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Reaction from the locker room of Dolphins victory

MINNEAPOLIS -- We're back from the Miami Dolphins locker room and I guess I could start typing a bunch of quotes that would give you the mood of the team following today's 14-10 victory over the Vikings.

But as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So consider the following video posted at Jeff Darlington's website as your view of the happenings in the happy locker room of a 2-0 Miami team: 


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Again, it could be the liquor talking, but I got the feeling that the balance of power has shifted in the AFC East!

This Is Our House!!!!

Can't wait to see JO and IAF back on defense.
The D would be even more imposing and intimidating.

DOLPHINS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s.JAKE LONG WAS DOMINATING JARRED ALLEN TODAY!

need offense



Just be thankful we are starting to win the type of games we usually lost in the past. I've said numerous times this team plays to the level of the competition. Closing out tough road games against a perceived good team and a perceived bad team shows we learned from the tough losses last year how to finish.

agree bootang, they absolutely play to the competition. more specifically, they play not to lose when they should play to impose their will with such great offensive talent

The Jets won because they did not play a defense like ours c-mon guys we looked very good a couple of tweeks here and there we'll be fine some of you guys sound like jet fans.

By the way, Koa Misi has to be the frontrunner for defensive rookie of the year right now. Him and Wake are simply relentless, it's awesome

I'm thankful alright!

We have learned. The thing about it that gets me, is how much potential we have to be even better.

Those turnovers were deadly today and still we came through and finished against a tough opponent.

I'm so pumped I've been stomping around the house all day beating my chest like some kind of wild man!

Bottoms Up!



Can we talk? How do we appreciate this win? We went on the road again and won again. This is greatness, boys and girls. Take a bow, Fins defense. Just wait until our offense catches up. There wasn't any pundit who gave us a chance to be 2-0 at this point. But I did. Look at the Herald's PigSkin challenge. Your Salguero guy bet against the Dolphins both weeks, but JaxDolphin had the nuts to stick with his team, week one and week two. See for yourself, don't take my word for it. Just sayin'. Go you flippin' Fins!


Joey and Jason who?

Who cares?

Defensive rookie of the year? YEAH, that has a nice ring to it.


I really think that the coaching staff simply doesn't want us to beat ourselves. On the road against a very good Bills secondary (ARod had 255 and 2 TD's against them today, on similar completion numbers, big difference they have a playmaking TE who had a huge day) and Minnesota against that pass rush, they weren't going to lose because of a young quarterback. And in all honesty, how can you blame them? I think they will open things up, I think they are trying to build Henne's confidence slowly but surely.


Why stop at Misi winning Defensive ROY, let's have Wake win Defensive Player of the Year while we are at it, lol. Think of the beasts that Starks, Wake, Dansby, Misi, Davis, Y Bell, are. Wow, how awesome is that



Bring on the jests!

A couple of more things.

Nolan knows how to use people and when to get them in the game(other than those embarrassing back to back 12 men on the field penalties. I'm not sure whose fault that was though).

My point: Sean Smith got in on what looked like the nickle a couple of times and the dime even more. He was solid and even had a "big play".

Even Quentin Moses played well. He was a liability in coverage, but he set the edge well and pressured Farve some.

Yeah, I'd say we got a solid foundation, can't wait till we sign some play makers-LOL!



we've had faith and we've been rewarded in kind, bring on the dirty sanchez, PBMF!!!!!

Going to watch the game again, cya. Our Dolphins rule!

Everbody is overlooking how Jake long dominated one of the best DEs in the league and mostly one on one. Without that henne would of been sacked 5-6 more times. Proud to be a fins fan today. I honestly think we can hang with any team in this league.
I think were not showing everything we have on offense for a reason we can't give the whole league tape on our entire offense. Just like the wildcat we will be throwing deep when the time is right and when no one predicts it.
Incredibly impressed with wake he's is so legit and dansby is clutch he saved what would of been an embarassing loss when he stuck AP at the goaline.

bootang, that's an excellent point. The caution is warranted, and more than that, its necessary. Chad can make every throw and i'd like to see him try it. But you're dead on, the buff secondary and the minny pass rush are as good as it gets. This team should continue to improve

page 6 of the 4th qtr blog post is a riot. Good job fin fans!! GO DOLPHINS!!!

Big Bill Parcells,

Remember that time Marino came back from an achilles injury and beat you and the Patriots with a 4th down bomb to Irving Fryar?

That was AWESOME!!!!

Great video mando... Every please check out my new dolphins blog http://dolphinsheat.blogspot.com/.

I threw a party Friday and let my Honey invite all her friends.

Saturday I let her babysit her little sister at my house and we had a "family movie night".

I watch football today and I'm "neglecting" her?

God I hat.......er..........LOVE Women!

Duty Calls, Bottoms Up!!!!

lol odinseye. that sounds about right

Wow, I just woke up from a power nap after taking loot from the Vikings fans that ALL lost bets to me, as well as cashing a nice parlay(Phins and the under, I gave it right before the game). Hell yeah 2-0 baby. I know it's early, but Dansby may have made the play that we will look back on as the most important of the season. I'm still intoxicated, so I will stop now because I'm not making sense. But be honest. How many of you thought in your heads this is Bull shite everytime we lineed up in the wildcat today? This formation is like the cooler that sits next to you at the craps table while your on a roll!

All I'm gonna say is the Jets game is a must win. 4-0 would be unbelievable when most of us just wished for 4-4 at the midway point.


Posted by: ALoco | September 19, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Love this post!!! LOL


I liked the wrinkle of lining Ricky beside Ronnie in the Wildcat. It still serves a purpose. I do think we have a lot of it we haven't unveiled, look for the new stuff in the next two weeks. I think that much the way we didn't show anything defensively in the preseason, we haven't shown the good stuff with the Wildcat.

With a win against Jets and Pats 7-1 is possible, lol!

I cant even think about 7-1. lol... Would be unreal

Let's be honest, the day the schedule came out, even the most optimistic of us didn't think 2-0 was happening. No matter what you think of playcalling, Chad Henne, the wildcat etc..the fact remains we are 2-0. It's awesome

bootang25- I'm sure that the Wildcat will serve it's purpose. My thought was in todays game every time they lined up in the formation I was screeming at the TV, and being a negative creep. This is just my blurred attempt at some observation, but I was wondering if any body else felt this way during this contest. Don't get me wrong I'm pumped, it's just the wildcat was pissing me off today.

And if you said 2-0 was happening. Most likely you wouldnt put your money where your mouth is. Obviously going into this MASSIVE homestand, 2-0 is huge. The guys are confident. I can see us having a great week of practice. If you know this coaching staff, we will see things against the Jets on O that we havnt seen yet. It seems like they save their best stuff for these all important division games.

Has Dierdorff stopped sobbing yet? For someone from Michigan & someone who is a buddy of Mandich, he sure hates him some Fins.

Lordy I hate Berman & the rest of the National idiots...........it was all, what's wrong w/ Favre......not one word about Vontae or the D or nuttin.

And does Rich Eisen have to keep making fun of Sparano for wearing sunglasses???? Is it that difficult for a million$$-plus anchor to do a little Google to find out Why TS wears sunlasses?

Get ready for a week of Jets love from the ESPNers.



I found myself frustrated, and I am one of the biggest advocates of the Wildcat, so I know where you are coming from. They finally started keeping Henne off of the field when they were running the formation, that is a plus. I just think they have stuff up their sleeve yet

Man I love the way Long held his own against jared allen in the game. CBs allen and davis good games for them. GO PHINS!


Totally agree that 2-0 is awesome. I think the NYJ game simply will be a matter of turnovers. I don't think they let Henne do a whole lot this week either. Look for Nolan to try and make Mark Sanchez play like the young QB he is. Rex will do the same to Henne, though. Like I said, whoever wins the turnover battle this week will most likely be the winner.

Reading these ridiculous posts has stopped being even entertaining! Some of the fans have no clue about the what the ingredients to a win is, but shoot off their mouths about a guy Henne who has done nothing but follow his coaches game plan and that did not include passing the ball today. Henne is and will be up to the task when he is asked to do that. The run game will only take us so far in a pass orientated league. The team wins, but the fans and this kind of sh t are a useless wonder that no team member should have to here from. We are 2-0, get it yet! DUH

Jason Allen finally starting to pay some dividends. He has covered Moss two different games the last few years and held his own. The talent is there.

Our only major issues these first 2 weeks has been breakdowns in communication in coverage. That should work itself out in time

Just my view of the game, I was at the Dome from the third Q on you could not hear your self think, field position was terrible for both O and D, some how we pulled the Victory, those fan were so sure of the team and the QB.. well our D was Hungry Wolf Hungry.. the were very confused by the Cat.. and Henne was ok, not many choises of play calling with Minn D bringing it and Jared rushing havin to keep Fasano to block

They took the handcuffs off Sanchez today, based on the fact fact that, unlike the Ravens, the Pats can't defend the pass worth she-yit.
Henning can't/won't do the same next week against the Jets for Henne.
next week versus the Jests we'll see if Henning actually has any imagination whatsoever, as the Jets are not easy to run nor pass against.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt it, and once again, our D will have it's hands full bailing out our O. Neither Ronnie nor Ricky have the speed to make the screen a viable option. Whatever happened to the screen to Cobbs? Or Bess?
We will need some way to negate the pass rush.

BTW, Derek, the word is LOSE, not "LOOSE."

Ok so go into one of the final 4 team of last year and beat them... one of the top running D in the last 3 years and you guys are NOT happy ?? hum What would had been your briliants plays.. please we dominated on D and did what we needed to do on O to win with out self destructing and 2 fumbles almost cost us the game. Let enjoy the D performance and waith for the O to sink

Think you meant to say synch, really dont hope our offense sinks, lol!

Revis gets burned and fakes injury!! - just like Jim Brown against Franco Harris! What a chump. Bey you he's fine next week!!!! Overrated holding Jet DB. People focusing on Vikes lack of play, insyead of giving credit to the Fins. Keep it that way, we'll snea up on teams. Go Fins.

Jeff, the video quality, and overall story told in just one minute is 10 times better than anything "phins tv" has put up about the dolphins, in the last 4 hours. Seriously. Nice work.

you are right Sorry a litle bit of partying down bere in Mineapolis.

Well I just watched the game again, and it was more fun the second time. Jason Allen kicks bootay. Vontae scared me with his stretch, but helped win the game along with one Karlos Dansby. I can't say enough about this defense, but I'll try anyway. Sean Smith may have saved this game. Koa Misi gets a touch. Yeah baby! Our Dolphins rule! As for our offense, I have three words: Henne, Marshall and Hartline. Enuff said.

If we keep it up we could be the only team ever to go undefeated... again. Those were the days, but now, for a wonder, we're staring at perfection once more. Yeah, its early, but its nice to be contemporary again. Nice to be relevant again. Nice to be on top of our division again. We've got a great coach! Nicely done, Dolphins. My admiration goes with you. Our road warriors come back to Miami for a home stand vs our most bitter rivals. And we're gonna wear orange jerseys next week.

Did I mention that the Dolphins rock?

Or, as ALoco said: Why not us?

Damned fine work, you grinders!

Alriiiiiiight Miami!

Vontae has Pro Bowl in his future. "If" he doesn't hit so hard he breaks himself. ;)

Jason Allen seems to like this less thinking at corner style of DEF. He has played well when most thought it was simply to push Sean Smith. I hope he stays confident.

Wake is a terror off the edge but glimpses last year tipped that hand. He is definitely playing the run much better already.

Koa Misi is impressing me more and more all the time. It is easy to see the strength and motor that the Trifecta saw in him. The plan they had nailing down the 2nd round pick trade with the Chargers to get Misi is becoming clearer all the time.

Odrick may be a nice player but at this point no one could argue that RB Jahvid Best would have paid some serious dividends. He is lightning in a bottle... and sadly a Lion.

John Jerry was a safe pick full of talent and potential. I am glad they snagged him in the 3rd as he has solidified the OL. He will be a good one.

I had said that Karlos Dansby was the one FA I would sign if they only had one and he is not disappointing. He is flying all around stuffing plays in the run and the pass. Hat tip KD!!

Henne should settle in before too long. Marshall has serious hands and immense talent. I hope Henne/Marshall have their "A" game vs the Jests. Draws, screens, deception, wildcat and some better execution are all needed to get the W.

Speaking of Wildcat, it is still here. I like it for the most part. I think the fact we use it means the DEF have to account for it and spend time planning for it. I think they should work on making Ronnie more able to pull off the dink n dunk type passes out of it. It may get some negative plays but so does every alignment. I think it fits the personnel they have Ronnie B in.

I see you DD with some good points back and forth with bootang. Good input from both of you guys.



Going over to SI.com now, I have a feeling that we have some hay to make. Wodka speaks louder than me, usually, but one cannot pass up on such an opportunity! Roflmao. Glug glug. Long-suffering makes for redemption.

You go, Rob.

Speaking of SI, I could use some support on that website. Its not easy being the voice of our Dolphins there, those guys have a serious bias against the Dolphins. You guys need to bring the heat, not leaving myself alone versus all the patsies and cowgirls fans...See NFL truth and rumors for more. Your JaxDolphin is on a one-man crusade to maintain the Dolphins honor. I know I'm not the only Dolphins proponent, right?

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