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Long, Crowder not practicing as Bills week begins

The Dolphins are working this Labor Day morning but not everyone is on the field as the team begins preparation for Sunday's season-opener at Buffalo.

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal reports that neither Jake Long (knee) nor Channing Crowder (unknown injury) are working. Both are on the field and stretching but neither is in gear and seemingly ready to participate in today's work. Long is wearing a brace on his left knee.

Lydon Murtha is working as the first-team left tackle today.

Now, climb off the ledge.

This is not by any means a final indication that both will miss the season-opener. Every indication has been that both will be able to play against the Bills -- including Long saying he'd be fine, and coach Tony Sparano saying he wasn't concerned about Crowder missing the game.

But ...

Well, we won't know for sure until game time. The Dolphins must release an injury report on Wednesday so we'll get a clearer indication if today's time off is a cause for greater concern than we might currently be inclined to have. 

The Dolphins today announced their seven-man practice squad. Six of the seven were with the team in training camp. The members today are:

DB Jonathon Amaya, DE Ryan Baker, G Ray Feinga, LB Chris McCoy, WR Julius Pruitt, LB Austin Spitler and TE Nathan Overbay, who spent training camp with the Denver Broncos.


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I've always loved the dolphins but I think this is the second worst team management I've seen. It does no good having 15 offensive lineman with no continuity. The D-line can't get pressure, the O-line can't block second teamers. Ross's money have been spent on the wrong players. Brandon Marshall does no good if you can't get the ball to him. Carlos Dansby is also a good player but he's a line backer. Sean Smith is a second teamer at best.

my imposter is back

Long stretched with the rest of the team at the start of practice Monday, but when drills began he went to the side and rode an exercise bicycle. Coach Tony Sparano has declined to comment on Long's status for Sunday's opener.

32 mil guaranteed money for Revis
and sean smith benched

fins waive charlie anderson; pick up bobby carpenter LB.

the team has signed inside linebacker Bobby Carpenter and released Charlie Anderson, the Dolphins announced.

Carpenter, a 6-foot-2, 249-pound inside linebacker from Ohio State, is yet another player with close ties to the Dophins’ current coaching staff and front office. He was a 2006 first-round pick for Dallas (18th overall) when Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano were all with the Cowboys.

Fake GM, Allen's had a few chances to play (not including his rookie year when Saban kept moving him from CB to safety and back (that's what messed him up mostly I think). Plus, he's not the sharpest crayon in the box. In '08, when Brady got hurt, he played for Will Allen when he went down, and got ATE up by Cassel/Moss, it was embarrassing. Since this regime has come in, he's basically been a Special Teams player. But he's excelled there, and I think he's earned the coaches confidence, plus Sean Smith's sophomore slump gets him in the starting lineup for the first time in awhile.

We'll see how he does. Frankly, I don't care if it's him or Smith, but I want someone to step up and shore up that side like Vontae will on the other side.

Also, everyone here is guaranteeing a Bills win this week, I remember the last time we played and we got eaten up. So I'm not looking past Buffalo, I hope Sparano isn't either.

Yes, this blog has gone downhill; couple that with the fact that there's enough retards on here to have a special olympics....

Unfortunately most of the valuable contributers have left. It all started when the "cuban menace/home/aloco" waste of life arrived 2 years ago.

Bobby Carpenter. Probably a move to try and help improve special teams. He knows how to play 3-4 linebacker, and is better suited then in the Lambs 4-3 scheme. Wasn't he a first round pick for Tuna, when he was with the Crackwagon? I'm glad that Micah Johnson wasn't cut for Carpenter.

Home..good idea about picking a final score each week. Maybe the winner would get an expense trip to spend a day with Aramando. A real fan of this blogs dream. Any way here my pick for week 1 Phins 23- Buffy 20 ot

I like the Bobby Carpenter move.

I still can't get over waiving Douglas and Grant. Those two guys were solid last year and solid with us this pre season.

I love the youth movement, but if you go to far with it, the backlash is a be-atch!


If Jake misses ANY time Sunday,Henne is in for a long and painful day! No pun intended. Murtha did a horrible job after Long went down Thursday.I also think Dobbins will play well in place of Crowder. Playing next to Dansby he should be fine.
I don't know what the $%*@ to think about J.Allen starting...Just how badly do they think of Sean Smith?
Starting to get nervous....
BTW,did anyone else notice the jests picked up 4 or 5 guys from teams the have to play soon? Coincidence,or is fat boy not as stupid as he looks? Why didn't we do this?

The only reason you don't see chunk yards on offense is because Dan Henning calls the plays! Not Tony Sparano! Dan Henning was fired from the Panthers because they thought his play calling was too "shy". It wasn't an aggressive play calling, thats why you see those painful 12 play drives. On the other hand, you can't blame him, he didn't really didn't have a play maker in Miami. Well now he does, Brandon Marshall is in town, and Bess is turning to an elite slot receiver. (He might brake out, usually receivers brake out their 3rd year, Bess is about to start his third. On the other side of the ball, we cannot absolutely judge this defense. First of all, we know absolutely nothing about it. I mean 0. Nothing, Nada. We have a new defensive coordinator, defensive success is usually dictated by the play calls, (aggressive-smart blitzes with complementary coverages. Dispite the Jets having Darelle Revis and others in 2008, they ranked 28th against the Pass that year. They had horrible pass protection, that is until Rex came to town and changed the whole idea. After all he knew what to do because he had experience with Baltimore. The Same can be said about Mike Nolan, he transformed that Broncos defense. He practically made them out perform themselves. He knows how to get squeeze the best out of a player because of how much chances he gives you to make a play. Karlos Dansby is the pillar to this defense, Cameron Wake will have a pro-bowl year, Vontae Davis might have a pro-bowl year as well, we all know Yeremiah Bell is our safety wall he is also a pillar for our defense. All im saying is, we don't know absolutely one thing about this team. It is Chad Henne's second year starting (Third year since hes been in the NFL) So we can't predict this season solely on Pre Season play and on his first year. As far as the defense goes, like I said, this is a totally new defense, we can't judge it because of Pre Season play.

Marc is acting gay and sound gay .

Dolphins fail to get another WR.... TJ has signed with the Ravens.... a 10 year veteran, that had a "bad" season last year.... still posted more yards than most of the Phins WR's combined.....and they (Ravens) got him for the veteran minimun!!!!! What a bargain!!!!.......... AMAZING HOW THIS ORGANIZATION just keeps letting good talent slip by..... it seems they want to prove over and over how AMAZING they are at finding undrafted rookies and show off to the rest of the league...... well it's not working!!..... this pre-season sucked more than I can remember in the past 10 years (not counting Cameron's year lol) 6-10 season.....

The Phins problems are real simple..... our offensive and defensive lines are mediocre...... which makes the QB, the RB, WR, LB, CB and safeties look really bad..... if we do not give Henne time to throw.... or pressure other QB's it does not matter who you have back there... they will get burned specially in the new "barbie" NFL where you can't even touch a WR... much less keep up with him for 5 seconds......


I have more respect for special Olympics participants than I do roided out transvestites that wear mini skirts and f-ck me pumps.

If it's so bad here on this blog take your doped up drag queen a s s on!


The Jake Long injury has me concerned. Not worried yet, we'll see how he looks in practice and hopefully, in the game.

As to spelling important Dolphins names, Home (real or not) the name is Csonka. Everybody adds a "z" after the SI cover of him bouncing off the Minnesota goal post in Super Bowl VIII with the apt, one-word caption: "Zonk!", which was truly one of the great sports nicknames.

Glad to see my man Roberto Wallace made the final 53, hope he takes advantage.

Finally, week one approaches! A real game. Time for the curtain to drop and unveil the Nolan 'attacking defense'. No more guessing, we'll know what we have in one more week. I for one can not wait.

Yes that was me
ThanX for the correction on spelling

As for the poster insulting Marc, not me

and get over Wallace as WR
Roberto has made plenty of mistakes and will never see the field

Pretty good prediction DD
Getting mine in tune

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Like the Practice Squad, Amaya, McCoy, Spitler all back

Check Out this Jack@SS:
playing with his twitter:

# "My confidence is up and I'm not worried about anything," Sean Smith said. 13 minutes ago
# Sean Smith said he takes his demotion as a challenge. "I know what kind of player I can be and what's expected of me." 15 minutes ago

Someone Bietch slap this piece of Ugly Shucking & Jiving Pile of Shiet

What A Piece Of Crap!

Why do Sparano look at all these offensive lineman? I know he was a o-line coach but this is ridiculous. Charles Grant for two lineman that couldn't make the cowboys team. You can't get pressur without a blitz you idiot!

Some of the things that offenses do to help combat pressure were things that the offense did not even try during the preseason. How many draws were run? How many times did we try a bubble screen? How many screen passes were run in situations that wern't 3rd and long? How much misdirection, or multiple reciever sets did we see? Of the above formations, with the first team in mind not many. These are just basic run of the mill formations, and plays that an idiot like me knows about. Sure on the surface, we all can see that the team struggled at times, but isn't the preseason more about player evaluation then worrying about sucsess of your first team. If that was the case, the full offense would have been installed, and they would have played 4 quarters. The pressure is on a few people in this organizatiom, no doubt. But we have to put some trust into what they are doing, it's not in anybodys best interest to put out a losing team, so I'll hold back any judgement untill we see the real product.

I cant believe I paid for this app this year. The reporting has been very absent. piss poor actually.

i was praying we would not lose ryan baker. he is a real good 3-4 defensive end with a motor (hard to find). he will be on the 53 before season is half over. he is alot better than tony mcdaniel. hate to lose n.ness who looked better than clemons.

Dolphins getting V. Jackson? Now that would be a move. Stop taking the pre-season so seriously, real season begins next Sunday. Ye of little faith, wait to be surprised. I know the doubters will exist all year, no matter how well the Dolphins look, Dolphin fans have a touch of what the RED SOX fans had before 1986, and what present day NY METS fans have now, EXPECTING THE WORST, you have to shake the loser mentality in order to win, as a Yankees fan, I expect my team to win and
I don't care how much the team spends to put the best product on the field. Under Shula, the Dolphins were so well prepared, they won on precision and attention to detail; during those days, I always expected the Dolphins to somehow win with whatever team was out there. Today, all of the fantasy football hobbyist want instant success," get rid of this guy, trade that guy, fire the coach," WHINERS,COMPLAINERS,QUITTERS. If the Dolphins are so hard to root for, then find another team, I have been a fan for 38 years, in Jets and Giants land for that matter ,and I still support. This management team in place now is the most sound and football smart since the Shula years, anyone that says otherwise doesn't really know the history of the team.J.J. to CAM-Cam were jokes. Enjoy the journey to success,don't stop believing, Dolphins Win, Dolphins Win, Dolphins Win. All Good Things to all, J.Will from the Bogey Down.

I guess we can agree to disagree on Wallace, we will see.
I see Buffalo as a winnable game, but its not the 'gimme' that most of the folks here seem to think. We shouldn't sleep on the Bills' pass defense, they are good, but I think Henne to Marshall will be better. Misi needs to set the edge consistently and keep contain on Spiller or it could be a long game.
The defense will be the difference in this game, I think. Can't wait to see what Nolan has up his sleeve for game one.

Miami 27 Buffalo 13

we cant possibly lose to buffalo beefcakes in week 1 can we??????????

J. Will nicley said. Is V. Jackson to the Phins a pipe dream, or is this a confirmed rumor? It would be a sweet pickup, but seems unlikely because of the demands a trade for him would require. It's not like the Houshmanzadeh deal where thr Phins could have him for cheap.

I agree with J.Will...living in NE and watching the Pats go from a losing team to the team of the decade took time.
Good coaching and a pro bowl QB helped speed things along...but we have the right tools in place and we are in the hunt in the AFC.
If we can score 24 points per game... we could hit 12-4.
But...if our offense sputters, we'll be lucky to hit 8-8.


Fact is our team is Brangetterdon, Bess & Hartline
Those r the WR that will b making plays

We will contain the rook
The other 2 RBs r OUT

Misi is much better than the media projects cuz he got beat on the edge once

Have confidence in Misi

As for the Excitement
U Happened to call my EXACT SCORE PREDICTION
Did not want to release it this early
But U Nailed It, JAXDolphin

So we Both have:
Miami 27 Buffalo 13

Enjoy the Game!

i think this carpenter move opens the door for adalius thomas to be added to our roster when they cut channing crowder.

You dont carry 5 ilbs, and 4 olbs---

One ilb is going to be cut, and an OLB will be added-----

I think a veteran like adalius that can be moved around in many positions and he can cover---will help this YOUNG defense be better and give flexibilty to be more confusing b/c your adding a LB who can drop in coverage---

He isnt a great pass rusher----but he knows the scheme, will make plays and has speed+can cover---and we need a VEt with experience in that front 7----its Dansby, Starks and a bunch of PUPS


Watch what Turner does now

Esp Sunday Night against the Dolphins

Mike Nolan says,

"sean smith is so bad, he is half a slap
from wearing panties!"

Seriously... The stupidest move of the season has already occurred.

Smart Coach Sparano plays starters for almost 2 qtrs.

Even if Long plays against Buffalo, he is nicked up and can get reinjured easier.

This guy makes bonehead moves left and right.

Was he practicing his Fist Pump, today?

Murtha could not even block the Cowboys Scrubs....

I hope the Fins start strong, but all indications are they wont.

This Buffalo game should be a showcase for our defensive coordinator. Nolan should have a field day dialing up pressure as Buffalo is a team with a pourous line, and running backs that cannot figure out pass protection. Look at a guy like Legarrete Blount, a heater box, but a talent. The guy struggled to make the Titans roster, because he could not figure out how to find the right blitz pickups. Now, we have a guru at defensive coordinator, a guy praised for his ability to hide, and create mismatches, and this Buffalo line, and inexperienced backs are going to protect their QB? No way. Yes their running game could be a concern, but look for us to unleash some pain, Phins 23- Buff 20

PS: The defense makes that difference by scoring!
Sean Smith gets a pick-six from Trent Whatshisname for his first INT after relieving a shaky Jason Allen early in the first quarter.
Dansby gets a big play right before halftime, like a fumble recovery return or an INT himself.
While I'm at it, Odrick picks up his first two sacks to go along with the three that Starks gets. None of the sacks come while the D is blitzing, proving Sparano and Nolan's interior line concept valid. Cool. Go defense. Go Dolphins!

Bobby Carpenter, another Blown Pick by the Tuna Tree... now recylced for depth as Clamming is still riding the bike.

Good thing they got Dobbins.

I predict the dolphins will not have one punt, or kick-off return this year for a touchdown.

sean smith picks his @ss and finds pine splinters

thats it!

looks like the fins are going to be picking in the top 5 after cutting their player's to pick a bum like carpenter nice move 3 idiot's.

Is anyone concerned that the Dolphins are making these kind of changes 6 days before the season starts?

What`s the dif between a pizza and unemployed CB sean "Poser Boy" smith?

Pizza can feed a family of four

Compliments of Homey D. Clown

South Florida media is SOFT.

They should be screaming from the roof tops:

1) They covet draft picks but record shows Blown Pick after Pick in the Draft. Finally dumped draft picks for proven player: Marshall.
2) FA busts galore every year
3) Bonehead coach plays starters in 4th preseason game
4) Bonehead coach game mgt skills: 12 men on the field, crazy 2 pt conversions, crazy time outs.
5) 100 mill offensive line in flux at center, guard and depth positions
6) Special teams still sucks the long one

Media should ask for heads to roll if playoffs are missed.

Exactly Joey C.

The TriFlunka is TriDrunka

I agree with J.Will...living in NE and watching the Pats go from a losing team to the team of the decade took time.

Ross MIGHT give Parcells & co. one more year depending on this seasons sucess/failure. Whether you like him or not, he wants a winner

hahaha barbie carpentar

parcells drafted 1st round bust in dallas


he is hopeless, hasn't done anything in TWENTY YEARS

but everyone loves the tuna

Lebron's Headband

you are 100% correct

the media down here wants to be in the good graces of the team and get interviews

real media would question all these bad draft picks and bad coaching

"Sparano said it's an "unfortunate circumstance" that Jake Long hurt his knee against Dallas."

Time to can this bonehead coach!!!!!!!!

Could be that great minds think alike lol, I like this year's edition of the Dolphins and think we'll surprise a few teams. I do have a feeling though, that our days of flying under the radar are coming to an end as the rest of the league will have to sit up and take notice.

This offense will command respect. The defense will inspire fear in the hearts of opponents. Special teams will benefit by the youth infusion. Sounds like a good combo platter.

flying under the radar to a 6-10 record

we aren't going anywhere with
1. bad draft picks
2. bad pickups
3. bad coaching
4. bad play calling

at least the HEAT start in a month

Tony morono playing the franchise LT in a meaningless 4th preseason game

real media would question why

fake media that wants radio interviews don't.

Sparano said Lydon Murtha has done enough work to keep the team's interest, but he's got to keep competing.


Omar Kelly
"The Hellen Keller of Miami Dolphins Insight"
Still thinks Ernie Wilford will be a Pro Bowl TE

Turner was given every chance to impress, college speed doesn't cut it in the NFL(not for long)cant get off the line nor separate from defenders, not worried about him with the jets, and to all who worry, Stop worrying about the playbook being shared, if there is no film footage to correlate, it doesn't matter. Dolphins will shock the sports world this season. Too much in place to not have success. Nolan and D purposely showed nothing this pre-season, HE DID THE SAME THING WITH THE BRONCOS LAST YEAR,IT TOOK THE LEAGUE 8 GAMES TO FIGURE THAT OUT. Nolan will make the D crack the top 5.

Please ignore my son, he is not well................Son, please come out of the closet and join the rest of civilization

Okay who left the door open? Flies and jets fans are coming in!

Henne will hoist the team and it's fans on his shoulders and figure out a way to win 9 games.
That's what we need 9 wins to make postseason.

Henne I trust.

The three stooges can go f u c k themselves and I've been saying that in this blog since the summer of 2008.

And just last week I asked Home do we start J. Allen instead of Smith; Miami 24 Buffalo 10 Cam Wake has 2.5 sacks and the rest of the D has their qb running for his life. Vontae 1 pick.

Read an interesting comment on the phinsider regarding a possible reason why we released Grant and others (not that thier release bothered me too much but for others who may be concerned)

Grant and Douglas had 2 yr deals. When making a roster, loong term roster, you have 26/27 starters(count speciality players nichael, rotators ect) and then 25 or so bench guys. If you have 6 to 10 veteran backups at say 1.5 to 2.5 mil apeace you tie up 12 to 18 mil for guys that are “just incases”. I prefer that the back 20 to 25 guys are young inexpensive guys so that you are able to add a Marshall/Dansby every year. So tell me you want 5 to 10 Grants(2.5 mil salary) or 1 or 2 Dansbys? You build your team with youth that are under team control those that start and become FAs you decide to up their pay from 1.(whatever) mil to 4 or 5 or replace them with a young guy that has been on bench for a year or 2 OR ADD a DANSBY. You cannot add dansbys year in year out or every other ywear and keep multible “just incase” veterans that eat your cap space and YES next season whenever that is will have a hard=ish cap and you have to continue to operate your team under that premise

yay wasted 2nd round pat white

yay wasted 3rd round pat turner

fake media = no questions asked because the tuna is always right.

Omar Kelly
"The eyes and ears of Sean Smith`s benched brown eye"


I have to agree with what you said about Buffalo's Offensive line. Nolan's "schemes" SHOULD dominate.

I know these numbers don't mean squat, but It helps with My ADHD.

Buffalo's off. line averages 6-4 308 lbs.
The LT and both guards all have 2 years experience. The C 6 years and the RT 9.

Compared to our OL(6-5 324 avg.)they're small. Our D-line has been going against our big guys, so they should be able to handle this smallish, rather inexperienced line.

Spiller or not, I don't think they'll be able to run on us.

I hope Nolan and the secondary are ready.

Im going over to Jaxs house later and SPANKING it

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