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Orange you glad Miami's playing the Jets?

The Dolphins will wear their orange jerseys against the New York Jets Sunday night.

It's a theme.

The team is hosting a "Paint South Florida Orange" event throughout the week, with various local buildings illuminated in orange throughout the week. Every fan at Sunday night's game will also get an orange rally towel and are asked to wear, you guessed it, orange.

The Dolphins wore orange in last season's home meeting versus New York and came away with a 31-27 victory. For the record, I am a fan of the black jersey with the orange and aqua outline around the white numbers that I've seen a lot around South Florida. They are not official jerseys, but I like them. I could not find a picture of one, but I found some footballs in the Dolphins online store that give you the basic idea of what it would look like. Use your imagination.Footballs

Ok, here is one interpretation of the black Dolphins jersey. I've seen this one around and also seen one where the numbers are while instead of black and the outline is aqua as well as orange. But I think this one looks intimidating. Thanks to Julio La Mar for sending the photo.

Black jersey


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Go Fins Beat The Yets, My prediction Miami 24-Yets 10 , Go Fins

Im surprised Armando that you did not mention our beloved Fins are perfect in Orange. Then again I remember an article you wrote mentioning you hate the jersey color too...

why is this article in red

The orange jerseys arent that bad...nice to have a change every once in a while. i also think that Miami should update their logo...its about time to bring the logo into the year 2010 already. Im not saying drastic changes but a new fresh logo for a new fresh team would be nice...Mando can you spearhead that for us my friend??

Somebody end our careers now. We can't even get the minor stories.

Fins, we here at the Armando blog have limited artistic abilities and I picked the color that most closely resembled orange. Doing the best I can, brother.

better be careful waiving nalbone;some team will put in a waiver claim before we get him back on the practice squad.

so Cal, the Dolphins are 3-0 in the orange jerseys.

I would rather they wear the alternate uni I've seen around town: Black jersey, white numbers outline and orange and aqua. Looks sharp.

I wont be wearing much clothing, just enough to allow me in the stadium so its a good thing they'll provide us towels in case one of my few clothing items fly off during a TD celebration.

Armando, can you get a picture of this alternate uni you've seen around town?

hope the coaches take the handcuffs off our offense this week. we'll need the offense to outscore the jets. we got the weapons including a 50 million dollar receiver;might as well use them in an all-out war holding nothing back. lets put the pedal down and see what we got. way too many chances for favre to beat us in the 2nd half. we need the offense to do their job in the air on 1st and 2nd down. we found out bad things(FUMBLES) can also happen when you decide to run every down.

Personally, I love the fact that the last thing Sanchez will remember seeing is a wall of orange hurling towards him.

2nd Request for the alternate uni please!!!

Armando, will you be wearing orange?

I've seen a darker blue jersey that looks sharp, but have not seen this black jersey...but I'm intrigued.

Anyone else agree we need a dolphin logo update? And yes I want to see those black jerseys too...black would be tight...kinda like the Sharks in that any given sunday movie.

Mando, I second enrique's question (about getting a pic of the alternative uni's you saw). I haven't seen them up in DC, but they sound AWESOME!

I happen to be in a predicament. The only orange jersey I have is Zach Thomas. But I'd prefer to wear my new Brandon Marshall (home white). But then I won't be wearing the same jersey as the team (plus I'm 2-0 this year with the Brandon). SO, any suggestions? Should I go with a Zach jersey to represent the orange here in DC, or should I not jinx us by wearing the jersey that has led the team to 2 wins this season?

Rumor: Rex Ryan wants to deactivate Braylon bin Edwards, but do you really think they will?

Anyways, edwards doesnt scare me at all, Jason Allen is ballin, def will cause mark sanchez to throw some picks, lets go!

Armando...please tell us that you love the Dolphins and that you're not in the media business just for the money.

I love the orange jerseys. Especially when we play at night. makes us look elite!

LMAO I am not a huge fan of the orange jerseys. I am flying down from NJ for my first Dolphins game so I get an orange towel. I will take the momento but much rather have the win. 20-17 Miami!

I have a Dolphins hoody and a long sleeve t-shirt but need another t-shirt for the game (not a jersey wearer). I'm guessing they are every where in Dolphins mall and all right locals?

Why can't the Dolphins go back to the all white
uni's from the early 70's ?....

armando who picks the uniform combinations before the games. Like the color of pants with the Jersey I can only remember once on MNF against the Bears we went Teal tops and bottoms and those uniforms were ballin but it seems that combination never happens were always too caught up in white and not to completely go off the Football end talking about the uniforms theyre going wear but everytime we show off our Orange they wear the white pants. Why cant we have teal pants orange jersey orange socks if you have Madden check that out its Tight!

PS if anyone has trash to talk about the passion i have for the uniforms Suck it Im tired of the crap that we have the worst uniforms in the league. Its south beach grab a gay guy and get this handle, or Mando if you dont mind asking someone that would be the titts

3rd request for a pic of the black uni's


the Dolphins honorary captains this Sunday night vs. #Jets: Sam Madison, Pat Surtain, and....Zach Thomas.

ill be sporting my orange 54 here in NC. i would sell my left nutt to be there Sunday night.

mando. did aloco call you on your cell and ask you why cp was the #3 qb last week.?

Google search turned up nothing for me.

Does anybody have a link to the alternate Black Jersey?

Armando, post pics!!

i tried google as well jeff. no dice

They could wear pink and grey for all I care. Just win. KD sack that sucka. CW, sack that sucka. Sack attack.

Don't know about the jersey but I have the black leather jacket with the orage outline on sleeve with dolphin logo on sleeves and on the back and a small one on the left chest

be a perfect thing for you to wear in the winter DC; I use to wear it in Detroit when I lived up there and I use it down here in Louisville just to show my true colors

First, let the beast fly high to beat the stincking jets, so MIAMI DOLPHINS 24 jets 13 Go dolphins go dolphins go dolphins

Got My Orange On. FEED THE M'FN WOLF!!!!!!

ill believe it when i see it...

Black dolphins jersey sounds too good to be true

The orange jerseys are awesome!! Stop complaining we wear them once a year if were lucky besides we are 3 and 0 with them!!! Anyhow I agree that our passing O has to get better we cannot keep playing so conservative on offense and allow our D to get worn down over the season! I hate henning and his playcalling he is 75% of the problem i believe! Fire him and get someone who uses basic formations and no dum drive killing wildcat plays in the red zone unbelievable!!!

those are heat jerseys.

Ahh the good ol days of Zach, Surtain and Madison. I'd take Vontae over either one of those guys. They were very good and loved them when they were here but I think Vontae's combination of athleticism, hard hitting and much improving coverage skills will make him a top 5 corner someday. I won't take anybody over Zach at linebacker. I love Dansby, Misi and Wake but Zach was the heart of Miami for a decade. His fraud brother in law is coming back I hope he dislocated his elbow. He is a chump and fraud!

RESPECT our tradition... dark blue (cowboy color added by Jimmy) and black make NO SENSE in S. Florida.
Nothing wrong with the logo... focus on the players in the uniforms instead of the stupid "flying elvis" crap worn by others.

I personally think the dolphins should use more orange. Orange is a better football color than aqua. Let the cheerleaders wear aqua. Hopefully they can can those aqua pants - they are the ugliest pants in football...they should go white tops - orange pants (on the road)like UM ...for home they should keep the aqua, orange, and white tops.

Orange Jerseys Teal Pants Orange Socks
Armando plant the seed!

aaww come on how can tou say that about JT. he is a future ring if honor guy at sun life and will probably retire and go to hof as a dolphin.

"And yes I want to see those black jerseys too...black would be tight...kinda like the Sharks in that any given sunday movie."

Stupid- next you'll want to change their name to the Sharks. You sound like a frustrated fashion designer.

hope they run, run, and run some more right over the traitor


PLEASE...I WISH THE Jets game was on the road so we don't hear ZACH ,


finfaned I always like JT but when he went dancing with the stars on a rebuidling team he showed me he was more interested in JT then the young rebuilding team. It blew up in his face and people always think the grass is greener on the other side. This will be the second time it blows up in that frauds face. Miami is a team on the brink. They are going to win the division 11-5. JT will retire and then want to come back and be humble. There is nothing humble about the classless jets and their head coach. They bounced back thanks to the nfl scheduling all their tough early games at home but will implode. JT is a one trick pony and Miami knows his weakness when he is in there run the rock right at him he can't handle it the run we saw that last year. Miami 20-17!

Rumor: Rex Ryan will consume large amounts of carrots so he too can appear orange.

I remember the teal on teal from 2002-2003, Ricky's prime. Those unis were sick looking, too bad we had Wansted as a coach. I will however love the orange come sunday nght... look for me with no shirt on covered in orange body paint!!! Should I go for an orange wig too?

Orange is pretty much a Florida color and a part of our (aqua and orange) colors. Not only is black not, it's stupid to wear black in the (semi) tropics.

ALoco I am with you dude. It's a new day in Miami. We are on the brink of something special with all this young and very good talent. Forget that fraud JT. Miami's linebackers are as athletic and as diverse as I can remember.

Dansby - atheltic 3 down beast and is a play maker.

Wake - explosive pass rusher that makes me so who is peezy and jt.

Misi - relentless and always around the ball will he is just giving flashes of how good he will be when he puts it all together.

Carpenter - I can't beleive I just said Bobby Carpenter but so far so good. He is this year's acorn. He is always around the ball and has the athleticism to drop in coverage.

I'd take all 4 of them over all 4 starters from last year. It's a new day people and we can all bow to Parcells greatness for seeing the vison that I didn't see when he was building this team. Thanks Bill.

Notice how JT gos to another team like he did in "08" and the defense becomes the catalyst of the team.... HUMMMMMM.. Do you see a trend here people??

Love the ORANGE JERSEY!!! Cant wait to wear mine for the first time Sunday!!

Got my orange Ricky jersey (to go with my white one and BLUE one - happen to like the blue). Need to get me an aqua Ricky jersey and the wardrobe will be complete. No need to own any other shirts. Ever.

I could care less what uniforms they wear. Aqua and Orange and White are all South Florida to me. The colors represent the city's appeal and diversity very well. We have the best in our division. There is puke green, the pats and bills basically have the same uniform with different mascots. I liked the old pats unis with the patriot hiking the ball but since the bledsoe era there unis are so boring and wack.

enrique i went to the dolphins game ladt year here in NC. i shaved my head and painted it like the Dolphins helmet.

so yes you should use body paint. why not put a bunch of orange kool aid packets in a tub and jump in. that stuff will stain anything!

Hey "Jets Suck" not even close, your the gay one for even thinking that add on up...no o e ever said to change the name...if you could actuall read and comprehend things this thread would show you what we all were talking about...and you chime in to bash peoples opinions...go F ypurself queen




Why won't Miami wear their Teal (Aqua) pants with their orange jerseys?

cowkilla: 110% right. Update to a more dynamic logo is in place. Some purists may not like that idea...but I agree with you.

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