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Orange you glad Miami's playing the Jets?

The Dolphins will wear their orange jerseys against the New York Jets Sunday night.

It's a theme.

The team is hosting a "Paint South Florida Orange" event throughout the week, with various local buildings illuminated in orange throughout the week. Every fan at Sunday night's game will also get an orange rally towel and are asked to wear, you guessed it, orange.

The Dolphins wore orange in last season's home meeting versus New York and came away with a 31-27 victory. For the record, I am a fan of the black jersey with the orange and aqua outline around the white numbers that I've seen a lot around South Florida. They are not official jerseys, but I like them. I could not find a picture of one, but I found some footballs in the Dolphins online store that give you the basic idea of what it would look like. Use your imagination.Footballs

Ok, here is one interpretation of the black Dolphins jersey. I've seen this one around and also seen one where the numbers are while instead of black and the outline is aqua as well as orange. But I think this one looks intimidating. Thanks to Julio La Mar for sending the photo.

Black jersey


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that's not black it's navy blue. they came out with those about 7 years ago. had one it was made by nike then.

Me likee Orange unis

The jaguars wear (ugly) teal jerseys. The Dolphins wear AQUA.

What's up losers?

I like the orange because it is the closest thing in color to the urine that will be splashed on Jet's fans faces this Sunday evening.

the teams that wears blacck are teams full of players ready to go to jail any minute .


go Dolphins F, the Jets

i like the orange jerseys nice shake up once and awhile plus we are undefeated in the orange jerseys

Did the Jets sign a receiver today? I saw they were down to three assuming Edwards is suspended for game.
I hope they don't sign Roberto Wallace from our practice squad.


I just couldn't leave this one alone. Did Armando actually say that his favorite NFL team was someone other than Miami?

Did he say that he's not a fan of the Dolphins?

This intriques me. Where was he born? Where did he grow up and or go to school?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm trying to figure this out?

Armando, come clean, NOW!!!!

wallace is our 5th reciever i think

Yup we waived Clifton Smith and Nalbone, and signed TE Jeron Mastrud off the practice squad. I have to say I saw this coming after that game both of them had Sunday. Hope Mastrud can block.

why did we release martin?


Armando is from the little latin island to our south. I think cuban menace might be his alter ego. I don't know that he's not a fan of the Dolphins, but he can be quite negative, even when things seem to be going well.

Back in a bit, cya.

I NOTICED that armando writes a lot when thing goes bad and now W/2-0 ON THE ROAD HE 'S NOT WRITING ANY THING GOOD ABOUT THE TEAM ,HE MISSES THE LOSERS JT AND CO .

The black jerseys suck. They are NOT the raiders.

No turnovers please...just some good ol' mean defense Sunday nite sprinkled with some BMarsh hilights that PrimeTime would be proud of on the NFL network. Fins 24 Jets 10

sean smith and starks are twittering about having all the fans howling like a wolf while we are on defense!!!

them seem to like the idea i saw give it to them stinking j e t s and howl ur freaking lungs out!!!

i love the idea spread the word!!!!


Yes a while back, maybe a couple of years ago, Armando told us he was not a fan of the Dolphins but wouldn't tell us who his team was.

I don't even care who his team is (cough,,Vikings,,cough, cough) but I'm curious about why he won't tell us who he roots for on Sundays. I think it would be a blast to go back and forth with him when our teams play.

It's also quite possible that he doesn't have a favorite (American football) team. He's of Cuban descent and may be a soccer fan.

My gut tells me he does have a team to root for that is far away from South Florida. But God love him he won't tell anyone!

Armando was born in Cuba?

I'll need to see your drivers liscense, your registration...........and..........oh yeah, your green card!

Viva Armando!!!!

And I'm pretty sure from what he has told us that he's lived in Florida most or all of his life. Someone had speculated that he worked close to D.C. at one point and may be a Redskins fan but I think that was BS.

LOVE is not easy.it's not easy to love one girl ,for me i need two girls in my life /one to cook and love .the other one is to love and make love .

I am flying down from NJ for my first Dolphins game so I get an orange towel.

Posted by: Andy NJ | September 21, 2010 at 04:09 PM

I am also flying down from NJ for the game....and I'm lucky enough to be going to both this Jets game and next weeks Pats game. I don't post much here during the week but I am around during game time....if anyone who normally goes to the games can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it...

my question is this....

I would like to possibly see some players pre-game/post game (either is fine with me....I'd just like to know the SOP) and hopefully get some sigs on some of my gear. Do any of you know the who what where and when to getting that done? If you can spare a few minutes that would be awesome.

FYI I will be sitting in 143 Row 7 for the Jets game and 141 Row 8 for the Pats game.

Thanks for your replys.

I don't know if Mando is a fan or not but a lot of the things he says are just ignorant.
He spent all of last season criticizing Pat White for not putting up production as a backup qb. Well Thigpen hasn't put up any production so where's the criticism? The backup qb is not supposed to have production anyway unless he's the starter.
His article before the Vikes game he writes that Henne's future in the NFL is in jeopardy if he throws a pick in the game. Peyton Manning threw 28 picks his first year starting and 15 his second. So according to Mando Peyton should not have had a future in the NFL after his first season.

Anyway this is not making me any money.
I'm glad the Phins are 2-0.
Sunday will be a battle.
I believe in Henne and I will not turn my back on him no matter what happens.

Wow, so Armando isn't a Dolphin fan. And to think I've been taking it easy on him because I thought he was.

Just kidding Armando seriously, don't go getting your favorite Brett Farve Boxers in a bunch.............................

NY Scott Cubans dont like soccer. They like baseball.

price master, are you the sofa guy ? you sound very very smart.what's your secert ?


Tell us first time you and Marc spend night on sofa?

Posted By; Aloco(not odinseye)


Sofa King Retarded

yes.please price master.please tell us the first time you and marc spend on the sofa .

Okay, I googled Armando, (I have way too much time on my hands!).

First of all he's been covering the Phins since 1990 but he started covering south Florida sports when he was 19 in 1982 which is quite impressive. At 19 I was too busy drinking beer and chasing girls to be starting a career. I told you he was a hard worker!

So it seems like he's been in Florida his whole life. And I didn't get one step closer to finding out who he may root for which was my goal on google. Damnit!

But here's something funny people may not know. Some jackass started a facebook site called "Fire Armando Salguero voted worst Dolphins beat writer". Apparently this person and his two friends voted in their secret clubhouse and Armando lost. :)

I'm out. Have to try and pretend I have a home life here!

Hey Andy...get to the players parking lot (team end zone) by 10:00am...they drive in there with their hotrods and spinning hubcaps...some come out to the fence and sign


Seriously, I agree with you totally.

It's not just Armando, it's alot of so called "pundits" and fans alike.

They all seem to be holding Henne to a double standard. Bottom line, Henne's a winner.

Lastly thanks bond 9 I knew Cubans were baseball fans but I could have swore soccer was the big sport there. I mean baseball has only been big there for a little while right? Wasn't their sport soccer all of those years? Okay gotta go.

Fins should play henna like the ravens play flacco...conservative with a lot of front protection

I agree with PriceMaster too.
Henne isnt flashy, he is not flinging the ball all over the place, Aka Dan Marino, but he is winning. He is big, tough andamages this team well. the kid also has a winning record, in college and now the Pros. There is only ONE Dan Marino and he is retired. Hene will be solid for us for a long time.

boxing is big sport in cuba.armando loves boxing .lol

Hey Andy...get to the players parking lot (team end zone) by 10:00am...they drive in there with their hotrods and spinning hubcaps...some come out to the fence and sign

Posted by: Vince from Canada | September 21, 2010 at 08:15 PM

is that a reply to me? I assume its not a serious response??... I have never seen your name post here so please take no offense....as I am sure many have not seen mine much either. Anyway...10am for a sunday night and monday night game? seems kinda early.....unless we have braylon edwards playing for us.

not feelin the black jersey!

Does it matter if Armandos a Dolphin fan or not? He puts out a good blog and works hard, if he didnt aggravate some of us there would be alot of boring conversation here

Baseball has been big in Cuba for a long time.

Fidel Castro tried out for the NY Yankees back in something like 1957.

For the sake of all the hard working and decent Cubans in the world, I wish to God Fidel would have made the team back then!

Suprised Dolphins waived Nalbone with the amount of 2 TE sets we use. On the other hand Clifton Smith did nothing, glad he gone

NYScott. always going back to the 1930's its always been about baseball. Check out an ESPN documentary on a player named Luis Tiant. best pitcher in Red Sox history. trust me you wont regret it. they say Cubans are born with a baseball bat and glove in their hands, well at least while their country was a capitalistic society, dont know now, but definately baseball always. Remember Luis Tiant. watch it you wont regret it..

i love cuban food ,the way they cook fish is great .

cuban girls cook it up real nice... Cuban moms know how to make then Cuban girls real good.. Donkey Butts!

bond 9. i saw a movie on public tv about that guy luis tint ,great story of fine player .

sorry Andy, forgot it was a nite game..should get to the players parking lot at least 3-4 hrs before kickoff though. I've been there.

Aloco thanks for colaborating.

Armando is a peicebof crap and I am done wth this app amd this blog. i would much rather hear people talk positive aboit the Dolphins.

how many touchdowns did henne led us to in the preseason? was it 0? pennington came in for very limited action and led us to like 2 TOUCHDOWNS? sparano you better put pennington in if henne isnt getting us points. its to bad if his feelings get hurt. you dont lose a game to save a quarterbacks feelings. the defense has got to play like they have been and the offense needs touchdowns!


I couldn't agree with you more. Armando usually does an excellent job and he knows deep down inside I love him(snicker, snicker).

I spent my entire life, up to a couple of years ago, on the road and getting Dolphins news wasn't always easy.

To be honest, from the time I first came across Armando, he's been nothing short of a Godsend to this Miami Dolphin fan.

PS: Armando, don't go getting all big headed now, because I am a true hardcore Dolphin Fan and you dis MY TEAM and we got PROBLEMS!!!!

PSS: Armando, remember when you used that line on me? ROTFLMAO!!!!

ODIN, some consider you godlike on this blog, but, sorry.....I gotta tell you fidel castro never tried out for the Yankees

ODIN, some consider you godlike on this blog, but, sorry.....I gotta tell you fidel castro never tried out for the Yankees

my comment is not coming out complete, but research your stuff odin

i dont know why all the people predicting the score are giving the jersey girls so many points. dolphin d will smother the "pretty" boy Sancheese & hold them to 3 points 6 tops

ODIN, some consider you godlike on this blog, but, sorry.....I gotta tell you fidel castro never tried out for the Yankees

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