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Wednesday afternoon's happenings for Dolphins

Lots to get to. Let's work:

Last week an item in ProFootballTalk.com related a radio show interview NFL.com's Vic Carucci did with a Buffalo radio station, during which this very good journalist said Bill Parcells was very disappointed with Chad Henne.

That report was repeated on and by numerous outlets and although I immediatedly tweeted that the report was not accurate because Parcells is not disappointed in Henne, the perception remained out there that Miami's consultant is disappointed.

Sooo, I wanted to give that thing something of a funeral today. Sooo, I asked coach Tony Sparano if in any of his conversations with Parcells he has gotten any inkling that the Dolphins consultant is disappointed in Henne.

"No," Sparano said. "I read the little blurp there, but no, nothing."

Trust me, guys, Bill Parcells is not disappointed in Chad Henne. Now, if Henne doesn't live up to expectations, it might come to that. But at this point? Not disappointed.


Defensive end Jared Odrick was in the locker room today (photo by David J. Neal).

He confirmed his right fibula injury is indeed a hairline fracture and said he's "week to week."


And while he had no definitive timetable for returning, Odrick didn't act like someone that is going to miss a significant amount of time. [I reported yesterday it would two weeks.] Odrick said the cast and wrap he's wearing over it is a precaution.

Odrick did share that he's broken the same right leg previously. And he has a metal plate in that leg. Interesting.

"Anytime you lose a player, particularly a young player, and one whose coming off a good game, it's tough, but the next guy's got to step up," Sparano said. "These are things our team is educated on. We call them body blows. It's a punch in the stomach but the next guy's got to step up."


There is talk the Dolphins might solve the Odrick absence by moving Randy Starks from nose tackle back to defensive end. Starks played defensive end the past two seasons and had a stellar season there last year, collecting seven sacks.

Well, that stuff is just speculation.

I asked Starks if he would welcome such a move. "I'll play wherever the coaches ask me to play," he said. "I'll do whatever they need for the team to win."

But ...

No one has asked Starks to do such a thing. I asked Starks if he's taken any snaps at defensive end since camp started.

"No," he said.

I asked Starks if he took any snaps at end today.

"No," he said.

I don't see how you can ask a player to play defensive end if he hasn't worked at the position since the 2009 season. Just sayin'.

The Dolphins will more likely go with Tony McDaniel to fill in for Odrick.


This week will be something of a reunion for CB Benny Sapp and the Minnesota Vikings. He's playing against the team he was traded from to the Dolphins in preseason.

But Sapp had other things on his mind today when he went out to practice than that coming return to the Metrodome. He was thinking about that possible pick-6 interception he dropped Sunday at Buffalo.

"I thought about it until the moment I got on the field today," Sapp said. "Then I prayed for God to help me focus on this game that's coming up and leave that behind."

Sapp sought Devine intervention to help him forget but he also did the natural thing to help him succeed if he's in a similar situation in the future:

He and the rest of Miami's DBs apparently took time after practice catching passes on the jugs machine. The Dolphins dropped two pick-6 opportunities Sunday, with Jason Allen being the other DB to miss the opportunity.

"Trying to make sure it doesn't happen again," Sapp said.


ILB Channing Crowder (groin) and SOLB Ikaika Alama-Francis (illness) did not practice Wednesday. 


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Sean Smith not playing last week just putting us a step back! Him and Vontae our best corners thats why he started all of last year, the interception Jason Allen dropped would have been a touchdown if that was Smith. Keep your head up boy.

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Now, back to The Dolphins...
Waaaayyyy back on page 1, a gentlemen asked "How was Odrick playing before he got injured?" I realize that he is likely not here to read it, but I would like to say this anyway. Odrick is going to become a very good player in this league. He had one Pancake tackle for a loss and did VERY well against the run to the strong side. He is already leaning to set his edge (Inside, not where the OLB is supposed to be) and getting penetration into the backfield against the run. His weakness, he is still green against the pass. He likely did not see 30-40 passes a game in Penn State so that will take time.
I also read a post or two talking about this game with VS The Vikings being a "Good Barometer" of just what we have for a team. I for one disagree with that statement. Not to be difficult, but because the Vikings are a team that plays a Hybrid West Coast style offense and Miami RARELY sees that scheme. They could Kill it, or get Killed by it and we may not see it come our way again unless we play Arizona, Minnesota, Green Bay, Seattle or Philly in the Super Bowl. We do play green Bay, that will be a tough one.
I feel we will find out just how he wind blows in Miami the two days we take on New England in Foxboro and at Sun Life. Their spread offense will place every bit of strain on Miami's secondary it will want to see all year. And, if Miami does not beat Brady up, he will do all he can to beat us up.
I know New York and its Jests may be the Red X day for some... I despise that team also. But all it takes to beat New York is to shut their run down (we are decent at that) and make Sandbag throw the ball from an less then desirable situation. The secondary will have a field day against him if they rush him two out of four downs. Dealing with the Jests Defense is a different animal. I think we caught a break with Jenkins going down again. We can run against that team, have before without him, will do it again.
Sorry about the Letter length post, I figured its better to read then two strangers going at it online. I can understand Kris's point. We have been really blasted this off season by our own fans not taking the Dolphins side. Not saying Bill did that because I did not read it. What I am saying is this... The Players on our team are not responsible for what the management does. All they do is play... and they need their fan base to be on their side, not predicting 6-10 seasons before they ever played a meaningful game.... To quote Armando... "I'm Just Sayin"!
Thanks for reading my rant... hope you got some good from it.

Don't think we will see Jared Odrick back until the Green Bay game.
It would be prudent to let him heal thoroughly.

I would like to know what's up with IAF.
Get well soon IAF - we're better with you on the field.

What's up with Channing Crowder?! What's the timetable for his return?

That can of Clam Chowder soup has lost its shelf life.


From what I know about Groin injuries, they are nasty and require whatever time it takes to get them healed. If you don't give them that time, it is VERY easy to undo any healing that HAS taken place with one wrong move. Sending you back to square one. You may know this name (you may not) John Offerdahl was once one hell of a Line Backer in Miami. He had a lower abdominal strain one year and that sidelined him a few games, He came back saying he was okay within a couple weeks. He hurt it again that next game and stayed out 5 weeks. Then he strained it again... and came back...strained it again.... came back... This went on nearly 2 years and a few games before both He and Shula said enough. Had Offerdahl taken one full season on IR and allowed that injury to heal, I have very little doubt he would be in Miami's ring of honor (for certain there) and perhaps even the Hall Of Fame. He was very much like Zack Thomas but bigger. Smart guy with all the heart in the world, that heart knocked him out of the game because it did not take the time needed to heal. I also feel this is why the Dolphins are being hard Core with "Will Allen". Sure Allen may be able to play by mid season or sooner. What happens if he DESTROYS that knee again from it being weak. Can you say "OJ McDuffy?" or any of the other players around the league who have gone after teams for allowing their medical staff to clear them to play when it mat not be in the players best interest. Allen got a favor done for him but his pride and desire to play has not made peace with the fact the team is looking out for his (And their) best interest.

With all due respect, Derek, I disagrre. This game WILL show us what kind of team we have. The Vikes have a very good team on both sides of the ball. Yes, they run a west coast style offense, but with Nolan's schemes that can be nullified. The problem arises when/if Favre gets outside the tackles and does his magic. The Saints showed what to do with Brett...blitz him and keep him out of his game. They also have a very good Run defence. We are a running team. If we can establish the run on them, then we can run on anyone. Their front seven is tough and bbig and we'll find out what kind of O-line we've got. Their secondary isn't too shabby and we should find out where our receiving corps stands. I'd rather find out where we're at now than wait until we play the other teams in our division. Back-to-back! Can we take the momentum from the win over the Bills and turn it into something against a team everyone else had slated to make the play-offs?
Go Fins! Feed the Wolf!


That's an excellent post. We're all anxious to see if Crowder can perform well playing next to a 'good' Linebacker. (It just seems like he's had some unfortunate luck with injuries recently.)

If he turns out to be the same old Crowder, then the Dolphins will probably look to upgrade the position at the end of this season.

Basically, I see playing our first game against a play-off caliber team that uses an Offensive scheme that we aren't used to seeing versus two teams that we normally play twice a year (and know their strengths and weaknesses and tendencies) to be a much better barometer of how good this team is right now. And, how good we can become over the season. Kind of like an early play-off game.

Very good point concerning the running game of both teams. However, I was making more of a reference to the "West Coast System" being what would or would not give an accurate Barometer. The reason I brought that up is the fact that Miami will see very little of that PARTICULAR style offense this season.They will only see West Coast stuff in this weeks game, the Packers and Bears, and the Pack run a TRUE West Coast style, the Bears have a Hybrid similar, but not the same as Minnesota. The teams Miami will see such as NE, Baltimore, Cincy, Tennessee and the Steelers all run either a Smash-mouth scheme (Miami, Baltimore, Jests) a "Spread" (NE, Cincy)or Intermediate pass/Ball control (Tennessee, Cleveland, Pittsburgh)... So based on the overwhelming number of teams Miami plays that DO NOT employ a West Coast style, it will be very hard to gauge what will happen against our own divisional front runners based on the Minnesota game. Certainly, we will see how Miami reacts to a REAL QB (they have had decent games against him before) and we will see how Miami reacts when the running games gets taken away from them and a good one used against them (I expect Miami to throw the ball) But when it comes to the Viking Offensive attack, Miami will not see this scheme often enough that it impact their overall Game Planning. I believe you and I share the same thought about Miami being TESTED in this game... and therefore us seeing how they do against a quality football team. But, as I said. I do not believe this game will accurately judge where we will be against teams we play twice a year.
Thank You for your Input, Tracy. I believe you have a solid opinion and understand what this week may either negatively expose or positively underline about our team.

I think people are being too tough on Henne. You have to realize Buffalo actually has one of the best secondaries in the league, that, plus an obviously conservative game plan lead to his pedestrian play on Sunday. We shouldn't be worried about him, he's a young QB who's developing. What DOES worry me is this injury bug we're going through. We're watching our depth get watered down every week. This injury list is rather amazing considering we've only played one game. Look at these numbers already. Merling, Edds, Will Allen, Crowder, Odrick, Nate Garner, Joey Haynos, Jake Grove and we've just played one game! And this league is thinking of going to 18 games? That's insane, as these player's get bigger, stronger, and worked harder throughout the year the injuries will continue to mount. The human body just wasn't meant to play this game and with all the OTA's training camp and exhibition games it's a wonder anyone's left to play. Just a thought.

I think the biggest factor in the outcome of this game will be our run defense not allowing them to establish any rythm. This being their home opener, they will try and controll the tempo of this game, especially early. I think that they want to take some of the pressure off Farve, and I'm sure in their minds they want to see a more balanced attack especially that there are question marks in their passing attack. I think our best chance will be forcing them into situations where they have to pass the ball. We should be able to create turnovers, and pressure this way. If we cannot stop the run, we will be in for a long game. Also, the linebackers will have a lot of pressure on them. The Vikes are a good play action team, as well as a great screen team. If we are getting good pressure, look for them to try and screen us to combat that.
Offensivley, this is going to be a good test as far as if the QB, line, RB's are all on the same page. The noise is going to be unreal, and confusion will no doubt come into play, I know they practice this stuff, but communication can be a problem in these super loud stadiums, and this will come into play at some point during the game. I think this is going to be another low scoring game, because for this week both teams are going to try and establish the run, whatever team does will be the winner, and that team will be the Phins 17-13

I was talking about the noise level in that dome with someone at lunch today. Miami struggled with "Motion" penalties at HOME. Lets hope they have had the speakers rocking in "The Dolphins Bubble" and they have that under control. I like the fact Miami is Multidimensional in their running attack. They have two very solid backs, and automatic 3rd and 1 Fullback, and a guy like Cobbs as a scat back who can get around the corner of that is what they give. Although, Cobbs may not be the weapon of choice against these guys if size is a matter of consideration! That score looks about right to me Darryl... and I would take it with a great big sloppy smile.


Did the Fins know about Odricks previously broken leg and the screws in it? Kind of a quick by you there. More to come?

Great posts derek!Very well thought and great perspective.Now thats what I like to read!

i dont understand why smith wasnt in the game at all becuase i kno hes better than tyrone culver and he played we will see how good jason allen is against the vikes

someone tell sperano that vs vikings we need to leave the wolf alone and Feed Marshall.
Miami needs to stop Bullsh! ing withthese tight games. someone remind Henning (while slapping him) that Brandon "the Beast"Marshall is on Our Offense!!! timing on playcalling is horrible...
sorry i had to vent...
this game is very important on shining thelight on our team.

Parcells is disappointed in Henne for the following:
Henne signed a free agent WR that couldn't catch for $6mil (Wilford) then followed that by signing a QB $10mil that can't reach the aforementioned wr(Pennington) then he signed a FS that could't tackle (Wilson) and C that couldn't block (Grove).
Henne should know better than to squander the teams money like that. If I were Stephen Ross I would sue him for malpractice.

What type of illness does Alama-Francis have that caused him to miss almost a week? Some type of diabolical flu? I haven't been sick for a week since I was in diapers! What the heck is goin' down there in Davie? Anyone know what the deal is?

DC Dolfan,
There are at least five areas of concern with the Phins:
1. Henne's incompetence at signing free agents (se my post of 9:22am)
2. Henne's inability to draft players that can make the team.
3. Chad Henne released Matt Roth from his contract and got nothing in return and then let 3 other LB's go and got nothing in return.
4. Chad Henne hired a head coach with no head coaching experience that brought back the wildcat and made everyone in the organization look like a h0m0.
5. Chad Henne hired a GM with no experience and that GM repeated makes everyone in the organization look like an a s s h o l e.

Alama-Francis' illness is that he was cut by the Lions before Henne signed him.
Just another one of those golden acorns Chad Henne found lying on the ground.

This defense feeds off of forcing turnovers, this is the idea behind all the pressure looks. Imagine how much more confident we would have been had we scored those 2 pick-6s. Minnesota scares me across the board, but no QB has thrown more INT's than Favre, and AP is known to put it on the ground. I think we must be 2 in the turnover area if we want a realistic chance of winning.

Price master,

i must say your last 2 posts are classic ,

at 600.000 we all should get mad HENNE .lol

They know what he ate for breakfast for the past ten years of his life. S**t yeah they knew he broke his leg.

Posted by: NYScott

NYScott - right you are, S**t, I'll even bet they took the guys S**t, er stool sample, and examinded it.

It should be tough to run against the Vikes. This will be Henne's chance to earn that raise ALoco's bucking for. I think we'll see several good shots downfield: the Hero has watched the same tape we have. BTW--what was the deal with the underthrown ball to Marshall? We speculated at the time it was wind. Was it windy?

Pricemaster, dont forget if Henne would take charge of the grounds crew like he should that dirt infield wouldnt be there!!

So Crowder could be placed on the IR I have heard? Also, Miami worked out Adalius Thomas also. Any word on signing him?

ESPN is reporting the Dolphins hosted Adelius Thomas on Tuesday, MONDO (or Mongo) any chance you could report on this? Welcome to your JOB!

Armando is picking against the Dolphins again this week.One thing that is going to be very important this week is to keep Jared Allen out of the game like the Saints did.He is notorious for going after QBs knees.A few years back he dove at Texans QB Schaub 3 times in that game and the third one took him out for 3-4 weeks.I don't know who is responsible for Allen,but don't let him near Henne.
Is anyone making the trek up here to MN for the game?I just found out that I might have to go to Wisconsin this weekend for work,so I'm bummed that I can't make tthe game.Luckily I didn't get my ticket yet.

weatcoastskid, Mando has reported this on Twitter and gave his opinion why he dont think he will sign him, players are constantly bought in and out for workouts. Thomas has not produced for the last 3 years. dont think Fins are gonna sign him, Per Mando

Statistically, the Bills pass defense was better last year than the Ravens or the Vikings in yds/gm and interceptions. All the poormouthing about not racking up more passing yards against them like they're Betty White is unrealistic. I think we could match up okay against the Vikes and the hated Jets. It's Henning and special teams we ought to worry about.

Does anyone think Adalius Thomas has anything left?

Do you think we should tell Pricemaster that Henning is the Offensive Coordinator and Chad Henne is our Quarterback?
Nah! It's too much fun the way it is! Lol!

Mando, curious question, Did I hear the announcers correctly on Monday Night Football when speaking of Jason Taylor, that Jason had asked notable dolphins, such as Dan Marino, their opinion on whether he should become a Jet? And the announcers made it sound like Dan gave him the blessing to pursue them. Say it isn't so.

dolphin forever, DAN MARINO IS NOT GOD .JT wants to protect his putt so he can say you see dan said so and so .learn people learn .

Well we cut Micah Johnson to bring back Dotson and Walden.

I'm surprised we haven't already signed and old washed up Adalius Thomas.

We'll have to cut someone to make room and knowing Henning, he trying to decide between Dansby or Wake.

There was a poster on here over the spring and summer who advanced the "Jason Taylor" jinx theory that went like this. The one year Taylor is not with the Dolphins, they win the division and go to the playoffs, and then he comes back last year and they regress and go 7-9 and miss the playoffs again, like all those years he was with the team. Now Taylor goes to the Jets and things aren't going so well at the start for the Jets and the Dolphins finally win their opener for the first time since 2005. Furthermore, Taylor was one of the Jets players who went out for passes in front of that Mexican woman tv reporter that the Jets are being investigated for by the NFL for sexual harrassment. Taylor's a defensive player who doesn't normally catch passes. Now there is a long way to go in the season but this theory is one to watch, and to the poster who brought that up this summer, you may be on to something. Way to go. Sorry, I don't rememebr who you were but I'm old.

Oops I meant Ireland!

You think drinking and drivings bad, try drinking and typing!

I thought it was OK afternoon?

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