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One final look at Bills victory and Jets news

First the news that indirectly affects the Miami Dolphins: Rex Ryan announced moments ago that NT Kris Jenkins is out for the season (again) after re-injuring the same knee that forced him to miss much of last season. Jenkins suffered the injury Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have signed defensive end Lionel Dotson off the Denver practice squad, according to the Herald's Barry Jackson. Kenny Zuckerman confirmed the signing to Jackson.

[Update: The Dotson signing makes sense because defensive end Jared Odrick is very likely out this week against Minnesota, according to test results the team got back today. Odrick's injury is not serious enough that he's done for the year. He is week to week. He will remain on the roster, obviously.]

I just went through the Miami Dolphins victory over Buffalo one last time. Here are my observations:

The pass rush: It was obviously very good and definitely not vanilla as it had been in preseason. You know already that the first sack of the year, which came when Karlos Dansby came on a blitz after he lined up outside of Cameron Wake, was a thing of beauty. Dansby came unblocked. But what you probably didn't notice is that it was a zone blitz. Even as the Dolphins brought four men and one was unblocked, nose tackle Randy Starks backed out into zone coverage in the middle of the field. Beautiful.

On the next series, the Dolphins answered the call on a third-and-two situation by sending six men after QB Trent Edwards. Six guys, including safety Yeremiah Bell. Koa Misi was unblocked this time and hurried Edwards although the QB completed the pass. On the next pass down, the Dolphins brought three-men and by this time Edwards' head was spinning. He wasn't really pressured by the thee-man rush, but hurried his throw anyway underneath.

When it was done, Dansby, Misi and Cameron Wake had sacks. Wake, by the way, showed exceptional quickness on his rushes. He had a hurry that caused an incompletion aside from his sack and was often around the QB. Starks, who had seven sacks a season ago, didn't pick up any Sunday but did have a batted pass.

Clock management: Normally this topic involves coaching. Not this time. This time it involves quarterback Chad Henne. One of the trademarks of a good offense is shutting the door on a comeback. The Dolphins had a chance to do that when they got the ball with 5:03 to play Sunday and did a good, not great job on closing that door. It would have been a much better job had Henne handled the play clock better. With the game and play clocks winding, Henne snapped the football with 11 seconds remaining on the play clock on first down. He snapped it with 10 seconds remaining on the play clock on second down. He snapped it with nine seconds remaining on the play clock the next down. He snapped it with 11 seconds remaining on the play clock on second-and-two.

What is the point? Henne is obviously trying to manage everything right now but he has to manage the play clock as well. If he snaps the ball with, say, two seconds remaining each of those times I just mentioned, that takes an extra 35 seconds off the game clock.

That means when the Bills get the ball back, they would have had 1:13 to work with instead of 1:48. That is a big difference, folks. Henne must learn and coaches must remind him that the clock can be his friend. As Sam Wyche would say, "Milk it, milk it, milk it!"

Double tight? Not so much: The Dolphins have made a virtual living off the double tight end formation in the last two seasons. It has been a staple with Anthony Fasano and Joey Haynos or Anthony Fasano and David Martin. This year the Dolphins have keep Fasano and John Nalbone. They used the double tight end formation only four times the entire game. The Dolphins decided, at least in this game, that putting three-wides out there is more likely to open things up across the defense. Thank you, God! I hope it is a tendency that lasts.

The offensive line: The Dolphins yielded three sacks on Sunday. One of those was given up by an offensive lineman. Ricky Williams gave up a sack on a blitz in the first half and in the fourth quarter, Ronnie Brown and Fasano blocked the same edge rusher while Bryan Scott ran past Fasano on a delayed blitz. The other sack was given up by Vernon Carey. Don't get too down on Carey or left tackle Jake Long, however. They were very good. They were primarily in man-to-man situations on passing downs and they moved the pile extremely well in run blocking situations. The Dolphins also tried the unbalanced line on a handful of occasions -- placing Long on the right side outside of Carey. It had only mixed results.

John Jerry was fine most of the time. He had a couple of ugly moments where his technique put him in awkward situations. His footwork was off a little bit a couple times -- so much so that Henne tripped over him twice. But in the straight-ahead blocking department, he was good. The Dolphins used Incognito to pull on several occasions. It didn't really work. Incognito isn't smooth pulling out and running across the formation to lead the blocking going against the flow. He is, however, quite powerful in the straight ahead stuff. The Miami line is what it is in that they get a good push off the ball straight ahead. But fleet of foot? Not so much. I will say that if Miami runners start bouncing runs outside more, there is yardage to be made there. Ronnie Brown showed this a couple of times, including his 17-yard run in the fourth quarter. Williams didn't have his best game and seemed to be content keeping his running between the tackles.

A receiver rewind: Brandon Marshall had that one notable drop on the long pass. He took responsibility for it on the field, basically telling Henne it was his fault. But Marshall was very good both with what he contributed that appears on the stat sheet and the stuff that doesn't. He had one viscious block that leveled a Buffalo defender. And his mere presence helped Fasano be so readily available down the seam. Rookie Marlon Moore dropped the only pass thrown his way. Brian Hartline had a tough day also, dropping two passes and having a first-down catch erased by a penalty. Davone Bess was excellent, particularly in the second half. He practically took over at one point. I must tell you, Hartline needs to produce soon in games or Bess might take that second receiver job away from him.

The no-huddle defense: The Miami D yielded 39 yards during Buffalo's first nine drives of the game. Then the desperate Bills went to the no-huddle and went 80 yards in 10 plays for their only TD of the day. I think the Minnesota Vikings will see that. I believe Brett Favre is pretty good in the no-huddle offense. The Dolphins need to tighten this stuff up.


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Odrick is week to week?

Is that the closest thing we get for a time table?

We don't need reporters, we need freaking Super Spies!

Posted by: odinseye
I can understand your frustration, I share it. But I also do not hold The Miami Dolphins Management responsible for being the way they are. Tell me this, If you had a secret, or if you wanted to be open about something... Would YOU trust our local Dolphins Beat writers to have your back?

I sure as hell wouldn't. These guys are as close as it come to having another city's writers doing our teams reporting. At times, I am embarrassed when I read what they say and believe about our Flagship Franchise in South Florida.

If we're gonna mention clock management, how 'bout a big thumbs down to whomever called the t.o. on 4th down at the end of the first 1/2 w/+20 secs left? I thought it was great clock management by Buff until I realized it was the Phins who decided to let Buff have a kick return and attempted fg. 3 years we haven't known how & when to call t.o.'s. I'll escrow $10k and do it for free for the year, if they aren't happy, they can keep the money, but if i'm better than they, i'm hired full-time w/salary next year. Deal?


when tuna builds a team ,he does it the right way.not one year up and one year basement .

in denver and nj the building of the team was one year way up and this year will be crashing and firing the coaches .

Agreed A Loco...

Thats why the Cowboys are favored to come out of the NFC...playing with Parcell's groceries.

(in my best THE ROCK impersonation)

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

J - E - T - S - Fins Fins Fins!!!!

I heard that Fat Rexy is still crying... LMAO!!!

Good analysis. Meanwhile all the people who ragged on Clemons and the CB, who thought we could not mount pass pressure, who thought our young defenders could not stop the run, who thought Henne could not connect with Marshall were wrong. Period. Defense is looking good - chaotic appearing to me and apparently to the Buffalo QB as well. Offense did what they had to do - no turnovers against a good secondary and enough scores. Offense is still gelling and will get better and better. All the Dolphin-haters or whiners who complain about this only being against Buffalo and that the Vikings and Farve are 10 feet tall will be wrong - although I suspect after we beat the Vikings you will claim it was because Farve is old and their best WR is injured and their secondary is poor. Then we come to the Jets. All I can say there is that any Dolphins fan has to love Sanchez - as long as the Jets have Sanchez they are doomed and there is nothing bad about that.

If you're gonna quote me, at least quote me correctly:

"Easily because I strongly believe in the POSITIVE benefits of steroids, they're FANTASTIC. They aren't a recreational drug. I'd rather have a kid that properly juiced and was athletic than a pot head, coke head or pill popper that does nothing.
Commented May 11, 2010 on The revote on Defensive Rookie of the Year at Miami Dolphins In Depth "

Just rubbed one out

now that my mind is clear i really feel like this team can crush Minnesota if we break Favre in half and destroy AP's ego by bia slapping the ball from him and calling his mother white trash

touch yourself if you agree

I also firmly believe that if we get Madonna to cheerlead for us it will pump up our team, because lets face it, girls just wanna have fun!!

Great post Armando. Honestly, the best in a long time. I particularly agree with you about Hartline. He seems to be in a sophomore slump or something. If Bess takes over will Bess naturally will be the slot in 3 receiver sets. I think it is a good idea if Hartline struggles this week.

in the no huddle we got them to 4 th and long and then made a mistake so we can stop no huddle if we play smart

Just as gentle reminder folks, Henne has yet to start the equivalent of a full NFL season. He'll figure that stuff out.

Great posting, Armando. Seriously.

It'll be interesting to see how this reporter controversy pans out for the Jets. Noted that Jason Taylor's in the thick of it. I'm 100% sure that the upper management of Miami is not sad to see him go.

Jason Taylor can rot in hell

Jason Taylor wears makeup.

Jason Taylor also sniffs the mens room after rex the fat slob dominates it with one of his beer craps.


Maimi 20
Minn 10

Brett will not finish game. AP runs for 40-55 yards.

Hartline really didn't show a thing. Saw him jawing with a defender on one play that did'nt make much sense because the DB had him covered like a blanket. Might need to sit the kid down ala Smith because I think he might feel a little entitled and we need a reciever that can and will take advantage of Marshall getting doubled. Pick it up Hartline you haven't earned squat yet.

Hi Guys

I'm hiding under the bed

Rubbing my clitoris


Very complete analysis Armando.

OL is the biggest concern.

1) never found their rythm

2) 3WR sets are nice, but they have not helped our running game at all. Not sure our OL is good enough to run efficiently without the 2TEs formation.

3) 3 sacks allowed vs one of the league's weakest pass rush? Not good going into MIN

Big blow losing Jared Odrick for 6 weeks to a broken fibula.

Has the NFL said anything about expanding the rosters if they go to 18 games? The players now are bigger and faster, and each week seems like a war of atrition. There's no way a team could make it with just 53 guys through a season. Does this water down the talent pool, or give opportunities to some that will end up being really good that wouldn't have got a shot?

Ted Ginn caught onr pass, got hit and is now out for 2-4 weeks. Maybe he really cant take a hit

Darryl, these guys cant even sit in the same room and figure out how to split billions of dollars. I wouldnt worry about 18 games. I would wonder if there will be ANY games, much less 18

126 Rushing is fine and Henne had prenty of time.. sorry but you guys are beeing a little hard on the O Line .. 3 Sacks and Henne did not move around a lot !!! ahhh how easy we forget the days of - 90 yards and now 120 is not good enought

Odrick to miss 6 weeks with broker fibula. See below...Crap!!!!!

Dolphins lose rookie DE Odrick for six weeks By Jason La Canfora NFL Network
NFL Network Insider
Published: Sept. 14, 2010 at 07:41 p.m. Updated: Sept. 14, 2010 at 07:46 p.m. Liked: 0 | Comments: 18 Email Like Print Read Discuss

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Send Email By Jason La Canfora NFL Network

Dolphins DE Odrick to miss six weeks with broken fibula
Work out LB Thomas
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Sorry, here it is according to Jason LaCanfora.

Dolphins rookie defensive lineman Jared Odrick will miss six weeks with a broken right fibula, according to a league source.

There's no need to fret about missing any games. You can watch every contest again with Game Rewind. Get more information here.
Odrick, the Dolphins first pick (28th overall) out of Penn State, started at defensive against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday and was being counted to make an impact on the Dolphins' defense.

He was injured in the third quarter of Sunday's game when a Bills player rolled into his right leg.

It's time to really start thinking about adding Vincent Jackson. Hartline was a flash in the pan last year and with Jackson as the #2 keep bess in the slot then Henne has no excuses.

does marc takes other drugs beside steroids ?

darrlington now says odrick out only 2 weeks. its very minor


Odrick's injury kind of worries me...

Do you know why?

Because THAT type
of injury
might indicate a tendency to be INJURY PRONE.

Remember the LAST '300 Pound Guy' who got deep Muscle and Bone injuries?

His name was Jake Grove.

cooz, are you a doctor ?

This just in people... Adam Schefter is tweeting that Jared Odrick has a "hariline fracture in his leg and was told by noted Doctor Robert Anderson that he would be out 2 weeks".

Great news!

redshirt talking trash about JT can KMA!!! he is a future ring of honor Dolphin. he mat be a jet and i dont like it but i wish him well.

marc, Vd is not the besst of nicknames for vontae. It reminds of Venereal Disease. Moore should be starting over Hartline! Hartline is garbage another wasted pick at WR. They seem to have better luck with the undrafted players at that position

Cooz, please read what I just posted at 9:44pm. I just read that 7 mins ago. I follow Adam schefter on twitter on my ipad. Yes I know, I have no life but I love my dolphins...LOL

2 weeks or 6 weeks foe Odrick? Honestly think that Tony McDaniel is pretty good underrated DE he should be fine. Also couldn't hurt to switch Starks back to DE and start Soliai at NT he is coming up i think he is ready to start

It's a good nickname beerphin. VD is like herpes. Once he's on you he never goes away, LOL

They're now saying 2 weeks instead of 6. Why did Mc Daniel replace Starks at NT in the second half? I agree with you beerphin, start Soliai at NT, but I thought I wasn't MC Daniel playing NT in the 2nd half?
Did Starks get hurt?

does marc takes any drugs beside steroids ?

Can Dr. Anderson help me??????

I have vaginal itch and ima pussyitis

Home The Chickenshit

Sure he can Home, he can stick a Tampon in there. Bwhahahahaha.

ALoco probably was preaching that Tebow would never be drafted in the 1st round. Next year he'll be preaching to never listen to his own advice again.

talk about clock management, how about when it was 4th and short late in the 4th qtr and Sparano decided to run off the clock and get a delay of game penalty... He could have pretended by going for it and allow the Bills defense to bite.

It was a great win - specially at Buffalo, but there were a few small things that could have done that were in their hands that made me go "mmmmhhhhmm??"..

But great win, and I'm glad the small mistakes didn't affect the final result.

Go Fins!!!!

I'd wish the fins kept Ginn Jr. and his family. Ginn may not catch a lot of passes but he's a deep threat and that would've taken some pressure off of the other receivers.

Guys what's the deal with Dotson and Walden? Are they both on the 53 man roster and who did we have to drop to add them? Cant find the info anywhere.

Excellent post Mando. Keep up the good work. I don't care what everyone else says about you!

Unfortunately I didn't see the game but you mentioned 4 dropped passes by various receivers. If you add these catches to Henne's stats they look a lot better. Probably would have added more points on the board as well.

Henne sux , play Penny till he can`t play no more then put Thigpen in, Henne is a phucking retard

Even though Henne was pretty pedestrian against the Bills, I was very happy with one aspect of his game. He took some sacks rather than trying to make bad throws and risk a turnover.

Remember how Sparano said the one way Buffalo could beat us would be via turnovers. I really think that comment was drilled into the players for that game thus the ultra-conservative offense. I wouldn't be surprised to see them open things up against the Vikings.

I hope I'm wrong but if Hartline doesn't step it up we could see another early to mid-round(4th rounder)bite the dust. And we all know where they wind up. ...On the stock heap.

Not to beat a dead horse but this regime has made too many valuable misses. Thank God they have made some good moves to counter. But we should be a far better team at this point if not for these blunders.

Odrick's got a hair-line fracture. Out 1-2 weeks. Definitely not as bad as it was made out to be.

Tony Romo hit Redskins receivers in hands twice on final drive...Sanchez (who makes $6mil to Henne's 600k) is still limited to 15 passes per game...Eli Manning threw 3 picks...Matt Shaub threw for a grand total of 107 yards...Stafford suffered his 2nd shoulder seperation in 2 years...

How badly do you want Henne to leave? Keep in mind this is the third year of his 4 year contract and the team deliberately pulled him on the goal line 12 times last year and gave the play to Pat White purposely to keep Henne's stats down.

Hey guys what do you think about Chris Clemons was a beast tackling didn't miss anyone and made some good reads including screen pass for a loss and CJ Spiller run for a loss

Hey guys what do you think about Chris Clemons was a beast tackling didn't miss anyone and made some good reads including screen pass for a loss and CJ Spiller run for a loss

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