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Reaction from the locker room of Dolphins victory

MINNEAPOLIS -- We're back from the Miami Dolphins locker room and I guess I could start typing a bunch of quotes that would give you the mood of the team following today's 14-10 victory over the Vikings.

But as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So consider the following video posted at Jeff Darlington's website as your view of the happenings in the happy locker room of a 2-0 Miami team: 


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Just watched that video. Tony needs to get one of those visor's attached to his cap instead of wearing shades.

Great game/

Tony wears script glasses, everybody but Dierdorf knows that.

Our D is very underrated....That said our O is just awful. will be an interesting year.


Rich Eisen of NFLnet is clueless on the Rx nature of the glasses, too............he kept making fun of Sparano for wearing sunglasses indoors.........I mean, FFS, how hard is it for eisen or his staff to do the google and find out about how TS burned his eyes as a youth, etc.

Well, i must say that th dolphins loked amazing yesterday. The defense was on fire!!! Wake is monster. Misi is proving that he was a smart pick is the second round.

One question though??? Who misses crowder? I dont!! Dobbins is filling up the holes just fine drop crowders ass!

The offense: It needs to step up. marshall is the beast we pay him to be. Ronnie and Ricky CAN NOT fumble! Hartline is going to be fine but the coaches really should let henne be a bit more agressive. Especially with a weakend Minnesota secondary.

I have faith in the trifecta though. I am sure they are doing it for a reason.

Go fins!!!!

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sorry for the grammer iphone sucks for typing fast.

Has anyone noticed that Miami has not been behind in a game yet this year?


Hasselback...........4 INT..............1-1
Favre....................3 INT.............0-2
Flacco..................3 INT.............1-1
David garrad........4 INT...............0-2 GAME RECORD

ROMO..............3 INT ...................0-2


Awesome that Vontae's INT was the top play on SportsCenter.

I'am sure glad the fins didn't have to listen to all the whinning back in the 70's.we ran the the ball and ate up the clock.We played smoothering d and won 32 out of 34 games with that formula.we had warfield and griese and morrall and nobody question them.we didn't win every game by huge margins either.

It's a beautiful day here in Florida.
Sky is blue - Dolphins 2-0.

Hungover as hell but really happy. 2-0 Won a game most people said we wouldnt!! Time to beat the Jests and the pathetic Patsies who could have ended the Jests hope early. Cant wait for Sunday night!!

Escaping Minnesota with the win and no injuries = priceless!

I think crowder will help with the run defense. Our run defense was terrible yesterday.

Cuban Menace is classic...

Great win indeed. Were 5.5 point underdogs Mando (fyi)...

Now that the Wildcat looks like it is time to put to sleep (unless we starting throwing from it) we should consider this trade...ronnie brown or ricky (with a package) for vincent jackson.

The time is now. Do it!




It is one thing the thing say a player sucks at home,while watching a game on tv.It is another thing to come onto a blog or any website and call a professional athlete garbage or any other name.Who in the hell are you.I mean really.Do have the nads to walk up them "man to man" and call it to their face.No,you probroly would yell it from about the 32th row,or from your sofa as you stuff your out of shape fat arse.The Fins are 2-0,AND NO they are not clicking on all cylinders on offense yet.But,would you rather Henne throw 22-36 w/2 ints and be 0-2.LET US REMEMBER ONE THING!!!hE AIN'T Dan Marino once and for all.


ALoco got the right recpe

We must wear orange vs. Jets

If Sparano is in the "hot" seat this year, he better be happy a guy named Nolan came about cuz Dan Henning is a sinking ship, and he's dragging this fine team along with him. The guy is an offensive idiot!!!

On that note, I will be ORANGED OUT on SNF on NBC!!! section 435 row 14 seat 11

revis may miss game and JT havung MRI on elbow today so he could miss homecoming.

can not wait time for us to defend our house. Henne plays at another level against the Jets so i say.......


We've played two road games and we won both, this is an acheivement for any team, and should be a building block for this season. The offense has not caught up with the defense yet, but and a big J-LO but. take into account game 1 was a division game on the road, so this was going to be tough sledding, even for an established offense( a lot of teams struggled to generate offense in week 1) Week 2 we were almost a touchdown dog in a very hostile environment, we did what we had to do early to take the crowd out of the game with a big pass play, and score. The defense was doing it's job we had a 14 point lead late into the 3rd quarter. Again we are on the road, so we could have gone against our identity, and started to chuck it, but that is not who this team is. Yes the Vikings had plenty of chances to win this game, but they couldn't get it done. We were able to make big plays, and create turnovers in HUGE situations. So we get to go home 2-0 and play the jets. Again a tough assignment, this is their first game away from home, the don't have the luxury of crown noise or people throwing batteries onto the field, or will the be fired up by the cast of Jersey Shore doing the national anthem before the game. This is a great opportunity for the offense to came out of it's shell. Hit these guys in their big mouths. This week is our time!

Our entire defense is premised on pressuring the QB (that's why Paul P was worthless as an NFL DC). As long as Wake, Starks et. al. get into Sanchez' face, Jets have no chance Sunday night.

Enrique and the others going to the game, I'm jealous. But you guys gotta make it loud in there. I know there's always lots of Jets fans at our games, but you gotta let them know who's house it is. Scream over those fools. Let's go, 3-0!! We've seen BOTH our next division rivals play inconsistent, time to strike while the dagger is hot.




jets game will be tough. we need to be clicking on both offense and defense. its too much to keep asking the d to win the games for us while the offense keeps giving up the ball. take a lesson from mike nolan and lets get an attacking offense to go along with our attacking D. henning has to get on board;we can't play "not to lose". it will bite us!

One thing that needs to change is the attitude on this blog. Oh, we wont beat the Vikes. Oh, Jets will be tough. Oh, we cant win in GreenBay. unless something changes other teams should be saying, "Dolphins are the team to beat" Teams should be very worried, there is a new beast in town. Screw the Jests, we nees to stomp them

I agree with the Henning comments on here. Look at what Nolan has done for our defense so far with a lot of new players or players in new positions. This is a sign of great coaching.

In Denver they couldn't sustain that level of excellence because Denver's D wore down over the season. The price you pay with having a older defense-which is not the case with Miami.

Now if we had an OC with the same effect on our offense that the DC has had on defense then we would be an extremely feared team. Maybe they are trying to build up confidence in our offense before letting lose. I don;t know. However I will take a 2-0 start anytime.

I just think with the players we have on offense that we should be a little more dynamic, but let's see what we do over the next couple of games first.



The defense really stepped up yesterday and they do deserve a lot of the credit for the win but I would also like to give props to the offensive line, Jake Long pretty much shut down Jared Allen.

The Phins may have a ways to go but they are moving in the right direction and as a life long Dolphins fan I for one can say that this is an exciting time.

I like that our rookies are stepping up. Misi is a beast. Clemons is coming along very nicely (I'm eating crow on that one since I was pushing for Atogwe or someone else). Very impressed with the defense.

Bobby's right, we are now the team to beat in our division. But we have two tough home games against division rivals, so let's not start pulling our pudding just yet. Winning breeds confidence, and confidence SHOULD increase the trust being placed in these players.

I agree with others that we need to add "wrinkles" to our offense to keep defenses honest. Ronnie/Ricky sputtered in the 2nd half because Minnesota put another guy in the box to stop them. That should have opened someone up (Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Fasano). I hear you ALoco (about INT's), but those teams you mentioned went pass-crazy. I'm not saying that. I'm saying keep defenses guessing. No one was surprised at the plays Miami ran in the 2nd half. Not us, not the folks in the stadium, not the defense, not the analysts, nobody. That's a recipe to lose long-term (last year should be a perfect clue to how that philosophy ends up). We've kind of gotten lucky last couple of games. Buffalo AND Minnesota's offenses were misfiring and having problems. But one day we'll be playing an offense that's clicking on all cylinders, and Henning will HAVE TO get aggressive. I'm not saying get over-aggressive, I'm saying don't be so damned milquetoast that you're giving the other team a chance all the way to the last second of the game. My heart can't take a season like that.

DC Dolphan, my biggest aggravation is with the WildCat. Lets get rid of it and give Henne the reins. Everytime we use it in the redzone its like telling Henne, we dont believe 100% in you. Wanna use it between the our 30 and the opponents 30 on occasion, fine but lets let Henne get it done!!


I said last night that they simply weren't going to let Henne lose the game the last 2 weeks. On the road against a great secondary in Buffalo, amd against the vaunted pass rush of the Vikings. Considering the close results of both games, hard to argue with the way they did it. Granted we kept it close by being so conservative, but you saw how damaging the Williams fumble was. They know they can't win consistently with Henne throwing 1 TD every 2 games. They will open things up, no doubt in my mind.

Plus, think about it, Henne has shown no ability to feel pressure, to make a hot read and get rid of the ball. Aside from maybe 5 great throws, he hasn't given the coaching staff much reason to trust him. 5 sacks in less than 60 dropbacks? Always skittish in the face of pressure. Simply not good enough. I like Henne, but he isn't far enough along to merit the training wheels being taken off. Little things like milking the play clock to 2 instead of snapping the ball at 12, taking TWO timeouts in the second half yesterday, the subtelty of simply moving a step either way in the pocket, these are important for a QB to do. He struggles with all of these. They are showing the necessary patience and allowing him to grow as a young QB. I think they are doing this correctly.



Bobbyd- I agree that the wildcat needs to be scraped in the redzone, Teams are prepared for this, and it seeems to be these plays are just wasted. Some folks are down with this formation, and obviously the people who call the plays are as well, it drives me nuts!
As far as being the team to beat. Yes & No. Sure after 2 games are in first place(sounds great!!!) but I don't think any player, or coach has the attitude that at this point we are the team to beat. We have a lot of improving to do, and a lot of games to play to make that statement. Sure we should have a LOT of confidence going forward, 2 road wins to open the season are an accomplishment that shouldn't go unnoticed. But let the play on the field do the talking, and we can enjoy the ride, If all goes to plan you will be absolutley right, and we will soon be everyones team to beat.

ARMANDO, please read my posting under (budtki) in response to your article" DOLPHINS PROVE THEY MATTER TO NFL" my posting WILL make a difference to the NFL, and HENNE, and SPORANO.
thank you. dolphin fan for life, budtki

Week #2 Miami @ Minnesota
Game prediction results…

For those who gave predictions this past week. I decided to only
do a Total score Box… In other words

Add the two predicted scores together, and then, subtract actual game score.
The remainder is how close you were.
Simple stuff…

IF we decide to continue Doing this
(There is a paragraph explaining that at the end of this post),
We can do an actual … “Score –v- Score” … Competition. But that
Takes a more time OR more help... and we’ll see about that. I DID however take all the
Player stats or D & O unit stats, and place the ACTUAL stats “BELOW”
The ones you provided in this week’s set up.

Some of you were damn sure close with your stuff, some… well don’t
Give up your day jobs to be “Handicappers” out in Vegas (I sucked this week).

This thing will need work I know that. I just want to see who is and is NOT interested in doing it either weekly or maybe twice a month, Home games, whatever.

I will need your help, at least one other guy/gal who will help me out.

So… Here are YOUR PICKS… as given on the time stamp available.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed doing them.
Thanks again and enjoy…

Miami 20
Minn. 13 >> 9pts off

2int for Brett
Actual 22-36 /225yrd / 0td / 3int / 1fum
V. Davis 1int for pick 6
Actual 6tack / 1int / 0td / ? pass def
1 TD Marshall
Actual 4att / 71yrd / 0td
2 Field Goals
Actual 0FG for Miami

Posted by: Eric | September 17, 2010 at 09:37 AM

Miami 17
Minn. 14 in OT >> 7pts off, no OT.

Posted by: Waterboy | September 17, 2010 at 09:52 AM

Miami 27
Minn. 20 >> 13pts off

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 17, 2010 at 10:37 AM

Miami 24
Minn. 13 >> 13pts off

Henne 320 yards

Posted by: enrique1085 | September 17, 2010 at 11:15 AM

Miami 20
Minn. 17 >> 13pts off

Marshall 7rec / 80yds/1td
Actual 4rec / 71yrd / 0td

Posted by: Andy NJ | September 17, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Miami 27
Minn. 17 >> 20pts off

286yrd for Henne/ 2 TD's/ 1 Int/ 3 sacks
Actual 9-15 / 114yrd / 1td / 0int / 2sacks
I Sucked this week…

Posted by: Derek4Dolphins | September 17, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Miami 27
Minn. 21 >> 24pts off

Marshall 11rec /98yrd / 2td
Actual 4rec / 71yrd / 0tds
Bess 9 catches/ 74 yards
Actual 1rec / 12yrd / 0td
Fasano 5 catches/ 57 yards/ 1 TD
Actual 0rec / 0yrd / 0td
Defensively 4 Sacks/ 2int / 1fum recovery
Actual 2sacks / 3ints / 1fum/ td (Wake,Misi) combine for fumble & Recovery

Posted by: bootang25 | September 17, 2010 at 01:25 PM

Miami By 10 >> 6Pts Off

Posted by: kris | September 17, 2010 at 01:47 PM

Miami 34
Minn. 20 >> 30pts Off

Henne 25-38-308yds/ 2td/ 2int/ 1sack
Actual 9 for 15 / 114yd / 1td / 0int / 2sac
R&R 85yds/ 2td
Actual 23att / 110yds / 0td / 2fum 1ea.
Fasano 4 catches/ 55yds/ 1td
Actual 0rec / 0yrd / 0td
Marshall 8rec/ 90yds/ 1td
Actual 4rec / 71yds / 0tds
Bess 10 catches
Actual 1rec. / 12yds / 0tdsS
Hartline 1 catch/ (benched next week)
Actual 2rec / 28yds / 1td
Moore 3 catches
Actual 0rec / 0yrd / 0td
field goals 2
Actual 0FG / 0att
D- gives 20pts
Actual Defense gives 10pts
Against 245 yards against
Actual 381 yards against
Sacks 3
Actual 2sac.
Interceptions 1
Actual 0ints
A.Peterson 65yds against Miami
Actual 145yds against Miami

osted by: alex | September 17, 2010 at 01:51 PM

Miami 20
Minn 17 >> 17pts off

Posted by: ncfinfan70 | September 17, 2010 at 02:12 PM

Miami 9
Minn. 31 >> 26pts off

Posted by: test | September 17, 2010 at 02:23 PM

Miami 20
Minn. 14 >> 14pts off

FARVE 15-42/ 72 YDS/ 3 INT/ 5 SAC
Actual 22/36 / 225yds / 3int / 2sac
A. Peterson 26 carry’s / 36YDS
Actual 28att / 145yds / 1td

Posted by: TRICKY | September 17, 2010 at 03:14 PM

Miami 23
Minn. 27 >> 26pts off

Posted by: superPHIN | September 17, 2010 at 10:59 PM

Miami 17
Minn. 27 >> 20pts off

Posted by: Mike | September 18, 2010 at 12:39 AM

Miami 24
Minn. 17 >> 17pts off

Posted by: cowkilla | September 18, 2010 at 01:14 AM

Miami 20
Minn. 14 >> 10pts off

Posted by: kyphinfan | September 18, 2010 at 06:45 PM

Miami 16
Minn. 14 >> 6pts off

Posted by: bobbyd12 | September 18, 2010 at 06:49 PM

Miami 31
Minn. 17 >> 24pts off

Henne- 24-37 / 315yds / 2td / 0 int
Actual 9-15 / 114yds / 1td / 0int
Marshall 7rec / 110yds / 1 td
Actual 4rec / 71yds / 0tds
Hartline 6rec / 65 yds
Actual 3rec / 28yds / 1td
Bess 9rec / 55 yds
Actual 1rec / 12yds / 0tds
Brown 13carries / 75yds / 1 rush td
Actual 13att / 80yds / 0tds /1fum
Williams 8att/40yds/1rec 26yds / 1 td
Actual 10att / 30yds / 0tds / 1fum

Misi 1 sack
Actual 1tcl/1asst/0sac/1fum rec for TD
Wake 2-3 sacks
Actual 2tac/ 3ass/ 1.5sac /1ff result TD
Davis 1int / 3 pass def
Actual 6tac / 1int / /1goal ln stand
Dansby 1int / 11 tackles
Actual 6tac/ 3 ass/ 1goal ln stand

Posted by: jamesc | September 18, 2010 at 02:20 AM

Miami 31
Minn. 13 >> 20pts off

Posted by: montreal dolphin fan | September 18, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Miami 27
Minn. 17 >> 20pts off

Posted by: Utdolfan | September 18, 2010 at 10:31 AM

Miami 7
Minn. 0 >> 17pts off

Posted by: ALoco | September 18, 2010 at 11:08 AM

Miami 30
Minn. 10 >> 16pts off

Posted by: Dolphins4Life73 | September 18, 2010 at 04:42 PM

Miami 16
Minn. 34 >> 26pts off

Posted by: horacedjones | September 18, 2010 at 05:32 PM

Miami 3
Minn. 48 >> 27pts off

Henne 3ints / 1fumble
Actual 9-15 /114yds/1td/0fum/0int/ 2sac
Posted by: Jet Fan | September 18, 2010 at 06:07 PM

Miami 0
Minn. 35 >> 11pts off

Posted by: pickled peppers | September 18, 2010 at 06:12 PM

Miami 28
Minn. 17 >> 21pts off

Posted by: BLACKCEROTE | September 18, 2010 at 06:47 PM

Miami 16
Minn. 13 >> 5pts off

>>>>>>Closest score pick this week> 14pts off.

This is Cuban Menace’s Friend (Whom Cuban thinks is an idiot) Prediction!

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 18, 2010 at 08:24 PM

Miami 31
Minn. 20 >> 27pts off

Marshall 2 TDs
Actual 4rec / 71yds / 0tds

Posted by: Home | September 18, 2010 at 08:30 PM

Miami 17
Minn. 27 >> 20pts off

Learn anything about being negative all the time, Bill?
Posted by: bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com | September 18, 2010 at 09:25 PM

Miami 17
Minn. 13 >> 6pts off

>>>>2nd Place in score proximity> 16pts off

Posted by: emilio | September 19, 2010 at 01:59 AM

Miami 20
Minn. 16 >> 12pts off

Brown 14att / 52yrd
Actual 13att / 80yrd / 0td / 1fum lost
Bong Pipe 16att / 87yrd / 1 td
Actual 10att / 30yrd / 0tds / 1fum lost
Polite 3att / 5yrd
Actual 4att / 10yrd / 0td / 0fum
Moore 1att/rec / 12yrd
Actual 0rec / 0yds / 0td
Henne 18-27/205yrd/3scram-13yrd /1td /1int
Actual 9-15/114yds/1td/0int/ 2scram / 0yds
B-Marsh 8rec / 80yrd
Actual 4rec / 71 / 0td
Bess 5rec / 45yrd
Actual 1rec / 12yds / 0td
Hartline 1rec / 16yrd
Actual 3rec / 28yrd / 1td
Fasano 2grabs / 8yds
Actual 0rec / 0yrd / 0td
Moore 1rec / 40yrd / 1td
Actual 0rec / 0yrd / 0td
Hilliard 2att/rec / 16yrd
Actual 0att/rec / 0yrd /0td

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | September 19, 2010 at 12:53 AM

Miami 27
Minn. 20 >> 23pts off

Posted by: SoiledBottom | September 19, 2010 at 08:36 AM

Miami 0
Minn. 34 >> 10pts off,

Huge disparity in balanced score…
Despite only 10pts off…
Not even close here…

Posted by: er56823 | September 19, 2010 at 10:05 AM

Miami 23
Minn. 17 >> 16pts off

Posted by: finatic | September 19, 2010 at 10:29 AM

Miami 23
Minn. 16 >> 15pts off

Posted by: beerndrums | September 19, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Thanks again to all who played along and gave their predictions in this
Game #2 of 2010. I would like to keep at this each week and try
To tune it and work it around so we can have some fun With getting it right. As I said above, I only used totals points instead of
Per post, per team, actual points for the sake of time and work. It is a very time consuming thing to do each team and score prediction given. Perhaps I will find an easier way, For now... this is where I'm at.

Wanna have this every week or so?

You guys let me know…. If ya want to. I’ll work it and would appreciate any help that anyone could offer. If you don’t see it as
Something you will enjoy over the long haul… Then.... aaahhhh?
Screw it…Ya know.

Tell me what you would like to do and we’ll see what
The majority have to say and if we think its workable


Thanks again...AND....

Go Miami!!!

ARMANDO, please read my posting under (budtki), in response to your article "DOLPHINS PROVE THEY MATTER TO NFL" my article WILL matter to the NFL, and HENNE, and SPORANO. thank you. dolphin fan for life, budtki.

Great win, no time to celebrate. Jets are up next. Big Big game

Agree with the wildcat opinion Bobbyd, however were likely to see a big dose of it this Sunday seeing how:

1. jets had a tough time stopping it last year (especially with Brown on the game winning drive in first game)

2. Apparantley cromartie has played decently in defending marshall in the past, so might not be much production coming from there.

Honestly, these are all tough games ahead of us, I don't care how we get in the end zone.

However, enough with the RB rotation. Brown should be getting 20 carr/game IMO.


There was a goof on the cut and past at the closest prediction, and one from Cuban Menece's friend... Here are both of those.

CONGRATS to REK2659 for being the hot pick... within 5 points of the total...

Miami 16
Minn. 13 >> 5pts off

>Closest score pick this week> 14pts off.

This is Cuban Menace’s Friend (Whom Cuban thinks is an idiot) Prediction!

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 18, 2010 at 08:24 PM


Too bad we're not playing the bears or packers this weekend, we'd be able to fly under the radar for awhile longer and score a couple more "upsets".

unfortunately the Jets know exactly what their getting into sunday night, it'll be like WWII. game of the week.


Thanks Derek that was fun, nice job

I won.

How come you didn't post my score.

I hit it right on the money!


Three things: 1. Need to lay off Henning after a big win on the road. 2. Somebody was posting during the game as ncfinsfan. Wasn't me. I'm not sure if they were trying to pose as me, or what, but I don't get involved in blog battles. 3. I don't know what else the O-line could do to get a better grade from Mando. They dominated against a very good Viking front.

The Jets game is going to be good.

revis out 1 to 2 weeks

rwvis out but not like were gonna throw it anyway. but rather have him out than in.

LOCO....you had the post of last night, but BOBBYD12 has the post of this particular blog @ 12:34.

To add to it if I may. We must stop talking about other teams as if we are scrubs and they are the toast of the town. Teams should fear us!!! Other teams fan's should be writing "damn...we got the FINS this week. We will be lucky to get out of this one with a win"

It's too bad that we don't expect to win every game...WE SHOULD!!!!!

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

That suck...the news about revis.

I would much rather whip their butts with their best player on the field.

I wanted to see marshal use him like toilet paper....

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Stinking revis...gets burnt by Moss and he is so ashamed that he fakes a hamstring...how embarrasing


Agree with each of your last three posts kris. This team is for real! Revis got toasted/embarrassed then grabbed his hammy. Without him, though, Marshall will feast (if they throw the ball).

Bill Connrs...ARe you really gonna wait for us to lose before you come back on this blog...that would be a real weak move....

Come take your medicine now and get it over with....

I know your not the only one but for some reason your bitching and moaning sticks out the most


WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Agree Dishpan....I just don't want to hear any excuses after we put it on them...its bad enough that we beat MIN in MIN and all day i got to hear about how old Farve is....not how good our D was....

The National media (ESPN/NFL NETWORK) will do almost anything to keep us invisible to the league

ncfinfan (and ALL other posters with the same basic point-of-view):

If you people think this offense is sustainable to win games throughout the season, then you either weren't paying attention last year, or don't know crap about football. This team will NOT go very far without scoring more points (probability is we won't be able to hold all our opponents to 10 points).

The team isn't sitting in Davie today fanning themselves (actually, they probably are, 'cause it's their day off, but you know what I mean). There's room for improvement. I give much respect to the entire organization for the last 2 wins, they deserve it. But I want 14 more (or as close to that as possible), which means, clean up some things that went wrong over these last 2 games. Defense is doing their part, learning how to play in Nolan's system, trusting each other, following proper technique, etc.

It's time for the offense to do the same. Last year, offense was putting up lots of points (go back and check). With the addition of Marshall, all fans were thinking they'd be more explosive this year. I personally thought games could be signed, sealed and delivered with a proven #1 WR when the offense started to sputter (like in this game). But, Dan Henning NOT only DID NOT target Marshall, but he didn't target Bess, Fasano, Hartline, any RBs going out on pass routes, none of that.

Now, knowing Henne (from Michigan), it's NOT him (as far as finding open receivers). He can find them. That strategy comes from above (and we all know the history of Dan Henning). Henning (like Parcells) is heading for retirement. How many people wanna bet this is his last coaching gig?

The o-line was playing well yesterday. The receivers were catching passes. The defense was spying the backfield and putting an extra guy in the box. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM WITH PASSING IN THAT SITUATION? I'm not talking about the play on the 1 yd. line. That's pretty much all that they could have done there (Ricky's fumble). But Ronnie's fumble didn't have to happen (EVERYONE watching that game knew the play). And the Dolphins needed ONE first down and Vikes couldn't have gotten the ball back. Why chance giving the ball back (it's bit us before, ALL last year)? And if you say, "this is a different year," I agree, so why not trust Henne, since he hasn't thrown an INT THIS YEAR?

Either/or, those of you who say don't change a thing are basically being ostriches, sticking your heads in the ground not wanting to face reality. And reality is not running the same play a million times a game, choreographing your offensive scheme to the opposing defense. That will wind up biting you in the butt.

Those of us who are saying this aren't saying it's any one player, cause it's not. Henne's been inconsistent, but not horribly so, and no more than a dozen other QB's in the league. Line's played well (like I said), WR's have been good, RB's have been good. The only thing I'd change in the whole offense, is the coordinator. Give us a run-first coordinator, fine, I like running the ball down other teams' throats, but give us a guy who knows when the defense is expecting run, and calls a seam pass to the TE. OR trusts the 3rd best receiver in the league who happens to be on his team with making a clutch catch (like he's done his whole career). OR trust your slot possession receiver who was PITCH PERFECT in clutch receptions last year.

How can Henne ever LEARN to be Peyton if all he does is hand the ball off? Answer me that geniuses?

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