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Marshall responds to NFL Network rebuke

Well, the NFL Network is not a favorite of Brandon Marshall's today following their strong rebuke of his final series against the Jets Sunday night.

Check out the previous post for the details and genesis of the issue.

Marshall today responded to the comments from Mike Mayock and Sterling Sharpe and Solomon Wilcots. The video below is courtesy of The Herald's Jeff Darlington.


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Don't worry about the haters Brandon Marshall... keep doing your thing, you had one hell of a game the other night and are in no way responsible for the loss... If you didn't have any haters, THAT would mean you're doing something wrong.

Very measured response by Marshall. The crticism of him is absurd, and I have been underwhelmed by the quality of analysis on the NFL network. It always strikes me as a network of guys who couldn't cut it on ESPN.

the miami dolphins are a team on the way up with alot of young talent.They should get better as the season goes on because they are already better than last year.I wish them the best of luck in this exciting 2010 season.GO! MIAMI DOLPHINS!

any criticism should be on the defense putting us in that position. no one is going to win many games giving up 31 points, i don't care who they are. And if Fasano didn't suck so bad, maybe he can catch that ball.

who cares. just do better against the pats. I'll tell you if he wasn't tired he would have scored on the pass instead getting caught from behind on the 5 yard line. he was gassed but so what. I still think the play calling was bad down there

What did they expect the guy to do? Go over 200 yards for them to praise him? That's nonsense. These guys are a bunch of morons. 166 yds, 1TD is excellent by any standards. When was the last time a Dolphins receiver has those numbers?
If it weren't for Marshall we wouldn't even be in the game, let alone have a chance to win it.
We lost this game because of our play calling on offense and because of our porous special teams, period. We got out-coached. To say that Brandon Marshall didn't give it his all is ludicrous, to say the least.

Keep doing your thing Marshall and don't listen to these morons.

The fins are on their way tothe toilet go jets

Brandon Marshall is lucky revis wasnt glued to his freakin hip or youd all be complaining of his career ending week 3 mental breakdown. waaaaa

Wow, just wow.

The guy has an oustanding game and that is all they can say? Brandon, us fans are with you man, thanks for your hard work and your ouststanding play last Sun.


well I have to say after really watching the tape.. I don't think the effort was 100% their. I'm sorry, I like Brandon a lot , he is a talent. Sterling and those guys were right.Games on the line, if your that gassed take your self out one play or two. But the effort he put forth on that set of downs with the game on the line was substandard. He played a hell of a game. But that was very very lame....

Best Dolphin receiver in many years

Listen to this Lageman, Revis is the most OVER RATED player in the NFL. Randy Moss smoked his butt, and then he complains of an injury...that spells burnt p@ssy in my book.

Analysts share "opinions" and opinions cost nothing and are worth nothing. I'm not a novice, I've been a die hard fins fan for 37 years and feel great about the direction of the team. Brandon is a beast & the best receiver we've had in years and years. Teams have to account and game plan for him and he will help the running game after a game like he just had.

Yea overrated-dont make me cut and paste his stats all over this blog and embarressyou like a whiny Brandon Marshall embarress your team Sunday night.

Lageman: What are you, a freakin' RETARD?
Go back to NY, scumbag!

You sound like a grammar school girl...with your toilet reference...what are you, 11 years old?

I'll tell you, some of you JetScum are really something else...especially for a franchise that has only won ONE SUPER BOWL way back in 1968, and only won TWO AFC EAST CHAMPIONSHIPS, compared to MIAMI'S 15 AFC EAST CHAMPIONSHIPS, TWO SUPER BOWLS, ONE UNDEFEATED SEASON....it's no wonder why NY fans are so JEALOUS of the team with the BEST OVERALL RECORD IN THE NFL SINCE THE MERGER IF THE AFL, NFL in 1970!!

You stinking JetScum are the dumbest, most arrogant a**holes on the planet!

When Revis and Pace come back.....oh wait Revis, Pace AND HOLMES come back (along with the recently sign Trevor Pryce....the Jets are going all the way! Arent you all glad I started posting here! NOW YOU CAN LISTEN TO ME ALL SEASON LONG!




JETS 2-2

Lageman, go youtube Ted Ginn running by Revis last year in miami. Surprised he didn't grab his hamstring there too.

Fagman = Chicken sheet troll.

You ain't new here you lyin ass piece of after birth.

PS: Vontae is already better than Reamis and this is just his second season.

Don't make me cut and paste Reamis's stats against Moss, compared to Vontae's.



Lageman listen forget politicaly correct we arent stars so i can say 49 states agree with John Rocker on NY and whats on the subway
epitomizes New Yawk


According to NFL Network Marshall was a Pro Bowling Superstar.........until he signed with Miami.

Miami put too many smack downs on MayCock, WilcoCks and Sterling's But Packers.

The bias lives on!

God bless Teddy Ginn's heart wherever he is. I really miss the days he would run out of bounds and drop the ball like a cross-eyed beeyatch. At least Marshall doesn't drop the bombs thrown his way. That 32-yd pass was a thing of beauty.
Anyway, cobbs returning kicks will not cut it for us. When is Mr Sparano gonna realize that? I know he has a man crush on him but for F's sake!!! Has he ever taken it beyond the 27 yard line?
What happened to Nolan Carroll? How about we give Reshad Jones a chance??? Mix it up Sparano and stop being a p@ssy.

We don't listen to you Lageman. We read what you have to say but we can't HEAR what you're writing. Go have another lager Lageman.

Lageman, come up to the 400, we want to 'chat' with you. Look for a guy with long hair and no shirt. I think you'll see our point of view rather quickly.

We didn't have any thinking about under center or shotgun," Henning said. "It doesn't make any difference to us.

-No surprise there! Ya'll got it from the Horses a s s.......er....I mean mouth. Nuff said.

Long hair and no shirts....sound like a bunch of chicks to me

What is to be Jealous of, the Jets won THE MOST IMPORTANT SUPERBOWL IN NFL HISORY!!!! END OF STORY.

DUDE, LEGAMAN has a point ,they won and he's here to taunt us .it's ok .we can take it .

Aloco---thank you for taking a good natured ribbing. These other chicks with ****s are keyboard warriors who talk tough but are old florida retirees ready to die in the sun. OFF TO PASTURE WITH YALL

"dude" is your favorite song "dude looks like a lady" I BET!


This team is unravelling; the wheels have come off...........implosion will follow loss to Pats..............Sparano will be asked by Ross to can Henning, will refuse & they'll both be gone before season ends. Oneo f Shula's kids will be interim as a favor to franchise they love, as King Karl prepares for the next draft.

I really like the comment by Tony Sparano referring to Marshall being gased. 'I'd like to go to that gas station'

Marshall needs to understand that the microscope zooms in more on him than most at his position, due to the contract he signed. What isn't being talked about is why immediately after the long catch and run, they imediately throw a fade to him. That play should have been some type of handoff, IMO.

Sanchez this, sanchez that! f**k sanchez, this motherf**ker never won in college and wont win in the nfl! yes he has improved if your talking about not turning the ball over but this guy checks down more than henne! henne much better than a high price wanna be! he is clearly pumped up by his team and he really think he is as good as advertised! 15 completions and nearly threw a third in picks if we make the plays! yes that 5 picks! sanchez=overrated as hell!

Mr Y Naddis is the only one to say anything intelligent. Good Post! YOU GUYS ARE SO SENSITIVE!!!

i see that loss is still bothering us on thursday. what a huge swing loss, we have to win monday

Ok Sparano and Parcells!

You want team unity and this team buying into your philosophy and running through walls for you?...

Then get out in front of this Sh*t and Back Hommie's Sh*t up!

Sure he looked a little tanked at the end but they tore him up on that show. B. Marsh might be a little tempermental but he sells out on the field. Do you watch this guy BLOCK? He is also the opposite of Alligator Arms, he gets up and after any kinda throw now matter how covered or how bad the hit he's gonna take.

Sparano! Man up and bite somebody's F'n head off in the media anybody!

That Stupid Ass Inside the NFL Show ran the highlights and analysis of the Sunday Night game and all they talked about was those Punk Ass Jets. Not one word about the Phins.

Phins beat them 3 out of the last 4 games and very near won this one. The NFL wants so badly for the Punks and the Cowgirls to win its sickening.

Feed the Wolf Sparano!!!!!

Go Phins!

A peppy little song for the NFL Network and all the Jets, Jets Fans, Jason Taylor and the rest of the NFL for that matter!...


Courtesy of Ce Lo Green

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro! (Armando)

Lageman thinks chicks have d i c k s.

This explains his fetish for STICK P U S S Y.

Question: What do lageman and Sanchez have in common?

Answer: They both love to stick wieners in their mouths.

odinseye, that was horrible...do not pass go do not win another game.

dont try to get in a battle of one liner with me "odinseye" we all know your only in the market for brown eye

I made a little rap and its gos a little something like this....


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you getting a little over sensitive?

Come on everybody, reach around for that rainbow and sing the wetspots fight song: Oh I wish I were an oscar mayer weiner............................


Why all the gay references? To you Chad Henne is Femme? You said enough right there.

The only eye you'll get from me is a black eye, not brown.

Unless, of course, your as tough as your own brown eye, cause we can all tell that thing gets lots of "workouts".

B. Marsh its harsh

when your near the zone
but your not alone

ya got one more run or
are your legs done

cause Henne to Fasano
sure looked like Guano!

By Mike Mycock and Shannon Sharps Brother

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro (Armando)

Your DOLPHANS, you get smacked by the Jets your like OH MAN. Ya'll need to get with the program. You act feminine and like to hold hands. Chad Henne got whacked on his back flat as a penny....JETS WINS THIS SEASON THERE WILL BE MANY. Ya'll are retired, Joe Namath is admired, your plans to win have expired so tell Parcells to retire.

But for a few bad breaks> a special teams foul up, an interception overturned and the wildcat falling flat, the Dolphins should have won that game. Marshall played great and it will be exciting to see the Henne-Marshall tandem once they have a few more games together. One slight criticism would be that Miami settled for field goals instead of being aggressive in going for it on fourth down. No way can Marshall be faulted for the loss. Go Fins!

Go Odin.. You said it right!


I was with you on that "man up Sporano" bit.

I'm just curious though, why did Fageman say he had a rap and then you post an anti Dolphin rap?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................just saying.............

Do NOT be surprised when the jets stub their toe in Buffalo this week....that is the upset special

that is the UPSET special ....

to be or not to be

To Be!!!!!!!!!!

Orchard Park is always tough on east division

Sternling Sharp is the biggest idiot covering football on TV. I really can't figure out why the guy has a job. He's incapable of speaking at a normal volume and he never says anything insightful.

THE JET GAVE US THE SUPER PLAGUE FROM NJ .we have to make sure that plague got of us on monday vs pats .

Back in first place tuesday mornin

In reguards to the game against the Bills, your all right on that, we are usually good for one loss in Orchard Park....not this week though.

Sterling Shape is MR Horseface

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