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Long, Crowder not practicing as Bills week begins

The Dolphins are working this Labor Day morning but not everyone is on the field as the team begins preparation for Sunday's season-opener at Buffalo.

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal reports that neither Jake Long (knee) nor Channing Crowder (unknown injury) are working. Both are on the field and stretching but neither is in gear and seemingly ready to participate in today's work. Long is wearing a brace on his left knee.

Lydon Murtha is working as the first-team left tackle today.

Now, climb off the ledge.

This is not by any means a final indication that both will miss the season-opener. Every indication has been that both will be able to play against the Bills -- including Long saying he'd be fine, and coach Tony Sparano saying he wasn't concerned about Crowder missing the game.

But ...

Well, we won't know for sure until game time. The Dolphins must release an injury report on Wednesday so we'll get a clearer indication if today's time off is a cause for greater concern than we might currently be inclined to have. 

The Dolphins today announced their seven-man practice squad. Six of the seven were with the team in training camp. The members today are:

DB Jonathon Amaya, DE Ryan Baker, G Ray Feinga, LB Chris McCoy, WR Julius Pruitt, LB Austin Spitler and TE Nathan Overbay, who spent training camp with the Denver Broncos.


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I believe the offense will put up points.. My concern is the defense.. They seem to never be able to get off the field on 3rd down.. Regardless if its long or short yardage...

and jason allen is going to start

tony morono at it again!

can't wait to see the double triple reverse with marshall next sunday

Test is God

****Dynasty Be Pats****

I'll check y'all later, after their mommies put them to bed in their footie pjs. Home, get registered, its free, and get your name in blue so you can't be duped, and we'll know who we're talking to, sort of.

Jealousy will get u nowhere, fake Home

I am Sean Smith`s brown eyed wrecker. Yes!!!!!

Jax, You cant go yet, I havent gave you my e-mail yet so i can send dirty pictures of myself

I know that is not you above.
Good score prediction Miami 27 - Buffalo 13.
Gotta go to the gym, training traps and forearms, maybe backs of ear lobes their looking saggy!

Gotta Juice!

Buffoono 38
Fagami 17

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Ok Miami gets rid of Charlie Anderson and picks up Bobby Carpenter; I say good riddance to Anderson since he never was very good anyway, and Bobby Carpenter is a special teamer who can come in on passing downs in place of Dobbins and cover (what Edds was drafted for).

What a bunch of Fu@kin losers here. Home, Fake Home, ALoco, Test, Bill Cnnrs, FB. You losers wouldn't know the difference between a football and your boyfriend's balls in your mouth. You spend all day on a blog crying about Parcells, Coach, Players, Moves. This is why you are all unemployed and alone. All day u Fu@Kin losers who work the night shift at McDonalds. Get a life, get laid, get a clue. You all deserve each other, LOSERS!!

"You losers wouldn't know the difference between a football and your boyfriend's balls in your mouth"


The Jason Allen thing is a bit bolwn out of proportion... I mean, look at the way Sean Smith has been playing. Can Allen play any worse than that? The dolphins are clearly not satisfied with their roster cause you usually don't make that many changes at this time of the year. First the 5 players we get from the waiver wire and now Bobby Carpenter replacing Charlie Anderson. Big deal! I was never a big fan of Anderson. Average player and often gets bonehead penalties, especially on special teams. Another free agent gone. He joins a list that includes Justin Smiley, Ernest Wilford, Eric Green, Gibril Wilson, Charles Grant, Chris Crocker, Marques Douglas, and many more free agents that didn't pan out for whatever reason. And the jury is still out on Jake Grove, who got a 29.5 million dollar contract from the Dolphins front office and can out hold off some dude named Joe Berger. It appears the only success story of free agents signed by Parcells and Ireland are Randy Starks, Lousaka Polite and Chad Pennington. Hopefully things will get better with Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby.

At least i have a man in my life that loves and fondles me ever so gently when i ask him to.

blown* and can not hold off* sorry for the typo mistakes...

Jerry Jones was right Bill Parcells is full of crap ,to cut a stater for a bum like Carpenter pleas Mr Ross cut ty's now and bring in Carl Peterson now.

Scott you don't actually consider Charlie Anderson a starter do you?

they always say its not a serious injury. but look at Will Allen. he was supposed to be ready forthe season opener and now he's on IR. you neber really know what the deal is

i love a little Homey in the morning.

All kidding aside, home is the smartest Dolfan on here!

i still find it hard to believe that after 5 weeks of camp you cut guys that have been hete for some guys that have never played a down. how do they know these guys are better than what they had. besides Carpenter, most of the other guys are unknowns. these guys replace guys that have been here for a couple of years in some cases.

I hate to admit it bobbyd12 but Home usually is spot on when it comes to the Miami Dolphins.Home also warned me about excessive snowfall in NJ and massive flooding at my brothers house in Tennessee.I was like yeah right Home , what ever you say. Bobby, then we had record snowfall in NJ and massive flooding in Tennessse.Hate to say it, but that phucker was right.I mean dead on right!Phucken Home! LMAO!!!

lol; don't miss the snows up in Detroit at all; I remember last year (here in Louisville) we had 2 or 3 inches of snow and they shut the schools down and traffic was terrible. I told alot of people I talked to that that measly amount of snow whouldn't have shut anything down in Michigan; guess it wouldn't affect you guys in NJ either?

lets quit the bs in here. this isnt a good football team right now. what a mess. should be the last year of parcells and company, they have drafted awful

can u imagine how bad this oline will be without long.

correct Bill. interior offensive line and D are not good. offense may, i repeat may, put up some points depending on the line, but can anyone picture the D being even adequate? with The roster turnover that just occurred after traing camp, it will be impossible the first couple of weeks to gel. another 7-9 or 8-8 year. i cant see how anyone sees different.

home, i`ll give you credit for Dansby and Marshall free agents signing because i read it over and over again by you on the other blog.
Ginn being fired ok. and Smith being benched right again,but wrong on Turner.Now Turner is a Jet, so ha ha ha

having rookie free agents making your team consistantly is not a good sign. its a sign that you havent drafted well. especially when you are cutting second an third rounders for them.

Home, you should see Omar backpedaling now on Sean Smith and trying to take shots at Jason Allen!!!

I remember when Omar Kelly made up a game saving play by Sean Smith last year against the Patriots and even printed it in the newspaper! LMAO!

jr i agree, hate this but this team isnt good

Don't really get the chopping of Charlie Anderson for NBobby Carpenter, unless it's about improving special teams. Was never a big Anderson fan but you can't tell me Bobby Carpenter is a better player.

I am fine with Jason Allen starting over Sean Smith but I'm not sure he will hold up for the season. My hope is Smith wakes up and gets his head back in the game.

jrl why are you so concerned about the roster changes that occurred; so we got rid of Grant and Douglas neither were going to start both were older player with 1 year contracts and were not going ot be on the team next year anyway; so we picked up 2 young defensive ends that can learn the system and be evaluated for next years squad, but just like the 2 we let go they are not starters so no big deal.

Then we let go of Procter (non starter) and put Will Allen on IR to get Jeremy Parnell and Joe Rose (non starters) who can play multiple positions on the offensive line as backups.

Or are you mad about letting go of Donald Thomas the same guard who gave up the 2nd most sacks of all guards last year; yeah real good person to keep when we want henne to pass.

I just don't understand maybe you can extrapolate a little more about your concerns so the rest of us will understand your point

Smith never had his head in the game.
Smith is a goofy chump that was darn lucky last year with quarterbacks misfiring.Nolan knows this.Stop the sucking!

I think this is another attempt at lighting a fire under Smith's a s s.

That's all fine and good, until Sunday when Lee Evens lines up across from Jason Allen on the first play of the game.

Don't forget to allow for this in your score predictions :)

Listen, I hate it too. Especially when you watch the draft and they go against what everyone else seems to think is correct. they made more mistakes this year in Misi and Odrick to add to last uears debacle. misi has never been a big pas rush guy and Odrick is good but they needed a tackle or a fast and athletic playmaker on D. these two guys are neither. i know ill get bashed for this, but thats how i see it. i cant see this D being good. period. anyone that says they can are dillusional.

i am a realist but damn peolple i am really sick of all this woe is me crap. i would expect it from people here but mando now too???

Dolphins coach Tony Sporano says Jason Allen will start ahead of Sean Smith and I feel season begin to slip away already.
TweetDeck • 9/6/10 15:16

come on give me a break!!

I remember when Omar made up that story about Smith making a game saving play against the Patriots! I thought he would be fired for that fairy tale story!
What a loser Omar Kelly is!

kyp, you are correct in everything you say. i just feel that they brought guys in that they know nothing about as opposed to guya that have been here. some of the guys they cut are the same guys that we have been told are good depth guys for two years. otjer tjan Carpwnter, they brought in unknown guys. it looks like the depth isnt there. one injury at a number of spots and they are done. im more concerned about the wasted draft picks that we knew were bad at the time but dedered to the trifecta. they sid it again this year with Misi. another bad pick.

We are all disgruntled to one extent or another....let's face it

We are all disgruntled to one extent or another....let's face it

i remember when they signed douglas and grant, garbage, and people got excited in here cause they had heared of them. the draft picks have looked awful. this defense has zero pass rush and a bad secondary, this isnt hard to figure out. thats the worst combo u can have, qb has all day to throw against an awful secondary. this could be a really ugly year

and releasing anderson for a complete bust in carpenter is a joke

As usual my comments did not go through here, but they did post on the Dol-Fan site....

wow amazing you got all that befre the season even starts!!

Can Someone Please Explain To Me Why We Didnt Go After Tj Housh? He Had Almost A 1000 Yards Last Year And Nobody To Throw To Him, And He Only Costs The Ravens 895k!!. Who By The Way Already Have Boldin Mason And Todd Heap I Believe.
Marshall Is A Great Get, But Wide Receiver Is Still A Blind Spot For Parcells And Co. To Build Through The Draft U Have To Do One Thing...draft Well. And They Obviously Havent.

inimounts we had a solid starting wr in camarillo and dealt him for nothing.

im willing to bet we get the fewest sacks in the nfl

the Cowboys second teamers moved the ball on this D. i dont care if its vanilla or not, it shouldnt have happened. think about it, secomd and third teamers moved it on our first guys. Dallas' ones must have been pissing themselves over there. not to mention Henne and the O not scoring. tell me why Pennington isnt starting again? thats another problem. Parcells said it best,"if they dont bite as pups they wont ever bite". which of the rookies other than the UFA's had a really good camp. heck, Misi already lost his spot.

I can understand some of the concerns about Misi (him not being an outstanding pass rusher), but he can cover in passing downs, tackle, and when he learns the mental aspect of setting the edge he'll be a decent strong side lb; Odrick pick was good considering the move of Starks to nt, Odrick can command a double team to free up wake and has a good motor. Listen I know Starks had a good year last year, but before last year his best year in sacks was 4.5 in 2004, tackles 47 in 2005 with 3 sacks.

I replied to somoene after the draft the best way to see how our picks pan out over who others thought we should pick would be to evaluate something like this move of Starks to nt as opposed to drafting Dan Williams who has the better year this year (#of plays, starts, contributions to team) Misi as compared to others OLB who were there when we picked him up since some of the other picks were gone when he was drafted and we picked him up in the trade down with Sand Diego; also consider picking up Dobbins (who will play a lot more it seems since Chowder is injured).

chowder is garbage anyways, another awful move by parcells

and you can honestly say everyone went all out and played to their potential in a game that meant nothing except to those not expected to make the team.

lets see after a couple weeks what their made of before we go putting the season down the tubes!!

fins a 1.5 point favorite, bills should be favored. spiller and evans will kill us

Miami 24 Buffalo 10

Geez, for a season that was supposed to give Dolphins fans hope for the future considering the big splash they made in free agency with Dansby and then the trade for Marshall, this preseason has really dialed back the optimism. Henne is playing as inconsistent as ever, Marshall hasn't made much of an impact, and the offensive line, billed as the team's strong suit, can't even stay healthy. Defensively, Misi has clearly shown he's just a rookie and won't be making any serious contributions this season barring an unforeseen step-up in his learning curve, the secondary has looked shaky and Sean Smith has lost almost all confidence in himself, and overall depth is lacking at most positions on the team. What the hell is going on out there?! I thought Bill Parcells was supposed to be a guru at turning around losing franchises. Sure, he's made progress and everything, but that progress has plateaued a little bit in the past year.

just like last year right? easy to see how it will go, sparano will coach his usual boring game, run right, run left keep game close till 5 mins in 4th qt. then get aggressive even though we havent been the entire game. so comes down to if carpenter makes it or not, ill say he does and fins win 19-17 and kyphin will actually think it means we are good. then at vikes and jets. those games will be unwatchable for us

kyp, you are correct about alot and i know im negative. i am just sick of the years of mediocrity and dont see an end to it. this team needed playmakers everywhere and marshall and Dansby certainly fit the bill. however thats not enough. i dont blame Sparano. i blame Tuna and Ireland. Sparano obviously isnt happy with the personnel, especially on the O line. thats the FO's fault. Kyp, I do appreciate you looking on the bright side though. it keeps some of us off the ledge! LOL!!

Jose, well said.

Bill, BTW, i think Crowder is most overrated on team and have said so many times.

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