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Orange you glad Miami's playing the Jets?

The Dolphins will wear their orange jerseys against the New York Jets Sunday night.

It's a theme.

The team is hosting a "Paint South Florida Orange" event throughout the week, with various local buildings illuminated in orange throughout the week. Every fan at Sunday night's game will also get an orange rally towel and are asked to wear, you guessed it, orange.

The Dolphins wore orange in last season's home meeting versus New York and came away with a 31-27 victory. For the record, I am a fan of the black jersey with the orange and aqua outline around the white numbers that I've seen a lot around South Florida. They are not official jerseys, but I like them. I could not find a picture of one, but I found some footballs in the Dolphins online store that give you the basic idea of what it would look like. Use your imagination.Footballs

Ok, here is one interpretation of the black Dolphins jersey. I've seen this one around and also seen one where the numbers are while instead of black and the outline is aqua as well as orange. But I think this one looks intimidating. Thanks to Julio La Mar for sending the photo.

Black jersey


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clifton smith got waived. he was completely useless, just like henning.

A new logo?

Ok first I hope you aren't trying to change the name from Miami Dolphins. Dolphins, beach, Miami all go together.

Ok maybe you meant keep the Dolphins and change the Dolphin would you like him toting an AK-47? Would that make him look more tough. How about a cartoon Dolphins with legs running the ball. No way Miami should ever change the colors or logo. Miami is Miami.

LOL. That is funny, Mando.

Guys Please be warned to lock up all cattle and chickens, The Human Chuppracapra Rex(Two ton)Ryan is coming to town.... You may also call all local All-you-can-eat restaurants in town too...... It's amazing that this fat guy actually has gained weight since his lap-band surgery....

yes please Orange Jersey Teal Pants Orange socks


ted ginn >>>> clifton smith

why not go with orange helmets too.
im just throwing it out there.

only helmets allowed are current or throwback ones

orange undereye paint???

HAHAHA I GET IT. The Dolphins will wear their orange jerseys, so MANDO thought it'd be HI-larious to type with a red background. GET IT? Oh...wait. Red and orange are different colors.

Nice one, Mando! Keep up the great work. Next thing you know, you'll be italicizing stuff for emphasis.

-- Bebo

Has anybody elese noticed ths blog gets smaller and weaker every week. I'm soo glad I paid $5 for it.

miamiborn, do you get 5 dollars or you pay 5 .

we should let Nolan Carroll loose with PR / KR dude is fast enough....

I searched for a picture of those jerseys you wanted to see and didn't find any. I did find a picture of a Dolphins football that gives the general look of what that jersey looks like. It's a black jersey with aqua outlining and the numbers are while with orange and aqua outline. Check out the pix of the footballs on the post.

Odinseye, you know more about fashion than anyone. What do you think?

these football look EVIL .just looks like JAIL players if they were to wear these colors

lol Armando called Odinseye a closet gay... lol

Odinseye knows about fashion??? Maybe if ut talking about tie dye and funny cigarettes but i cant imagine that old hippie rocker knowing much else about fashion. By the way Odin, Im complementing you, not busting ur ass. :)

all this orange talk gets me fancy in my pantsys.


I've been trying to post the link to the black jerseys for over an hour. what's up?

I dont like the Black jerseys. i LOVE the orange though ! Wish they had orange pants to go with it too. Maybe orange helmet ??


OK guys go to ebay and type in miami dolphins jerseys. I like it.

Armando, were you really calling me gay?

I'm not, but I do know about fashions. I like to dress my Be-atches in hot mini's and F'me pumps.

PS: What's your shoe size?

i know what jerseys you mean but i think there dark blue, like the color of the stripe on our helmet, not black


I've seen the dark blue.

These are black and they look intimidating.

Gang green (aka Puke Green) is going down. It should be a good game. Although I would love to see us wipe the floor with their **s. Miami 27, Puke Green 10!

Enrique1085, please don't mention Pornstache in the blogs any more, he is the reason that Miami has taken so long to climb outta the talent(less) hole we were in. Go phins, let's see the canes beat on Pitt as well.

ALoco, well said! Miami's young stars will be on full display Sunday night and I will be there. I think 30ish yard line row 10. Wake, Dansby, Misi and Davis will all earn a blog write up by Monday Sept. 27th when they show everyone on the biggest stage they are better then the paper champs.

It wasn't a fluke Miami swept them last year. It was a trend. It was better coaching. This year it's better players and better coaching. The paper champs are old on D outside of their corners. The paper champs have a very good defensive scheme and the best corner in the league outside of that them guys can be beat up front with a powerful O line and Marshall doing what he was brought into to do and that was win some one on one's with revis and cromartie. The paper champs linebackers are much like ours last year one dimensional. bart scott isn't a 3 down backer and david harris isn't either. The player formerly known as jt is as one dimensional as any 36 LB should be and pace is a very good but not great pass rusher. My point being they don't have a defensive player that worries me but it's the blitzing scheme. Henne is going to have to let it fly a few times to Marshall he will get his chances one on one.




Reebok has two black Dolphins Jerseys.

One is black and gold, but it SUCKS. It doesn't compliment my complexion sufficiently.

The other is Black with white numbers trimmed in aqua and Orange.

Very manly! When I wear it, it makes me want to go out and commit very MANLY hate crimes.


I am NOT a Homophobe!!!!

Dolphins 0 Jets 2


We havent started 2-0 on the road since 1977. I think that was Mercury Morriss's last season before being traded to the Chargers.

Anyway, that's 33 years.

PS: Andy Reid has flip flopped again. It was announced today Vick will be the starter.

I always preferred the aqua jerseys and they seemed to always play well when they wore them. I do think the orange jerseys have become the new aqua in that respect so far. I ould like them to add to that mystique Sunday!!


No offense taken Bro. I'm wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt with a tie died logo(the lips and tongue) and a black bandana right now, serious, no lie.

PS: No funny cigarettes unfortunately-DAMN!

every time we wear the orange jerseys its a come from behind victory

I actually love the orange jerseys, and we've had great wins every time we've worn them.
- last year's dramatic win vs. the jets
- big win over Redskins win James McKnight had an 80+ TD.
- huge upset win on MNF against Brady, with 4th down TD thrown by AJ Feeley. this win pushed PATS out of home field advantage late in season.

All good memories in Orange Jerseys. Go Fins!

Stephen Ross and the orange jersey both suck big time. They're both embassassments to the Dolphins organization.

The orange jerseys are a remnant to the Dave Wannstedt Dolphins.





Watching NE & NY play neither one of them could stop the run. And both teams have average backs. Not like what we have in Ricky & Ronnie. Both defenses looked weak. And now with all the injuries. Sounds like they didN't train in the preseason. Just wanted to show off how vulger they are on TV. Go Dolphins!!!

WHO's the other QB who won the opening 2 games on the road odin?

Bob Griese.

Bob Griese wore bi-focals under his helmet and led us to a 10-4 regular record season.

bob griese, why we don't hear about this guy since he got the ring and we keep hearing only about marino who never won a thing ?


I'll give you something on the ramifications of starting 2-0 on the road.

If we start at home as strong as did on the road, we win 12 games THIS season.

These next two home game are a must have. We beat the wetsies and the patsies at home and we're going into the bye week 4-0.

Now, go back and look at the rest of our schedule in the context of being 3-1 or 4-0. We're in like Flynn.


Andy- Perhaps there isn't a single player that concerns you, but as a unit they are the strength of that team. Pass protection will be the key to this game. If we can keep Henne comfterable in the pocket, this should be the week the offense comes out of its shell. This is their first game away from home, so I'm sure they are going to try and flex their muscles early, and bring a lot of heat. If we can absorb the early pressure, we should be able to exploit them and get some big plays in the passing game. These corners are aggressive, so the ability to win one on one ,matchups will help the protections as well. Marshall is almost impossible to cover one on one, so the other recievers have to get open, Kyle Wilson played much better matched up against a faster Wes Welker, then he did against Anquan Boldin. He will probably be lined up against Bess. Bess needs to have a big game, as they will no doubt roll coverages to Marshalls side. Fasano, or Nalboner will have opportunities for some big plays as well. As far as the wildcat goes, this is not my favorite formation, and so far teams look like they have prepared for this. I guess if it makes teams at least spend time each week in preparation, it takes away some time they would use preparing for our "real offense" I think that we will win this game going away, the two road wins were just a little flash of what's to come. The offense gets going this week Phins 24 chuckleheads 12

Orange looks good when you're winning. But you look like the 70s Buccaneers when you're losing. Remember those old blooper reels of the hapless Bucs? I do wish the team would switch to a darker blue than greenish aqua (not very intimidating). Still, who cares? Just win baby!

dinner time ...goose in broth ,rice,kale and apple pie w/vanilla ice cream.

Griese NEVER put up big numbers.

He wasn't the ultimate game manager, he was the master game manager. He had an awesome plat action fake by the way.

He played with a bruising running game. The first and I think, the only backfield to have 2 1000 yard backs in the same season. Mercury Morriss and Larry Csonka.

He also had the support of the no name defense and then later, to some extent, the "beginning" of the Killer B's.

Armando will you please reiterate to the posters that you are not a Dolphins fan. Just so we don't have to hear questions like, "Armando will you be wearing orange", and statements like, "Armando...please tell us that you love the Dolphins and that you're not in the media business just for the money".

And while you're at it why won't you tell us what your favorite team is?! This is the best kept secret in all of sports. Who is Armandos team? I have a couple of ideas but sheesh, what gives?

And if you won't tell us will you at least tell us why? I'm dieing to find this out!! I'm going to have to call the Scooby Doo crew on this one.

Armando if ur not a dolphin fan i think i may have to quit reading your blog

Aloco where'd u find a goose?

Beerphin stop it. Seriously? It doesn't matter what fan he's a team of.

I actually like that he's not a Dolphins fan. It means he can be more objective and point things out that us die hards might not see through our aqua colored glasses.

Haven't been here in a while. Did Dez mom ever get a heartfelt apology? Are we ever going to put in Patrick Turner? LMAO!

Does Armando still resemble Fez from that 70s show?

The Black Jersey is SWANK! Check E-bay from time to time, one will pop up.

Go Phins!

It would be better if they put the " Stars and Bars " on the side of there helments. And get rid of the gay fish. I hate the Buc's, but they have great colors, there colors and the Stars and Bars on the helment would be awsome.

I found this black concept uniform searching around. I'm not sure if this is the one Armando is talking about.


does anyone know where to get that white sideline t-shirt with the large grey dolphins logo on it?

yes please Orange Jersey Teal Pants Orange socks


Posted by: texasphinatic | September 21, 2010 at 05:11 PM

OK, I could give two titz about what the damn uniform looks like. But dude, are you for real ?!!? Because that is the WORST, I mean the absolute most HORRIBLY GOD AWFUL idea for a uniform I have ever heard. And I have seen it used in Madden. It was the most DISGUSTING excuse for a football uniform in the history of the world. You said in an earlier post you were tired of us having the worst uniforms in the league but this is what you want ? It embarrasses me that you are a fan of the Miami Dolphins. Find another team with a more "stylish" uniform, q-ueer mo....

beerphin, i bought fresh .

There's a Black Ricky Williams jersey on Ebay right now.

Go to Ebay, type in Miami Dolphins Jersey. It's on the first page about the 10th jersey from the top.

after reading all day the ideas of the uniforms .i am sure the dolphins need some fashion guy w/a brain from NY OR BOSTON ,FL is famous for cheapen every thing in site .

Armando are you serious? You want a south Florida team to wear black jerseys? If you'd noticed, we don't even wear the aqua jerseys at home unless its night or December. Dark colors absorb heat. Bright colors, like white and orange reflect heat. Of course when we give up our home-field heat advantage by playing at night, I guess it doesn't matter that much. Still, I'd rather see our team in primetime because of the national exposure. But black is a bad idea. What do you want us to be? The Raiders?

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