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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Vikes right here

MINNEAPOLIS -- A victory today?

More than making the Dolphins 2-0 and keeping them in first place in the AFC East no matter what happens elsewhere in the NFL, it would catapult this team we know so much and yet so little about into a state of legitimacy.

Miami beats the team that went to the NFC title game a year ago and you have to believe that is a pretty good team.

Some keys to the game:

Inactives: Chad Pennington is the No. 3 QB. Why is that interesting? He was the No. 2 QB last week. All this means is the Dolphins are allowing themselves the option of using Tyler Thigpen as a spread option QB today. The other Miami inactives are Roberto Wallace, Nolan Carroll, Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Lydon Murtha and Jermey Parnell.

Jake Long versus Jared Allen: I do not expect a shutout by Long. It's hard to expect that when the guy opposing him is a classic 4-3 DE of the highest order. Allen is stud. He's strong, he's quick, he's experienced and he's always seemingly motivated, meaning he doesn't take plays off. Long is similarly a stud. Today will measure exactly how healthy Long is following that knee injury in the preseason finale.

Brandon Marshall's day: I am sitting here two hours before the game and not many playes are on the field yet. Marshall is on the field. He's warming up his hips. He's practicing catching all sorts of passes -- over his head, too low, one-handed, Scene interesting perhaps only to me: Marshall is not catching those passes from Chad Henne. He's catching them from a trainer type. Henne is on the field about 20 yards away and he's throwing passes and working with Davone Bess. Fact is Henne has spoken more with former Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo on the field the past 30 minutes than he has with Marshall. Interesting.

[Update: Marshall eventually finished his regimen and came over to where Henne and Bess were working out routes and started working with them, too.]

Henne versus Brett Favre: It cannot be a blowout here, folks. We cannot have Favre throwing three TDs and 1 INT and have Henne deliver a stat line like he did last week -- zero TDs, zero INTs -- and expect the Dolphins to win. If you have not read it yet, I wrote my Sunday column on Henne and the message the Dolphins give him over, and over and over. It can be something of a confusing message, if you ask me because the Dolphins want Henne to do two things that aren't necessarily opposites -- throw TDs and not throw INTS. To throw TDs, you see, you almost always have to live with some interceptions. The Dolphins have drilled Hennes so much on not throwing INTs, it makes me wonder if he can be a big TD passer anytime in the future.

Alrightie, that's quite a bit to digest before the live blog begins at kickoff. Come back here for all the pregame updates. And let's meet in the comments section for the live blog. 


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blame tge play calling not Henne

play calls suck

Henne! you have to release the ball once he makes the cut..come on Marshall was open.

unreal if we lose all on coaching, all they do is run up middle. throw the damn ball, fuckkkkkkkkkkk

cant believe were giving this game away like this

geez these guys forgot how to tackle!


exactly, if we lose, it's all on Henning's head, not the offense.

You can't do the same play 3 TIMES and not think the other team isn't smart enough to figure it out.

Ok, we have the mojo on our side. We need a FIRST DOWN. This is why we brought in BRANDON MARSHALL. TO WIN GAMES we lost at the end last year. Let's go!

DEFENSIVE WIN! All praise Mike Nolan!

2-0 BABY!


wheres the nay sayers. enter cricket sound

from the start of the 4th quarter I was yelling pass on first down, and our OC runs (when they are expecting us to run to eat up clock) the pass is open. Really Dan Henning try to confuse a defense sometime by passing on first down

game ball Jason Allen


kyphinfan, damned right! On BOTH counts! Jason ALLEN, made a name for himself. KARLOS Dansby, earned his paycheck. KOA Misi, earned his 2nd rd pick (remember, people were questioning that). BILL Ireland, EARNED HIS PAYCHECK TODAY!

Brett Favre fanatics, HE'S DONE!

Agree DC Dolfan, great defense and had Henning called passes on first down ricky and ronnie don't fumble because the ball would have been in Marshall's hand

props to the D but the O better be able to score more than 7 - 10 points a game

Ok back upstairs to watch the Patriots put away the J(just)E(enough)T(to)S(suck), and end thier fantasy of being the team to go to the superbowl; or maybe when Miami sends them to 0-3 they will realize that they are competing with buffalo for worst in our division

offence pkay calling is horrible, everyone knew we where going to run and we killed ourselves by fumbling after two int

Those guys get paid too. And it's easier when they know what play is coming. Ricky and Ronnie have to hold on to the ball, but they're tired. Brandon Marshall is fresh. Davone Bess is right there. Surprise somebody. Hell pass to your TE (how about that?). There's so much potential, I don't know why they are shooting themselves in the foot on the strategy and scheme fronts. See what a HOT Coordinator does, he takes chances (Nolan), trusts his players. They need to trust Henne and Marshall and Bess and Hartline.

i agree DC

agree dolfan, huge win but the coaching is a joke. we always start out quickly and then just sit on ball rest of game

Henning will then say, "well, if Henne throws an INT, or worse a pick-6, then you'd all be criticizing me for letting an inexperienced QB throw the ball."

See, typical straw man argument. WE'RE NOT saying that. We're saying, you need to have an element of surprise in your play-calling, or else the other guy will calculate what you're calling. The team gets conservative, tight, out-of-rhythm when you don't try to stir things up a bit. We should have won this game by more points than we did. We had the ball on their 40 at least twice and didn't get ANY points! Unacceptable Dan Henning, and that's your playcalling that caused that! You should thank Mike Nolan ALL SEASON if you're going to call games like that.

Agree DC Dolfan and the worst part was Henne was doing good passing the ball when they let him pass 9/15 with a 106 passer rating.

All that said, we did enough to win. For the first time I can remember in a long time, the ball is bouncing our way, calls being called in our favor, things working out for the Miami Dolphins. That's a beautiful start to the season, I'm now saying, "does Channing Crowder add anything to this team?" And I wasn't a "we'll be better without him" guy, but Dobbins is doing his thing, we may not want to mess with what works. Crowder might have finally hurt himself into 2nd string.

bad bad offense. something has to be done, try to win games, not try not to lose

You miserable fucks need to shut your mouths and enjoy 2 tough road wins.. are you all that dumb.. Road wins build confidence. Confidence inspires better play. Now they come home and take on 2 important division rivals in prime time.. the schedule is brutal the first half of the season.. Be a fan, not a vegas analyst. Each week they can get a little better.

relax. 2 tough road battles and we get the W! rejoyce!

2-0. stop fuckin whinning!

Hold up, hold up. In my defense, if you were here before or during the game, I was the #1 cheerleader (read the transcript). But, now that the game's over, the win has settled in, I think it's appropriate to highlight that which we need to work on to get better. Will we get better each week? Maybe, maybe not. It's gonna take work, effort, buy-in, and yes, GOOD PLAYCALLING! And if that's the issue (not the play of the team), then it could cause bigger problems in the future. Now's the time to adjust that strategy, and obviously, from the VERY FIRST THROW, Henning was listening to someone (Dierdorf said the fans and South Florida media, thanks Mando) and called a Deep Ball play. So, the fans are not ALWAYS wrong. Sometimes a 50+ year veteran coach needs to be shaken back to the present-day game.

we need to stop being a 1 half team. we play great in the first half, then play "not to lose" in the second half. yeah, its great to get two wins, but it is a bit frustrating

agree dave

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