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Ireland wanted it, he gets Salguero's 53-man roster

On Tuesday when I approached Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland about the Dez Bryant matter, we had a good exchange and he ended it with this question:

"Do you have your 53 yet?"

My 53?

Even I don't care about my 53. I care about Jeff Ireland's 53, and I would bet that's what you (my readers) care about, too.

But since Jeff didn't offer to share with me his 53 until the Dolphins actually cut down to that number by Saturday, it got me to thinking. Why not give you guys my 53 after all?

So, just for kicks, here it is:


Quarterbacks (3)

Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Tyler Thigpen.

My thinking: It is hard to cut a second-round pick, in this case Pat White. But he simply has not proven he's an NFL caliber player and it is better to cut losses now than continue to nurture a player who remains undersized and seemingly overmatched. No matter how much he learns the offense or defenses or settles down, he will still be a 5-11 or 6-foot QB in a 6-3 QB world. He will still have an inaccurate arm. He will never be 225 pounds and be able to absorb the hits in or out of the pocket.

Running Backs (5)

Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Patrick Cobbs, Lousaka Polite, Lex Hilliard.

My thinking: I keep Hilliard because he is a core special teams player and because Brown (injury history) and Williams (age and unpredictability) cannot be counted as certainties to play all 16 games. Cobbs sticks because he adds quickness to the offense when he's in there and he is a fine special teams player.

Wide Receivers (5)

Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Patrick Turner, Marlon Moore.

My thinking: Neither Turner nor Moore should buy houses locally. Not yet. If they do make the team, they will then have to survive the next round of concern, which is have they beaten out the sixth receivers around all the other teams that are now available? I would not feel secure about anything if I were them. And remember, there will be vets on the market in the second week that were cut simply because having them on the roster the first week would have guaranteed their entire season's salaries. Those vets will be signed by teams starting Sept. 13 and 14. Finally, Roberto Wallace is a tough guy to cut. He has that prototype body. He has tons of upside. If he doesn't indeed make it, he screams practice squad to me.

Tight ends (2)

Anthony Fasano, David Martin.

My thinking: Fasano and Martin, who is finally in good shape, have nailed down their spots. I cut John Nalbone, although he probably makes it for the actual Dolphins roster. The team likes him despite his inconsistent training camp and preseason. I went this direction because I fear injuries on the offensive line so I'm keeping an extra OLineman. I also believe the Dolphins can scour the waiver wire for tight ends better than John Nalbone.

Offensive linemen (9)

Jake Long, John Jerry, Vernon Carey, Richie Incognito, Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Donald Thomas, Lydon Murtha, Andrew Gardner.

My thinking: Make no mistake the Nate Garner injury is a definite painful setback. It means the loss of a versatile player that can start with little drop-off from anyone else. The final spots here come down to Donald Thomas vs. Cory Procter and I went with the younger guy, although Procter has at times been better than Thomas this preseason.  I also went with Gardner ahead of Lydon Murtha as the backup tackle. Despite Gardner not having a great training camp, there is still something there about that kid I like. Doesn't mean the Dolphins feel the same way. Also, regardless of whether Murtha or Gardner make the team, the Dolphins will be looking to upgrade off the waiver wire so they should buy a house locally just yet.


Defensive Linemen (7)

Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Jared Odrick, Charles Grant, Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel, Marques Douglas.

My thinking: Grant and Douglas are renters, no question about that. They probably won't be on the team next year. But they have played well enough to make it for now. I could not put Montavious Stanley on there as well because we don't want three renters on the defensive line. Do not be surprised if the Dolphins put one or two young, hungry, up-and-coming defensive linemen on their practice squad with the hopes of developing them for later this season and next season. And, yes, I know I cut Lionel Dotson. What can I say? Three training camps and he's still a third-teamer? Got to move on.

Linebackers (9)

Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Channing Crowder, Tim Dobbins, Micah Johnson, Charlie Anderson, Erik Walden.

My thinking: Right off the top, Austin Spitler missed two weeks of camp with a stomach virus and had a tough time catching up. He does deserve a practice squad spot. Chris McCoy also deserves a practice squad shot. But has either won a roster spot? Not that I've noticed. Tim Dobbins makes it because he's experienced, a good special teams guy and a good man to have in the locker room. Erik Walden, to me, has value on special teams so he makes my team. Micah Johnson is border line, I will grant you. Not fast, much to learn, not polished. But I love that he hits people. He needs to get more downhill, as coach Tony Sparano said, so his tackles come in the hole or the line of scrimmage. But he has potential, in my opinion. This kid will play in the NFL. I say the Dolphins should keep Folsom because, in part, he's OK on special teams but more importantly, because of the uncertain nature of Channing Crowder's injury status -- which increasingly is becoming a yearly issue with him. [UPDATE: My apologizies to Charlie Anderson. Overlooked him earlier. He's on there now. J.D. you're out. But in the real world it will likely come down to Folsom vs. Johnson.]

Defensive Backs (10)

Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Benny Sapp, Nolan Carrolll, Will Allen, Jason Allen, Tyrone Culver, Chris Clemons, Yeremiah Bell, Reshad Jones.

My thinking: Yes, that's a lot of defensive backs but the injury to Will Allen forced this in my view of things. Another mitigating factor for keeping so many is that Carroll should win the kick return job, while Culver and Jason Allen are core special teams players -- meaning they play on all the special teams. Benny Sapp is the early-season insurance as the nickel corner so he makes it. Reshad Jones is going to be a good player and that hope is reason enough not to cut him and expose him to another team plucking him or signing him to their practice squad.

Specialists (3)

P Brandon Field, K Dan Carpenter, LS John Denney.

My thinking: Each of these guys signed contract extensions in the offseason and none have any real competition in camp. Even I can figure this one out.

[BLOG NOTE: The Dolphins and Cowboys finish up their preseason tonight with an 8 p.m. (EST) game. So, yes, there will be a live blog right here then. Join me for it during the game. Right here.]


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Andy I am you and you are me. We are one big hairy goofball all wrapped up as one.

yes oh please let patty white play so joe can where his banana dork hat. !!

dcdolfan- pat white would destroy you!

pat whie will be a major factor for the good this year haters .

Andy, I hadn't heard of White being Ireland's pick. I don't think, However, that he would allow any single evaluation to make a second round choice. Too important a pick. Either White was a consensus choice against Parcells, a consensus choice with Parcells, or his own choice against the consensus. No other possibilities. His second draft was simply too important to the future of the team, from his perspective, for him to allow a second round gamble.

If we say we're going to keep Thigpen, then a team that might want him would be more willing to trade to get him. No one will be willing to trade anything to get White. Thus I wouldn't be surprised if Thigpen does get traded and the Fins hang onto White, especially if a QB or two gets hurt tonight (not that I want that).

I agree with Jefferson that part of the Regime's thinking has been to raise Thigpen's trade value by portraying him as backup QB and playing him extensively the first two games.

jaison, you've misinterpreted pat white's upside. His only upside is his *ss, when he's bendin' over takin' it from his boyfriend.

Who's your 2nd favorite player cupcake, John Beck?

Frankly, seeing Pat White in a Dolphins uniform makes me wish for Ted Ginn to return to the team.

Pat White is about as accomplished as a blind sniper.

If Pat White played in a Pop Warner league, he'd STILL be sittin' on the bench.

Pat White makes Tattoo from Fantasy Island look like Jake Long.

I saw Pat White in Buy Buy Baby, trying on onesies for himself.

sparano is the reason a guy like pat white won't work. we have a run-based offense that doesn't like to play "wide open" offensive football. we want to grind it out with runs,and dink and dunks. we want to control the time of possession and play error free football. pat white could be effective in another system but not ours with our philosophy. it was a frivolous 2nd round pick hoping for a few new variations of the wildcat. the only play we let pat run was a base handoff;a total waste of talent and skill set. wish him the best!

there is a rumor the pats are interested in trading for pat white bellycheck offered his pet frog and a box of whiskers from all the pets he's loved before.

I got two words for all you "trade Thigpen" morons...Matt Leinert! Please go read a book on the National Football League before you try to act like you know anything.


You make Hillard sound like he sucks, but I think he is better than Cobbs and he plays hurt, a Tuna kind of guy (tough). He lost a little speed after tearing a tendon in his foot at Montana but from what I seen of his ST play and some of the running I think he has it. Besides last year for one whole game and the first points of the next one two Montana Grizzlies did all the scoring. Ya Baby.

drop white,turner, keep wallace and thigpen go DOLPHINS go

Does anyone know how long the starters will play today and what is the main purpose of today's game?

Final Rotser spots?

hang on more crap is on its way.

i attended alot of practices at the recent training camp. my take; tyler(like him or not) was the only QB who looked effective. he made all the throws and had a youthful enthusiasm. i like penne alot because he is a true pro QB but his arm is gone. white was very inaccurate and henne panicked under any pressure throwing the ball straight down in the ground after staring down one receiver.

Pattie White was inserted into games last year and she couldn't even complete one single pass- not one. She can't play in this league.

Meanwhile, CP10 wants to be a starter somewhere next year. He probably will not be here next year.

That leaves us with Henne and Thigpen. Thigpen is a good backup and is still developing under this regime. He can do things the drop-back pocket passer Henne cant- like scramble and run the option.


Are you saying they should have given Thigpen the "keys" in pre-season?

Are you saying YOU would be starting Thigpen over Henne and Penny?

We need Thigen... he stays.

Dolfanken, are you from the great state of Montana? There must be something that Lex doesn't do in practice that keeps him fourth on the depth chart. He should be the first choice for our third down back, but usually he just pass blocks(which is fine cause he does it well) or is a reciever on a checkdown(also fine, because he is a good reciever. As for running the ball, he has never got much of a chance here. Any short third down running play, and you could bet the farm it will be Lousaka. I wouldn't be suprised if Hilliard might be a piece in a trade, he is a better player then how he is used here.

Cut Turner and keep Wallace- more upside and speed. Same big body. Turner has not impressed.
jets suck

Odinseye, I hear greg z. saying that Thigpen is actually a competent QB. He's not great by any stretch of the imagination, but at least he can complete a pass, run away from trouble, throw for a TOUCHDOWN in a REAL NFL GAME!!!

And that's in stark contrast to you know who (Pat White). And he saw it with his own eyes.

Thank you greg z. for a firsthand account of the Truth!

my thought here is that everything, for the most part has been carefully orchestrated, or planned by the trinity. i would like to think that tuna has his fingerprints all over the fact that we have THE best QB situation in the league, as their is know question at this position should henne goes down. everything has been thought out, but then again, tomorrow we may wake up to find that such a unique advantage has been traded away to bolster a position easier to resupply and of less importance! much like the camarillo debacle. was that somekind of p.r. move for farve? or did tuna leave and coach cammerwrong returned wearing a bill parcell's disguise?

start thigpen.

Matt Leinert has a horrendous bloating contract.

Thigpen can be had for a 4th rd plus a peanuts contract.

Pat White will be miami's 3rd string this year.

DC Dolfan. I agree, I think trading Thigpen is a bad idea. Look down the rosters of most NFL teams, and their back-up guys are horrible. We have the luxury of having 2 guys that if called upon can play(Pat White is not one of them, sorry) At some point in this season, barring a miracle, our backups will have to play. Do we want to risk having to play Pat White at Qb I say no. Thigpen is an insurance policy for this team. As with any insurance it sucks to pay, to keep around because hopefully you won't need it. But when there is an emergency, insurance is a sweet thing to have

Pat White is a secret weapon. Go Pat Go. He has courage, determination and is a leader on the field. He hasn't had a chance in a game yet. Hopefully he will get it in Miami and if he does go somewhere else all you naysayers can eat your words.

If you put 2 watt into Waterboy they would both go poof!!

People should be very concerned there is no depth at Safety or at CB.

If Bell or Clemons goes down? Reshad Jones? Culver?

Worst move was to unload Nate Jones and Reinaldo Hill.

This is an elite passing league, with Sean Smith looking at the big screen and Clemons looking lost, we needed help at DB.

Benny Sapp better play good from the get go.

That was a need trade.

I also believe they might go with only 2 TE's.

How come they cut Sperry so fast? Should have kept him around until the final cuts.

WVU - Miami Fan-

That was pretty funny!


I agree with GregZ @ 2:07/White. Whatever Pat does or doesn't do, it won't be here in Miami. He just doesn't fit the system.

I also agree with what he said @ 2:14 about Thigpen and Penny.

I wasn't being sarcastic(this time)I was just wondering if GregZ really felt that Thigpen should starting?

I can honestly say that either Tyler Thigpen or Chad Pennington will be traded before the trade deadline. As far as WR's go, my source in the dolphins front office says that moore is a lock to make the roster, barring injury, and that Wallace probably wont make it. They expect Patrick Turner to make a big flash this year, and dont be surprised to see him starting next to Brandon Marshall in the second half of the season.

Home...exactly where were you when this oil platform exploded?You're not by any chance fixin to land on the East coast any time soon,are you?

...../ \........
..../ \.......
....| O O |.......
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.... \____/........
I can draw pretty pictures!!

i would cut or trade pennington and keep thigpen and white respectively as 2 & 3

if henne goes down i would bet anything that pennington wouldn't last more than 2 games... which would be even MORE devastating

with a henne-thigpen-white, henne starts and you still get to put white in there sometimes to keep the defense off balance and let the guy develop; thigpen can run the team if henne goes down for any length of time and he actually looked better this offseason i think

pennington is my guy but i'm sorry there's too much riddin on this...

i'd move him

In reply to dear beer N drums

I was surfing on a blow up doll
while sipping an apple martini

R U with me?

I then spent a lot of time on
my KNEES!! Get IT?!!

Benny Sapp is a good veteran player. Watching the Minn game last week, and Mayock(who is a good judge of NFL players was waxing poetic about Sapp, and how it was a win for the Phins, because of his experience, especially as a special teams guy. I know that that will not solve the potential problems in pass coverage. But i think that untill Nolan Caroll gets more experience, Sapp can play nickel, and we can feel a little bit better about that unit.

waterboy alot of guys can play postions, but who can play them well---im not high on culver, i just have a feeling ness has instincts and upside

I think it's pretty much spot on except John Nalbone makes the team at the expense of Lydon Murtha.

Hilliard does suck, i have never seen a running back that gets hits that badly every time---he has no cut abilty, im not a fan---cobbs is much better

Thanks for the tease Armando, NOT!

Ireland wanted it, he gets.........

As I started reading the new headline, I thought YEAH, Dez finally punched Jeffy right in his stoopid looking face.

This would be the only way this retarded story gets any funnier.

Watch yo back Jeffy, Mamma Ho's little thugster knows where you at!

Hilliard > Cobbs.

Hilliard runs hard and at 240 lbs will put some hurt on the defense.

Is the game blacked out tonight???

Is the game blacked out tonight???

Posted by: Roman | September 02, 2010 at 03:16 PM

Only at your house because U smell.

Allen, you have a right to your opinion, and I won't try and change it. My point is that right now, Ronnie, and Bong Pipe are going to get the majority of the work. They deserve it, as they are the heart and soul of the offense. But for Hilliard his role should include more opportunities to run the ball on short yardage, and run screen plays. Not just be limited to a third down guy, and special teamer.

Comparing Hilliards and Cobbs is useless.
Hilliard doesn't "get hit badly" he delivers the hits.
You use a guy like Hilliard to get the tough yards and where teams down. When defenders start sucking wind you throw in the faster more elusive Cobbs who can get some chunk yards.
They done the same type of thing with Ricky and Ronnie. This is Parcells style, period.

Anybody remember OJ Anderson and Dave Megget?

Oh yeah, there is a game tonight sweet!

odinseye, sorry i took so long to reply;doing other things too. my take after watching alot of 2 hour practices; penne is the real deal,a smart QB but his physical skills are starting to erode. he cant air it out so the defenses cheat up (like the ravens in the playoff). pat white just did not improve; kinda like pat turner. i guess i wanted to see an honest,open competition at QB. henne can be the man but i would rather see him win the job in camp. he was annointed before camp. the coaches were constantly working with him to put some arc on the ball;to drop it in over the backers and in front of the safety's. worked on soft touch passes to the backs etc. what i saw was a guy who was stiff;not having fun and not moving the team down the field in practice. henne never seemed to move the defense where he wanted to with his eyes(ala favre/manning etc.)you need to look away from the guy you are going to. they are both young and good with good arms.the competition should be between those two. if one goes down,the other can be equal. henne spent the majority of time and snaps with the first team. he didnt win the job is what i'm saying. sorry i rambled. no way would i trade thigpen;alot of ability!

greg z. Thanks for the camp updates, you info has been better then any of the dolphin reporters of late.(but thank you Armando for hosting this forum so we can discuss)Keep up the good work, your posts are always informative

darryl, i really tell it like i see it. we sit thru 2 hour practices in 90 degree heat and watch everything. we know all the players by number and we know who did what. the young guys and the new players are cause for optimism. thigpen might be listed as no.3 but can easily start. i would trade penne before i would let tyler go. tyler brings some electricity and escapability. he can run!

I agree on everything, Mando. The OT depth is scary bad. I also think they can the veteran DLinemen and pick them up after week one so not to guarantee their salaries.

Hard to say who makes the 53 man roster and who doesn't simply because we still don't know much about Channing Crowder's injury or when Will Allen will be back. Assuming Allen can't play for the first 6 weeks, a guy like Nate Ness might make it. Same thing with Crowder, let's assume he's out for a while, that might open the door for a guy like JD Folsom. There's also going to be some veterans availble that might be interesting for the Dolphins. A guy like Sam Hurd might be available, a rising WR with blazing speed who also happens to be a great ST's player. Assuming he gets cut of course. But that's just a name among what will be many others. Should be interesting. And for those who still believe in Pat White, I think peace in the middle east has a better chance to succeed than Pat White. Time to let go. It was a bad selection. End of the story.

Chad Penne will be traded ............................

pat white will stay a dolphin haterS .

Home, Funny.

What channel are they showing the game on? I dont get local Miami stations as I live in Central Fl.

How many teams can say they have the depth Miami has at the QB position? Henne, Pennington and Thigpen. The most important position of any sport. Don't trade Pennington. A QB is always one good pop away from being seriously injured. Keep Pennington. Even if Henne stays healthy, Pennington's leadership is a big + for this young team.

greg, fine work buddy. I'm a little more up on Henne than you sound, but I see problems with him too (like staring down receivers too much).

Darryl, what I hope with Sapp is he's smart enough to learn our system in 2 weeks. But, I pray no one back there gets hurt, because we are thin, thin, thin.

To all, I know our team isn't top grade, however, they only need to be better than the competition. And if you saw the Pats or Jets OR Bills play in the preseason, then you wouldn't be so worried (they look like some trash, all of 'em). Right now, today, Henne is the #2 QB in the AFC East. And you guys are worried about OUR young CBs, Pats have the YOUNGEST CBs in the league.

Stiffen up gents, we don't have to go 16-0, we just have to beat the losers in our division.

Arizona seems to need a QB so does Kansas City... Penne could get a 2nd rd pick or WR Is Bowe or Breaston available?

maybe a third but for how extreme their need is a 2nd rd pick is what I'd be willing to look at or a # 2 receiver thats proven over Hartline.

Thanks GregZ.

I always like getting peoples opinions, especially people that attend camps.

I lived down there during the later Shula years. I used to go to all of them.

Dolphins camp is one of the very few things I miss since moving up here to the Hinterland.

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