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Orange you glad Miami's playing the Jets?

The Dolphins will wear their orange jerseys against the New York Jets Sunday night.

It's a theme.

The team is hosting a "Paint South Florida Orange" event throughout the week, with various local buildings illuminated in orange throughout the week. Every fan at Sunday night's game will also get an orange rally towel and are asked to wear, you guessed it, orange.

The Dolphins wore orange in last season's home meeting versus New York and came away with a 31-27 victory. For the record, I am a fan of the black jersey with the orange and aqua outline around the white numbers that I've seen a lot around South Florida. They are not official jerseys, but I like them. I could not find a picture of one, but I found some footballs in the Dolphins online store that give you the basic idea of what it would look like. Use your imagination.Footballs

Ok, here is one interpretation of the black Dolphins jersey. I've seen this one around and also seen one where the numbers are while instead of black and the outline is aqua as well as orange. But I think this one looks intimidating. Thanks to Julio La Mar for sending the photo.

Black jersey


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no revis=no blitz

lets just beat the crap out of the Jets

man think about if vontae didnt ever need safety help like revis we could play a safety in the box would be nice


Come on now, think about it?

Have you ever seen Reamis tackle like Vontae?

I'll admit Davis is less experienced than Reamis, but other than that, Vontae is Da Man!

I dont know what you guys think but how about Henne starting to thow to Marshall until they double him or tripple zone him...the guy can catch man!!! Throw it up to him, im sure 9 times out of 10 he will go up and get it. Now dont get me wrong here, i love the 2-0 record, i love our stout D, but please coaches and henne....throw the ball to BM and crew and lets start blowing the other teams off the face of the earth! I know our O has potential but man...take the chains off of our O and let them thrive already! Anyone agree?? Dont forget, we have a 50million dollar man!

Where is Home and his interesting predictions?


I swear on my most favorite Hottie's pinocha, I was going to say that I didn't care if they played BUCK naked.

Then I remembered Armando insinuated that I was gay earlier, so I thought better of it.

You have the Spirit of a True Norse Warrior!

Why Not Us!!!!

odin, me taunt anyone? C'mon man! you guys know everything


I'm all in with you on that.

Can you imagine watching this team playing with a two score lead?

Too bad though, Hennings gets a 7 point lead and he thinkss it's the cats a s s. Time to bring in the double TE package and hand off to the fullback on 3rd and 20.

OMG I wish I was joking, but he actually did this against Minnesota in the FIRST QUARTER!

I love my Gradma very much, but DAMN, we had to put her in a nursing home sooner or later!!!!

the dolphins are going to need at least 31 points against the jets. the more, the better!

odin, me taunt anyone? C'mon man! you guys know everything

Posted by: redsky | September 21, 2010 at 11:25 PM

Oh? So Castro did get a tryout with the Yankees?

I read your "stuff" Redsky. I think you know a little more than you let on.

it will demoralize the jets if we can score that much against them....and it will also demoralize the patriots. we need to keep them from scoring much, in the teens.

odin, castro got no tryouts....just rumors.


I know that now. That's my point. I believed this rumor for the past 30 years. You on the other hand, knew this was B.S.

I graciously stand corrected. Thanks to you, I won't repeat this stupid rumor anymore.

PS: I wasn't researching this all that time. The truth is, I was running low on the Barcardi!

RUM RUN.......er...... I mean........

This Is Our House!!!!

odin, that IS a priority, understood completly! i have to restock myself! lol

Good talkin with you guys, hopefully we will see our O unleash the furry sun night!
For now its time for me to go, I must play soccer with my lady and put her to bed before I hit the big screen for some night shooting game. L8tr guys...Go Fins!!!

Armondo your awesome! your on the pulse of the Dolphin spirit and soul! go Fins!!!!!! open it up this weekend!

I caught a glimpse here and a glimpse there about the Dolphins - Vikings game on various channels at various times.
I swear they were giving Minnesota more love for the loss than they were giving the Dolphins for the win.
It was infuriating.

what does needing safety help have anything to do with tackling? i never see revis have blown coverages maybe thats over with davis lets hope so but ya hes a better tackler

i rewatched the game and im way happier with our performance than at first a couple things i noticed were

each of our two horrible fumbles came right after allens picks lol scary

also the score should have been 14-0 if two things happend one the fumble by ricky basicly handed them a touchdown the field goal never should of been that was a horrible ball spot

and wake was close to sacking favre like 5-6 other times and last thoughts on the offense atfirst i thought henne was to blame but incognito stalled two different drives with pass pretection but that should improve

go fins lol

sorry typos god damn itouch keypad lol

keep the orange and lose the fruity teal jerseys...orange worked for The U, why not the fishes..i prefer the orange..i'm over black uniforms...we're the dolphins, not the raiders or ravens...blue or grey may work, but black, no thanks...course it doesn't really matter what they wear if the don't win, but i'm kind of over the teal look

ya i wouldnt get rid of the teal but maybe 4 teal games 4 orange then white on the road

its aqua!! not teal, see jags unis for teal.

the only other color that would work for miami is navy blue. i would rather see them in the throwbacks if they are going to go with an alternate uni.

its aqua!! not teal, see jags unis for teal.

Posted by: standley23 | September 22, 2010 at 02:32 AM

either way it's fruity

glad this helmet change never happened

Orange is alright as long as they win.


I think you've made your fashion statement.

How nice, a few short weeks ago everybody was crying about cutting JT and not signing Ryan Clark.

I wonder if New Jersey Rex cares about our New Jerseys?

Dear God,

Thanks for blessing mankind with the coffee and ibuprofen.

I know it's been awhile big guy, but I was just wondering?

Do you think it would be asking to much to let Satan himself possess Dan Hennings soul Sunday night?

henning will suck as usual

2-2 incoming


I have to agree.

In case Armando hasn't told you, I'm an expert psychic as well.

Hennings thinking Brady only scored 14 against the wets. Hell my double wing running game can do that and Nolans D can do the rest.

WaHooooooooo! Jeffy! Go get me some more prune juice, pronto!


Great minds Odin...great minds.....



Of course i'm joking.....

But his wife is SMOKING!!!!


Love the orange Jersey's!! Black makes NO sense Mando. With the sun and the heat and the lights at night. Black absorbes all of that where the whites and Oranges deflect. that is one of our advantages when we wear white at home. KEEP THE ORANGE!!!!! JMO

MAFishFan, I am also from MA!!! Sucks living out here with the PATS fans, what area are you from?

Dolphins in black? no thanks!!

white teal\aqua and orange!!

who cares what they wear. They just need to win and shut these jet fans up. You should read them on PFT. Such losers

ARMANDO, I AM LISTING TO YOUR RADIO SHOW .go to the fat coach AT 3;00 and ask him ,do you regret your statement about your team going to the SUPER BOWL ?

I haven't seen any story that says Revis is out for two weeks.
Hank Baskett signed with the Vikings,so that means they may not be interested in V Jackson.The price tag is too high for him,if you ask me.
J Taylor had a MRI on his elbow and he expects to play Sunday night.Bring it on Jason,you will be getting another MRI Monday morning.
If you don't play for the Miami Dolphins,I could give a rats ass about you.Not in my book.

I agree with the comments to update the log.
Get something a little more intimidating and the black uni's would help with that. A logo change can help with championship culture (see Tampa Bay Bucs (Super Bowl), Denver Broncos (Super Bowls) after logo changes. I believe it can help attract Free Agents, not too many people look tough wearing aqua with a cartoon dolphin.

my .02

a 5 yard per carry run game, a D that destroys people and Brandon Marshall/Henne clicking is intimidating as it gets.

Doesn't Ricky usually have good games running in those orange jerseys?

I think they need to take the helmet off the Dolphin on the logo and unleash the fins.



For the record, I love the orange jerseys, and I love all the Dolphins uniforms. For the record, I hate that black jersey that armando likes, and I think it looks like garbage. For the record, I think that teams that make up uniform colors that are not in their original colors are cheap and tacky. Teams like the Raiders and Steelers who have always worn black look great, and they should continue to wear them, but the darkest color that the Dolphins have always had was navy blue, and black should not be in their color scheme period. It looks like crap and I think the orange jersey looks great and I hope they continue to wear it. You should learn Armando from the mistakes made by the NBA in the 1990's and stay the heck away from the Dolphins uniforms and logo. In the 1990's all these NBA teams changed their great traditional uni's for so-called "updated, modern, now" uni's and they were garbage, and most of them had "black" in them. Guess what everyone knew they were terrible, and now most of the NBA teams have got rid of them and gone back to their classic uni's from the 1970's and 1980's that they always had and most love that the tradition is back.

For the record, Armando, I think you have no fashion sense, and the orange is a great idea.

MAFishFan, I am also from MA!!! Sucks living out here with the PATS fans, what area are you from?

Posted by: Poizen | September 22, 2010 at 09:12 AM

I live in the Westford area. Totally sucks being a Fish fan here, although my in laws have season tix so i get to go to the game at foxboro every year...they have such crappy fans

it seems that while our team seems to be progressively improving, Miami Dolphins merchandising/marketing dept. does not: ANYONE i've heard loves the orange jersey!.

if the team is evolving, why its look does not???

ps the black one looks amazing.

i like the black jersey but the navy blue that they had as a alternate back in the early dave wanstadt era would look even better. keep the same outline and color of the numbers but the solid color should be the navy blue thats in the color scheme already

Where the hell can I buy a black Fins jersey?

i love the orange jersey. i dont like the black. dolphins are undefeated in the orange jersey. the orange is a nice addition to our uniform scheme. dont mess up a good thing.

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