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Wednesday afternoon's happenings for Dolphins

Lots to get to. Let's work:

Last week an item in ProFootballTalk.com related a radio show interview NFL.com's Vic Carucci did with a Buffalo radio station, during which this very good journalist said Bill Parcells was very disappointed with Chad Henne.

That report was repeated on and by numerous outlets and although I immediatedly tweeted that the report was not accurate because Parcells is not disappointed in Henne, the perception remained out there that Miami's consultant is disappointed.

Sooo, I wanted to give that thing something of a funeral today. Sooo, I asked coach Tony Sparano if in any of his conversations with Parcells he has gotten any inkling that the Dolphins consultant is disappointed in Henne.

"No," Sparano said. "I read the little blurp there, but no, nothing."

Trust me, guys, Bill Parcells is not disappointed in Chad Henne. Now, if Henne doesn't live up to expectations, it might come to that. But at this point? Not disappointed.


Defensive end Jared Odrick was in the locker room today (photo by David J. Neal).

He confirmed his right fibula injury is indeed a hairline fracture and said he's "week to week."


And while he had no definitive timetable for returning, Odrick didn't act like someone that is going to miss a significant amount of time. [I reported yesterday it would two weeks.] Odrick said the cast and wrap he's wearing over it is a precaution.

Odrick did share that he's broken the same right leg previously. And he has a metal plate in that leg. Interesting.

"Anytime you lose a player, particularly a young player, and one whose coming off a good game, it's tough, but the next guy's got to step up," Sparano said. "These are things our team is educated on. We call them body blows. It's a punch in the stomach but the next guy's got to step up."


There is talk the Dolphins might solve the Odrick absence by moving Randy Starks from nose tackle back to defensive end. Starks played defensive end the past two seasons and had a stellar season there last year, collecting seven sacks.

Well, that stuff is just speculation.

I asked Starks if he would welcome such a move. "I'll play wherever the coaches ask me to play," he said. "I'll do whatever they need for the team to win."

But ...

No one has asked Starks to do such a thing. I asked Starks if he's taken any snaps at defensive end since camp started.

"No," he said.

I asked Starks if he took any snaps at end today.

"No," he said.

I don't see how you can ask a player to play defensive end if he hasn't worked at the position since the 2009 season. Just sayin'.

The Dolphins will more likely go with Tony McDaniel to fill in for Odrick.


This week will be something of a reunion for CB Benny Sapp and the Minnesota Vikings. He's playing against the team he was traded from to the Dolphins in preseason.

But Sapp had other things on his mind today when he went out to practice than that coming return to the Metrodome. He was thinking about that possible pick-6 interception he dropped Sunday at Buffalo.

"I thought about it until the moment I got on the field today," Sapp said. "Then I prayed for God to help me focus on this game that's coming up and leave that behind."

Sapp sought Devine intervention to help him forget but he also did the natural thing to help him succeed if he's in a similar situation in the future:

He and the rest of Miami's DBs apparently took time after practice catching passes on the jugs machine. The Dolphins dropped two pick-6 opportunities Sunday, with Jason Allen being the other DB to miss the opportunity.

"Trying to make sure it doesn't happen again," Sapp said.


ILB Channing Crowder (groin) and SOLB Ikaika Alama-Francis (illness) did not practice Wednesday. 


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2nd, what do I win ?

Great stuff Mando. Now my Wednesday officially comes to a close...thanks!

I was hoping for better news on Odricks foot. Did anyone notice if he played well up to the injury? Or was he kinda a flop? People have been mostly quiet on his play.

I'm confused why the media is so intrigued on who will play DE now Odrick is out 2-4 weeks. It seems pretty simple to me and sounds like the FO addressed it immediately; McDaniel, Starks, and now Dotson will all rotate depending on the package...duh! Its disappointing but its football. Let's move on and expect to see him after the Bye Week. The mystery bug affecting the SOLB, Ikaika is more concerning right now as we are a little light on LB's.

It's good to know that Parcells isn't disappointed in Henne, but let's be serious for a second...this regime never bashes a player in public. So we know nothing more then we did before you wrote this. Obviously, even if they were they are not going to say so. Thanks for asking though :)

Nothing to do with the dolphins, but by the way this september 15th.


Saludos a todos.

George Costanza, He seemed to play well before the injury.

i remember the days when journalists would go to extreme messure to get the news. they would go to a farm and hide all night long w/the pigs until day light comes and take a picture . today all they do i heard this and that guy said .

Anything spefically Mike?

I mean, was he hurrying edwards any? Was he an integral part of the run support? How many plays did he play before he was injured? I mean, this guy was our first round pick!

he played excellent. he was the right pick. especially since we got misi and odrick with our trade down. both looked very sharp, very fast, very disciplined.

And Mando.. Devine? really? Come on man... you would have failed a third grade spelling test.

armando has finished high school w/honor and didn't go to collage by a choice .

good post,how long is crowder gonna be out.?,and I heard that micah johnson has been released

good post,how long is crowder gonna be out.?,and I heard that micah johnson has been released


what about thomas armando are the dolphins going to ink him?

Starks would have no trouble playing DE. It would be a pretty easy transition. They should start Solai at NT and move Starks to end. Tough luck losing 2 DE's before game 2.

Any updates on Adelius Thomas? He's supposed to have a lot of position flexibility. Maybe he could play end for a month.

yes, Micah was cut.

man wtf is crowders injyry exactly? wish we could get answers would like to see him on the field

tough luck for micah,but hopefully he'll find work somewhere else,but yeah,like get thomas and cut moses,the best he can do is special teams,and with walden back I see no need for him
lets go dolphins

McDaniels played in that game against buffalo. You know the game in which we held them to 50 yards rushing. McDanieals contributed at the RDE spot. He also played real solid during the pre season.

Don't panic, stay the course. Keep Starks on the nose, he's an anchor in the middle. He's going to eat Minnesotas center up this weekend. Lets not throw that mismatch away.

I feel better after reading your post odin......

I've only watched the game once (on NFL replay) so far, but if my eyes weren't deceiving me, there were a couple of plays where Soliai went in at nose and Starks slid to end .... or a very wide nose ... lol

I'll check it out again as it may just have been the onset of old-timers ....


Glad I could help. Now get down off that ledge and close the window.

just one thing to say; it's nice when the jets lose you don't have to hear them come on and tell you how they are going to super bowl and how good the hot dog man is

BESS had 6 catches for 53 yards.are these the most yards he got in one game .if it's so thanks to marshall .

pepsi hs hired the actress PAT WHITE TO team super bowl to make adds for the super bowl ...........

pat white the actress not pat white the EX QB .


adalis thomas visited the dolphins today,maybe they will sign him and get rid of sorry ass clam crowder!

Great info. I would only ask that he (Armando) lose the whole "just sayin' " thing from his repetoire. It's gettin' old and who's lettin' him do that anyway? I would like to be forgettin' that phrase because it's just not settin' right with me.

PO, How you cook braised hen ?

Hey Mando, what are the possibilities of the Dolphins trading Cobb for a conditional third or a fourth round pick, the Packers and the Rams are in a need of a running back?

Wow great game for the D on Sunday I guess I might hae been a little overly concerned, it was nice to get a win , but what happened to the O, I wish you Armando would report on that a little more, I felt like they should have been able to score more on Buffalo what are they going to do against better teams we will see , I will enjoy being 1-0 for now at least, they did what they were suppose to do and Clemmons looked awesome at safety. We will have a tough game this week but if we can score we got a shot, It seemed to me that Henne did hesitate to throw the ball down the field especially in the second half, we have to be able to do it, and not be afraid to do it, that was the only thing I would like to see them try, so we can loosen the D up and run the ball, oh well go dolphins

I just read that Will Allens trial date was set for Sept. 27th. His blood alcohol was twice over the legal limit at a road block.

So I remember Mando posting that it was odd to see the Phins place him on the injured list ending his season because he may be available to play some time in October.

Not sure how the NFL deals with DWIs (does anyone know if Allen has any strikes against him?) in the case of a first offense but if he's convicted I would have to think Goodell would have given him some kind of punishment.

What I'm getting at is maybe it wasn't as odd as it was just them being cautious knowing they could very well lose him until the end of October if he were able to come back. That's midseason and he wouldn't have been getting any reps because of the injury and suspension.

So maybe it wasn't so odd. I'm just sayin'. :)

lol i dont see how chrowder has played that bad hes a good run stopper and as far as ive seen he hasnt had an attack d style like this one i think we need him next to dansby

My guides messed up.

Can anyone tell me the next time they show Miami Buffalo on NFL replay?

What is this mysterious sickness that has knocked Ike Francis out? Very strange to wake up on first day of season as a starter and be so sick u cant play. But it is also more distubing that 3 days later and he cant even practice?? Like some answers


Where have you been?

Holmes has already edumacated all us on how dem Haarpy witchie magidgets give NFL player Magellons.

PS: Whatever you do, DON"T, DO NOT, under any circumstances, take off your tin foil helmet.

I think this game against MIN will answer a lot of questions we have about Henne as a quarterback. I think the Buffalo game-plan was intentionally conservative as others mentioned.

I mean, look if we went to Buff and lost no mater how well the offense played then we would all be questioning everything about the off-season moves. Even moreso than most are now.

Going into MIN with a win relieves a lot of pressure off of the coaching staff and maybe they can open up the offense a little more. My big concern is possibly the left points on the field (2 pick 6's) which with a better team is not something we can afford to do.

If we can get an early lead then Farve will start making some mistakes as history has proven-where he tries to force plays. In those instances we can't let potential turnovers slip through our hands (pun intended)

They have a stud TE and he concerns me more than their main receiving corp. This a test to also see if our ability to cover the middle with an athletic Dansby pays off. I say it will and predict a Dansby INT.

Anyway, I think the game will be a nail bite but that we pull it out.


MIAMI VS MIN will be on CBS AT 1,00 PM



Followed by Patsies and wetsies.

I'm having a "small" Sunday afternoon PARTY!


ODIN, brady hates jets
jets hates every one
every one hates the fat coach

Armando, I mentioned yesterday that the 2 week turnaround for Odrick was improbable, if not impossible. Did the Dolphins know he'd previously broken his leg and had a steel plate before they drafted him? Did anyone ask?


What about NFL replay?

When is the next time they show Miami @ Buff?

My guides messed up, HELP!

Benny, everyone misses and easy one. Look at all the NBA dumb dumbs missing dunks. What is dropped is dropped? Focus on the catch, not on what could have been or it will keep happening.

Let's get Odrick back.

aloco, the way you get to the point is awesome!

Good post buckeye, I would just caution people on judging Henne in what is his first season as a starting QB. Last year he went into the season as a backup and prepared with the second and third stringers. So this really is his first season as a starter.

The thing is a lot of people want Henne to develop quickly like Marino did. Or like a Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. The problem with that is that if he doesn't succeed right away those same people will call him a bust. Too many fans want the quick fix and if it doesn't happen they put pressure on management to make a change.

That thinking is flawed because if every team followed those same guidelines we would never have seen Brett Favre or Steve Young turn into the hall of fame QBs they are.

Players progress at different speeds, always have. But Henne has all of the things you can't teach . Strong arm, smarts, strong work ethic, cool under pressure, etc. The other things he can learn and I'm willing to wait because what are the alternatives? Draft another QB and HOPE he is one of the immediate impact guys or trade for a veteran, give up on Henne, and watch him develop into a great QB for another squad. I'm going to give this kid at least a couple years before I give up on him.

I mean of course we're going to judge him I just mean don't compare him to someone else as if all players are or should be the same.

odin, what do you have direct tv? did you try the website?

Miami allowed 166 total yards against Buffalo in week one. Tops in the NFL.

Hows that for a youg inexperienced defense with totally new scheme?


odin, they r not going to show replay of the buffalo game ,they already did .

thanks redsky i think .

redsky what's the difference if hes broken his leg before? He has a steel plate over the spot. He didn't break the steal plate he broke a different part of the bone. Players break things, it happens.

And come on man, "did they ask"? They didn't have to ask. Do you know how thorough NFL teams are before making draft selections especially first rounders? They know what he ate for breakfast for the past ten years of his life. S**t yeah they knew he broke his leg.

My guides messed up and I can't find it on the website.

I must be computetorily challenged!


aloco, yes, it was complimentary!

dammit odin, what provider do you have? i'll try looking it up....

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