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Marshall responds to NFL Network rebuke

Well, the NFL Network is not a favorite of Brandon Marshall's today following their strong rebuke of his final series against the Jets Sunday night.

Check out the previous post for the details and genesis of the issue.

Marshall today responded to the comments from Mike Mayock and Sterling Sharpe and Solomon Wilcots. The video below is courtesy of The Herald's Jeff Darlington.


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Henne, Marshall,Bess, Hartline work the Def. Fins come alive and pressure Brady all night long. Ronnie breaks a big one. Fever is right back in 1st. place on Tues,

"not this week though".....Thats the puke green in ya talkin


Not anti at all Bro, just a stupid attempt at comedy on my part. Dry sarcastic humor. As in all the bitching on the blogs Monday about not running and throwing to Fasano etc. Its more a Haiku making fun of how rediculus calling B. Marsh out after a game like that is.

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro (Armando)

Yea, socal, I think the handcuffs come off Henne this week...if they don't, Hennings head should be in the ground along side the pig.

Hope they play to win instead of trying not to lose.. How did is the pit Fever?

Deep is the pit1

We just had our "Marino vs Buffalo first start" Got a feelin Hennes' gonna have a REAL nice career.

just deep enough to cover, hot coals on the bottom, Budlight in the washtub.


My bad, I thought it was sarcasm, but I misinterpreted the word Guano.


Can't help feeling pressure on Brady is top priority, Sanchez never got it. We have to do better with that and I think the offense will be there if Henning allows them to play without interuption of the wild-idiot!

Officials need ta start callin the holding goin on with Wake. with his speed around the corner, he;s getting hooked alot.

I think he did great considering he didn't play against Revis, then he would have had something like 6 catches for 44 yds.
The guys at espn picked da doofins to win so you know right there they have sheet for brains.
Cro is a good cover corner, but isn't anywhere near Revis in jamming receivers and re=routing them. Still marshall did what he did and even if he took off the end of the game it ain't a one receiver team, somebody else has to pick it up.

Guys in all good fun and humor thank you, glad you can take a joke (some of you) Yall better hope you beat the Pats or ill be here bring and early Tues!!!

PS tell B Marsh to stay classy...at least the Jets own it if they suck.

I didn't read all the posts but I saw the video on NFLN. Honestly....I'm happy he has the balls to say something back. Not only is much expected of him but he is producing. Anyone remember teddy ginn?

I was there Sunday night and will be there Monday night. MARSHALL IS A BEAST!

Duh duh duh, I really believe being on a Dolphins blog makes me intelligent DUH DUH Duh. I have total shyt for brains but of course I don't care cause I'm a failure of a Jets fan who has to get on other blogs to feel important DUH DUH DUH. Marshall OWNED that old POS Cromartie

Lageman! How ya doin' buddy?

Don't know if Lageman explained to you guys; but we're here largely due to your own fans, who paid us non-stop visits throughout the off-season.

And it's not like you sent us your very best. We got the illiterati, drooling morons, and retread retards to tell us how great the Phins are, and what a bunch of losers the Jets will be. I thought I would return the compliment.

Well look at us now. Mark Sanchez is the #6 QB in the League with a 105 Passer Rating, while Henne's 88 earns him only a #15.

I don't have a dog in your next fight with the Patsies. Suffice it to say that one of you is going to ruin the others season, and that's just fine with me.

Pats 27 - Phins 20.

I'm not going to say any more right now, but I promise you I'll be back for further visits throughout the season.

Of course I say about how other fans going on other blogs are mo-rons and turds then I do the EXACT same thing. Then I say I will come back, boy, if I'm not the definition of a total dikhead. How stuooopid am I ???

wow NFL Network shame on you..are you serious..i dont even care about the stats..yes he put up numbers...but since when has a Miami receiver been able to do what he did all night long...and trust me he isnt to blame or criticize for the "L" but i guess they are analyst for a reason...thats why i usually cut out the last 3 letters and say thats what their opinions are basically

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Peace Love Birth Control

Don't listen to these guys, you played a heck of a game, too bad the defense and play calling didn't help you win the game. Henne also missed a WIDE OPEN Hartine on 3rd and goal from the 2. He locked on you and never saw Hartiline all by himself right underneath the post.
Let's keep the focus and beat the Pats nexr Monday.
All the best

Last chance with Mary Jane
One more chance to kill the pain
I feel summer creepin in
I`m tired of this town again ......

*"Of course I say about how other fans going on other blogs are mo-rons and turds then I do the EXACT same thing. Then I say I will come back, boy, if I'm not the definition of a total dikhead. How stuooopid am I ???"*

I see you can't even control fake posters here. Figures.

Yea so nice of you two worthless Jets douchebags to stop by. Now me and Lageman are going to go blow each other cause we are SOO COOL . Fu@Kin 40+ years of losing and choking and winning shyt but were the greatest. Two AssBuddies

did u ladies see what the Tuna said to a reporter about whats next for him...it aint in miami folks....
Well that is a good question," Parcells said when asked about what his future holds now. "I am not a sit-around-the-fireplace guy. I don't know. I am not certain about it. We will see what happens when the time comes. I know I want to do something even if it is not day-to-day or something like that. I know I want to do something. I don't like sitting around. I like to get up and go do something. We will figure it out when the time comes."

job not close to being finished but hes taking miami's 12mil and prolly going to go build a new team again according to hisTUNAness


I thought I told you get off the computer and cook my dinner Be-atch.

Your brown eye is MINE tonight you punk.

PS: Don't forget those crotchless tightie whities tonight, you know the ones I like.

Those comments by SS are rediculous. Was I upset by a Miami loss,,,yes, was I upset with Brandon, hell no. I think we lost that game at a team but I can tell I love all the positives that came out of that game. Brandon is a beast and I looking forward to Monday night against the Pats.

tuna is a great human being , not like BILL BELICHICK who was cheating on his wife w/woman from the great state of NJ then he married his mistress .

Rouge, listem to what Lageman said and do it .jets won .

cowkilla, tuna is a man of his word.he has owner no one can touch .he already honored 3 years of his contract .

point is...job not even close to being done and now it came out of his mouth thy he is moving on...so much for his "consultant" position he is doing for us now...why do we gwr crapped all the time...Tuna didnt leave the job half done for the G-Men or Dallas now did he?? no he didnt, he won a championship or two, or three...you see what im sayin. Hey Mando..can you dig into this espn story about BP and see whats up?

he has HONOR no one can touch

i need some one who knows GUITARS .

HOW much guild guitar d-40 bluegrass jubilee guitar coast ?

Aloco, i do see what you are saying...but his contract isnt up yet, the job is half done, and now it finally surfaces that his"consultant" job with us will be short as well. to me that isnt right man, especially when he did finish what he started everywhere else he has been. leave it to miami to get forked once again. Im just gettibg tired of getting the shaft. We are so close to being a Superb team. This is my question to you guys.. so if tuna is leaving for sure now, how safe is Sparano now that he doesnt have the Tuna inbetween him and Ross? Scares me man becauee if something like that happens...who knows how big that snowball could get...

Branding Marshall is what we've needed 4 a long time in Miami he had a great game and At least as dolphin fans we have a receiver like brandon Marshall,( and remember this is only his first year with this team,) last year bess was our best receiver. Could be worse we could have gotten braylon ( oops I dropped it again) Edwards!Lol!

cowkilla..... nfl of today is not the nfl of yesterday .when ross hired mike the ex vp of the red sox that meant we are going to operate in a new way .tuna knew he had no chance w/the new regime .so they are the onces are pushing him out ........................

I know one thing about GUITARS...they are great to smash jet fans and hookkers over the head with...does that help Aloco?

Yeah i guess i can see that, good point bro

guitar to play on for my girl friend .

video isn't attached on my phone.. anyone know where I can c his rebute?

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robby...yahoo sports, espn both have it

you must have an iphone too with no flash player

Also we sent a dumptruck full of poo over to this jet fans house and had them dump it on his driveway and half covered his porche...it was great! It only cost us a few hudred bucks to talk him into the dump


Are you buying a guitar?

If you've got skills the Guild is beautiful. Awesome sound to go along with a super expensive price tag.

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thanks cowkilla

Is this not the same network that mock Sparano for wearing shades at Minnesota. Slight disability and the joked about it. Imagine if he was in a wheel chair or even blind (God forbid)what would they have said then. Anybody hear them apologies for what they said back then?

no apologies from them yet. but who are they to make fun of someone... AL Michaels has an ugly wig on that I call "The Squirrel"
Then you got Dan Dierdorff the slurring lisp walruss...shall i continue...

Jets have the right to enjoy the win. We did it twice last year right? Nothing wrong with backing your team. As far as the Revis on Marshall comments? Funny how He is hurt when He knows He is playing a receiver with the same skills as Moss has. Anyways Fins will be OK we cant do anything but get better.


A good USED Guild D-40 $1000.00 and up.

Great Fender or Martin, use $300.00 and up.

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I'm not surprised that it's influenced her life in a positive way.

Music is MORE spiritual than Religion.

Music just don't lie!


Justin Sandercore's website is COMPLETELY free.

You can voluntarily donate money if you like. He raises money for Dakfur and the recent flood victims and all kinds of stuff like that.

Justin is beautiful people, he has a HEART of GOLD!!!!

how come i havent seen anything from armando or anyone about Jake Long not practicing thurs???? Is his knee ok or what?!



we are now in justin guitar.com web site which it says; (( best way to learn is by transcribing songs bu yourself -not using tab )) .

thank you very much


If your buying it brand new from a reputable dealer you'll be fine.

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finfanned...no mando wont post it because he likes to not work and only post one new story per day

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(( a slightly wraped neck can be hard to detect )) you scared me odin ,

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