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One final look at Bills victory and Jets news

First the news that indirectly affects the Miami Dolphins: Rex Ryan announced moments ago that NT Kris Jenkins is out for the season (again) after re-injuring the same knee that forced him to miss much of last season. Jenkins suffered the injury Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have signed defensive end Lionel Dotson off the Denver practice squad, according to the Herald's Barry Jackson. Kenny Zuckerman confirmed the signing to Jackson.

[Update: The Dotson signing makes sense because defensive end Jared Odrick is very likely out this week against Minnesota, according to test results the team got back today. Odrick's injury is not serious enough that he's done for the year. He is week to week. He will remain on the roster, obviously.]

I just went through the Miami Dolphins victory over Buffalo one last time. Here are my observations:

The pass rush: It was obviously very good and definitely not vanilla as it had been in preseason. You know already that the first sack of the year, which came when Karlos Dansby came on a blitz after he lined up outside of Cameron Wake, was a thing of beauty. Dansby came unblocked. But what you probably didn't notice is that it was a zone blitz. Even as the Dolphins brought four men and one was unblocked, nose tackle Randy Starks backed out into zone coverage in the middle of the field. Beautiful.

On the next series, the Dolphins answered the call on a third-and-two situation by sending six men after QB Trent Edwards. Six guys, including safety Yeremiah Bell. Koa Misi was unblocked this time and hurried Edwards although the QB completed the pass. On the next pass down, the Dolphins brought three-men and by this time Edwards' head was spinning. He wasn't really pressured by the thee-man rush, but hurried his throw anyway underneath.

When it was done, Dansby, Misi and Cameron Wake had sacks. Wake, by the way, showed exceptional quickness on his rushes. He had a hurry that caused an incompletion aside from his sack and was often around the QB. Starks, who had seven sacks a season ago, didn't pick up any Sunday but did have a batted pass.

Clock management: Normally this topic involves coaching. Not this time. This time it involves quarterback Chad Henne. One of the trademarks of a good offense is shutting the door on a comeback. The Dolphins had a chance to do that when they got the ball with 5:03 to play Sunday and did a good, not great job on closing that door. It would have been a much better job had Henne handled the play clock better. With the game and play clocks winding, Henne snapped the football with 11 seconds remaining on the play clock on first down. He snapped it with 10 seconds remaining on the play clock on second down. He snapped it with nine seconds remaining on the play clock the next down. He snapped it with 11 seconds remaining on the play clock on second-and-two.

What is the point? Henne is obviously trying to manage everything right now but he has to manage the play clock as well. If he snaps the ball with, say, two seconds remaining each of those times I just mentioned, that takes an extra 35 seconds off the game clock.

That means when the Bills get the ball back, they would have had 1:13 to work with instead of 1:48. That is a big difference, folks. Henne must learn and coaches must remind him that the clock can be his friend. As Sam Wyche would say, "Milk it, milk it, milk it!"

Double tight? Not so much: The Dolphins have made a virtual living off the double tight end formation in the last two seasons. It has been a staple with Anthony Fasano and Joey Haynos or Anthony Fasano and David Martin. This year the Dolphins have keep Fasano and John Nalbone. They used the double tight end formation only four times the entire game. The Dolphins decided, at least in this game, that putting three-wides out there is more likely to open things up across the defense. Thank you, God! I hope it is a tendency that lasts.

The offensive line: The Dolphins yielded three sacks on Sunday. One of those was given up by an offensive lineman. Ricky Williams gave up a sack on a blitz in the first half and in the fourth quarter, Ronnie Brown and Fasano blocked the same edge rusher while Bryan Scott ran past Fasano on a delayed blitz. The other sack was given up by Vernon Carey. Don't get too down on Carey or left tackle Jake Long, however. They were very good. They were primarily in man-to-man situations on passing downs and they moved the pile extremely well in run blocking situations. The Dolphins also tried the unbalanced line on a handful of occasions -- placing Long on the right side outside of Carey. It had only mixed results.

John Jerry was fine most of the time. He had a couple of ugly moments where his technique put him in awkward situations. His footwork was off a little bit a couple times -- so much so that Henne tripped over him twice. But in the straight-ahead blocking department, he was good. The Dolphins used Incognito to pull on several occasions. It didn't really work. Incognito isn't smooth pulling out and running across the formation to lead the blocking going against the flow. He is, however, quite powerful in the straight ahead stuff. The Miami line is what it is in that they get a good push off the ball straight ahead. But fleet of foot? Not so much. I will say that if Miami runners start bouncing runs outside more, there is yardage to be made there. Ronnie Brown showed this a couple of times, including his 17-yard run in the fourth quarter. Williams didn't have his best game and seemed to be content keeping his running between the tackles.

A receiver rewind: Brandon Marshall had that one notable drop on the long pass. He took responsibility for it on the field, basically telling Henne it was his fault. But Marshall was very good both with what he contributed that appears on the stat sheet and the stuff that doesn't. He had one viscious block that leveled a Buffalo defender. And his mere presence helped Fasano be so readily available down the seam. Rookie Marlon Moore dropped the only pass thrown his way. Brian Hartline had a tough day also, dropping two passes and having a first-down catch erased by a penalty. Davone Bess was excellent, particularly in the second half. He practically took over at one point. I must tell you, Hartline needs to produce soon in games or Bess might take that second receiver job away from him.

The no-huddle defense: The Miami D yielded 39 yards during Buffalo's first nine drives of the game. Then the desperate Bills went to the no-huddle and went 80 yards in 10 plays for their only TD of the day. I think the Minnesota Vikings will see that. I believe Brett Favre is pretty good in the no-huddle offense. The Dolphins need to tighten this stuff up.


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Great post Mando..............

Armando, thanks for pointing out the clock management issue. I noticed it at the time and yelled at Henne through the tv but you're the first person, other than me, that I've seen mention it. Easy fix. Makes me wonder if things are still moving too fast for Henne that he missed a small detail like that.

Yeah, I noticed that Henne was snapping the ball very early when he should have been taking down to 2 or 3 on the play clock. The other annoying thing that he did on that last drive when they were trying to take the clock down was that he audibled out of a run play to a pass play. The pass got batted down and stopped the clock.

Ricky and Ronnie were pounding the ball even though the Bills knew the run was coming. There was no reason to audible. A bad running still takes 45 seconds off the clock. The Bills weren't stop R + R that drive anyways. Bad time for an audible.

I was hoping that Henne would have progressed more at this point. He's still doing things pretty well, but there's still a lot he's not doing.

Kicking game was a dissapointment. Carpenter's miss was a long FG -- that will happen -- but there is no excuse for a kickoff going out of bounds.

Fields final punt was dynamite -- but up until that point he was mediocre at best.

Team put a lot of faith in these guys -- they're going to need to step it up.


Nice analysis.

As I tried to say last year, all the hype surrounding Hartline is ill conceived. At best he is a decent #2 WR. By no means, special. Bess is more sure handed, but lacks the speed to start. He is best suited in the slot. I see the 2 WR spot as a weakness.

I would have liked to keep Camarillio as the #2. Great routs, sure hands, tough as nails. We don't have that now. But, nothing can be done about that now. #2 WR may be a revolving door all year.

Jason Taylor/Joey Porter = 0 sacks
Cam Wake/Koa Misi = 2 sacks

Seems thus far the fo has gotten it right this offseason. Too early to say Jason and Joey who? But we're off to a very good start!!!

On a lighter side, Matt Roth has 0 sacks also.

Good article, Mando. Might want to check the math re time clock point though. . .

Hearing that Jenkins is out for the year ALMOST made me feel sorry for the Jets.

I.e., if Henne had taken an extra 41 secs off the clock, the Bills would have gotten the ball back with 1:07, not 1:41.

Bess can play the #2 but he isnt a #2. If Hartline cant handle it, his logical successor is Marlon Moore. If Moore cant handle it the door's wide open for Wallace.

There wouldnt be a more physical recieving duo in the league than Maeshall and Wallace.

Would really like to see how the not-yets make it to the SB when the qb throws for 74yds per game. Based on last night's performance any team scoring 10pts will beat the not-yets this season.

Hate to admit it, but the way Revis looked last night, the #2 is going to be the first realistic option in week 3.

How does Camarillio playing for the Vikes hurt the Fins??

I appreciate the in depth analysis above, but where is the editing?

"that takes an extra 41 seconds off the game clock.

That means when the Bills get the ball back, they would have had 1:41 to work with instead of 1:48."

This was actually a very insightful analysis. Thanks.

Wouldnt worry too much about Revis. Cam Cameron exposed other "weak areas" of the not-yets pass defense.

Enough of looking at the past Armando...its Tuesday....Time to prep for MINNI and Farve. We want keys to success, not re-live last week's win.

Armando...I do agree about Favre and the Vikings taking notice of the Bills 'no huddle' offense,however,I don't think the Vikings would be able to pull this off on a consistent basis due to their wide receiver corp and the lack of Favres' training camp.I would however,like to see the Dolphins run the wild cat in a no huddle offense.I think that would really slow down the Vikes D.

It will take a lot of disciplined blocking schemes to handle the not-yets overloaded blitz schemes. Each mans blocking techniques had better be on the money.


Best article in quite awhile.

Can we assume that no news is good news in regards to Odrick?

Mando? What's the word on Odrick?

Agreed Beerndrums....WildCAT get big chunks of yardage against an opponet who isn't used to seeing it.

go team go , rah rah rah ! go team go , rah rah rah !

Marshall is being a good sport. That pass was on Henne. There is just no excuse for a guy with an arm like Henne, to underthrow a wide open Marshall for what would have been a guaranteed 6 points. I think Henne is definitely the guy, but he seemed tentative this weekend. Hopefully he will loosen up just a bit.

keep in mind about Dan and Chads throw that the wind was a factor in both of those situations.

Dan's kicking that is

It'd be nice to activate Wallace on Sunday and have him line up in the 2 or 3 receiver set with Marshall and or Bess.

I would be ok with no more Wildcat. It seems to slow the flow of the offense. I guess if you came out in it it would be ok, otherwise forget it.

Glad to see Lionel come back, that means someone goes off the 53 roster.

Should be a fun game Sunday.


Blocking schemes and technique aside, this is where check downs and hot reads become important.

More importantly for Henne, will be identifying where the blitz is coming from and being on the same page with his receivers.

It won't be cake walk, but it can be done.

PS: Provided Henning co operates with a great game plan.


I agree. Wilson and Cromartie looked dreadful. But assuming Revis is on Marshall, how do we burn the others? Hartline needs to hang on to the ball. And Henne needs to dump the ball much faster than he did Sunday, or all the Pennington fans will get their wish.

the past is the past .....coach will take care of things .the future is MIN .WE will win that game ,MIN has no WR to catch the football .

Hate to admit it, but the way Revis looked last night, the #2 is going to be the first realistic option in week 3.

Posted by: ncfinfan70 | September 14, 2010 at 02:21 PM

I wouldn't make this assumption. Brandon Marshall is not Boldin, Mason or Housh. Not that they are bad, but Marshall is in another league. Marshall can use his height to outmuscle revis. Lets not forget, Revis is a DB that Tedd Ginn routinely beat in his time in Miami. That leaves me feeling comfy Marshall can have a good day against Revis.

ok all you henne bashers, look at this for a moment.
1.troy aikmans first year 1-15
2.peyton manning first year 1-15
3.drew brees not stellar with the chargers
4.brett favre traded from falcons after bad first year.
5.steve young traded to san fran from bucs.

so give the man some room to grow its his first season as the starting quarterback and until you put that helmet on and run this team you should support him until he proves otherwise or strap up and take his job and lets see how you do under pressure. just a thought,lol.



i agree schmo i would not discount Marshall against Revis either, Henne just has to leaen to trust his rec. if he can do that he will get over that hump

SEAN SMITH Still Sucks! J Allen will own you after he grabs a couple picks.

Did we all forget 2007? 65 tackles, 3 INT's, 1 FF


With that said. I'm glad that Bell and Brown are both back and healthy. In my eyes they are the Dolphins. Big, physical, tough. Both have had careers overshadowed by injuries, but, when healthy they are easily in the top 5 in their respective positions.

Bell is on fire this year.

Polite is a beast. Don't remember him being used in the flat as often last season. Brought back visions of Rob Konrad

VD is the real deal. Would be sweet to have his brother as well.

Hartline cannot afford another game like this one. Otherwise he needs to go.
Henne may have physical abilities, but he lacks the abilities upstairs. I don't think the Henne project will last too much longer. I have seen him physically differ time and again, but i have NEVER seen him play smart, improvisational football. Kudos to the team for keeping Pennington. Nonetheless, I believe we still in search for the franchise quarterback AM (after Marino).

Very nice, Mando. Keep up the postmortems.

has henne thrown a td yet?

Mando just tweeted....

Jared Odrick (bone bruise in his rt. leg) is likely out vs. Minnesota. Won't practice Wed. He is week to week but will eventually return.

Looks like 1 of the scrub inactive DL we picked up will be active. Losing Odrick is too bad. I thought he looked good when he was in the game.

Hope Odrick recovers quickly.

Just the same, Tony McDaniels looked like a Mad Man at times against buffalo.

It's nice to finally have a good foundation and solid depth.

The no huddle drive was more nolan and sparano playing prevent defense. The 4th and 11 touchdown pass was mainly because we only rushed 3. Come on. We should have blitz in that situation. This is trent edwards not peyton manning

we should be able to win in MIN ,they have no WR to catch the ball .we r going to win.

ODIN, the denver coach will MELT next week VS SEA HAWKS .





Thats some pretty sobering stuff!!! I really hope we can clear some of this up on Sunday> Go my Fishhhh

mando, all your points are just points.of course every tea, doesn't do every thing right .all and all i give the team 8/10.

you look hard for negatives .

"Henne is obviously trying to manage everything right now but he has to manage the play clock as well. If he snaps the ball with, say, two seconds remaining each of those times I just mentioned, that takes an extra 41 seconds off the game clock.

That means when the Bills get the ball back, they would have had 1:41 to work with instead of 1:48."


Stick to journalism - man... your math sucks!
Oh yeah you suck at journalism too. Oh well the world needs ditch diggers too.

I'm out of work, can I pull somebody's groin?

Damn, just when I was thinking everyone came back healthy! Oh well, lord knows we got depth at the line! Go Phins!!!

Good points on Henne and his clock management Mando. I am sure this is something the coaching staff will work with on him. Not sorry to see Jenkins go down. The Jets and their fans set themselves up for failure every year. It's hilarious!!!

Who did we drop if we re-signed Dotson? Doesn't somebody have to be dropped off the 53 man roster to make room for him. any news on Jake Grove? He's still a guy I'd like to see back in the fold. I also think we need to look to pick up another TE. If Fasano goes down we are screwed.

the NFL PEOPLE were at the jets today to investigate and talking to some players and the fat coach re the mexican reporter.

Fins signed Lionel Dotson to fill in for Odrick. Odrick is day to day.

"My judgment is that HENNE'S not an NFL quarterback...I leave it at that."

It was a very good start for our Defense and some bright spots for the Offense. Those of you hammering Fields and Carpenter need to take into account the wind. Even the long pass to Marshall was affected by the wind.

Belichick is afraid to lose moss and the season going down the drain.he sat w/him and made him happy .new contract on the way .

"My judgment is that HENNE'S not an NFL quarterback...I leave it at that."

Posted by: oliver rubber | September 14, 2010 at 03:25 PM

And who exactly are you quoting???

I'll bet Moss doesn't get resigned!Belichick told him to basically shut his mouth. I'll bet he doesn't have anymore rambling statements to the press either.

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