around game time tonight. [Update: The Jets have announced at 7 p.m. this evening that Braylon Edwards, arrested for DWI earlier in the week, will be benched for the first quarter tonight verus the Dolphins.]

In other news, let me tell you the sod that was put down to cover the Marlins infield looks better than just having the actual dirt. It is an improvement. But is it perfect? Nope.

There are brown (not important) and uneven (very important) patches, particularly from the sideline to the near hashmark around the two-yard-line near the Jets sideline. There is one area that seems lower than the rest. Having said that, I still think the players will prefer this treatment of the field than having to play in the dirt.

I'm here nearly three hours before kickoff and the conditioning and weight training coaches are putting tight end Mickey Shuler Jr. through conditioning drills. That doesn't suggest he's playing. That suggests the team isin't thrilled with his conditioning and wants to get him ready.

As most of you will watch this game on television, let me tell you what to expect:

NBC's Football Night in America preview will include a Bob Costas interview with both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. Shockingly, both defend the Jets image.

Costas: Are you comfortable with the team’s image? The profile is much higher than it would otherwise be because the cameras followed you through training camp. Your coach is a charismatic guy with more than a little bit of bravado about him. So this is a team, which really hasn’t had that much success, but has a pretty high national profile.

Sanchez: That’s part of playing in this market, part of being a New York Jet. We love wearing that logo. It’s really important to us to represent that logo the right way. With the freedoms Rex gives us, be smart about what we do, on and off the field.

Costas: You’re a glamorous single guy playing a glamour position in New York City. (Sanchez laughs). There’s a lot of people who want you, in addition to putting up wins, they want you to be a certain kind of personality. You comfortable with that?

Sanchez: I’ve got to be me. I’ve learned that you don’t get those opportunities outside of this building without playing good football. That’s one of the best things Rex has told me about handling anything outside of this building. Just be yourself. Be the guy we drafted, No. 5 overall. Be our leader. And protect the team with what you say, how you act and what you do on the field.

[BLOG NOTE; Come back in a few and I'll give you the update on inactives and anything else that is happening out here in Orangeville.]

[Final Update: The inactives are John Jerry, Jared Odrick, Mickey Shuler Jr., Ikaika Alama-Francis, Marlon Moore, Patrick Brown, and Tyler Thigpen as the No. 3 QB.]


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Snatcheez is arrogant

Costas: You’re a glamorous single guy playing a glamour position in New York City. (Sanchez laughs

I can see that Costas is drinking the polluted Kool-aid and carrying the NFLs new "Flagship"Team.... Man I'd love for the fins to embarrass these Idiots...

Hope we have a plan in place to stop tight ends.
Dude for Minnesota torched us for 80 or so yards.
I think Keller is going to be a big part of the Jets game plan.
Put Dansby on Keller please.
Shut down Keller and the run and force Sanchez to win it.
Happy pickins Vontae and Jason!

eli manning is the most over rated QB in the league .

12o million w/50 guaranteed .
OAK won on the road ...not good .

if we get in a shoot out vs new england next week ,they win .

SF coach is going to be fired dhortly w/mancini of the CLE browns .

Couple of questions:
1. Does the other Dolphins share a suite at the stadium with you? Are you'll all together or bunched as a group in the press area?
2. Are you'll wearing orange? That would HAVE to urk the NY media....
Mike W.

On offense, tenderize 'em with the R & R EXPRESS.
Put 'em away with a lethal CH7 to BM19 school lesson.

Posted by: beerphin | September 26, 2010 at 05:53 PM

that last post is imposter, probably lil mikey talking to himself... Snatcheezy will be sacked 5 times and throw up 2 picks. Dolphins 31-16

Posted by: beerphin

No , it's just the cuban menace talking to himself because he's banned for life at th3 SS !!!

Posted by: Salchicha

One thing we also need to watch is the QB draw when they are close to the goal line...we got burned by it last year....


Miami 27

wets 17

Wake gets to Cheezebag at least twice.

eli manning is the most over rated QB in the league .
HE's won a Super Bowl !!!!!

hey Salchicha
im Mike W in arkansas
don't confuse me with others on the board. ok
I have written many emails directly to Mando but rarely post during games... the last two sundays i had to work during the games, this sunday I'm off...so get on someone else's ass and not on mine. ok

Armando, fat rex is charismatic? with bravado? he is a blowhard! the progeny of Buddy and an Alien calf in Roswell!!!!

Hey Aloco, The Oak-Ariz. game is not over, What the He!! are you talking about????/

the dallas cowboys coach saved for now from firing.
sanchez tonight will be the start of his melt down big time.

i see wake quake all over sanchez ................

((Uncle dansby)) as the players call him will have a big game /

hey mike w. i email armando directly as well. welcome to the club!

hey Salchicha
im Mike W in arkansas
don't confuse me with others on the board. ok
I have written many emails directly to Mando but rarely post during games... the last two sundays i had to work during the games, this sunday I'm off...so get on someone else's ass and not on mine. ok

Posted by: Mike W. | September 26, 2010 at 06:10 PM

First off , nobody was talking to you > Is your name lil Mikey ??

Second , who the hell are you ??? STFU and mind your own business !!

Cuban ,i am predicting OAK will win so i give them bad luck and they lose .
the yellow eyes

tostada, eli won a SB, Marino did not....and who did eli beat....???

The wets showed their lack of discipline against the Ravens.

Tonight on the big stage they'll show their lack of talent.

The Miami Dolphins Defense will be the best defense on the field tonight.

KILL the CheezeBag!!!!

tostada, ELI MANNING won the super bowl but then he signed the contract .now i am saying as of the future he's over rated big time .

I hope none of our guys twist an ankle on that uneven grass out there tonight....its usually easier to see the uneven portions quickly when it ia dirt to grass....grass patches to solid grass is harder to distinguish quickly when running...cross our fingers. all in all, its better than the dirt i suppose. cant wait till tye marlins are done so we can get our solid grass in place. Fin's win by 12 pointa tonight ladies!!!!

eli won a super bowl
marino did't
eli makes 120 million
marino makes at most 2 million a year when he was a qb
eli is set for life

henne...poor henne

i have as much right to talk here as you do and unless you changed your name which i don't doubt, i wasn't talking to you, your loud mouth rudness and immaturity will NOT stop me from posting. again grow up

I've got "orange" Margaritas for tonights game.HOT ASHLEY

odin, "Kill the CHEEZEBAG?" R U talking about Mando 'cause he eats CheezDoodles, that's just wrong man! LOL

Told you guys she loves Tequila, I'll bet she has a little bottle of Jagermiester in the freezer, I'll check.......

Cromartie can't handle Marshall and Kyle Wilson can't cover Bess, Hartline or Marlon Moore!

Henne's 2-0 against the wets and hasn't ever thrown them an INT.

What do you think we should do DAN????

Prediction: Sean Smith gets his first ever INT covering Keller.

MANDO!! what up my friend!!? does channing have a concussion like espn is reporting on their bottom line or is that a mistake? is the stadium look like oranges? holla back!!!!!!!

BUSTED, A little pint bottle... I knew it...lol

aloco, if you're gonna copy me, give me some credit....re eli and marino! coño!

Who cares about Jets interviews!!! Who are the inactives for us tonight? Who starts at right guard in Jerry's spot??

Heard that Channing will be entering The Tour De France next year, which explains why he spends so much time on the stationary bike...Mando, Can you find out for us????

I feel good about tonight.

Hope Jason Allen keeps up the good work.

cuban, i'll fly up there if hot ashley is makimg drinks! my best regards to you both. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

Tony Sparano must've knocked Armando out since he can't say anything to us right now. Paramedics are probably tending to him

Fins 16 to 7, see sanchez fumbling once and throwing 2 INTs.....

The Jets will come to hate the color orange.
After tonight's beat down and once back in New York, when a Jets player sees orange, he will squeal like pig and run and hide behind Rex "Jumbo Jet" Ryan's skirt.

cuban, you gave me the idea of eli and marino .i assume the readers here are smart enough to know that was your idea .

p.s....this is not the first time you gave me ideas and in the future i assume will give more ideas .

I just want a damn win. I don't care if it's 3-2, just win the fricken game!!!

keys are Defense against TE seam routes and Offense how handy the refs allow Cromartie to get with Marshall (Marshall is not a speedster to run away from him so its going to be a lot of hand to hand combat) and Cromartie chucks receivers all the way down the field.

I feel good about tonight.

Posted by: Po White Trash | September 26, 2010 at 06:27 PM

"QUE" James Brown......

Less than an hr b4 Feeding Time In America
it is a well known fact that the color orange sends wolves into a feeding frenzy.
Miami Dolphins


Jagermiester? Anything over a pint and you better hide the car keys :)

1 1/2 hours and counting..........

Daga, Thats why Cromartie is constantly flaged for pass interferance, See Brando scoring his 1st TD tonite guys....

A blonde drops off a shirt at the cleaners... On the way out the door, the lady at the counter says "Come Again."

The blonde turns and says, "No, it's toothpaste this time you nosey beeatch!"

LOL At REd.....


We gotta WIN tonight.

Hate to say this but............

This is a MUST WIN.

Odin,Screw the keys, Hide the guns, This LiL Girl gets crazy on the "JAGER-MONSTER"....

On the earlier comment page I mentioned Keller, as i still have nightmares of last year's Colts game...among others. TE seems to be a problem for us.Hopefully, not tonight.
Special teams need to play big.

I REALLY want us to play well tonight, for the obvious reasons, but also to shut up the haters like....well....EVERYONE AT ESPN and ESPN radio.
I wish I knew why I let blowhards like Mike Greenburg and Jason Smith bother me so much. A character flaw, I guess. lol
The Bills could have really done us a favor today. Almost did.

Even so, it's in OUR hands tonight.
Y'all enjoy the game tonight, and don't have a stroke when Long (or Carey) gets flagged for holding on a 35 yard pass play. LOL

GO Fins!!!

Just got back from the future, Miami beat the jets...20-9
place your bets now people!

Killa, Did you use Doc Browns Delorean????(BTW What kinda gas milage does that thing get??)

It always happens, miami never gets more than 8 seconds on sports center amd all of the pre-game homos always say we will loose...they will be proven wrong once again...they must have missed our two first games.

16-13 Fins...a last second field goal.

"QUE" Up Huey Lewis and the News......

Its a hog man, it gets about 2 miles to the gallon...good thing it runs on the scraps from Rex's meals...we never run out of fuel

The Exhaust must be horrible I bet.......


Too funny!

I had to steal that one and I just used it on my favorite Honey, she thinks I'm hilarious, THANKS!

PS: If I'll stoop to stealing your jokes can you imagine what I'd do to your liquor cabinet?

KILL the CheezeBag!!!!

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