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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Vikes right here

MINNEAPOLIS -- A victory today?

More than making the Dolphins 2-0 and keeping them in first place in the AFC East no matter what happens elsewhere in the NFL, it would catapult this team we know so much and yet so little about into a state of legitimacy.

Miami beats the team that went to the NFC title game a year ago and you have to believe that is a pretty good team.

Some keys to the game:

Inactives: Chad Pennington is the No. 3 QB. Why is that interesting? He was the No. 2 QB last week. All this means is the Dolphins are allowing themselves the option of using Tyler Thigpen as a spread option QB today. The other Miami inactives are Roberto Wallace, Nolan Carroll, Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Lydon Murtha and Jermey Parnell.

Jake Long versus Jared Allen: I do not expect a shutout by Long. It's hard to expect that when the guy opposing him is a classic 4-3 DE of the highest order. Allen is stud. He's strong, he's quick, he's experienced and he's always seemingly motivated, meaning he doesn't take plays off. Long is similarly a stud. Today will measure exactly how healthy Long is following that knee injury in the preseason finale.

Brandon Marshall's day: I am sitting here two hours before the game and not many playes are on the field yet. Marshall is on the field. He's warming up his hips. He's practicing catching all sorts of passes -- over his head, too low, one-handed, Scene interesting perhaps only to me: Marshall is not catching those passes from Chad Henne. He's catching them from a trainer type. Henne is on the field about 20 yards away and he's throwing passes and working with Davone Bess. Fact is Henne has spoken more with former Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo on the field the past 30 minutes than he has with Marshall. Interesting.

[Update: Marshall eventually finished his regimen and came over to where Henne and Bess were working out routes and started working with them, too.]

Henne versus Brett Favre: It cannot be a blowout here, folks. We cannot have Favre throwing three TDs and 1 INT and have Henne deliver a stat line like he did last week -- zero TDs, zero INTs -- and expect the Dolphins to win. If you have not read it yet, I wrote my Sunday column on Henne and the message the Dolphins give him over, and over and over. It can be something of a confusing message, if you ask me because the Dolphins want Henne to do two things that aren't necessarily opposites -- throw TDs and not throw INTS. To throw TDs, you see, you almost always have to live with some interceptions. The Dolphins have drilled Hennes so much on not throwing INTs, it makes me wonder if he can be a big TD passer anytime in the future.

Alrightie, that's quite a bit to digest before the live blog begins at kickoff. Come back here for all the pregame updates. And let's meet in the comments section for the live blog. 


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With everything else said "The Phins can Win"

Is Harvin playing today ?

I'm pretty sure Harvin will be out there

Dear Mr. Salguero

"We cannot have Favre throwing three TDs and 1 INT"

Bret Farve is more likely to throw 3 INTS and 1 TD.

Thats the way I see it anyway

Soiled :)

Miami goes 2 -0 today

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Anyone know a site to stream the game? stuck at work.

harvin is playing...

Miami 31
Minn. 20

Marshall 2 TDs

*"Home" say’s Marshall will…“Brandgetterdone”… in this one….
Posted by: Home | September 18, 2010 at 08:30 PM

Get ur dun

First time in 7 years I won't see all the Fins games, just couldn't do the Sunday ticket this year and I don't like it.. Will be watching whatever the national game is up here in Virginia and keeping an eye on the scroll so to those of you watching and those of you like me LETS GO MIAMI!!!!

prediction = Vikings 27 Fins 17

Vick with victory!
200 passing yards and 150 rushing!

I couldn't get a ticket to the game(someone that owes me $200 called last night and said he'd get me the $ tomorrow).
So now I am going to a friends house to watch the game instead.I'll be surrounded by at least 10 Vikings fans,so I'm left to fight the good fight by myself.

Home Predicts:

Vontae Pro Bowl Davis w/ INT today

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

anyone have a link for today's game?


Look for feeds of the game on justin.tv or firstrow.net

Soiled :)

james .......if you have ; google chrome or safari or foxfire you go to;

p2p4u.net ......you press on am football they will give you all games you press ...miami vs min under that game you pressed will come out ..link1,2,3 then you press link 1 and you see the game.i hope .

the screen will be black until game time

With U in spirit beerndrums

and remember Home will be celebrating as
Dolphins go 2-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

4:00 pm NFL Headlines:

Miami Dolphins Shock the Football World!!

I do not want to foul an entire page on this blog with your score predictions... if you would like to see the final numbers that you posted, they are on the final page of the previous blog (Dolphins to run on Vikings? bet on it!). Since I have commenced the fermented beverage count, there will be no more of that mess for today... BUT, it will be posted tomorrow along with the final stats of the game...

I hope you all have a great game day where ever you are...PLEASE stay safe.


I think the Dolphins regime needs to lay off Henne and let him play the way he played at Michigan. To throw deep you take the risk of INTs, just look at Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning etc, it kinda goes with the territory just as long as it doesn't happen all the time.
I hope I'm wrong but from Mando's article it seems like the Dolphins are putting alot on Henne, doesn't matter with Penne cos he can't go deep so he suits their dink and dunk.

At some point Henne will say to hell with it and take his shots, hopefully that will come today so people will back off.

Hell yea, have the fins game broadcast on the local channel hear in the bay area. No running down to the bar making a complete fool of myself in front of people I don't know. just my girlfriend and our cat. Happiness.

anyway, hopefully I'll see our run game take over and Henne Go Deep to marhall for a couple scores.

And Favre to throw all kind of INT like the last time we beat him.



I obviously could be wrong but I truly believe Henne will not thrive under the current offensive coordinator and coaching staff. They couldn't care less about the passing game and see Henne as a caretaker.

I hope they prove me wrong. Henne has a rocket for an arm and should be allowed to take more shots down the field. But up until now they've basically handcuffed the young QB, the exception being when the Dolphins are playing from behind and need big yards.

This is where I have a HUGE problem in their philosophy. They won't let Henne get practice throwing down the field when they have a lead but expect him to be ready to get those chunk yards when the game is on the line?

can't play afraid of an INT.;no good qb plays that way. it will result in paralysis. you have to go all out with all your weapons and make good decisions throughout. you have to play to score TD's and play to win mistakes notwithstanding. a good QB has to develop amnesia(forget the bad play;keep playing!)

Harvin is in fact dressed and playing but he has barely practiced all week. I am sure and hoping he will be rusty. He has to be without much practice.

SANchez was afraid of INT last week .look what happened to him .

"if you ask me because the Dolphins want Henne to do two things that aren't necessarily opposites -- throw TDs and not throw INTS. To throw TDs, you see, you almost always have to live with some interceptions. The Dolphins have drilled Hennes so much on not throwing INTs, it makes me wonder if he can be a big TD passer anytime in the future".

Absolutely spot on Mando. Henne will never be the QB we all want him to be unless the coaching staff trusts him to actually throw the ball downfield like most other teams in the league rather than hoping for a 4yd checkdown and hope it turns into a 84yd TD

Right on NYSCOTT, I agree with ya buddy and hope we're both wrong.

i have the game here on the local channnel here in jax fl cus jags play at 4p.
no running to bar either for me.

henne rarely threw the ball downfield even in training camp. he seemed very hesitant to take any chances downfield even with open receivers. he is thinking instead of playing;recipe for failure. he's trying to follow orders from henning and sparano; no mistakes. he becomes a game manager which is not his style and fans can see it.

I have a link but I'm not posting it in public. Any bright ideas on how to communicate it to individual peeps?

Armando, can you predict a Vikings win like you did last week for Buffalo?

Like you said, usually the opposite happens for your game predictions. Keep up the good work.

Harvin will play. Interesting tidbit, Sparano said that Henne and Marshall that the 2 teamates finally seemed to be on the same page during practice, Marshall getting his head around, and Henne getting rid of the ball to Marshall on time. Marshall thinks he will have a big game today. Look for a big play in the passing game today. with the 4-3 cover 2 scheme that the Vikes like to run, if they can't get a pass rush, Henne should be able to find open recievers in the second level. At some point in this game there will be the opportunity to take advantage of the man coverage. It's up to Henne to find the opening and exploit it.

may be the coaching staff knows some thing about HENNE we don't know .may be they think he could be an INT machine .

Thanks for your negativity on game day Mando, great job pepping the fans!

Let me add some points you failed to mention:
- Dolphins familiarity with Favre. Yes folks, we know what we're dealing with. And, frankly, he LESS scary than a Matt Shaub, Philip Rivers, even Aaron Rodgers. Let's face it, Favre is in his FINAL year. He's still Brett Favre, but barely. Definitely NOT a major threat, AS LONG AS he's pressured.

- Mike Nolan. He's now seen his defense for a game and knows exactly what he wants to see with them. Trust me, defense will get better every week under this DC.

- Karlos Dansby. We now have a LB who can cover Shancoe (at least better than we've had in the past). Between him and Yeremiah, I think Shancoe will not have such a great day.

- Brandon Marshall. Caught a bunch of passes last week. I say, get him going early and often. That will loosen up the d-line, and open holes for Ronnie/Ricky later (a la Saints).

All-in-all, this is a pretty even match-up. Mando may think being a playoff team LAST year means anything, but those of us who understand football know much better. We're only underdogs because we're playing in Minnesota (and they are tough in their house). But we can win. We should win. We WILL win!

Who dat say gonna beat dem DOLPHINS! Kiss where the Sun don't shine. LET'S GO!!

DC Dolfan, Barbie, er I mean Bobby Carpenter can cover too :).

Soliai starts w/ Starks at RE; showing faith in Soliai, good for him



First they ignore you
Then they redicule you
Then they fight you
Then you win!


First they ignore you
Then they redicule you
Then they fight you
Then you win!

If Sparano plays scared on offense, we lose. It's that simple.

I say let Henne air it out and we've got a chance. Minny is tough to beat if you only score 13 points.

Starks starting at DE

Anyone remember the last time we beat the Vikes in their building?

I agree. we have to let Henne loose. whatever the outcome then we know. i expect sacks on both sides. should be a good game.

I agree with some of what your saying greg z since Henne can't look to throw the long ball down field when the play has a receiver running a 10-15 yard route and the other receiver running a 5 yard route; no one down field to look to (that's on the coaches and not the qb)

Last two times: Terry Kirby and Marino. tore ACL. Ricky Williams and Fiedler?

Chris chambers fumbled and lost chance to clinch. 2002.

I don't think Henne will truly reach his potential until we get rid of Henning. Hopefully that will be after this season. At this point I would be happy with the kinf of numbers Pennington put up a couple of years ago, which I think was something along the lines of 24 TDs and 3INT's.

let's remember FAVRE only completed 4 passes last week .



I stand corrected. I think Pennington's numbers that year were 19 TD's 7 INT's. I would be content with something along the lines of 23 TDs and 10 INTs from Henne. To expect more right now under Henning is just not realistic. It's a conservative, run first team and may not change under Henning leaves.

why isn't hartline practicing with henne?

Lets go phins we can win this game. Play Smart!!

You excited for Dierdorf today? WOW.

Dierdorf plus Favre equals LOVE

Wow the Phins are 5 1/2 point dogs, with the total of 42 points. This is a nice little parlay. Take the points, and the under to the bank!

favre completed 15, vikes will run ap all over us today. no chance unless we get turnovers

We need to slow down AP and force grandpa to throw the ball; with pressure on him he will throw ints


I know it's been said before but you are truly one of the most negative guys on this blog. Why do you even cheer for this team? Why don't you become a Patriot or Colts fan, so you have something to cheer for every week? Do you really not see how negative you are? I think we have a great chance to win this game. The Vikes are vulnerable right now.

craig why cant u just respect others opinions, its a prediction. course i want miami to win. your so damn bias ur pick miami to win every game. come real, for once

Wowwww....people actually believe that Miami can win today???? I wish them well but I can't imagine them winning at all today....even with the point spread...

At least please send BrINT to permanent retirement today....

dont say that jimb, u will be called names cause u dont predict the same as them

Wildcat offense didn't look too good last week. Maybe that's because Buffalo has faced it a handful of times and had the entire perseason to prepare for it. I noticed that Thigpen (a good runner) is the second-string QB today. Any chance we see HIM in Wildcat? Definitely a passing threat! :-)

I'm just saying it's the same thing with you every week Bill. There's got too be more fun stuff for you to do than get down the 'Phins every week. Take up golf or something....

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