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Live blog of Dolphins versus Jets starts here

I'm at the stadium and we're up and running for the live blog that begins around game time tonight. [Update: The Jets have announced at 7 p.m. this evening that Braylon Edwards, arrested for DWI earlier in the week, will be benched for the first quarter tonight verus the Dolphins.]

In other news, let me tell you the sod that was put down to cover the Marlins infield looks better than just having the actual dirt. It is an improvement. But is it perfect? Nope.

There are brown (not important) and uneven (very important) patches, particularly from the sideline to the near hashmark around the two-yard-line near the Jets sideline. There is one area that seems lower than the rest. Having said that, I still think the players will prefer this treatment of the field than having to play in the dirt.

I'm here nearly three hours before kickoff and the conditioning and weight training coaches are putting tight end Mickey Shuler Jr. through conditioning drills. That doesn't suggest he's playing. That suggests the team isin't thrilled with his conditioning and wants to get him ready.

As most of you will watch this game on television, let me tell you what to expect:

NBC's Football Night in America preview will include a Bob Costas interview with both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. Shockingly, both defend the Jets image.

Costas: Are you comfortable with the team’s image? The profile is much higher than it would otherwise be because the cameras followed you through training camp. Your coach is a charismatic guy with more than a little bit of bravado about him. So this is a team, which really hasn’t had that much success, but has a pretty high national profile.

Sanchez: That’s part of playing in this market, part of being a New York Jet. We love wearing that logo. It’s really important to us to represent that logo the right way. With the freedoms Rex gives us, be smart about what we do, on and off the field.

Costas: You’re a glamorous single guy playing a glamour position in New York City. (Sanchez laughs). There’s a lot of people who want you, in addition to putting up wins, they want you to be a certain kind of personality. You comfortable with that?

Sanchez: I’ve got to be me. I’ve learned that you don’t get those opportunities outside of this building without playing good football. That’s one of the best things Rex has told me about handling anything outside of this building. Just be yourself. Be the guy we drafted, No. 5 overall. Be our leader. And protect the team with what you say, how you act and what you do on the field.

[BLOG NOTE; Come back in a few and I'll give you the update on inactives and anything else that is happening out here in Orangeville.]

[Final Update: The inactives are John Jerry, Jared Odrick, Mickey Shuler Jr., Ikaika Alama-Francis, Marlon Moore, Patrick Brown, and Tyler Thigpen as the No. 3 QB.]


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no comment

fire morono, henning

dumb nolan: TE's kill the fins.

P. McQuistan is starting? Is Jerry injured?

Why are the network messages in Spanish?

ugh, 9 quarters, two offensive touchdowns

man u guys r negative its only the first quater


where is pat white?

as a dolphins fan, this is the same thing that has happened continuously for so long. they are mediocre at best. period. no QB and an offense that scares nobody. one question. what good is an all world WR if you dont get him the ball, you cant run the ball an the offense is too conservative to take chances or open up the O? answer, no good at all.


Armando-maybe they need to sit Henne until the bye-he doesn't look ready in any way-he gets slower,more robotic,more scared on every play +worse on every series-the line has got to play better too + now Edwards is in

games like this are going to turn me into an alchoholic

diff is sanches hit his guys when theyre open

Edwards is in the game...hope he's had enough to drink


4 yds rushing???

pull out CH and put in CP. CP will complete the easy passes.

i agree david

Thats it for me. Work in the morning, Looks like i wont miss anything

I think its funny that Sanchez is trying to draw the fins off side and he is getting is own players offsides

Test were you dropped on your head when you were a kid?
nolan is dumb?
are you kidding? he changed the defense, you have been quiet lately because we've been winning, you closet hater.
Your daddy didn't beat you half hard enough kid.
GTFO loser, no one wants to hear jack from your constant tar-d- numbed idiocy

Bad bad call.

I'm actually a JEt fan
and i like it in the bum

That call was bullspit...that saved the jets

Man, we look weak on both sides

no 2nd qtr blog yet mando

anyone asking for pennington go to effin bed you are a moron. go be a jet fan.

Bs penalty gives the jets 7 easy points
This is just unfair

STFU Collinsworth you have no idea what youre saying.

this is going to get ugly.

wow wets have a 3rd and 20 coming up and get sucked off on that call

Henne appeared to be getting better last year...then we heard the leadership wanted him to cut down on interceptions. Man he has looked tight this year...might as well put in Pennington if that's who they're trying to turn him into...

damn we look like crap

this is pathetic

90 yards. like I said. Done.

somebody pinch me!

can anyone believe we are at home? this is unreal.

I agree pathetic

Y bell burned again
Barbie carpenter cant cover
Fins in deep doodoo and sunglass man looks hopeless

i knew soon as i go out to see them play.... i get embarass are you serious dolphins

someone want to cover keller? sanchez obviously cant hit anyone other than him and the backs

lame ass penelties are going to cost us this game

What a terrible call..he lead with his hands not his helmet

Miami Dophins coaches should ALL be fired! How can you be more out coached thatn what is occuring right now. Shameful evert f'ing time!

I, and several others prophetically pronounced Keller as the guy we must defend. This is one time I wish I had been wrong.
Henne hasn't a chance with the pass rush, and .....where is ours?

Henne has regressed. Why is this so?

Not giving up yet.

so much for a good defense uh oh guys looks like were going down

anybody that thinks this team is any good should go to bed. also this staff, so great...where are the adjistments? one maybe two balls thrown to WRs all others to TE and backs. adjust already. im one of the negative ones, but priblwm is that im not negative, Mando, im a realist. on paper this team is just not that good. period. and its killing me.

why is bobby in there in that situation? my our O looks pathetic..horrible play calling

come in phins

No return game at all
Just run straight ahead cobbs

now i know why henne makes only 600,000
where's the 50 million man ?

jete are very good team .

We need a td in this drive or this one is in the books

Bobby Carpenter is trash. We need Crowded back.

Armando must be giddy about Jason Taylors sack.

honnestly we need to put Pennington in to win this

I meant we Crowder back.

Henne still still still need a LOT of work fellas


when did cbs go telemundo

This is disgusting. What a way to show the nation what you are made of. No wonder Parcells left.

Henne looks coke sick or just hungover he doesn't look healthy at all. He is pale and sweating like a hog. looking like a young kid. Put in Pennington please. Atleast he is a professional

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