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Long, Crowder not practicing as Bills week begins

The Dolphins are working this Labor Day morning but not everyone is on the field as the team begins preparation for Sunday's season-opener at Buffalo.

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal reports that neither Jake Long (knee) nor Channing Crowder (unknown injury) are working. Both are on the field and stretching but neither is in gear and seemingly ready to participate in today's work. Long is wearing a brace on his left knee.

Lydon Murtha is working as the first-team left tackle today.

Now, climb off the ledge.

This is not by any means a final indication that both will miss the season-opener. Every indication has been that both will be able to play against the Bills -- including Long saying he'd be fine, and coach Tony Sparano saying he wasn't concerned about Crowder missing the game.

But ...

Well, we won't know for sure until game time. The Dolphins must release an injury report on Wednesday so we'll get a clearer indication if today's time off is a cause for greater concern than we might currently be inclined to have. 

The Dolphins today announced their seven-man practice squad. Six of the seven were with the team in training camp. The members today are:

DB Jonathon Amaya, DE Ryan Baker, G Ray Feinga, LB Chris McCoy, WR Julius Pruitt, LB Austin Spitler and TE Nathan Overbay, who spent training camp with the Denver Broncos.


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be back later wife is calling me for dinner; have faith I've been watching the fins since 1970 so things aren't always as bad as they seem, but then neither are they always as good. I've learned though throughout the years there are some teams you can bet on everygame and at the end of the year you will win more than you lose the phins and the cowboys are always such teams After 50 years of trying, the Cowboys will enter the season for the first time with the highest all-time winning percentage in pro football history. By winning their final three regular-season games last year, the Cowboys pushed into the playoffs and also boosted their winning percentage to .580 and passed Miami, at .579

Definitely shouldn't look past the Bills... Last year that was that start of the late season slide. I had Miami in that game as my favorite of the week last year in Buffalo... rats!

I hope Nolan's puts away the Preseason Vanilla DEF and brings out the triple swirl, exotic rum raisin sorbet with pecans, almonds and elderberries covered in choclate fudge syrup with whipped cream, carmel sprinkles, a cherry and a lit sparkler on top. Bring some noise Nolan!

I believe, in the end, a guy like RB Jahvid Best with how he can transform an offense's punch air/ground/KR would have proved to be a much better investment than DL Odrick. Time will tell but I will stand behind that prediction.

S Smith is a freakishly large corner. He is thus a step slow when defending many WRs, especially if they have great speed and body control. If he learned to tackle like a mad dog similar to Vontae it would help his cause as he would help vs the run more. I hope he can raise his skill level even higher as he has potential. Unfortunately, with potential and a $1 you can just get a doughnut. He has to push harder to fulfill that potential to play CB in the NFL imho. He needs to quit just reading his Greatness tatoo and live like true Pro's live.

I hated seeing Jake Long go down and will be elated to see him come back strong. It's too bad that playing his players for extra work backfired so much om Sparano. I hate the "China Doll Syndrome" that most coaches coach by. Any player can be hurt on any given play. Playing starters 3 series in a meaningless game is a rough call as Miami has come out flat early in the last few seasons. You have to change something up as the head coach I would think. I mean it's a HUGE far cry from 100 million dollar man DT Albert Haynesworth playing in the 4rth quater for Washington. Good teams win despite unfortunate injuries. I hope Miami can be in that category soon.

I want Misi and Odrick to suprise me but I think John Jerry will end up being the best draft pick. Brandon Marshall will have the ability to morph our offense if he grabs everything coming his way and Henne throws accurate passes to all receivers.

Can't wait to get this season kicked off!!!


bill_cnnrs, please kill urself

Ur comments are worthless

Well I'll be the brave one to say if the coaching staff thinks Jason Allen is ready, I'm all for it. Maybe the light has finally turned on. The NFL is littered with players that have taken a 3,4,5 years to get rolling, not all start out superstars. Also he has had how many new coaches and defenses to learn? Now he has three years with the same staff, I'm not ready to write the guy off. Maybe it really is he has progressed more than Smith has regressed. The guy is a great athlete, just maybe he will end up being a great corner. We will soon see...

Ok back see Rob in OC joined us; haven't seen you in a while; maybe I just been missing you, and home is back; did you get my score down Home? 24-10 miami wins

Crowder isn't Parcells'guy...He was actually drafted by Nick Saban, another big name guy who was supposed to bring us to the promised land. Yeah right.

Blah blah blah blah

I'm a total a s s h o l e

All day long, posting as different people

I have NO Life

Dum Fu@k Home

DF IN M, who cares if crowder is a Parcell's guy or not. i am tired of hearing it like it's a mafia gang .cut the crap ,please .

go fins

D F IN M.........who cares if crowder is a Parcell's guy or not.i am tired of hearing it like we are a mafia gang .cut the crap .

go fins .

D F IN M , who cares if corwder is a parcell's guy or not .i am tired of hearing it like we are mafia gang .cut the crap .

go fins

he wasnt parcells guy, but parcells resigned him for alot of money

to the real "home" guy on here. why dont u just change your name so this clown cant keep getting off in his moms basement acting like u

jump on the BILL COWHER.........

the 3 Stooges need to go..............

I sense a massive Fish slapping in Buffalo this weekend. Double digit win for the Bills for sure ... and I will be here to throw it your faces.

So many people on this blog seem to think that you should get every single draft pick right. Coaches miss on draft picks... just a simple fact of football. You cannot call every missed draft pick a failure. Look how many players drafted over the last few years are starting. Free agents are another story, but even then players change as they move to a new team. Gibril Wilson was a mistake, and Pat White was a mistake... losing Taylor, maybe losing Roth... but not too many other mistakes when building this team, and certainly not Sean Smith. The guy started all 16 games last year and did well.

Why doesn't someone tell Jake Long to keep his knees at least slightly bent when he is in traffic so that a serious knee injury will be almost impossible. Almost every bad knee injury comes when the leg is straight. Not sayin' he has to do the Payton Manning dance or anything, just keep the knees a little bent.

Good to c you around too kyphinfan!

Like the posts man.


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