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Wednesday afternoon's happenings for Dolphins

Lots to get to. Let's work:

Last week an item in ProFootballTalk.com related a radio show interview NFL.com's Vic Carucci did with a Buffalo radio station, during which this very good journalist said Bill Parcells was very disappointed with Chad Henne.

That report was repeated on and by numerous outlets and although I immediatedly tweeted that the report was not accurate because Parcells is not disappointed in Henne, the perception remained out there that Miami's consultant is disappointed.

Sooo, I wanted to give that thing something of a funeral today. Sooo, I asked coach Tony Sparano if in any of his conversations with Parcells he has gotten any inkling that the Dolphins consultant is disappointed in Henne.

"No," Sparano said. "I read the little blurp there, but no, nothing."

Trust me, guys, Bill Parcells is not disappointed in Chad Henne. Now, if Henne doesn't live up to expectations, it might come to that. But at this point? Not disappointed.


Defensive end Jared Odrick was in the locker room today (photo by David J. Neal).

He confirmed his right fibula injury is indeed a hairline fracture and said he's "week to week."


And while he had no definitive timetable for returning, Odrick didn't act like someone that is going to miss a significant amount of time. [I reported yesterday it would two weeks.] Odrick said the cast and wrap he's wearing over it is a precaution.

Odrick did share that he's broken the same right leg previously. And he has a metal plate in that leg. Interesting.

"Anytime you lose a player, particularly a young player, and one whose coming off a good game, it's tough, but the next guy's got to step up," Sparano said. "These are things our team is educated on. We call them body blows. It's a punch in the stomach but the next guy's got to step up."


There is talk the Dolphins might solve the Odrick absence by moving Randy Starks from nose tackle back to defensive end. Starks played defensive end the past two seasons and had a stellar season there last year, collecting seven sacks.

Well, that stuff is just speculation.

I asked Starks if he would welcome such a move. "I'll play wherever the coaches ask me to play," he said. "I'll do whatever they need for the team to win."

But ...

No one has asked Starks to do such a thing. I asked Starks if he's taken any snaps at defensive end since camp started.

"No," he said.

I asked Starks if he took any snaps at end today.

"No," he said.

I don't see how you can ask a player to play defensive end if he hasn't worked at the position since the 2009 season. Just sayin'.

The Dolphins will more likely go with Tony McDaniel to fill in for Odrick.


This week will be something of a reunion for CB Benny Sapp and the Minnesota Vikings. He's playing against the team he was traded from to the Dolphins in preseason.

But Sapp had other things on his mind today when he went out to practice than that coming return to the Metrodome. He was thinking about that possible pick-6 interception he dropped Sunday at Buffalo.

"I thought about it until the moment I got on the field today," Sapp said. "Then I prayed for God to help me focus on this game that's coming up and leave that behind."

Sapp sought Devine intervention to help him forget but he also did the natural thing to help him succeed if he's in a similar situation in the future:

He and the rest of Miami's DBs apparently took time after practice catching passes on the jugs machine. The Dolphins dropped two pick-6 opportunities Sunday, with Jason Allen being the other DB to miss the opportunity.

"Trying to make sure it doesn't happen again," Sapp said.


ILB Channing Crowder (groin) and SOLB Ikaika Alama-Francis (illness) did not practice Wednesday. 


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Coach shaula....that person who said that was ...the great CARLITO FROM GOLFITO .

JT IS BLACK magic for any team .

Coach Shula,

Remember that time you won the Super Bowl and the team was carrying you off the field? Yeah, you were shaking peoples hands and some guy stole your watch right off your wrist.

That was AWESOME!

ODIN, if i was coaching the fins i would win a super bowl too. football on those days was played in slow motion .he coached the fins for 20 years ,enough to get lucky .


He can have the watch. When you go 17-0 and win the Super Bowl, you can afford plenty of new watches.

Funny post though.


That's not what Wade Phillips Daddy used to say about him.

Odin is correct.

Bum said Shula can take his and beat yours and he can take yours and beat his.
All said with a southern draw.

I think the proper "dialect" would read:

His N's and beat urine's.

and take urine's and beat His N's.

Either way, it was quite the compliment coming from a colleague

Hey Costanza--Are you kidding us? Nobody can be called a flop after one game...unless they are a Brown.

Seriously, let the guy learn the game at this level. Ninety-nine percent of players do not come in as rookies and make a big impact. More importantly than whether Odrick made any big plays on Sunday, he didn't appear to be responsible for any big Buffalo plays.

Odrick hasn't done anything to indicate he's on a beeline for Canton.

Just the same, neither has he done ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to indicate he's going to be bust.

In all fairness he stepped in as a rookie, done everything that's been asked of him and done it quite well.

He's miles ahead of where Langford and Merling were at the same points in their carreers and shows a lot more upside in my opinion.

Get well SOON Jared!




i know logically i should be rooting for the jets to beat the pats on the scoreboard, but i can't. i hope both teams get beat up physically but i want that final score to be embarrassing!! like 45-6. i've always hated the jets more than the patriots. i hate them even more now. i'd love to see the jets be 0-3 even more than i want to see us 3-0. i'd be fine with 2-1 if the jets are 0-3.

this team is going to be at least 10-6 this year. i don't see any GLARING weaknesses. love the new defense. our WR/QB need to getting in sync better. i'm confident that will happen. ride the run game no matter how good the pass game gets. it needs to compliment the run.

Parcells, Ireland, Sporano, whom ever is in charge, PLEASE GET VINCENT JACKSON!!!..... give away a 2nd round pick, which they suck at anyways!!.... This guy is a Pro-Bowl player every year and would make the offense Playoff caliber right away!!!!! WAKE UP Don't let another opportunity to get a PROVEN player slip away!!!!!!!!!


NFL Rewind, $49.99 for the whole year, online service, watch any game you like as many times as you like. Very cool, except they need to remove the scores from the games, so if you haven't seen the game or know the outcome, you can enjoy it if it were live, minus the commercials.

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