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Karlos Dansby dishes on Pats, prep, past

I am convinced Karlos Dansby was an amazing offseason pickup for the Miami Dolphins. He means nearly as much to the Dolphins defense as fellow offseason acquisition Brandon Marshall means to the offense. And I am convinced because of his even-keel nature and consistency, he might become a better investment for the Dolphins long-term than Marshall.

I am not, however, convinced I've done a good enough job of letting you hear from Dansby so far this season. So let me attempt to correct that a little bit.

What follows is the transcript of the conference call Dansby did today with the New England media. Enjoy:

(On what he’s seen from the Patriots on film this week) – “They’re pretty efficient. They do a lot of things to get defenses off balance and then like say they…they attack - they’re an attacking style offense and like I say they don’t hold anything back. Tom Brady is an efficient quarterback and he’s going to get it to the right guy at the right time.”

(On if this week’s preparation is more complicated due to how much is being thrown at him) – “No, not at all. You just have to be sound at what you do and go out and try to execute better than the opponents. That’s what you have to try to do every week and there’s nothing different this week that I wouldn’t do in the past weeks.”

(On what it’s like preparing for the tight ends and the receivers) – “They got two guys that could block very well and then you got a receiver. They say, they’ve been making a lot of plays on their offensive side of the ball. Like I say, they’ve been getting down the field and scoring touchdowns left and right and making big plays left and right. So, like I say, we just got to be sound in our technique and finish plays. I think that’s what we didn’t do against Dustin Keller and it allowed them to have a lot of success out on the field. Like I say, we were playing with bad technique and the communication was off - it was a lot of things that allowed him to have success out on the field.”

(On if he’ll carry the adjustments that he has made after the last game against the Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski) – “Definitely, those (are) two great guys right there. Like you said, they are efficient in they offense and like I said, Tom Brady gets those guys the ball a lot. And like I said, those guys tend to get open a lot and he tends to find them. We got to be…we got to be in position and be in place to…in order to disrupt some of the balls being thrown to them or knock the timing off a little bit.”

(On if he’s ever played with Jonathan Wilhite in the past) – “Nah, I don’t think I played with Jonathan Wilhite. I haven’t had the opportunity to play with him.”

(On if the last time he played with the Patriots sticks with him going into this week (due to it not being a successful game for him)) – “Nah, I kind of left that where it was. (You know) that’s the year we went to the Super Bowl I think and like I say, we left that game there in New England. Like you said, it was a bad outing by our team. We didn’t get an opportunity to finish the way we…well it didn’t seem like we got a chance to start that game (you know what I’m saying) (laughing). They put a beating on us pretty bad. And like I say, they taught us a lesson though and it showed and it carried over through the playoffs when we had that opportunity, so. This year it’s a totally different team, totally different personnel right now and like I say I’m just looking forward to this opportunity to get our opportunity to play against these guys, so. After, like I say, after seeing them play for so long and seeing some of these guys - like I say I never had the opportunity to play against Tom Brady, I played against Matt Cassel, so, I think it’ll be fun for me.”

(On the defensive unit and if he sees some of his personality in this defense) – “Right now our unit is…I think we’re tough, we’re smart and we’re disciplined. Last Sunday we didn’t have a great outing and we knew that. Like I said, we’ve been here working for the last couple days; we’ve been getting it in, and guys have been putting in extra time. Like I said I think they’re following suit right now. I’m always in, always trying to get the information, always trying to figure out what it is that I can do to make this team better and make the guys around me better. Like I said I think the guys are starting to catch on and pick up, the intensity is starting to pick up in practice and in the weight room and in the film room asking questions just all around. We’re simply just trying to get better as a team and as a unit and hopefully we can show Monday that we, that we have done that.”

(On Brandon Marshall and what he brings to the Dolphins offense) – “He’s very dangerous, he’s very dangerous. Like I said we’re doing a good job of getting him the ball right now. Chad Henne and him are trying to build their relationship as the season grows and goes on. Like I said, we’re just trying to get better as a team all the way around. The offensive line is doing a great job of protecting and giving him an opportunity to get the ball down the field, and Brandon is making plays left and right. He’s an awesome addition to this team. Like I said him, just bringing him in the locker room has made us ten times better.”

(On if signing with the Dolphins has been everything he’d hoped for) – “And more, and more, and more. Everything I hoped for and more. Like I said, I checked the personnel out. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Having the opportunity to play for Bill Parcells and under Coach Sparano, it couldn’t be a better two, two guys to play for and represent. Like I said the history of the Miami Dolphins period; you have to be perfect man. You got to live up to this perfect atmosphere day in and day out, you know what I’m saying? You guys went what, 16-0 the 1972 Dolphins; you got to live up to that day in and day out. That’s what we’re working to; we’re just trying to be great in every aspect of the game on and off the field. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and it’s been everything I expected and more.”

(On how he and Mike Nolan getting along and whether he likes his aggressive style) – “Oh definitely man, definitely Coach Nolan has a lot of trust in me right now. I’m always in his ear always picking his brain trying to figure out what he’s thinking. Not only what he’s thinking, I’m trying to add a little bit of myself to him also just to let him know, hey coach we, we got your back. Whatever you want to call, we can get it done and just letting him, having the confidence in us to go out and execute his plan. Like I said last night we kind of let him down a little bit and I know that so we’ve been here working and grinding just trying to build his confidence up so he can call anything he wants to call and let us go play.”

(On whether he has kept track of his old team, the Arizona Cardinals) – “Well you know, I talk to Adrian (Wilson) on a regular basis. Like I said he’s, he’s kind of frustrated over there a little bit I think, but he’s playing hard. He’s not going to lay down, and like I said he’s just trying to rally the guys just like I’m trying to do, rally the troops. We got to play at a whole other level in order to have success in this league because it’s getting better week in and week out. Like I said guys are around you, man your peers are definitely getting better day in and day out. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, so he’s trying to lead his team over there also.”


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Maybe Dansby can give some Testicular fortitude to Stationary Bike rider Channing(I give up on nick names)(you guys come up with one)Crowder....

Like I said... i cant speak to well.

You think dansby likes saying " like i said " much ???

Like I said...

Fat chance, that would be nice if Can of Chowder (alreay been said i know) could pick up something from KD but i dont think he has it in him.

Like I said...Like you say...the rest was a pretty good read. Glad he enjoys his decision and feels confident in Nolan.

We NEED a WIN on Monday night! Those next 6 after the bye will tell us what kind of team we have.

He(Dansby)Beat out joey(Duh)Porter in the IQ test 39 to 56......

Like who said?


I can't understand a word that guys saying!

SAY! He looks like he'd make a GREAT fullback.

Dum te Dum dum Do!!!!


Guy's did you notice that Karlos said the Pats offense was "Efficient....Thats poster board stuff, there gonna come out and show how "Efficient" They are.......

Cuban, I think you're efficient

Yeah, What he said.

I like Dansby he looks like a keeper for sure good Job by the GM dosen,t quite make up for other mistakes but nobody is perfect go fins

Thank you Mark, That's funny,Hot Ashley says the same thing....LOL


You got it all wrong bro.

I don't give two sheets if the can read or write.

We're paying him big money to knock Brady the F-ck OUT!!!!

Hey, Wait a minute..............

just... wow

Do you mean cuban is efficient in bed ?

isn't A. Wilson a free agent next year?

i wish crowder well .i hope he can play next week .

i hope they hired chinese crew to gover the sand well .

p.s..marshall will pay for it from his 50 million .

Now the best way to play Brady is keeping him on the sideline.

The best way to do that is run the ball, run some more and then when nobody's expecting it, BAM! Run the ball some more.

That is of course, unless it's 1st and goal on the two.

In that case we pull Lousaka and run the ole Trickery Dickery DO!


Spitler, Alama-Francis, and Jerry got sick



when channing gets back this defense will be light out verse the run!! to many times dobbins came up short on cant miss plays for losses and sack!! im not saying channing is a beast in coverage but it will be a little better than what we been getting!!

dobbins is a special teamer and supposed run stopper. let him play ST and on run downs when one of the starters are tired! you can also use him to blitz if you wanna bring him in for a d-lineman on in passing situations!!!!

carpenter is a special teamer and supposed cover LB but stat dont prove that!! let him play ST and when a starter is tired bring him in on passing downs!! you can blitz him on run downs if you take a d-linman out!!

it a reason chargers included dobbins in a trade and its a reason carpenter got cut by the rams(of all teams)!! nuff said!!!!!!!!!

channing all day over these 2 and until i see someone better!!


I think Odin went off the deep end.

Anybody know where I can score some anti-depressants for the guy?

Attica! Attica! Attica! Attica!

Was he singing a KC and the Sunshine band song? Gap Band?

Its the same Old he said she said Like I said Like he said...

Go Phins!

ALoco, I am not making a comment on the Cuban's skills in bed. I'm not able to make a comment on that.

KC and the Sunshine Band??? WOW

Who's got a Bay City Rollers reference?

I think Carpenter should be invetigated for gambling and points shaving.

That kick off out of bounds was crucial!

Ever notice how ever since Jimmy Johnson was on Survivor and didn't wear HAIR SPRAY, we have been having freaky weather?
113 in Los Angeles on Monday?

I think his daily usage of the Aqua Net somehow regulates the Ozone Layer and Global Warming?

Vote for Pedro! (Armando)

Go Phins!


odin, it was the 3rd and 10 that J.allen gave up on the sideline to edwards!!! if allen play the correct coverage(underneath) with a safety helping over the top, he should have been walking in for a sure TD!!

S A T U R...TUR..Day!

Bay City Rollers

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro! (Armando)

jimmy just got the boot on survivor

Ah Ha!

It's a conspiracy of Biblical proportions! I knew it! I just Knew IT!

How hot is it in Miami? Is Armando going to shave his head?

Dedicated to The Dolphin's Special Teams-

Some Heads are Gonna Roll from Judas Priest

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro! (Armando)

Yoo Chood make her a cake!

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro! (Armando)

Mark, you your on top of things ,

is armando going to shave his head ?

Speaking of Heads Rolling.

I want to slap fat rex so hard his jowls do an immitation of a tsunami and devastates his entire fat face!

I saw a nice Tight-end on the Langerie Football league the other night? I'm just sayin? Like I said...

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro! (Armando)




tell us the story bout PEDRO PLEASE.

Hey Guys! I'm a real Fan!

I just Fed My Wolf...Ok he is actually a Boxer (brindle)...but I fed him 6pm out here in Cali.
Like i said you know we just feed the Wolf... Like I said why not us?

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro! (Armando)




I'm a native Chicagoan, I've watched every "Bliss" game so far. TWICE!

Like what Odin said.....

Aloco Vato Loco Pixxa Loca my Brotha,

Napoleon Dynamite, Armando had a staring role in the Film as Pedro. A Riveting performance of a shy and undersized Hispanic, Latino (or whatever they call us now days) young man feeling his way through the ackward teen experience.

He befriends a Geeky White Guy and Do Rex Quan Do, Make a Time Macheen, Beat up Kip and pull his neck-meat.
etc etc. Oh and the Uncle was played by Jay Feely an awesome Quarterback.

Go Phins!

@ 8:32

Okay, @ 9:04 too.....

Aloco, there will be another game this year and I would rather beat them at home.........

If I had a choice that is.

@ there home that is.............


uh huh

Their home, f*ck I give up, going for some boom boom with the old lady, good night all.


Like I said before!

The reason we lost and will continue to at Home is not due to poor play calling, Will Allen, Special Teams Dammit!

It's beacause of Marc Anthony and Fergie singing our National Anthem. What, did she just turn into Jessica Simpson? What with all the facial contortions.

Our team is putting out a soft image (light in the loafers).

The I need to know song at every time out? Phins to the left Phins to the right?!

How about some Priest, Maiden, Motorhead, SOD!

How can our team be SMASHMOUTH with this crap.

Like Will Farrel once said "I'm dizzy cause all the Gayness"

Go Phins! Vote for Pedro! (Armando)


Go Bills!

I know not allowed to talk bout that in the government controlled privately owned mainstream media strict policy on No USA freedom of speech or exposing the truth

what chemtrails?


I see nothing

those are just white lines turning into clouds

nothing to see here

move along


LOL At Martin...... Especially the Will Ferrell comment.....


How big does a brindle get?

I got a Red Nose Pit that's half Brindle. He's a little over a year old and he's 75 lbs and growing!

Looks like a minature short haired Grizzly.

MARC ANTONY IS a bad luck for the team .they should get Betty Midler to sing or james stewart like Boston .calssy people not third rate washed up singers .

vote pedro ( armando ).
WHY NOT US......

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