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Live blog of Dolphins versus Jets starts here

I'm at the stadium and we're up and running for the live blog that begins around game time tonight. [Update: The Jets have announced at 7 p.m. this evening that Braylon Edwards, arrested for DWI earlier in the week, will be benched for the first quarter tonight verus the Dolphins.]

In other news, let me tell you the sod that was put down to cover the Marlins infield looks better than just having the actual dirt. It is an improvement. But is it perfect? Nope.

There are brown (not important) and uneven (very important) patches, particularly from the sideline to the near hashmark around the two-yard-line near the Jets sideline. There is one area that seems lower than the rest. Having said that, I still think the players will prefer this treatment of the field than having to play in the dirt.

I'm here nearly three hours before kickoff and the conditioning and weight training coaches are putting tight end Mickey Shuler Jr. through conditioning drills. That doesn't suggest he's playing. That suggests the team isin't thrilled with his conditioning and wants to get him ready.

As most of you will watch this game on television, let me tell you what to expect:

NBC's Football Night in America preview will include a Bob Costas interview with both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. Shockingly, both defend the Jets image.

Costas: Are you comfortable with the team’s image? The profile is much higher than it would otherwise be because the cameras followed you through training camp. Your coach is a charismatic guy with more than a little bit of bravado about him. So this is a team, which really hasn’t had that much success, but has a pretty high national profile.

Sanchez: That’s part of playing in this market, part of being a New York Jet. We love wearing that logo. It’s really important to us to represent that logo the right way. With the freedoms Rex gives us, be smart about what we do, on and off the field.

Costas: You’re a glamorous single guy playing a glamour position in New York City. (Sanchez laughs). There’s a lot of people who want you, in addition to putting up wins, they want you to be a certain kind of personality. You comfortable with that?

Sanchez: I’ve got to be me. I’ve learned that you don’t get those opportunities outside of this building without playing good football. That’s one of the best things Rex has told me about handling anything outside of this building. Just be yourself. Be the guy we drafted, No. 5 overall. Be our leader. And protect the team with what you say, how you act and what you do on the field.

[BLOG NOTE; Come back in a few and I'll give you the update on inactives and anything else that is happening out here in Orangeville.]

[Final Update: The inactives are John Jerry, Jared Odrick, Mickey Shuler Jr., Ikaika Alama-Francis, Marlon Moore, Patrick Brown, and Tyler Thigpen as the No. 3 QB.]


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Time for a pick

Didn't the Jets call the Wildcat a gimmick? Now their goal is to "Out Wilcat" us?

Pass coverage...l

The uncle gets big tackle!!!


Mando, what's up with the D formation>? Look totally different from what I'm use to.

Okay, okay ... so if the Defense SUCKS this week ... will the Offense be AMAZING? So it's a little early to call "suck" on the Defense, but we need to tighten this up a bit.

the guy land out of bounds


Drop the red flag!!!!!!!!!!!

There QB is better than ours. Simple as that.

he just threw it up...let the reciever make a play....take notes henne/henning

Wow, not only was Bell manhandling Keller, he still scored

If he didnt slip it was a pick.

were is The Big D

Burn baby burn
Where was the man to man coverage there?

First time Dolphins trail this season.

This is my biggest fear. Our offense needs to play better. When you're down by whatever points you can't rely on the defense to score points for you.

That's the offenses job. Is it too late to trade for V-I-C-K?

bell fell.. but that was out of bounds

hey bill

Another non-touchdown-like New Orleans last year + our coaching staff doesn't throw the flag!

that was way too easy

Okay ... so we ALL saw it ... why didn't the "obviously" overpaid Dolphins staff NOT see it?

Maybe the O will bail out the D this week.

The defense didn't expect the jets to come out firing, they were playing for the run. Zero adjustments so they got the touchdown.


His hip/knee was down inbounds, it was PI either way...one knee equals 2 feet

here come the whiney little cry-babies

They just marched down the field

We've got to get a returner-when?

now Nolan earns his money...lets see the D adjustments

nice start. come on miami get it back

I really hate that retarded Polar bear commercial.

The defense SHOULD have expected the Jets to come out firing because they're crowding the line of scrimmage to stop the run.

Only thing the Jets can do is throw.

david..it was a TD clear cut

It was a TD. Relax.

from play one of that drive i was screaming that the middle of the field was wide open. and they completdd 4 passes there.

blitz more on the next drive.

I'd rather lose to the St. Mary School for Girls than those damned jets.

Anyway we can cut SEAN SMITH on the field?

Time for some nice runs by r and r

Ok, the defense will be ready for their next series, we just need to put some points on the board, at least three.

nelson l, thats y i said they needed to adjust! MORE CROWN ROYAL DAMMIT!!!!'

Bell is aweful in coverage

Mando-why do the Dolphins leave some receivers uncovered at the beginning of the play

Seriously, is there a local Miami radio broadcast that I can listen to? I cannot stand 3 hours of "audio copulation" from NBC for the Jets.

Henne sucks!

henne sucks

Damn, mis-fire to Hartline...That would have been awesome

damn it... over thrown!

Again, Henne sucks!

I am already tired of Henne.


Oh boy 3 and out coming

Play was open. Too bad.

I'm bilingual ... I speak English and Russian ... what the hell is that jibberash NBC was just selling?

PA on 3rd and 13???

henne sucks... fasano wide

What was that?

3and out uggg.

play action on 3rd and 13...really

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