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One final look at Bills victory and Jets news

First the news that indirectly affects the Miami Dolphins: Rex Ryan announced moments ago that NT Kris Jenkins is out for the season (again) after re-injuring the same knee that forced him to miss much of last season. Jenkins suffered the injury Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have signed defensive end Lionel Dotson off the Denver practice squad, according to the Herald's Barry Jackson. Kenny Zuckerman confirmed the signing to Jackson.

[Update: The Dotson signing makes sense because defensive end Jared Odrick is very likely out this week against Minnesota, according to test results the team got back today. Odrick's injury is not serious enough that he's done for the year. He is week to week. He will remain on the roster, obviously.]

I just went through the Miami Dolphins victory over Buffalo one last time. Here are my observations:

The pass rush: It was obviously very good and definitely not vanilla as it had been in preseason. You know already that the first sack of the year, which came when Karlos Dansby came on a blitz after he lined up outside of Cameron Wake, was a thing of beauty. Dansby came unblocked. But what you probably didn't notice is that it was a zone blitz. Even as the Dolphins brought four men and one was unblocked, nose tackle Randy Starks backed out into zone coverage in the middle of the field. Beautiful.

On the next series, the Dolphins answered the call on a third-and-two situation by sending six men after QB Trent Edwards. Six guys, including safety Yeremiah Bell. Koa Misi was unblocked this time and hurried Edwards although the QB completed the pass. On the next pass down, the Dolphins brought three-men and by this time Edwards' head was spinning. He wasn't really pressured by the thee-man rush, but hurried his throw anyway underneath.

When it was done, Dansby, Misi and Cameron Wake had sacks. Wake, by the way, showed exceptional quickness on his rushes. He had a hurry that caused an incompletion aside from his sack and was often around the QB. Starks, who had seven sacks a season ago, didn't pick up any Sunday but did have a batted pass.

Clock management: Normally this topic involves coaching. Not this time. This time it involves quarterback Chad Henne. One of the trademarks of a good offense is shutting the door on a comeback. The Dolphins had a chance to do that when they got the ball with 5:03 to play Sunday and did a good, not great job on closing that door. It would have been a much better job had Henne handled the play clock better. With the game and play clocks winding, Henne snapped the football with 11 seconds remaining on the play clock on first down. He snapped it with 10 seconds remaining on the play clock on second down. He snapped it with nine seconds remaining on the play clock the next down. He snapped it with 11 seconds remaining on the play clock on second-and-two.

What is the point? Henne is obviously trying to manage everything right now but he has to manage the play clock as well. If he snaps the ball with, say, two seconds remaining each of those times I just mentioned, that takes an extra 35 seconds off the game clock.

That means when the Bills get the ball back, they would have had 1:13 to work with instead of 1:48. That is a big difference, folks. Henne must learn and coaches must remind him that the clock can be his friend. As Sam Wyche would say, "Milk it, milk it, milk it!"

Double tight? Not so much: The Dolphins have made a virtual living off the double tight end formation in the last two seasons. It has been a staple with Anthony Fasano and Joey Haynos or Anthony Fasano and David Martin. This year the Dolphins have keep Fasano and John Nalbone. They used the double tight end formation only four times the entire game. The Dolphins decided, at least in this game, that putting three-wides out there is more likely to open things up across the defense. Thank you, God! I hope it is a tendency that lasts.

The offensive line: The Dolphins yielded three sacks on Sunday. One of those was given up by an offensive lineman. Ricky Williams gave up a sack on a blitz in the first half and in the fourth quarter, Ronnie Brown and Fasano blocked the same edge rusher while Bryan Scott ran past Fasano on a delayed blitz. The other sack was given up by Vernon Carey. Don't get too down on Carey or left tackle Jake Long, however. They were very good. They were primarily in man-to-man situations on passing downs and they moved the pile extremely well in run blocking situations. The Dolphins also tried the unbalanced line on a handful of occasions -- placing Long on the right side outside of Carey. It had only mixed results.

John Jerry was fine most of the time. He had a couple of ugly moments where his technique put him in awkward situations. His footwork was off a little bit a couple times -- so much so that Henne tripped over him twice. But in the straight-ahead blocking department, he was good. The Dolphins used Incognito to pull on several occasions. It didn't really work. Incognito isn't smooth pulling out and running across the formation to lead the blocking going against the flow. He is, however, quite powerful in the straight ahead stuff. The Miami line is what it is in that they get a good push off the ball straight ahead. But fleet of foot? Not so much. I will say that if Miami runners start bouncing runs outside more, there is yardage to be made there. Ronnie Brown showed this a couple of times, including his 17-yard run in the fourth quarter. Williams didn't have his best game and seemed to be content keeping his running between the tackles.

A receiver rewind: Brandon Marshall had that one notable drop on the long pass. He took responsibility for it on the field, basically telling Henne it was his fault. But Marshall was very good both with what he contributed that appears on the stat sheet and the stuff that doesn't. He had one viscious block that leveled a Buffalo defender. And his mere presence helped Fasano be so readily available down the seam. Rookie Marlon Moore dropped the only pass thrown his way. Brian Hartline had a tough day also, dropping two passes and having a first-down catch erased by a penalty. Davone Bess was excellent, particularly in the second half. He practically took over at one point. I must tell you, Hartline needs to produce soon in games or Bess might take that second receiver job away from him.

The no-huddle defense: The Miami D yielded 39 yards during Buffalo's first nine drives of the game. Then the desperate Bills went to the no-huddle and went 80 yards in 10 plays for their only TD of the day. I think the Minnesota Vikings will see that. I believe Brett Favre is pretty good in the no-huddle offense. The Dolphins need to tighten this stuff up.


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"My judgment is that HENNE'S not an NFL quarterback...I leave it at that."

Posted by: oliver rubber | September 14, 2010 at 03:25 PM

Gosh Oliver,and we all know your years of experience evaluating quarterbacks. What the heck are the Dolphins thinking not consulting with you first.

"I just mentioned, that takes an extra 41 seconds off the game clock.
That means when the Bills get the ball back, they would have had 1:41 to work with instead of 1:48. That is a big difference, folks." 7 seconds is a big deal? Really? Is this some sort of new math?

it's not true finsfan4ever, moss today said he doesn't regret his comments .as for Belichick ,he can't speak like that w/moss .may be w/rookies but not moss.

if moss leaves or not putting his heart in the season, the whole year is down the drain and brady 72 million won't do many good without some one catching that ball .the contract is on the way

Belicheat once said Randy Moss is the smartest receiver he's ever been around.

After an opening day win Randy Moss uses the press conference to prove what a dumb a s s he is.

I love ironies!

I wouldn't bet on it ALcoa, he was told to "watch what I say and watch what I do" in the future. Belichick doesn't like what Moss did,and he's not above getting rid of stars. We'll have to agree to disagree for now.

What happened to Odrick (I didn't even notice he got hurt)? I was shouting with glee after the game that everyone came out alright. Doh!


moss trying to get his contract and the guaranteed money while it's hot .the VIKING TRYING TO GET HIM BACK and a few other teams .

p.s if sanchez gets 75 million
if marshall gets 50 million
so moss will get his in the next 2 mo,watch .

With the jets 0-1, kris Jenkins out and Sanchez playing like........well Sanchez, I'm loving this season already.

It could get better people. Hopefully Moss follows up his hissy fit with batting down balls in practice and getting suspended.

Don't put up with this crap Randy. Everybody knows the patsies are cheaters and they're cheating you out choe MouLa!

lol@odinseye....I think he's tweeting B.Marshall on his punting techniques.......

finfan4ever.............they just signed brady for 72 million and they can't afford to make moss the best reciever in the league unhappy this year and he's a smart like a fox .time is every thing .

Can we ask Parcells to clarify why he's "dissapointed in Chad Henne". Oh nevermind. I watched the game.

the fat coach is the focus of the nfl inwestigation re the mexican reporter .lol

I don't know who to root for next week. The wets or the patsies?

If the wetspots win they'll both be 1-1. That would be OK, both teams with a loss, the patsies with a division loss.

If the patsies win, it would speed up the imminent implosion. It's only a matter of time until the wetsies defense starts pointing fingers at Sanchez and the offense.

I guess I can't lose, it's all good.

PS: Randy, every time you that gay smirk on Brady's face, he's thinking about how much more money he makes than you!

oliver drinks from his rubber


Did you see the rump on that Mexican reporter? One of the best I've seen, EVER. And I've seen lots of tail...


You sound like you'd like to "punish" Henne for being a "BAD BOY".

To bad for you, I heard Heene's married and he don't like be-atches with adams apples.


We're not talking about Geraldo Rivera, STFU!

the red skins ass coach said it's oky to drop every thing you do in the looker room and go watch the beatiful women in the AS THE CASE W/the mexican reporter .

nfl will send people to talk him ..........TRUE STORY .

Mandy, would it be too much to ask for you to expose odinseye/cuban/geromimo/aloco/home/etc, etc, etc as the same person?

What a LOSER?! Dude, seriously. I know hookers. I'll even spot you one to give you a life. Then you can go back to posting on Jet's forums. K?

Sheesh Marc,

That Geronimo guy was rough on you.

Oh, I forgot, you like it when men are rough on you.

You He/She Devil you.

marc, do you have a girl friend ?

Marc, WTF?

Why would you want me to expose myself?

Oh, never mind.

PS: I bet you do know hookers. You hang on the corner with tham every night in that banging a s s red dress.

That actually was a little funny...You're still a loser, but, funny nonetheless. Seriosuly. Let's have a heart to heart here. What's wrong? Are you 500 lbs? Crippled? Austistic? Bed-ridden?

How can you spend 18 hours a day on 15 blogs posting almost non-stop?

It's impressive in a truly pathetic way.

marc, why you get me involved in your crab ?

can someone, anyone, please tell me why henne's average pass is a mere 4 yards? is he gun shy, no one is open, the line collapsing too fast?

Cause you're the same re-tard. Meatball sub? Really? FuCh off

marc, i didn't insult you but i been on the blog a lot lately b/c it's my choice .you come and say all that bad stuff to me without knowing me .

thank you for your insults .i post without insulting any one .

Aloco is NOT me or Geronimo........Oops!

Marc,do you have a girl friend ?

Your posts ARE an INSULT!

Don't take your roid rage out on Aloco!

It's not his fault you let other men stick things in your behind.

i cannot believe i actually wrote a comment on this sausage fest blog. hookers, insults, crying, blah blah blah. this blog should be renamed man fisting, losers

Pick UP Vincent Jackson Trade hartline and a 3rd rounder for VJ

Cycle, cycle set, doink. Ooow Billy quit it!

Cycle, cycle set, doink. BILLY! STOP!

Cycle, cycle set, doink. Oooohhhhhh Billy!

One play signifies the whole day on Sunday to me. That crossing pattern Marshall had, caught a 5yd. pass over the middle, and got a first down. Now, simple play, everyone uses it, that is, EXCEPT for Miami before this year. We may have tried it before, but I've never seen it completed like it was Sunday (though I've seen other teams do it). Either would be blocked, behind the receiver, receiver couldn't hold on, or tackled right at the moment they caught it and no 1st down. But yesterday it was completed without a hitch.

That's the Miami Dolphins this year in a nutshell. A true, quality NFL team!


Is that the blog where you and marcia first met?

the language you r using marc speaks of a person who lived and still live in dirty place .

mark's mom is who re .nt there's any thing wrong with that .


I guess that explain Mark posting this:

I know hookers. I'll even spot you one to give you a life.

Posted by: Marc | September 14, 2010 at 04:18 PM

Ah, No thanks Mark. Why don't you try Jeff Ireland, I hear he's interested in that type of thing.

marc wrote a post about 3 hours ago = 2 thousand posts of mine .
dirty person .

To all those desperate, depressed people contemplating suicide out there, there's hope. I have two words (Riddlin is one word folks). Miami Dolphins. Want to get rid of those dark clouds, ugly thoughts, lack of confidence. Come join the Miami Dolphins fan brigade and watch all that stuff disappear, and sunny days shining down on you.

Look at me. Before I was a Dolphins fan, I was a pathetic loser (not even born). Now, I'm cool, I'm with it, and everybody likes me! Who needs God? Not me, all I need is the Miami Dolphins.

This message authorized by the Miami Dolphins Council of Football Relations.

Geez. Back to football? Fins still number # in total D despite the fiasco last night!

I agree with all the criticisms of the Cat, especially the drive-killing or at least momentum-killing way Henning sometimes employs it. . . But we saw 4 teams use it effectively this weekend. Why not us? R & R on the field at the same time with that big O line could cause chaos when the aggressive Vikes or Jets overpursue or get out of position chasing reporters.

OK, I'll stop. I apologize to all(except marc).

Marc came on here last spring and was advocating all middle school and high school athlete's should be juicing.
If that wasn't bad enough he went on to say that PARENTS should provide them for their kids.

"If you want them to be good, you should be letting them take roids."

Posted by: Marc

Everytime I see his name here I remember that and go a little berserk. Again, I'll stop now, my apologies to all.

Marc, why don't you read DC post and be happy .

i didn't know that odin. it's amazing people come on a blog and prtend to be a great human being .any one can prtend even a low life like marc .

There is a 40 yr old QB there for the Taking!
GO DEfense!

Odrick is week to week?

Is that the closest thing we get for a time table?

We don't need reporters, we need freaking Super Spies!

The bad news:

The Minnesota O-line avg. about 6-5 325. The left side is solid the right a little suspect.

The good news:

They employ a zone blocking scheme. The best way to attack zone blocking is overloaded zone blitzing.

If last week wasn't an abberation, we should be a little better at it by Sunday.

Both CB's are 5-9 180 and 194

Maybe we should activate Wallace and let him start opposite Marshall.

B Marsh blocks as well as their tight ends so why not line up 3 wides... instead of 2 TE

yeah odin but Minnesota's center has been battling an ankle injury; did you see the play when New Orleans nt blew him up and was on farve (had him on his butt). If Starks can use his agility he can get pressure up the middle. Good time for a blitz up the middle.

How about those Jests??? Oh...Damn, they got "JACKED UP!...By Baltimore. Oh well... next year maybe?

I also went back and watched the Miami game again. I hope that the Defense can continue to be as crafty as they were Sunday. The power and speed is there, The middle of the field is still a worrisome area for me. Clemons and Bell both had great day's.
Glad Armando spoke to the Henne clock management. He is young and needs to earn. I am CERTAIN that will be drilled into his head by the next game. If Miami can get to...Not Pressure...GET TO Favre, they may have a decent day. Pressuring Favre does not always work out. Hr is a Wiley old fart and can make something out of nothing.
Hartline appears to be having a sophomore slump. I still have much faith he will pan out, we just need to allow him to learn. He will not keep his starting job, however, if he does not make some catches, slump or not.

ray lewis still has it .

can any one believe we will be 2-0 ,two wins on the road.it could happen .then we host the jets and that will be a sure 3-0 .

may god make us 3-0 with your help and mercy .may make tuna and co victorious .

Belicheat trade garbage RB Lawrence Maroney to the Broncos for a 4th and 6th round draft pick.....How does he do it. How dumb is the Denver coach?

Enough mandouche, enough

Oliver Rubber....

Thanks for the keen insight on Henne. Parcells and Ireland will take your evaluation into consideration i'm sure.

Sorry Oliver...I coudn't resist :)

A Loco,

We Will Be 3-0, and you can take that to the bank!


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