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Reaction from the locker room of Dolphins victory

MINNEAPOLIS -- We're back from the Miami Dolphins locker room and I guess I could start typing a bunch of quotes that would give you the mood of the team following today's 14-10 victory over the Vikings.

But as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So consider the following video posted at Jeff Darlington's website as your view of the happenings in the happy locker room of a 2-0 Miami team: 


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One of the biggest problems we have on offense is playcalling. The playaction was not used and we were too predictable. Im am not convinced on the oc playcalling yet. other than the turnovers on offense and playcalling the defense played lights out. go phins!!!



Armando - can you ask why we are not giving Ronnie Brown, our best back, more than 12 carries per game? I don't get it - bring Ricky in a series in each quarter, but this alternating back and forth just isn't working. No flow in the game whatsoever.

I hope we HAMMER the J-E-T-S next week - I think Sanchez will be seeing double all night next week! Our defense will drive him nuts.

Pats about to lose to wets, well at least the best of news is that we're sitting atop the division albiet only two weeks into the year.

Guys chill out, we're off to a 2 and 0 start. The defense looks very good and the offense is not firing on all cylinders yet but it will, there are flashes of brilliance. How great dis you feel after Miami's 1st play, that long pass to BM? Or how about the huge run Ronnie had over the left side from our 1 to like the 45 or 50? They have the talent to be very good on offense, give it a couple more weeks and they will be putting up 28 to 35 pts a game. And the only love shown for Miami beating Vikes was Warren Sapp on the NFL channel, he had Miami as his "sleeper upset" pick and Marshall Faulk also picked Miami to beat the Vikes. Jets are stomping the Pats 28-14 with 3 min left in the game. As much as I hate the Jets, if they win Miami is atop the AFC East all alone.

This offense is becoming annoying to watch, Defense no doubt is the strength of our team but in years past that hasnt helped us in the long run, i can only prey that is not the norm throughout the year, offense has to get it together at some point.But 2-0, never would of thought that coming out.Good Job Fins!!!

Cant wait to watch us punch these jokers in their mouths next week. They played out their ass today, bad news for the Jests and their welfare fans next week. Bring it on, the 2-0 Fins are ready!!

This has been a great day.

The Patsies D must suck big time, they're making SanCheezeBag look good-LMFAO!!!!

Looks like were alone atop the AFC East.

Well Dan Henning you're in the drivers seat now. Too bad he's looking over the dashboard and under the steering wheel..............

PS: Anybody got a pillow for Mr. Henning?

My apologies Jason Allen - HELL OF A GAME. Keep up the good work...

Aloco, No Pork for me my LIL friend, though Hot Ashley likes the pork..(If you know what I mean)(Though I think you might not)I obstain from pork..... (Though Hot Ashley loooooves The Pork)....

Cuban Menace, the Dolphins defeat the Vikings and your first thought is to rag on Ines? Isn't that story over? Why do you need to hang onto it like it's your last nut??

Big deal, a woman made someone apologize. Suck it up and move on.

Sammy, Just saying that's gotta be the greastest ad fof Levi-Struess........

The offense is sputtering you say? Wonder what it could be?

Lets see, Long? Cognito? Naw, even Jerry and Carey have been playing solid. Heck, there's even a Pro Bowler in there somewhere.

Ronnie or Ricky? I don't think so, Heisman winner and Pro Bowl experience there too.

Hmmmmmmm........Henne, Marshall and Bess? I doubt it. One them is batting .666 and another led the league in third down conversions. Heck Wally, that one guy even caught 20 passes in a single game.

Well, there's a problem here somewhere, but I just can't seem too put my finger on it????

PS: Duh!

cuban menace, aka as miguel salguero, put hot ashley on

The Patriots defense is atrocious. I have never seen wide receivers more open in my life. What in the hell kind of soft zone coverage was that. And tons of missed tackles. The mighty Pats are finally falling down to earth.

The good things about the game->

1. Three players were dinged up, Mangold, Revis, and Taylor.
2. The Jets offense will be feeling good about themselves and Ryans coaching style will allow that to blind them to the fact that they played a mediocre defense. They're going to be in for a surprise next week in Miami.
3. Sanchez has been terribly inconsistent so far in his career. Had a horrible game last week, played well this week, hopefully next week he reverts back to horrible. Hopefully he's going to take some chances that he shouldn't in Miami.

odin, henning is sputtering, but the fumbles by ricky and ronnie hurt. even you have to admit that. the defense saved us, but they can't do that every game. we do need more points.

nyscott, if NE plays us the way they played the jets, they are toast! if the dolphins can beat minnesota at home, they can beat the jets and ne!

dansby was clutch today

ALoco: (@ 6:52 PM)

The '50 Million Man' runs perfect routes, draws coverage, and (although there hasn't yet been a '15 catch day') Plays the game on a different level than any other receiver they have. (...his OBNOXIOUS salary was aided by a 'Perfect Storm' of circumstances.)

The 'Bargain basement Rookie' IS clearly under-paid.
It takes something like 22 starts for an NFL quarterback to be thoroughly evaluated. Only then; can it be determined exactly HOW GOOD HE IS.

I picture Henne (with his arm) Firing Rockets ALL OVER THE FIELD.
If He EVOLVES into that, then
he'll get to lead an Offense that will be able to score from anywhere. ...and he'll get paid accordingly.

But until THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS, he's stuck with his 600K and the Dolphins won't decide to 'just give him more money for the heck of it.'

Face it...
He was not a high 1st Round Draft Choice and his Agent probably signed a 'below average' deal.

He's got a really good arm but he is still learning how to use it.
Unfortunately that's reality.



Those two fumbles did hurt us. Still it was uncharacteristic of those two especially Brown. Ricky has had some history with fumbles, but not enough to negate what he adds to the team.

No, it's not Ricky or Ronnie. There's another common denominator here that causing problems for our offense.

PS: Armando, Who set up the boards that we post through? You guys got a problem with traditional Southern analogies, or is your tech guy just a racist?

Undefeated orange jerseys on Monday night..........

Those two fumbles almost KILLED us...

The Defense saved everyone's @ss !

The Score should have been like 21-3.

Just wanted Vontae to start since last year and
Have been pounding the table for 0 Int sean to ride the pine and Jason Allen to start this year

So now this is what Home read in the Miami Herald story following the game ...

"Cornerbacks Jason Allen and Vontae Davis had the best days of their careers"

Any Questions?

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Lets not forget CB Jason Allen
Had 3 INTs today
One was called back cuz of a penalty

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


No questions for you Oh wise one.

Just one statement:

We are not worthy!

Miami 2-0

2 To Go!

Miami Dolphins start the 2010 season 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

the fumbles were huge. R & R need to clean that up. Come on man!!!!
D is awesome. Don;t drink the cool aid. Big game next week.

Go Phins!!


When we originally drafted Jason Allen, I was a big fan. Since the second season of things not panning out for him, I've been cutting on him like a chopping block.

Please Homes, I need a reality check, rub my nose in it! I've been waiting for someone to do it, but so far nothing. Zilch, Nada, please Homes don't let me down.

PS: I don't have any crow to eat, but the farmer down the road offered me some Sand Hill Cranes(?) just last night.

Just a thought to pass on to those complaining about play calling.

Do any of you think it may be possible that Henning has done this gig for one or two or FORTY years? And, during those years he has recognized that if your team CAN run the ball and not risk interceptions or sacks against pro bowl D-line, that you should allow them to do so? Do you think he may have had killing the clock and giving Favre as few opportunities to move down the field as possible on his mind when he only ran 15 pass attempts? After all, one of you said it just a few posts back, sooner or later... that defense is going to buckle. So why take a sack, or give up an int in your own territory? (where Miami spent most of the day)

I'll say this much, before being lumped in one side of a disagreement or the other. I started Pissing and moaning about Henning in 08. I despise it when the team moves the ball so well between the 30's but starts getting what I call "CUTE" when they get inside that yard marker (30). I REALLY get/got upset when Henning pulls the QB off the field for the Wildcat. I feel it disrupts the natural flow... but it does for the defense also, can't disrupt one and not the other.


The Wildcat produced not only yardage, but 2 first downs today. That's 8 plays as you know. 4 Minutes off the clock if maxed out (likely more like 2.5 or 3 minutes). Henning only passed 15 times. Henne made 9 of those throws good ones (.666-.670), one for a dagger to Marshall which set the tone of the game. A nice toss for a TD and 2 other catches by Hartline who had a fine game regardless of his detractors. Henning did, what a road team should do... I say that because I was here for every down Marino took. And I remember how we all pissed and moaned about no running game when we had tons of clock staring at a crappy lead and ended up loosing because of it... (You guy care to remember that?)Blowing pick after pick on failed RB's and driving the newpapers wild with 1min20sec possesions on 3 and outs.

Ya can't have it all, all the time guys...

That is all I am saying. And until I see Henning "LOOSE A GAME".... Because he didn't throw the ball. I am going to take his side every time.

Field position is what killed our "O" today.
The positive on this,is that we intercepted the ball at our own 1yard line,twice today.That's pretty freaking good if you ask me.
I'm really impressed by this win today because all of the experts said it would not be close.The Vikings should have beat us soundly at home.They won 9 games in a row there.They had 10 days off to prepare for us and you could see towards the end that our guys were winded and struggling on D,but they came through in the clutch.
Let's wait and see what this offense does when we get our first home game against the Jets next week before we let Pennington replace Henne.
Only 9-15
It wasn't like 9-37 know what I mean?
You negative people need to look at the over all picture of what the Dolphins have done so far and be happy that we are 2-0

Well Said Derek.

Jason Allen is like Russell Crow
In the based on a real story boxing movie during the great depression
"Cinderella Man" (great movie)

Jason Allen actually had his condo on the market in South Florida and thought for sure this regime would cut him

Jason Allen had the Intestinal Fortitude
To go to the Trifecta and ask/beg for a chance to start @ CB this season

Good Tackling, PD &
3 Ints for Jason Allen
2 that counted in the books

Jason Allen is the Miami Dolphin`s
Comeback Player of the Year

"Cinderella Man"

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


i feel we didn't learn from last year coaching mistakes ;





A lot of good points. One of the things you have ti understand is a lot of these are generally unhappy with life and they have nothing better to do than complain. Our football team is 2-0 for the first time since 2002 and all they want to focus on is negative stuff. Leave them alone. They'll like complain if we make the playoffs and win games too.

yes, the defense won another game. they can't do it for 14 more weeks. henne does not impress me at all, i have not seen anything that shows me he is a legit qb. that offense is weak right now. it has to get better, quickly.




Thanks for the effort, but I'm still extremely frustrated with the play calling.

I think the biggest part of my problem is that I see a Miami team that suddenly looks like it can be truly dominant. Maybe seeing this glimpse is just making me a tad bit impatient.

Either way, seeing that your team has the potential to be dominant ain't a bad problem too have.

I think the point is, that everytime we see Miami progress or regress we have to reasess the weak link. In this case, we are definitely progressing and for the time being the weak link looks to be Henning and his play calling.

Sure feels good to be 2-0 and road wins at that.

Good - pass rush, we caught the int's this week
Bad - offensive in 2nd half and who the heck is our return guy? He hasn't broke a tackle yet or got past the 25...

DOLPHIN77, HENNE didn't impress you at all ? may be if the 50 million man did not drop that ball you would think differently .

did he impress you w/hartline TD .you people should go sell corn .

Mando. Why Not Say. Ive Been Bashing The Fins For Months. What Should I Say If They Do Good?????????????????????????

Aloco henne just does not manage the game. he took another sack instead of throwing the ball away. then all they had to do was get 3 yards for a first down and that would have sealed the game, instead henne gets his pass knocked down. i just don't see him being a solid qb.

ROMO at 9.5 million is ......0-2.coach will be fired shortly .

Also, Derek, keep in mind what Sparano said, "we have to learn how to finish." He's talking about the Colts, Saints, Tennessee, etc. games last year where we gave the game away in the end.

Part of finishing is striking while the dagger is hot and the enemy is wounded. With the playcalling, Henning also gave the Vikings a chance to win in the end. We need to keep the pressure on so they can't come back.

I understand this is a run-first offense (they said as much before the season). But Marshall wasn't only brought in here for big plays (like he made). He's a sure-handed receiver. That means when you need one first down and you win the game, throw it to Marshall.

Our defense is stout, but unless they are extremely elite (which they might be, don't know yet), making them carry too much of the weight is an iffy proposition. We relied on the d last week, and again this week.

What I'm saying is bring the element of surprise to your scheme. When Henning learned to coach this game, technology wasn't what it is today. People are much more knowledgeable about what your team does (and it's tendencies). So running a play until they show they can stop it (Henning's exact words) is idiotic today. A team reacts to the last play (human nature). Run a successful play, then change it up, run something else, THEN, when you have the team on it's heels, run that successful play again. This is what all the great offensive teams do, and if you're surprised I'm siding with them than DAN HENNING (never really known for having elite offenses) well that's your mistake.

I'm kinda glad I got that Dolphin Tattoo a couple years ago...on the shoulder.
Anyone else do that?

You have to guess where the Patriots, Jets, and Bills Tat is located....LOL!

no offense but anyone who thinks we wouldnt be sb bound with marino in this team is not really a fin fan. he never had a 1k rusher (except once) and not this defense.
i am a michigan fan (second to canes) so ive watched henne for almost 8 years, and have been a fan, but i am starting slowly to turn. he does not throw downfield with accuracy, he doesnt take risks, he has 0 escapability (surprising with how young he is). i am still a fan though and hope things change, however disconcerting it is that kyle orton gave marshall 1k yards a bunch of tds and 100 plus catches.
however, i have no more faith in dan henning or coach sparano. ever since they came to this team they have put our defense in horrible second half positions almost every game in THREE YEARS. regardless of the run team we are, henne with 300 yards and one td in two games, on pace for an even more subpar year than last year, against our coming schedule is a huge problem. im with the guys on this blog that have said that thos team shows way too much potential to have such an anemic offense.



Henne at this point in his career Henne could not carry Marino's Jock when in his second year... I do not consider ANY MORTAL MAN to be a God... But having seen him (Marino)play every down of his career... and seeing his bust in Canton with my own eye's... and him having been my favorite player for so many years... I will speak of him as I chose...Dig It?

You don't have to read it or like it... But you damn sure cant stop it.

Hope you can live with it there pal....

dolphin77 , you r like armando never happy .what if ricky didn't fumble?
what if the 50 million man played like on and didn't drop the ball .what if they didn't call for the wildcrap after henne drove for 50 yards .

it's a game and things will happen for you and against you ,you r not playing yourself .

peace to you dolphin77

what the hell has gotten into Jason Allen? My God, he is all over the damn field and Vontae was a beast out there. our secondary has become one of the best in the NFL seemingly out of the blue...go Fins!!!


Believe almost every national sportswriter except one picked the Minnesota Vikings to Win today

After all the Vikings have Won 9 in a row in their house

and that is why NostraHomeUs posted this prior to the game on the Miami Herald Dolphin blog:

4:00 pm NFL Headlines:

Miami Dolphins Shock the Football World!!

Posted by: Home | September 19, 2010 at 11:38 AM


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

DC Dolphin, great post to read ,a nice reminder of the big mistakes last year by the coaching staff also .



Are you kidding? We need another wr? You people are crazy sometimes. We had a whole stable of #2 wr's and you think we need a #2 wr?! Getting more wr's wont help if we dont use the ones we got now goober.

Trust me inimounts, it's more offensive scheme (of Henning) then Henne. I'm also a Michigan fan, and seen Henne throw deep for years (he has the arm for it). But Henning doesn't trust him. Combine that with the fact that Henning's tendency is to resist throwing the ball at all costs, and what you have is a lethargic, plodding, slow offense.

Funny, I saw some glimpses last week of the offense we could be (fast, slick, explosive), but Henning climbed back into his v*g*na, and almost lost the game for a talented team.





ALoco, didn't you predict 3-1 after 4 games? I remember cause I was laughing it off. Look who's laughing now!! Good prediction (hope we're both wrong and it's 4-0).

heirshouse im as shocked as you are, i wanted him cut years ago, he DESERVED to be cut, but such a high pick kept him on, and now he is the real deal. hope he keeps it up.
imagine if marino had ronnie or ricky, aloco. he only had one thousand yard rusher (kareem, one year, 1009 yards i believe), not good.
weve scored two offensive tds in two games, right? against the bills we shouldve had double that.
henne has te physically tools, but hes not a vocal leader and he doesnt have the vision to pick defensive themes apart. but more importantly, he is being cutoff at the knees by henning. with teams like houston, cincinnati, indy, pats, etc u cant win ur division with 16 passes and 114 yards a game, 46 on one play? its got to start changing.


Speaking of Lousaka, one of the announcers coined his new nickname.

From this day forward, Polite will be refered to as MONEY!

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