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Marshall responds to NFL Network rebuke

Well, the NFL Network is not a favorite of Brandon Marshall's today following their strong rebuke of his final series against the Jets Sunday night.

Check out the previous post for the details and genesis of the issue.

Marshall today responded to the comments from Mike Mayock and Sterling Sharpe and Solomon Wilcots. The video below is courtesy of The Herald's Jeff Darlington.


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the best thing about justin he grew up in australia and moved to london 1996.

the five whoo that lifted what

Yep Odin speaks the truth man. there is a fine line between a great guitar amd getting screwed with a polished up hunk of junk.
There are some key things to look for with any new or used guitar

Armando, you should have challenged Henning on using Henne in the shotgun

Aloco, a warped neck on your guitar is like a deformity on your male member! It just don't feel right!!!!

Hey Jets Fan!!!

Yeah,... what Cee lo Green Said!

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro (Armando)

sparano may not be the best head coach and henning for all his genius messed up against the jets at the end

Guys.. Lageman is an ahole from NY Daily News Jets Stream Blog. I read at that Jets blog that he has been posting here creating problems. Just ignore him. Another poster at that same site, Old Rogue, the most hated jets fan in the world will be visiting this blog to annoy you all. that m-f'cker is mine to annoy!

Any Dolphin fans who want to give the jet fans an idea of how you feel about those pompous, over rated, out of control Jets team, please post at Manish Mehta's Jets Stream, NY Daily News. That blog is where the most obnoxious, mentally insane, and uneducated jet fans are residing.




so parcells is talking to ny media ... looks like hes ready to move on .
not sure trifecta jobs are secure with ross saying superbowl ..
man do i ever miss the SHULA days. been a fan since 82 and ever since fn hauzienga {whatever} got rid of DON SHULA and DAN MARINO its been downhill ever since.
every 2 years fire coaches or new gm ,brings in his people we still suck try again . new players new system, drafting ,free agents,and then time for regime change.rinse and repeat like it says on a shampoo bottle.
and whats with all these celebs at the games?is it part of the football game or our strategy?
Entertainment for ross 1st football second .sad reality guys.

You guys are so funny. You know, you can love Marshall and the team and still criticism.

I love Marshall. He is clearly the best we have had in YEARS. He will come up big for us for a long time. However this time he didn't and the tape clearly showed it. I don't care if he put up 50 or 200 yards, he just simply wasn't there and the effort was NOT there for that last 4 plays when it counted most.

To say otherwise just shows much your bias affects your judgement.

Marshall is NOT the problem in Miami! If they have any problem at all, it will come in the coaching department in my view!

thw wildcat is the problem;its become one dimensional. wildcat has to go; it ate the wolf's food.

The wildcat is too predictable,but at least Ronnie threwthe ball once this time.Sure it was incomplete, but it was something different.

better figure things out cause the schedule is insane. no team could come out of next 5 games better than 3-2. lose to the pats and this could be a longggggggggg year, cant go 0-2 at home vs div


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lol @ Mark in Toronto

+ Go Dolphins!

Most of all, go dolphins!!!

good day to be long oil and gold!!!

I am Old Rogue. I am th acknowledged Butch Queen of NYDN's Jets Stream. I have been a diehard jets fan for all my 73 years. I am an out of the closet cross dressing gay gentleman from Ann Arbor, Michigan. And I can still kick the ass of any phins fans anywhere in the U.S.A. I hereby offer a challenge to an intelligent football debate anyone here if you care to blog at Jets Stream. I participate daily in a jets forum so you will find me easily.

Fair warning to all bloggers of this forum. If any of you make fun of my homosexuality at Jets Stream, I will take over this blog with my most able assistant and "friend" for life, poster Lageman. I will show no mercy as I am a master debater.

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Brandon Marshall > everyone

Keep grinding Marshall!

MIA take it to the house!

master debater or master bater?

"Be The Wolf!!!"

Hating on marshall is stupid, how about we hate on the real villians of the game in dan henning and J. Allen Pourous coverages all night. The playcalling was awful and henning knew it, i mean The dam wildcats nets us more loss yardage and long third down and distances then any wrongs our passing attack was doing sunday night. Amazing what happens when they actually put the ball in hennes hands and see what he can do on the field. Henning needs to get with it OR GTFO seriously!!!

Just a random thought from last Sunday's game. I love that block Fasano put on Eric Smith. I'd love to do that to every jet fan.

You guys are going to buy each other guitars and write each other love ballads....I bet your all hopped up on coconut tanning lotion, wearing your fruity little orange jerseys playing WHITESNAKE cover songs for each other.


Fellas, this Old Rogue guy's here because of a response I made yesterday to Lageman (basically telling him I thought the Jets were gay). This dude sounds like an idiot, I'm ignoring him (after this post), and suggest you do the same, we got better things to discuss than the useless Jets.

Anyway, my real post is anyone hear anything about Crowder? Is he playing? Out? And we tried Jason Allen vs. Randy Moss a couple of years back and got embarrassed, so I'm saying put Vontae on Moss all day, Allen gets the other WR, and someone (like Benny Sapp or something), needs to stay on Welker, 'cause that's too much to ask the LBs. I hope they don't use Sean Smith for Welker, I don't think he can stay with him.


DC, agreed, have to start matching Vontae against the other team's best receiver because QBs aren't even looking at Vontae's side anymore. have to take a page out of the Pats own playbook and make the other team do something other than option A (i.e. Throw to Randy Moss). make them beat you another way.

That being said, Tate is an emrging WR and looks ready to take the mantle from Randy next year.

Those TE's are nothing to sneeze at either. Going to need Crowder in this game to stop the run and free up Dansby to cover.

On offense, run all day. The Pat defense is soft and can't stop the run or pass.

I like Whitesnake. The best of CD is in my car. Was listening to the best of Pantera on the way to work. RIP Dimebag.

Yerimiah bell played very poorly last game as well as allen. Not ready to panic but watch bell in coverage HE should be able to cover te never does. and allen, just as you hear him speak, hes ALWAYS (even when something happens good) alittle confused

Henning has simply settled in past the point of being innovative or creative.

He knows how to handle every situation so well, that he thinks he can get by with taking whatever the defense is giving. I do give him credit for this, because he's excellent at it.

In a perfect world it's all fine and dandy, but in the reality of the NFL, he's letting opposing defenses dictate the game to our offense.

In certain situations you sometimes HAVE to take what you're given. As a general rule of thumb for running your offense it sucks though, because NOBODY is going to GIVE Henning a Championship.

At some point you have to strap them on and dictate the game to opposing defenses. That's all there is to it. It's not like the offense and Henning specifically isn't capable. He just seems to have settled into being tentative and OK with letting opposing defenses dictate the flow, speed and strategy of the game.

The case in point obviously being the wets game. Look at how we played from the point we were down by 14. If we had come out of the gate with that mentality, the wets for as good as they are, simply couldn't hang, the Dolphins win easy!

I've been posting about this problem since Henne became the starter. As we improve as a team, it becomes more and more apparent. It took me this entire week to realize I'm not this bummed out because we lost to the wets, this is the NFL and you win some and you lose some. I'm just completely down and out because for all of the recent improvements, my beloved Miami Dolphins are fatally flawed by the man running the offense.

You guys thinking Henning came to Marshall's defense, don't be fooled. This was lip service, damage control, this was putting spin on a possible 50 million dollar public relations flap.

Nope, deep down inside, Henning will use the IVs and the fact that Marshall was gassed as ANOTHER reason to carry on with the same old, same old.

PS: PLEASE......SOMEBODY........correct me if I'm wrong.


Odin, I'm worried about the coaching staff as a whole - not just the OC. That was an atrocious performance on Sunday night all around by the coaching staff.


I have always thought we should play DimeBags Guitar on "WALK" at the stadium after every touchdown and Turnover.





A lot of hockey arenas play that song when a fight breaks out and it always gets me pumped up.

"You can't be something you're not, be yourself, by yourself, stay away from me!!!"

One of the true anthems in rock n roll!!!


A little insight into my psychosis(SERIOUSLY NOW!):

People remember where they were or what they were doing when JFK was shot or when 9/11 happened.

It was like that for me the first time I heard Dimebags guitar!

Just a minute ago, reading the lyrics(above) off of a Dolphins blog I started getting goosebumps-WTF!

$2100.00 for a Guild D-40 Bluegrass Jubilee sounds about right (that's what it's priced at MusiciansFriend). Taking someone who knows a little about guitars is a good move. I'm leary of buying on-line because I want to check the neck, action, and sound before I buy. Each guitar is different. Sometimes a cheaper guitar sounds just as good as an expensive one and sometimes an expensive one doesn't play worth a flip even if it's set-uo right. Find a good set-up guy (luthier) to show you how to put strings on it and check it for problems after you buy it. Worth the money. Consider it an investment if nothing else. But, if she's just starting out, I'd go with something cheaper. Otherwise, two weeks of lessons and she still can't play and the guitar winds up as a piece of furniture.

Also to those critical NFLN talking heads...

On the PLAY where Henne never looked in Marshall's direction, if he throws a dart there, we score.

Sure Marshall was tired looking coming off the ball but had superior inside position and looked to be open on the square in.

It didn't look like they could even get help from the inside as the Jet was too far away.

Thats the way I see it.

OC Henning should have had a better set of 4 downs called.

Henne needs to work on his progressions

Henne locks onto targets a lot

They should take the fade patern out until Henne can perform it regularly. I have seen many times when he throws it up and it ends up out of bounds with no chance for anyone to get it. Many deep sideline routes same thing. Go back through games...there are very few successes with the fade pass. Maybe it is just a pass that is harder for him? He already has had to work a lot on changing his ball speed on close targets and non WRs. Also getting loft over LB's to drop it behind them.

I will keep the faith that many of these throws will come over time.


sorry if there was a double post.

Have a good one fellas...

Starve the Wolves until Monday night so they can feast!

Tracy,thank you for the advice.we are taking a 60 year old man who worked w/guitar all his life until retired .my girl friend played for a year without a teacher w/old one .now time to buy a real one .

Odin, that is cool. I don't know much about playing guitar - unfortunately I have no artistic skill whatsoeever but I'm envious of anyone who does. I do love music though. I recently caught Slash on his current tour - great show. Joe Satriani is coming to Toronto in December - already have my tickets -15th row.

Dolphin fans that are still heartbroken "if we , if we, if we.....shhhhhhhhhhhh ya lost shut yer traps

Rob in Oc....What up!!!!!

At the end of the game, the jets had blanket coverage in the end zone, 5 db's and 2 lb's that keyed on the middle of the field. The plays that were called baffled me because our recievers ran straight into the coverage of the defense. Not all of the blame can be put on the play calling, Henne had a chance to make a play, but got happy feet in the pocket. He choose to run it up the middle, instead of breaking the play outside. Again this is easy for me to say now in hindsight, and after watching replays, but Henne needs to be able to feel, or at leat recognize where the pressure is coming from in that situation.

Rob,I think that the fade pattern should be a throw that every pro Qb. should be able to execute, I'm sure Henne threw them to Edwards in college. But I agree, The pass to Hartline had no chance, as well as the fade to Marshall. It looked like it was thrown by a high school sophomore. On that play, the offense has such an advantage. As evident on the Allen penalty, the reciever can jump back into the DB, for a PI, or out jump them for an easy score. We should be able to execute this play. I don't want to beat up on Henne to bad, like I said earlier this week, we aren't going to win many games when we have to throw it 44 times, and the reason is that Henne isn't ready to make all the throws yet, the game Sunday proved that.
Oh and by the way....I hate jets scum! clap clap clap...I hate jets scum!

Oh, and one more thing...unless she's just got her heart set on the Guild, I wouldn't buy it. Get her a starter guitar, $300.00-$500.00, and tell her to begin on that and you'll buy her the Guild later when she can play a little. Starting out on the Guild is sort of like handing the keys to the Ferrari to a kid that just passed his driver's test, in my opinion. She picked an expensive acoustic guitar right off the bat. She may be testing you to see if you think she's worth spending that kinda money on her.

Oops, didn't see your last post before I posted mine. Yep, since she's been playing for a little bit, it's probably time for an upgrade. A really good guitar doesn't make you any better of a guitar player though. A good guitarist can make a crappy guitar sound decent, but an awesome guitar can only help a novice so much. Guild is known for being overpriced. You're paying for the Guild name on the headstock. But, they usually keep their value if not increase over the years.



He is right though, Ferrari/kid/drivers test.

She may be testing you, either way, you know your woman, so you should know the right thing to do.

I have to agree with Tracy, a $300-$500 Fender or Martin will play and sound FANTASTIC!

I'm severely jaded, but the Fender acoustics have a deep throaty sound that I just LOVE!

PS: Did I just type Deep Throaty?

travcy, i think the feeling to have some thing it has value and that she wants it .it will make her feel real great playing it .

ODIN, what she has now is FENDER .i know she will keep that guitar for life . she's 26 years old and she's sure love that guitar .

You guys are going to buy each other guitars and write each other love ballads....I bet your all hopped up on coconut tanning lotion, wearing your fruity little orange jerseys playing WHITESNAKE cover songs for each other.

Posted by: LEGO MY LAGEMAN | October 01, 2010 at 12:04 PM

LMAO...that was pretty good!

It's only 1 game so far though, lets see what the rematch brings. Go Fins!

Why are the Jets lags are still coming on Dolphin´s blog?why don´t you take your sorry opinions to a Jet´s blog?.Always looking for attention,the Jets lags will collapse,no class,no discipline.Your team will not make it to the playoffs this year,you were lucky the Phins defense and special team gave you gifts allnight.You will loose the next 3 games and then you will crawl back under the hot rock you came from...what a waste!!

5 Ways to identify a Jets:

1-Tacky looking

2-you smell him before you actually see him,and that's not a pleasant smell either.

3-No manners,no discipline.

4-They usually spit when they're talking,specially if they are trying to use smart words.

5-They hide in other team's blogs to make ignorant comments.Oh so primitive

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