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Long, Crowder not practicing as Bills week begins

The Dolphins are working this Labor Day morning but not everyone is on the field as the team begins preparation for Sunday's season-opener at Buffalo.

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal reports that neither Jake Long (knee) nor Channing Crowder (unknown injury) are working. Both are on the field and stretching but neither is in gear and seemingly ready to participate in today's work. Long is wearing a brace on his left knee.

Lydon Murtha is working as the first-team left tackle today.

Now, climb off the ledge.

This is not by any means a final indication that both will miss the season-opener. Every indication has been that both will be able to play against the Bills -- including Long saying he'd be fine, and coach Tony Sparano saying he wasn't concerned about Crowder missing the game.

But ...

Well, we won't know for sure until game time. The Dolphins must release an injury report on Wednesday so we'll get a clearer indication if today's time off is a cause for greater concern than we might currently be inclined to have. 

The Dolphins today announced their seven-man practice squad. Six of the seven were with the team in training camp. The members today are:

DB Jonathon Amaya, DE Ryan Baker, G Ray Feinga, LB Chris McCoy, WR Julius Pruitt, LB Austin Spitler and TE Nathan Overbay, who spent training camp with the Denver Broncos.


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Not a good way to start the season.

AND SEAN SMITH still sucks

I have a feeling Long won't start week 1, and Crowder will be traded.

All Is Good ...
As long as Home posts his score prediction prior to Sunday and gives us an indication where this Miami Dolphin team is heading this season

Home already predicted Dansby & B-Marsh
the firing of ted ginn

and the benching of sean smith

I will be awaiting Homes score prediction

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Channing Crowder (unknown injury)"

It was a tackle injury.

Usually he mistackles so there are no injuries, but that one play where he tackled someone...injured

just sayin

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

I forgot

"Channing Crowder (unknown injury)"

Somewhere Joey Porter felt a disturbance in the force

Soiled :)

Homes predictions last year that i followed, all of which were posted in advance

Eric Green fired before the season opener

Last year Home predicted the Miami Dolphins would lose their first two games

The 2009 Miami Dolphins would SWEEP the Jets

and the Miami Dolphins would BEAT THE PATRIOTS by one point at Home in 2009

and lose to the Steelers in game 16

So Come on Home
What Do U Got This Year?



Come In, Home

sporano is the latest to prove the Peter Principle:
he's incompetent as a head coach. Notice how the
light bulb went off over his head when Long hit the ground.
Suddenly all starters came off the field. Now we see the result.
The offensive line genius can't get a decent line on the field so
his anointed qb looks like crap. He's like watching Monk fix
pictures on the wall. Ireland's no better. Time is running out
for the big three. Good luck after Buffalo.
redhook Pete

I haven't seen this much dread before a regular season opener since about 2004. The era of Wade Smith, Taylor Whitley, Eddie Moore, John St. Clair, A.J. Feeley, Lamar Gordon, etc.....

how ya been NJ?

I`m right here Jersey
Prediction will be in soon

Right now
Omar "The Hellen Keller of Miami Dolphin Insight"
has conceded that Home was right all along on sean smith since 2009 Miami Dolphin Training Camp

sean smith has been benched by Mike Nolan for the start of the 2010 Miami Dolphins season

Omar just reluctantly reported that sean smith will serve only as CB Vontae Davis`s back up and sean Indeed will be riding the pine

So If U Want
Real Miami Dolphin News & Insight come to the Miami Herald Dolphin Blog

Gotcha Back, Dolfans


I am glad Long got those snaps in against Dallas.

Long will be fine, but it to say the least
Was not wise having 2 yr Pro Bowler Jake Long
Playing even one snap in the 4th preseason game

Believe Crowder may not play in Buffalo
Dobbins & Dansby play well together

Dobbins is underrated and was a good pick up

Home feels ok with these 2 players

I wish Stephen Ross had the ba**s to fire our Fat head coach. Jake Long is injured because Fatso put him into a meaningless practice game. But the owner is too busy hooking up celebrity co-owners to notice what FAtso is doing.

how do sean smith suck if he wouldnt have looked back he wouldnt have got burned now say the qb woulda tryed to throw a back shoulder pass he woulda picked it off everbody gets beat every once in a while and some more than others


Please tell us that was the fake Homes posting all the wets and patsy garbage for the past two days.

If that was the fake homes pay no attention to my comments. They were meant for whoever the idiot was.

Parcells seems to believe that a team can be built around an interior line. Then you complete the skill positions, which do not need to be overly talented due to the interior lines abilities. That may be somewhat true but the interior line is not exactly that superior.
I will wait for the regular season to see what transpires with the 2010 Miami Dolphins.

U know I Am A Huge Dolphin Since 1982 been a South Florida resident

Disregard that rubbish and imposter posting

U know my prediction for the start of the 2010 Miami Dolphin season

Miami Dolphins 4-0
then a bye week
then uh oh Green Bay

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

not too be overly pessimistic at this point, but the dolphins have a look of a 4-12 team (hope i'm wrong)...too young and inexperienced, lack of veteran leadership on the field, lack of playmakers. and constant re-shuffling of the offensive and defensive lines is not good for team's chemistry.We had a good running game last year behind a good line, and now they have 3 new interior line guys. Finally we have too many injuries but we cant do anything about that.

Also is someone going to finally challenge Parcell's and company on their draft picking ability - we have wasted 2 2nd round picks from last year - are we as fans and writers holding them accountable? maybe we should start?

The NFL is a business. They want revenue. To get the revenue they want "excitement". To get the "excitement" they want long/chunk yard pass plays.
They have jacked up the panty wad rules to favor the QBs and WR's.
CB's on every team in the league are going to give up TD's week in and week out.

Any given day. Even Revis got torched by Teddy Ginn and you know what everybody says about Revis.

PS: Anybody know where to get an accurate starting line up for the Bills?

Like I said when Long went out----he's a tough guy, he won't show or say that he's hurt.....plus his silence protects Sporano from the World's Stupidest Decision to play starters vs 3rd stringers in meaningless exhibition

..................he's hurt, dudes. We haven't heard the end of this yet.

Sporano better starting prepping his resume........meager tho it is.

Fagami, your going down Sunday! I will pull for you turds to stomp on the New Jersey Jets! We are New York~~~~ Buffalo Bill

As previously reported, the Dolphins are going into this week with Jason Allen penciled in as the starter opposite Vontae Davis. Sean Smith will likely serve as the backup at boundary corner for Davis and Allen.

quote today from:
Omar kool aid Kelly
"The Hellen Keller of Miami Dolphins Insight"

all last year Home told Omar:
sean smith is a "POSER BOY" CB
sean cannot cover NFL WRs and will be exposed and benched
Omar stated many times on the blog,in the paper and on his unpaid radio broadcast that,
"Sean Smith is an Elite Pro Bowl CB"

Home again told Omar,
Vontae Davis is Way Better and will soon be voted on to make the Pro Bowl"
"sean smith will be exposed as a Fraud CB and benched by Mike Nolan"

Long's "non-injury" could be the reason we brought McQuistan back from Dallas with us.

I hope not. I hope it's because they had as much confidence in our backup tackles as I did-NONE.

Even if Long's healthy were skating thin on OL depth.

Please spell his name correctly
It is his 3rd year as your head coach




Where are you getting our stating line up info?

I didn't think it was released yet?

Way to go, Tony. Jake's injured, but at least you showed the starters who's boss during that all-important 4th pre-season game. Scolding your starters in a meaningless game is much more important than the health of your starters.

Dave Wannstedt comparisons will start with Sparano if this team finishes under .500 (which is very possible).

Hey Buffalo Bill,

Sorry dude, your not NY your more like Canada. I grew up in the metropolitan area and Buffalo was not considered a part of NY except for SUNY Buffalo. Go eat some wings and flutie flakes and let big boys play some football. Go Fins!

Know this is my first regular season posting here, but Home is usually a few steps ahead of most Miami Dolphin fans and lives close to the Dolphins training facility and talks with employees inside who attend all practices including those closed to the public & media

Checked other newspapers, coaches quotes, and football publications as well as other unnamed sources

1. Long beat
2. Revis sign and back with the jets
3. Turner signs with jets, divulges play book.
4. Ben Rothis.. ban reduce this, so we have to deal with him.

tough week, at least we only have the Bills to worry for now.

Am I the only one concerned about this blog going downhill fast? Since Armando got his radio show there hasn't been a whole lot of in-depth reporting, but more of a "here's what this guy said/reported and this is what I think about that!" If it wasn't for the regulars here (Home, Odinseye, Aloco, etc.) We wouldn't find out anything! What's up with that? The animals now run the zoo? C'mon Armando! We all applaud the fact that you're making good cash being a columnist and radio show host, but you may have too much on your plate to do either one really well. And, this fanbase really doesn't tolerate mediocrity. Just hope the reporting gets better when the season starts cause I refuse to deal with the idiots at the SS. Feed the dang Wolf!

Former Miami Dolphin TE David Martin signed with the Bills yesterday lol

Injuries are part of the game. You just have to deal with them.

Buffalo has injury concerns as well.

Torbor practices

By Chris Brown - Posted September 4, 2010 – 4:45 pm
Good news on Buffalo’s injury front.

Head coach Chan Gailey confirmed that LB Reggie Torbor practiced Saturday.

Whether it improves his chances of playing in the opener likely won’t be known until Monday when the team practices again. If things went well today and he can practice again Monday it’s a promising sign.


Any team that starts Reggie Torber has concerns period. Torber did absolutely zero his 2 seasons here.

Thanks for the information Mando. Happy Labor Day brother.

Jake Long will play. Ridiculous that some "experts" out there are calling that into question.

i gotta bad feeling about the bills game. i went to the bills game last year,fins had a better team and sparano managed a 17 pt. loss to a clearly inferior team. it was hard to watch. they better take the handcuffs off of the offense! p.s. we are in trouble with clemons as a safety.

Despite all the bonehead moves and Tony Sparano
Not having his team ready once again

Home Predicts the team comes together and pulls out a win in Buffalo on Sept 12 2010

Score prediction soon to follow

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

31-3 Fish over Jills!


OK. Then it is written: Jason Allen is starting at CB.

You remember the bet we made about Dobbins starting over Crowder?

I'll make another one. I know you don't want to hear it, BUT, Smith starts.

Someone here needs to be appointed to record all bloggers score predictions and see who comes CLOSEST each week

I nominate Odinseye
Home will not have the time through out the week and will not be here up to 10 hours per day

greg z, fins will win the buffalo game ,i guarantee it.


BAD DECISIONS: Eric Green, Ernest Wilfork, Gibril Wison, Pat White, Patrick Turner, not giving Pat Turner more chances during game day, failed to sign Antre Roll or Ryan Clark (making him feel under-appreciated - why you bother bringing him over then?), not trading Crowder, JD. Folsom, Andrew Gardner, Chris Clemons and Sean Smith (our no-hitting starters), using the Wildcat when Henne is on a roll, playing Jake Long on 4th pre-season, and finally, the team has regressed some, not progressed.

GOOD DECISIONS: Long, V. Davis, keeping Y. Bell, Cobbs, Marshall, Dansby, John Jerry, Pennington, Bess, Hartline, AJ Edds, Mike Nolan. Benching S. Smith.

TO BE SEEN: Henne, Langford, Odrick, Misi, Merling, Thygpen, Camarillo to Vikings, Nalbone over Martin, Incognito, Berger and Grove, D. Thomas and Grant release, Reshad Jones, Dobbins, Hilliard, N. Carroll, Stephen Ross "we will play the Super Bowl", Tony Sparano.

Any ideas?

smith has already started ...
... started holding Vontaes Jockstrap lol

did any one ate grilled PEACHES with ice cream before. my sister cooked it last night .it was a knock out .

You cant feel bad for Sparano if this comes back to bite him. The benefit of playing starters against Dallas' 2nd stringers (and there is a benefit indeed) was far outweighed by the injury risk. Guys can get hurt on any given play, thats how the league works. To expose guys in a 4th pre-season game is a laughable mistake. Very, very stubborn.

What's up on the TE front, Armando?

I simply refuse to believe that Nalbone will dress up next Sunday.

So many question marks around this team.

Besides its core philosophy (= "we like to sign linemen"), the Trifecta seems to be as confuse as we areabout this team.

I am kind of excited to see what Jason Allen can do. He has never gotten a chance to play. Ever.

Not saying he will be good, but at least he is getting a chance to play and show what he can do.

aLoco, i sure hope so. i got my tickets. i know we got a better team but we never win there. we let them stay in the game and then get beat. last years game was bad and we had to win it.

"I could eat a peach for hours"

sparano is a good coach, let's move on donkeys .be behind your team experts ,coaches and mangers. i never seen so many donkeys questioning a coach who's trying his heart out.

let's close the book on the draft mistakes and open the book on the first win in buffalo.


Great artical on strong starts. Lets hope HOME's prediction of a 4-0 start come true.



I agree with you, Mando's been severely MIA since the am radio gig started.

If it wasn't for the regulars here (Home,
Odinseye, Aloco, etc.) We wouldn't find out anything! What's up with that? The animals now run the zoo?

Thanks, animals are KOOL!

Feed the dang Wolf!

Posted by: Tracy474 | September 06, 2010 at 01:13 PM

This zoo has a Wolf exhibit?


Am also rooting for Jason Allen

Have seen and unfortunately heard the other guy way too much and am ashamed to have him on our team

Wish Larry Czonka would Punch this fool posing as a CB in the mouth for ruining the brand name of the Miami Dolphins and demand this Fraud CB respect this organization and stop Shucking & Jiving like a damn fool
Mike Nolan should shove that twitter up Poser Boy`s @SS!

dolphinSF..........to start 4-0 you need ;


all on one team ...let's be real .if we win in buffalo the confidence will lead to the playoffs . if we lose i am afraid 7-9

time to take the handcuffs off of the offense and see what we can do. put henne or tyler in the shotgun with 5 receivers and go to work. win or lose lets put the pedal down and see what we got. this game management crap only stops us from getting some chunk yds. and td's. we gotta stop hoping carpenter can kick a FG. this is a pass driven league!!!! we got marshall;how about getting him the football?

tracy4637, is a brown donkey in that zoo .lol

Home, pretending to be NJ to compliment himself

Lol douche

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