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Wednesday afternoon's happenings for Dolphins

Lots to get to. Let's work:

Last week an item in ProFootballTalk.com related a radio show interview NFL.com's Vic Carucci did with a Buffalo radio station, during which this very good journalist said Bill Parcells was very disappointed with Chad Henne.

That report was repeated on and by numerous outlets and although I immediatedly tweeted that the report was not accurate because Parcells is not disappointed in Henne, the perception remained out there that Miami's consultant is disappointed.

Sooo, I wanted to give that thing something of a funeral today. Sooo, I asked coach Tony Sparano if in any of his conversations with Parcells he has gotten any inkling that the Dolphins consultant is disappointed in Henne.

"No," Sparano said. "I read the little blurp there, but no, nothing."

Trust me, guys, Bill Parcells is not disappointed in Chad Henne. Now, if Henne doesn't live up to expectations, it might come to that. But at this point? Not disappointed.


Defensive end Jared Odrick was in the locker room today (photo by David J. Neal).

He confirmed his right fibula injury is indeed a hairline fracture and said he's "week to week."


And while he had no definitive timetable for returning, Odrick didn't act like someone that is going to miss a significant amount of time. [I reported yesterday it would two weeks.] Odrick said the cast and wrap he's wearing over it is a precaution.

Odrick did share that he's broken the same right leg previously. And he has a metal plate in that leg. Interesting.

"Anytime you lose a player, particularly a young player, and one whose coming off a good game, it's tough, but the next guy's got to step up," Sparano said. "These are things our team is educated on. We call them body blows. It's a punch in the stomach but the next guy's got to step up."


There is talk the Dolphins might solve the Odrick absence by moving Randy Starks from nose tackle back to defensive end. Starks played defensive end the past two seasons and had a stellar season there last year, collecting seven sacks.

Well, that stuff is just speculation.

I asked Starks if he would welcome such a move. "I'll play wherever the coaches ask me to play," he said. "I'll do whatever they need for the team to win."

But ...

No one has asked Starks to do such a thing. I asked Starks if he's taken any snaps at defensive end since camp started.

"No," he said.

I asked Starks if he took any snaps at end today.

"No," he said.

I don't see how you can ask a player to play defensive end if he hasn't worked at the position since the 2009 season. Just sayin'.

The Dolphins will more likely go with Tony McDaniel to fill in for Odrick.


This week will be something of a reunion for CB Benny Sapp and the Minnesota Vikings. He's playing against the team he was traded from to the Dolphins in preseason.

But Sapp had other things on his mind today when he went out to practice than that coming return to the Metrodome. He was thinking about that possible pick-6 interception he dropped Sunday at Buffalo.

"I thought about it until the moment I got on the field today," Sapp said. "Then I prayed for God to help me focus on this game that's coming up and leave that behind."

Sapp sought Devine intervention to help him forget but he also did the natural thing to help him succeed if he's in a similar situation in the future:

He and the rest of Miami's DBs apparently took time after practice catching passes on the jugs machine. The Dolphins dropped two pick-6 opportunities Sunday, with Jason Allen being the other DB to miss the opportunity.

"Trying to make sure it doesn't happen again," Sapp said.


ILB Channing Crowder (groin) and SOLB Ikaika Alama-Francis (illness) did not practice Wednesday. 


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Did any body notice DOCTORS in the last 30 years never found a cure for any disease .they just keep charging for metal plates .


Say it aint so.

They showed the Lions and Bears 6 times!

Dammit redsky,



I agree completely. I am a Henne supporter so I want to see him do well. I think that the FO knowing that we had a tough road ahaead played it conservative on purpose so as to not lose a game we should win-especially with the upcoming grind of a schedule. I also agree that wind conditions etc might be a reason for the dink and dunk we saw.

However, if the coaches don;t trust a strong-armed Henne to go deep (even if it doesn't always work) then that to me will raise some questions. I mean why have a guy with a killer arm and a physical receiver when you can't throw it deep to open up some throwing lanes? Look, if Ronnie has a Chris Johnson type of game then Henne can just hand it off to Brown all game-though again I would at least like to see 3 or 4 shots down-field.

I meant running lanes lol

rebuilding is an art;

1-denver trying to rebuild but the coach will be fired shortly .next week they meet sea hawks .0-2

2-the jets will be 0-2 or 0-3 in 2 weeks .

in year one these two teams they were flying ,in year 2 they be in the basement .

lesson learned...........the only way is the TUNA'S WAY..STEADY every year .

nyscott, the difference is that once you put a steel reinforcement on a break it adds further stress to the areas directly above and below it.....an injury like that is important to know about. Yes, teams are thorough in their process, but they are human too, they've missed injuries before. And I meant, did Armando ask, I should have been more specific. Thanks....

odin, let me see what i can do, dammit! lol

Sound bites from a Buckeye:

I am a Henne supporter

I want to see him do well.

trust a strong-armed Henne to go deep

a guy with a killer arm

You're alright for a Buckeye :)


That was beautiful MAN!

ODIN, a lot of people say hire cowher next year .what's special about him ? he spent 15 years w/one team until he got lucky .if i coach the fins for 15 year i will get lucky too like shula .

odin, call them at 1-888-686-2388, they should be able to help. BTW, that's a real number, not aloco's squeeze!

This is the week that we find out exactly what kind of team we have! No one is giving us any respect. In the ESPN Power Rankings, the Vikes (who lost) went from 5th to 6th. Miami , despite holdding the Bills to only 166 yards of offence, dropped from 11th to 15th. Why? Because we won against Buffalo (Fluffalo). And, the score was close! No matter the parity in the NFL. No matter that the Bills may be better than some stupid analyst thinks they are. We got no props for winning last week that I can tell from anyone in the media.
So, it's time for the team to go out an win a little. RESPECT! (Just like Aretha said!) Then, we'll see what they got to say about that, huh?


I think Henne is going to be a a great quarterback. The rest of the good quarterbacks had teams built around them to stress their strengths. The Fins haven't done so--yet.

It might take another off-season to get the right elements ie a field stretching #2 (via draft, trade, or development) and a Dallas Clark type TE.

"divine" not "devine", unless he talked to Dan Devine or woke Ned Devine. C'mon.

It would be nice to beat the Vikings and go 2-0. And also have the Patcheats bet the Wets.I'm no where near a New England fan,but somebody has to lose. And I couldn't think of anyone better than the Wets. That would make them 0-2.Then we can whip the shyt out of them. Wets 0-3 mighty Fins 3-0.That would be an excellent start,and ready for the Pat to finish off the month.

Not HAARPing on this but
LB Adalius Thomas former 2 time NFL Pro Bowler and
Former New England Patriot is working out with
The Miami Dolphins today

and U guys got Nothin

C`mon Man!

Leave It To Home!

Miami Wins In Minnesota


2 To Go

Miami Dolphins start the 2010 season 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins ! *****

NostraHomeUs Predicts

Earthwake in Minn

and flying projectiles caught by a team from Miami

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Die hrddolphan living in Minneapolis. just rwad the article on Camarillo. class act. hope he does well... every week but this one. Go fins!

NostraChickenShit is here

My vaginal drip has cleared

Summers Eve for my pus@y

Home The ChickenAss Coward

50s Bald, Fat, Stupid and No Balzs

That's my life

Home The Scared Little Punk

Thanks Mando. Man the defense needs to be up to task this weekend. I predict a low scoring defensive game. I hope we can run on them. Ricky need to take it outside more. We can't run beteween the tackles this game. Take it outside.

bobby anymore great predictions for this game??? happened just like i said it would last week

BILL....U SUCK!!!!!!



If the dolphins can win this game they are for real. This is as tough a game they're gonna play this year. Most people including me have put this down as a L.
If we play like last week good defense and no turnover we may have a chance.

Go Phins!




bill is a purple donkey w/bells .

fins will struggle in this game. peterson should hit century mark and favre should hit least 250 in passing yards. we cant run on them so we will have to pass and allen will kill us. hate to say it but vikes win this one pretty easy, 27-13

thnaks for coming real boulder, nothing worse than bias fans who say everything is perfect like kris does

1-0 BILL

Nothing worse than BILL who comes on THIS BLOG to rooy against the dolphins....



root against?? i picked miami to win u fool last week


There is nothing I hate more than a LIAR. You came on THIS blog. Only in the 4th QUARTER. to tralk trash about the Dolphins. Have some INTEGRITY.


for $50 bucks a year you can watch every game played in the NFL regular season as many times as you want ... however; not while games are being played (that's probably years down the road when they realize with peer 2 peer they can't keep us from watching a game in progress)

I've been a subscriber since its' inception two years ago and it gets better and better each year ... quality of the picture, features, etc ....

check out the demo on nfl.com they call it Game Rewind ....

Mr Bill, I also said we would never be behind, never were, we would dominate Buffalo, 166 yards of total offense, lowest in week 1. If Benny Sapp and Jason allen hold on to pick 6s, this game isnt clise as the score reads. No concerns, This team will be in this tough Minn game all the way. Favre isnt sharp at al and will be on his old ass more then once Sunday.

We are close to signing Adalius Thomas. Remember him? Goodbye "Crow"der!
Let's go dolphins...

if if if , bobby ur one of the few i respect on here, u know ifs dont mean anything. game was very close i said a 3 point game, u said a 14 point game. whats your prediction for score come sunday

please be kidding fb, thomas is old and done man

this is a bad football team
Posted by: bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com | September 12, 2010 at 03:46 PM

Comment by bill_cnnrs on “Tony Sparano on Tuesday's OTA”


Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/.services/blog/6a00d83451b26169e200e5521cef898834/search/page/4/?filter.q=BILL_CNNRS#ixzz0zeOjaNO5


seems like typical parcell's, turning disadvantage into advantage. starks is a dominant defensive end, he looks equally impressive at tackle, solia looks really good at tackle as well, so it seems starks would not need much prep work to be able to start at defenseive end, smart.. this is why i call him Mr. Football. do i think this early injury to odrick merits cashing in your starks insurance policy? i don't know, maybe. it just might throw a wrench into vikes game plan being they probably broke down everything they have seen from game one of this very young and exciting defense. i would probably like to hang on to this insurance policy for a little while though, but then again, one game does make a difference. could be to late after a loss or two, especially with this schedule. GO MIAMI!!!!


yes kris,lol i have said that more than once. being a realist doesnt make u not a fan. ur bias, does that mean u arent a fan,no. just means u cant admit anything is wrong with ur team

favre is going to kill the secondary this week

dan the old bag henning will do 5 reverses, 1 shotgun, and 5 wildcats

ODINSEYE was the only one who said fins will win 16-10

Who care whi"YOU RESPECT"....I coukld care less if i am not one of the "few you respect".





favre can't move .dansby will retire him .

No I'm not kidding bill; it's a fact. What's so upsetting about that?

dude fb, thomas has been done for couple years. he isnt good, theres a reason why he still was a street free agent

dont say that aloco, we need him to beat jets and pats later on

Im going to predict a 16-14 miami win. I wanna say a defensive battle but i will be interested to see what happens if we fall behind. Wanna see Henne open up the passing game and build some confidence. This is going to be a tough game, if we come out with a win in this one we are on a roll!!!

Kris ,what did you have for dinner ?

Bill, remember that he thrived in Nolan's system in Baltimore from 2004-2006. He had 28 sacks in 3 years. Don't discard him this fast. At least he's not injured half of the time like "Crow"der.
New England went after him because he was a beast.

cheers to that bobby, a win would be huge but i just dont see it. scares me to, cause after this we have jets and pats in night games. so we lose some of the heat factor of playing at home

i`m still luvin suckin nigga dick

TEST.....ICLE-our secondary will intercept Farve this week.

pole playing dick suckin juice lappin booby12d is me!

love a midnight facial


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