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Live blog of Dolphins versus Jets starts here

I'm at the stadium and we're up and running for the live blog that begins around game time tonight. [Update: The Jets have announced at 7 p.m. this evening that Braylon Edwards, arrested for DWI earlier in the week, will be benched for the first quarter tonight verus the Dolphins.]

In other news, let me tell you the sod that was put down to cover the Marlins infield looks better than just having the actual dirt. It is an improvement. But is it perfect? Nope.

There are brown (not important) and uneven (very important) patches, particularly from the sideline to the near hashmark around the two-yard-line near the Jets sideline. There is one area that seems lower than the rest. Having said that, I still think the players will prefer this treatment of the field than having to play in the dirt.

I'm here nearly three hours before kickoff and the conditioning and weight training coaches are putting tight end Mickey Shuler Jr. through conditioning drills. That doesn't suggest he's playing. That suggests the team isin't thrilled with his conditioning and wants to get him ready.

As most of you will watch this game on television, let me tell you what to expect:

NBC's Football Night in America preview will include a Bob Costas interview with both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. Shockingly, both defend the Jets image.

Costas: Are you comfortable with the team’s image? The profile is much higher than it would otherwise be because the cameras followed you through training camp. Your coach is a charismatic guy with more than a little bit of bravado about him. So this is a team, which really hasn’t had that much success, but has a pretty high national profile.

Sanchez: That’s part of playing in this market, part of being a New York Jet. We love wearing that logo. It’s really important to us to represent that logo the right way. With the freedoms Rex gives us, be smart about what we do, on and off the field.

Costas: You’re a glamorous single guy playing a glamour position in New York City. (Sanchez laughs). There’s a lot of people who want you, in addition to putting up wins, they want you to be a certain kind of personality. You comfortable with that?

Sanchez: I’ve got to be me. I’ve learned that you don’t get those opportunities outside of this building without playing good football. That’s one of the best things Rex has told me about handling anything outside of this building. Just be yourself. Be the guy we drafted, No. 5 overall. Be our leader. And protect the team with what you say, how you act and what you do on the field.

[BLOG NOTE; Come back in a few and I'll give you the update on inactives and anything else that is happening out here in Orangeville.]

[Final Update: The inactives are John Jerry, Jared Odrick, Mickey Shuler Jr., Ikaika Alama-Francis, Marlon Moore, Patrick Brown, and Tyler Thigpen as the No. 3 QB.]


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and remain a fat a s s

Zach, because NBC SUCKS!

one if the best jobs i can think of if you can handle a bunck of sarcastic drunks on a blog.

The dolphins are going to win big tonight and totally embarrass themselves. This will lead to their downfall this year. I can't wait



how do you staple a stomach?
you staple the butthole to the mouth.
in ryans case, its the same thing

Okay, before I start whining throughout the game about the offense ... I REALLY WANT THE OFFENSE TO MAKE A STATEMENT TONIGHT!!!!! Not because it's the Jets ... I want them to make a statement because they have REALLY looked weak for two weeks and they need to start carrying their load.

Armando, a non reaction to JT is perfect! We Dol-fans are not the A-holes that jets fans are! We do not stoop to their level. He is one of them by choice. So a non-reaction is in some small way, a sign of respect, or, non commitance.

feed the wolf

Mando damn you got it made!!! can you drink on the job too? the reason i asked was b/c everybody know you have a man crush for JT! i think silence is better than booing! mom always said" if you dont have nothing nice to say then dont say nothing at all" im sure JT will get his day when he retires just not today

jason taylor "tipped" his jet helmet at fans booing him

I am so tired of listening to NBC, they continue to be biased, not one clip of the Dolphins, not ONE....

I'm an A hole!


finfan23 ... I don't quite follow you on that ... of course, I've had two Vanilla Vodka's and Cokes, but I still don't quite follow your comment.



oh yea

Exactly. We need to beat them soundly. 'leave NO DOUBT!!!' I am surprised that you are surprised that traitor twinkle toes got a no reaction. I would have booed so a no reaction is good.

... I'm talking about the "win big" comment ... not the stomach stapling comment.

MANDO!! since you've become this bigg time radio celeb, can i take over for you on the blog!! we know you dont put the same passion in like you use to!! oh yea i have word perfect so spelling wont be a problem!! lol!!!

You can't blame NBC for the All-Jets-All-The-Time coverage. After all, the Fins forgot to get somerbody arrested this week. They haven't disappointed their fans yet. Oh, and their coach isn't enough of a blowhard to get noticed.

So what would NBC have to talk about?

Seriously, NBC, get your freaking head out of the Jets ass ... for crying out loud ... there are a "few" Dolphins fans watching this game. In fact, as a runt growing up on the West Coast, and now living in the northeast ... I'd say there are MORE Dolphins fans throughout the country than Jets fans.

jt look strange!!! like he's out of body!! no life!! i hope it stays that way too!!!!!!!!

cry some other time
change your tampon before the pre-game is over

anyone know who the Jets are playing to ight???


All I see on NBC is some nasty looking green and white.

Wonder if JT was able to look in the mirror today?? Of course huh.. its Taylor afterall.

Mando, Your opionion on Ines sainz's........

test ... good advice ... I'll see if it works.

Armando, wow, yes NBC, boob costas and their biased coverage sucks! Well, the hospice staff is here

seriously!! no marshall or dansby interview!! no coach!! all they can show is the wildcat like we ripping off 60yrd run out of every week!!!!!!! no wonder i never look at this channel

unprofessional. But damn shes got a badonk

dolphin sighting, dolphn sighting!!! Honest!! i just saw them on NBC!!!

Armando, wow, yes NBC, boob costas and their biased coverage sucks! Well, the hospice staff is here

damn i need to take some color out of my tv!! damn orange almost blind me! im loving it

yeah, jason can look in the mirror.
I'm sure he spends a lot of time doing it in fact.

he doesn't care about the fans or the dolphins, he turned his back on the team, even though the media tries to paint it differently

who's leading the pre game huddle chant?? vontae davis Da beast!!!!

Jets fans hating me on twitter. I love it!

i see leon washington return 2 kicks today!!! im so glad the planes got rid of him!!

5 more minutes!

Whats the deal with Ike Francis? Does he have mono or something? Hes been sick for 3 weeks!!!

mando can you post some of the things they are saying to you!!!

why are they showing all the highligts twice??

what a charlie foxtrot NBC has tonight pregame

Ines sainz brings a whole new meaning to "SPORTING" if you know what I mean, And I think you all do........

Jets will beat the Dolphins by putting the game in Henne's hands?

Jets are loose? Go to farging hell!

no love by dungy or harrison!! its all good

please don't call davis the beast
we already have a beast
whats next?

1st and 10,
henne the beast takes the snap from berger the beast, he drops back, nice block by long the beast, chip block by ronie the beast, plenty of time.... and he throws, complete to bess the beast, who gets five YAC on a great block by... Brandon Marshall.

c'mon man, we have enough

Did the whole NBC Crew say the Jets would win?????

Yep CM.

we get no respect, lets kick some jets ass

Coin Flip will be big.

and you don't think is cool we have a bunch of beasts in our team???
i do

j e t s. suk suk suk!!!

yup the whole station!! even the guy who run the emergency broadcast signal at 4am

We must win on turnovers, and let henne throw the ball at least 25 times

I Think the team that scores the most will probably win.... LOL


meow Faith Hill

coin flip dont mean nothing! if we win defense going on the field first for sure!! i love that

Miami will NOT get the opening kickoff unless the Wets defer.

I know, I know, I'm going out on a limb here with crazy predictions ... but that's just the kind of guy I am ... especially with my "test-prescribed" tampon in place!

Dolphins4Life, I'm sick of Dungy's holier-than-thou, traditional values good guy routine. EFFE HIM! Dolphins win this no dizzle!

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